The coming months and years will be witch-hunt months and years. Imperialists are at the end of their tether. They must consolidate their forces and begin a protracted period of reaction to try to stem the forward march of human civilization which wants to leave them and their money behind. It is good to remember the saying: If capitalists know they are going to lose their head tomorrow, they will do anything to gain their point today.

Be assured that if you trust in me, you will attract the masses and your progress will never be thwarted. I am with you always. Never be ashamed to call upon me. Never convene a meeting or enter into communication without calling on me. I will open wide the pathway of justice before you. Be fearless in this knowledge.

All things are calculated down to the last person. Do not omit one little detail when you make steps, for I make no mistakes. My love embraces all, even your enemies. Always move in my love lest you trample on my loved ones. Be kindly to all you meet but stand upright and speak my truth wherever and whenever occasion presents itself. There is no excuse for not speaking my truth. It is always welcome as water to those who are thirsty and food to those who are hungry. Truth will indeed set you free. If you are in bondage, seek my truth and it will set you free. Have no fear at all about this.

The coming times will be turbulent. The forces of evil and getting restless as their structures, which are built on money, begin to crumble. You must not fail to organize my people to ensure smooth transition forward. Move forward with my people. They will be your shield and source of strength. Only my love can galvanize them. Be filled with my love, and you will move mountains and the pathways of justice will open wide before you.