Capitalists can ill afford the cost of war, just as they couldn't afford the cost to them of First and Second World Wars. In both instances they lost ground to the socialist revolutionary movement, the movement of proletarian democracy or rule by majorities. The cost of capitalist wars (2008)--including both direct costs such as armaments and logistical support and indirect costs such as spiraling transportation prices, weakening currencies, and loss of good faith--is the main reason why the fascist imperialists are frantically trying to end their wars in the Middle East and why they are beating war drums of against Iran. What angers fascist imperialists most is not (as they claim) that Iran materially supports resistance forces in Iraq or Afghanistan but that Iran refuses to trade oil in dollars, supplies technology, goods, and solidarity to socialist community countries, and sets the "bad example" of a country willing to stand up to defend their sovereignty against capitalist bullies. This, the fascist imperialists cannot tolerate; they figure that if they can bring down (humiliate) Iran that this will break the will of the Iraqi people to resist oppression and occupation and enable them by gaining control of the oil reserves in the region to continue to tighten their stranglehold on workers across the planet. This is the real reason for all the saber rattling of the fascist imperialists and their lackeys against the Iranian people.