Capitalism, Fascism, Terrorism, and War

VIJAY PRASHAD: "Good morning Amy [Goodman; Democracy Now]. It is very unclear why this [Mumbai, India terrorist attacks] happened. I think we would be speculating if we tried to be, you know completely-–without contradictions and without any sort of unease when saying exactly what happened. But why this is called Mumbai’s 9/11 is another question. Right when this was occurring, the relationship between 9/11 and Mumbai [India] began to be made by the media."

"You know its become something of a cliché now. Anytime there is any attack they start to say this is our 9/11. You know whether it is the attack in London or the attack and Indonesia, everybody claims a terrorist attack now as their 9/11. There is something ominous about this. It means the state has to then follow the playbook laid out by the Bush Administration right after it experienced of course its 9/11. Which is to say you then go and start a war against an adversary that you claim did the attack and simultaneously, you begin to create a security apparatus inside your state to restrict the civil liberties of all people who live within that country."

If I were asked to conjecture what the first half of this century (the 2000's) would look like, I would say that capitalist wars plus covert and state capitalist terrorism would be on the increase. It's becoming increasingly clear to world populations that capitalism cannot provide for people's needs nor can it solve problems of human development on our planet. Countries will increasingly find that they must make a choice between socialism and capitalism. Differences between these two camps grow more discernible every day and separation between the two becomes critical and all-determining with each passing day. The separation will come to a critical point in the mid to late 2000's when socialism will become the predominant form of state. Sometime between the late 2000's and the late 2100's when socialism peaks, the communist revolution--which develops within the socialist camp-- will establish itself and begin its role as the next and last form of state. During the communist revolution (lasting perhaps throughout the 2200's or perhaps much longer) humanity will reach a high enough development to enable it to do away with the state.

Fascism is the capitalist way of bringing order out of this current period of capitalist reaction. Every day it faces the triumphs of socialist construction. Fascism attempts to imitate the success of socialism by nationalizing the economy, organizing the workers to an efficient production machine, but in the end, fascism is the corporations--not the people (not the majorities)--running the state. Fascism is and will be the only way out for capitalist reactionaries in the period of socialist construction (c1975-2050) which sees one state after another turning to socialism to answer the basic needs of the majorities. Those most vulnerable to fascism during this period are the developed countries that have lived off colonial spoils, who have supported or participated in imperial and terrorist wars, who have failed to organize and struggle against reactionary capitalism. India and Pakistan now in the news are in a precarious position; their capitalists attempt to hold on to, to consolidate their power using reactionary capitalist forces. The capitalists of India will attempt to use the Mumbai incident to rob the majorities of their civil rights and to push them into illegal, state terrorist wars."

In coming struggles the adoption and use of scientific communism will define the socialist camp. Sectarian strife, financial collapse, corruption, poverty, disease, wars, support for terrorists, fascism, state terrorism, and financial collapse will define the capitalist camp. Only socialism run by communists using scientific communism can supply the majorities with what they need and solve the problems of human development.

Countries such as Pakistan and India are learning the truth by undergoing trials. They must make the choice between capitalism and socialism as all countries must in this century. Failure to see events as a struggle between socialism and communism only confounds the people, and this is why you never hear this viewpoint from the capitalist media. Only when the people/majorities turn to the science of human development--scientific communism--will they be able to make the next step forward in human development.