Becoming God

Truth, the path forward

Religionists and politicians have become reactionary and unable to shine the light of truth on the pathway forward for humanity. They are stagnant in the face of human suffering that has assumed critical proportions. Ever since money, that surrogate abuser of the human person, was introduced, the human species has been getting more and more involved (like the sorcerer's apprentice) in money's/private property's web of contradictions. Religionists and politicians have bought into this system, relegating spirituality to afterlife or handouts. But truth is real; it is the word of God made flesh. It is the light of science that moves us forward together with all of creation towards eternal life.

Kingdom of God

God isn't a supernatural entity apart from the material universe and us. If this were so, Jesus could never have said, "He who sees me sees the Father." God is the next stage of development for humans. The kingdom of God is coming out of us. Humans are evolving into God or divine cosmic conscious entities. The kingdom of God is the society of such beings.

We Must Become Divine Cosmic Conscious Entities

Jesus in his development reached a point where his consciousness merged with the Universe/Nature/Eternity. Jesus became divine; he became God, the next stage of development for humans. God is the living, ordered, and conscious universe. Our children and we are evolving into God; we are becoming divine cosmic-conscious entities. We are assuming the same divinity Christ assumed; we are to assume the same responsibilities Christ assumed. And few of us want to assume these responsibilities; few of us would really want to be God. But God we must become if we are to advance and solve our problems. Refusing this awesome responsibility leads to stagnation and continues to cut us off from the bounteous universe around us. Only if we assume divinity, with all its responsibilities, can we move forward to solve our problems, problems that have been festering in the bosom of humanity for thousands of years.

What is God?

What does it mean to become god? Or more to the point what is God that we should become It? God is energy, order, and life of universe. God is all entities, the communication between them, and the fruit of this communication (creation). God is the expression (word, person) that creation speaks. God is eternal life resulting from creation and expression.


God is Primary Craving Energy of Universe

God is primary craving energy that is the principle of the universe and source of all creation. This primary craving energy is the stuff of the tiniest atomic particle and of the most complex forms of life. This primary craving energy is the creator of all entities of the universe. This primary craving energy is a unity and struggle of opposites. It is a universal, conscious energy which we, via cosmic consciousness, participate in, become one with, and experience as Love.


As cosmic-conscious humans we become one with this primal craving energy by means of love. Love is the key. It is that which moves us to embrace, via cosmic consciousness, the whole universe as our family. Love is the fountain of communication that brings progress out of the chaos of struggle that we humans contend with daily.



All creatures past present and future speak God; God is the truth that all of creation speaks. God is Truth. Souls are revelations of God, God speaking to us, Words of God made flesh. God speaks to us in Son and Daughter souls who have divested themselves of sin and death and have become one with God. Truth enlightens the way forward, the way of Nature. Becoming God we become an eternal revelation, an eternal source of happiness and enlightenment for our brothers and sisters. Eternal souls enlighten the pathway forward toward progress and change.


We understand the nature of something when we understand the truth about something. Nature is the way things are supposed to operate. The ten commandments revealed the way humans were supposed to operate (behave). As we develop, God/Nature reveals through creation what is the way forward.

Eternal Life


Eternal life is happiness in communion with God Universe. We lead an estranged life of individuality, of private property, of capital. We are estranged from nature, from our human, social essence. Communism is the recognition that we humans are essentially social beings and that nature itself is social being.


Eternal life is what we forever want to be a part of. Most of what we know of life is like the shell we are hatching out of. These shells will be recycled. The communal life that that is coming out of us, which is the kingdom of God, is eternal; it always was and always will be. It is life that makes us at home anywhere in the universe, life we are not ashamed of, life we espouse eternally in the face of the universe and say, Come look at me and rejoice brothers and sisters for I have set aside foolish attachment to things and am a child of God forever with you.

Where to?

Let us chase moneychangers of private property out of the temple. Let us put our heads together and figure out a way to live together peacefully on the planet, sharing its abundance, rejoicing in its continual revelations, and enjoying communal life as brothers and sisters.