Hello, from your ancestors, from your comrades who have struggled since the beginning of time. We speak now in the fullness of time thru Comrade Joe who has been kind enough to let us use his body.

Open your hearts and minds to him. Now is the time to build the Kingdom. There is no more time for waiting. We are ready to move. We await your action. We expect your courage, openness, love, childlike faith. We groan since the beginning of time patiently waiting this day. Rejoice, Brothers and Sisters. Rejoice, Communion of the Faithful. Rejoice, and again I say, Rejoice.

Spirit World rejoices. Freedom is proclaimed today. We are born again, redeemed, blessed by God to see the salvation of our souls, risen with Christ and all the great masters. Here, today, with you, Brothers and Sisters, I again say, Rejoice. Let earth dance and sing on its foundations.

Rejoice, Comrades. We come back from the dead. We are here with you in your quest to build the New World. Oh, Brave New World such as has never been dreamed of since the foundation of time. Brothers and Sisters, open your hearts. Let Spirit flow like a great river that cannot be stopped. The resurrection of the dead begins today. Proclaim it on the rooftops. Proclaim it in your churches, synagogs. temples. Proclaim it in streets and in prisons. Proclaim it in darkness and in light. Proclaim it without stop. God has come to the earth to be with ITS people. Emmanual is here. Rejoice, all you who thirst for eternal life. Rejoice. The fullness of time is here. Rejoice. Let foundations tremble. God visits ITS people and leads them into the promised land. We share Universe, Nature, and Life with you all. Come be with us. There is no death, no suffering or travail. Hold our hand. Leave all things behind. Come with us into the Kingdom promised you since the foundation of time. Come.