The Fascism of Hillary Clinton (21 July 2009)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said North Korea should not receive the attention it is seeking through behavior like missile launches and likened Pyongyang's behavior to that of unruly children. Clinton likens North Korea to unruly children, Reuters, Mon Jul 20, 2:49 pm ET,
This patronizing remark of Hillary Clinton is all wrong. In fact it is fascism, or more accurately neofasim or fascism out of a lawyer's mouth. Parents love their children and would not wish to harm them. Clinton certainly does wish to harm North Korea, to insult them before the world community. But she doesn't come out boldly and state her hatred; she hides it behind false words. Not the words of a sincere, good mother who would never wish to insult her children, especiallhy not in public, but in the fashion of a neofascist who insults, deceives, and patronizes.