Fascism (08Dec2008

We are no fascists, says PM Dahal

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal [of Nepal] on Friday made it clear that ‘Maoists are no fascists’, while talking about desperate attempts to portray them as one. PM Dahal said that the Maoists are intent on ensuring the people's ‘right to information’ to expose such attempts.

He further said that the Maoists have defined a state ‘controlled and directed’ by the people as ‘21st century communism’, adding that in this kind of state system the people have the right to know all kinds of decision the state makes.

"This also shows that we are no fascists or despots," he said talking at an interaction program organized by National Information Commission.

"We want to see the people exercise their right to information," he said adding, "a despotic regime always attacks the people's right to information first, which we experienced during [ex-king] Gyanendra's direct rule."

nepalnews.com Dec 06 08

What exactly is fascism? Fascism is the last, most reactionary stage of capitalism. It is the direct rule--dictatorship--of corporations over the working class, the middle class, the government, business, military, media, over society. Fascism rises in the period of socialist construction (about1991-2075) when the two systems (socialism and capitalism) struggle for dominance. Imperialist countries set up colonial/neocolonial governments and learn from this how to run the fascist state;* these puppet governments are the "laboratories," the birthplace of fascism. Fascist countries are those capitalist countries run by multi-national corporations which are forced to bring bring the fascism which they have honed in their colonies back to the fatherland and to impose it on their own population in their struggle for world domination/hegemony.

*"In general, fascism can best be understood as bringing the methods of imperial rule in the colonies into the metropole," Michael Novick; see http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/27/074.html