Global Economic Crisis?

"Speaking about today’s difficult economic conditions, Alexander Lukashenko said that the state and church have the same positions on the crisis. Alexander Lukashenko believes that the crisis is rooted in the consciousness, moral standards of the whole world rather than in economy and finance. “This is a psychological, moral crisis rather than economic and financial one,” the Belarusian leader said."

When depressions strike, do factories, natural resources, farms, businesses, and workers disappear? Certainly not. The capacity to supply people's needs is the same before and after depressions strike. Then what's the difference? The difference is "consciousness," and "moral standards" as Lukashshenko says. If the people are aware of their potential to take care of themselves and their needs they can run all of the above (factories, natural resources, farms, businesses, banks...) and eliminate depressions which cause starvation, homelessness, unemployment, etc. Socialism has become a moral issue. Countries have a moral obligation to insure that their people have such things as clean drinking water, quality healthcare and education for all, challenging career choices for all especially since the ability to do such things has been and continues to be demonstrated by socialist countries both in apitalist boom cycles as well as in their bust cycles.