A Booster for Athletes (2 June 2009)

Here is something athletes might try to maximize their performance. It has to do with posture ((see this article)). I have tried this several times and it does increase my performance ability. I think just about anyone could at least try it without negative repercussions. There is one caution, however. If you have not had a balanced physical development, you could suffer a hernia especially if you are working with exceptional forces/stresses. In other words, I suggest you first shift to a balanced physical exercise regime (see article referenced above) and then, after you have experienced changes in your posture, try posture change before your feats in gradual and small increments.

You will remember in the article that part of a natural posture is that shoulders should jut upwards so that your arms hang freely, ready for action, and fully alive. Before you make your move (whatever it is whether lifting a weight, hitting or kicking a ball, etc.) concentrate on and assume correct posture especially "shoulders jutting upwards." (I mention the shoulder posture item because it is the only posture item I have experimented with. I've used it with the "EXERCISE WITH A CHAIR" exercise (again see above referenced article). I usually do this exercise 10 times (the front to back movement). Lately I've had difficulty with 10 iterations but when I adjusted my shoulder posture as mentioned I've been able to continue at the level of 10 iterations.

You may not have much success unless you first develop the natural posture (through a natural exercise program based on push and pull in all your exercise routines that coordinates all your muscles so that they operate together, support one another, but as I have said if you don't overdo it, I think you can at least safely experiment. I hope you will find time to read the above article and that you will let me know if you had any success.

Joe Chafe