Family, Religion, and State (08Dec2008

The family epoch oversaw/oversees the development of the various ties/relationships among the human species from the family to modern society. The family forms part of the three great epochs: family, religion, state. Family represents the epoch in which by means of cooperation humans learned/learn to survive as and become a separate species. This cooperation began with the nuclear family and expanded/expands to include all human ties/relationships up to modern times. Although the family epoch has expired, it nevertheless and obviously remains a part of us.

Religion is also part of human evolution encompassing human development of consciousness of natural laws. The purpose of religion is to help us bond with nature. Religion began when humans developed consciousness; it was/is the conscious human response to the order and balance of nature. As the human species developed through millenniums, consciousness of human nature and of the importance of natural law became part of the human species and the epoch of religion came to an end. Organized religion in all its manifestations is a remnant of this epoch. Communists respect the people's religious traditions and customs but continue to remind them that religion is essentially consciousness of nature and its laws. Organized religion and all its outward manifestations are trappings of what is essentially the human bond via consciousness with nature.

The state developed/develops the intelligent, human control/power of the human species. We are still in the epoch of the state. During the epoch of the state humans learn to train/educate themselves (slavery), establish security for peaceful progress (feudalism), maximise production (capitalism), establish consensus governance (socialism), and eventually to eliminate the need for a state (communism).