Belarus and Socialism

Social programmes will not be curtailed even in today’s difficult situation. “Belarus is the state for the people. Social programmes and obligations remain inviolable. Yet people should understand how much it costs us. Today’s possibilities are limited therefore we need to use every ruble in the most efficient way,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

MINSK, April 2, 2009 (BelTA)

When the people manage to get their persons into power, you have a people's republic as in Belarus. People's Republics are the construction phase of the socialist revolution. There are many such countries across the planet such as Venezuela, Syria, Libya.

Every phase of the socialist revolution carries a lesson. The lesson of the "dictatorship of the proletariat" phase is that when the people secure power they must also secure the armed forces and police and the majority of the people; they must do a good job at securing state power. Otherwise neofascists and reactionaries will--with funding from outside the country--undermine democratically elected governments as was done in such countries as Iran (Mossadeq), Chile (Allende) and Central American countries. Reactionaries have not been able to overthrow the people's republics such as Venezuela or Belarus because these countries have the full backing of the armed forces, police, and the majority of the people.