Evolution From One Species Only (16 July 2009)

Here is an idea. What if all species, indeed the universe, come from one thing which in itself is not a species because it continually changes, progresses. Let's call this continually changing item humanity. Creation, the formation of the universe, species formation are a peeling off, a branching off of things which react to humanity; creation stays where it is while humanity continually progresses/changes. This process produces the solar system and indeed universe itself. In the gaseous cloud out of which the solar system was formed was this human seed. Out of it came, as a reaction, all else: the sun and planets, the earth, human civilization. The process continues; there are "creatures" we call human who are actually reactionary to humanity, who wish to stay where they find themselves and so become fixed into new species while humanity continues on its creative pathway constantly changing for the better.

This human principle is the source of all, both of our solar system and the rest of the universe. The human principle which created the solar system came from--was planted by--the same principle that works throughout universe and is founded upon three fundamental laws (1-the unity and struggle of opposites; 2-the change from a quantity to a quality; and 3-the negation of the negation) all of which are dialectical and historial materialism which are the fundamentals upon which scientific communism is constructed.