Contradictions (24 Dec 2008)

"He [member of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee Secretariat Fernando Remirez de Estenoz] warned next year such work ["International Relations"] will become more complicated because of the current international crisis stemming from the contradictions within the Capitalist system,"{B5E07546-62AE-4F82-9D46-2CE5EACB37C8}&language=EN

Contradictions are signs of change. New ways of living that are more beneficial are appearing "threatening" older power systems and ways of doing things that have been around for many years. The principal contradiction is that between socialism and capitalism and the main contradiction now is that the socialist economies are better able to weather the current global economic crisis than the capitalists, Venezuela being a prime example; majorities in socialist countries simply continue supplying basic necessities to their people while closely regulating their private sector. When and if they lose foreign markets then they simply work to meet the needs of their own citizens while restructuring home industries. Socialism means simply:

The people get what they produce.

Jack Fischel, Handbook of Complete Logic

Capitalism, on the other hand, is caught in the trap of exploitation: it doesn't give back to workers all that they produce so that a surplus (wealth) builds up to critical proportions in the hands of the ruling capitalist class. This while the working class suffer increasing poverty, unemployment, insecurity because they are unable to buy back this enormous accumulation of wealth in the hands of the ruling class, all of which causes capitalist economies to collapse as is now happening.

...essentially 95 percent of the benefits of the doubling of the GDP thatís occurred since 1980 has gone to the top five percent of the population, which means that thereís a demand crisis. People donít have enough money to buy things. And that occurred with regularity every twenty years before the New Deal, hasnít happened since the New Deal, because the New Deal, we put in various protections which weíve systematically dismantled since the Reagan era.

REP. JERROLD NADLER (interviewed by Amy Goodman)

In socialist countries, for example, when time-saving technological improvements are introduced, the work day is shortened with no cut in pay. When this happens in capitalist countries, typically workers are layed off and the surplus value created by the remaining workers goes into the pockets of the owners. Workers keep getting poorer while the capitalist class keep getting richer. Capitalism suffering the contradictions of recession, depression while socialist countries become ever stronger, more prosperous, more healthy become cornered and resort to neofascism, war, state terrorism, puppet governments, unfair trade agreements, subversive activities. In the face of all this the ringleader of capitalist class has declared a "war on terrorism" against socialist countries and those countries in the socialist camp while socialist countries continue to show that the emperor indeed is naked (unable to meet the needs of their people using their capitalist system).