Fascism (23April2010)

Fascism must be viewed in the context of the struggle between capitalism which is in its death throws and socialism which is fast moving toward the apex of its development throughout the world. Capitalists do not submit without a fight as socialism moves from one victory to another throughout the world. Fascism's base is the labor aristocracy, the lumpenproletariat, workers who have fallen victim to capitalist or religionist propaganda, workers victimized, stressed to the limit, who can see no other answer but the violent continuation, enforcement, extension of the status quo, a "workable capitalism" (a contradiction-in-itself, an oxymoron) where the people delegate power to the bosses of the corporations to dictate/enforce a this workable capitalism; fascism dictates/"works with the bosses" to bring back normalcy but at best can only bring about glorified stagnation; under fascism workers are recruited as "happy and patriotic slaves of capitalists who seek principally and definitively to wipe out the threat of socialism (the rule of/by/for the majority (the working class). Fascism is essentially composed of workers who have lost hope, confidence in their power to transform life of society, of workers who have lost connection with the laws of nature regarding human development which communists have mastered and apply to lead the socialist revolution. Fascism is essentially reactionary; it calls upon upon the most reactionary forces for support: religionism, slavery, feudalism, and exploitation (wage slavery).

A recent article in the People's World newspaper misleads workers. It suggests that association with the Obama administration will somehow lead to the "mobilizing and unifying the class and social forces necessary to prevent any fascist takeover," See article Chomsky, fascism and the working class by Teresa Albano in the People's World To suggest this is movement toward class collaboration with capitalists. Marx and Lenin both clearly state that the capitalist machine must be smashed/"completely replaced", not reformed/revised. The Obama administration is as surely capitalist as the Bush administration (see Chomsky's characterization of Obama's foreign policy in three words: "George W. Bush"). The Obama administration is just as dangerous and inimical to workers as the Bush administration and perhaps even more so because it is a more polished and refined form of the same poision. Capitalists control and use the state to expropriate the proletariat. Our objective is to overthrow ("smash") it and replace it with a socialist state run in the interests of the vast majority of the people, the working class. It is the duty of communists to point out the insidious nature of the capitalism which always seeks ways to deceive, lull the workers. This article which appears in the CPUSA-sponsored (CPUSA=Communist Party of the United States of America) newspaper threatens to disrupt solidarity, comradeship of communist-lead socialist revolution throughout the world by building up false hopes and lulling the workers. The Obama administration is the capitalist state with all its treachery and brutality intact. This is communists stance, the stance of Marx and Lenin. If anyone wishes to compare Bush and Obama, the most they can say is that whereas Bush was a fascist imperialist, Obama is a neo-fascist imperialist, neo-fascism being fascism out of the mouth of the lawyer.