Death (22 Dec 2008

There is no such thing as death, no answers to questions like Where is it? or What is it? because it does not exist. The most we can say is that death is the end or cessation of life. What exists is life which is eternal. We live on accomplishments; these are life and nothing can take them from us. They are timeless, indissoluble. Life brings happiness, love, fulfillment, pleasure to all people; it is universal. Life resides in those who benefit from, enjoy the fruits of accomplishments; pleasure is the hallmark of life, and the people are its reservoir. We live or die in the mind of the people.

At the wedding of Bill and Fleur (Volume 7, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows), Doge faithfully recounts memories of his friend Dumbledore despite the gossip, hearsay, and lies to the contrary that were circulating. Such comradeship, friendship, and bonding with others negates death's "sting;" we are saved in fact in the collective, in living history, in God/Nature's mind which keeps what is necessary and dissolves what is contrary. Everlasting life provides what is needed. We lean on it for support. We depend upon it as we do the steps of progress which have have made possible what we have today. Endear yourself to the people of the world and you'll have everlasting life. Alienate these and you will indeed have death.