Star Trek: The Next Generation [TNG] - The Emissary Season 2 Episode 20

Special Emissary Kaylar to Deanna Troy: "Perhaps you got the best of each [Human and Klingon cultures]. Myself, I think I got the worst of each."

Parents make humans of us. They are nature's emissaries. Accept the gift which comes to us through them. Blaming parents is a complete waste of time. Know them thoroughly. Learn all you can from them. Through them you communicate with us. This is the best way to grow, to develop. Recrimination or resistance is futile and will in fact disrupt development and make you into the worst of reactionaries as it did with Voldemort in Rowling's Harry Potter stories. Blaming others blocks you from getting at the facts. Even if both parents are dead, there are siblings, relatives, others from their time and indeed history. All these serve to bridge the gap and help you develop. It is never too late. The more you know about parents the better off you and they will be.

Kaylar to Warf: "You would have gone through with the oath, wouldn't you. Regardless of the consequences to our careers, to our lives."
Warf: Honor demanded no less.

Honor is important. Be true to self; stand on principle. If you do not have principle, then you are lost. It was principle that saved Wormtail in Harry Potter and it was this same principle which killed him. Yet it won for him a better afterlife than that afterlife revealed for Voldemort.

Warf: "Kaylar, I will not be complete without you."

Marriage is forever and not forever. This is its dilemma. One is not complete without the other This is absolutely true and yet not absolutely true as is prophecy, which is absolutely true and yet not so. Prophecy can be avoided if fully understood and action is taken to avoid consequences. Marriage is the same. Give yourself completely in marriage and live with the consequences until--if such be the case--understanding comes and you are able to step aside to avoid the consequences.