Fascist Secrecy (28 June 2009)

"A new U.N. resolution has been negotiated behind closed doors [emphasis not in original] since May 26 by the five veto-wielding Security Council nations -- the U.S., China, Russia, Britain and France -- and by Japan and South Korea, the two countries most closely affected by North Korea's May 25 nuclear test." Boston.com US envoy: No intention to invade North Korea by John Heilprin Associated Press Writer / June 10, 2009
Fascism, which is the last stage of capitalism, is never popular; it is always perpetrated "behind closed doors." As employees are refused a seat in corporate board meetings, so the people of the world are left out such meetings despite the fact that decisions from such meetings could lead to disastrous consequences for them. Such practice must be stopped if we the people wish to eliminate fascism. All proceedings of the United Nations (including those of the Security Council) should be done in the presence of the world. All proceedings in the UN Security Council should be subject to the approval of the U. N. General Assembly.