Comradeship (16 June 2009)
Star Trek: Voyager - Faces Season 1 Episode 14

In this episode the Vidiians hoping to use her to effect a cure for the phage disease split B'Elanna Torres' psyche into two human forms: one pure Klingon and another which lacks Klingon DNA. The two become comrades in their struggles to escape which brings out the best in each of them and also reveals to them their combined strengths. This is tour de force bit of acting by Roxann Dawson and a wonderful story of friendship and struggle. The desperation-crazed Vidiian scientist who falls for Klingon Torres illustrates: 1) the mad-scientist syndrome (scientific discoveries are not to be trusted in the hands of the workers the majority but are safe only in the hands of the wealthy employer ruling class; and 2) the pervasiveness, power, and transformative nature of love.