God (30 May 2009)

God is: higher-->authority, consciousness, responsibility; matter, mind, and spirit. God is relative; humans are Gods to animals and what humans become are Gods to what humans have been. God lives and moves among us; it is not immaterial but material, not supernatural but the central law of nature (Fischel), not less than human but human plus. Organized religions freeze God (progress) to capture and worship it which explains the reactionary nature of organized religions throughout history.

Respect higher development and you relate to God; there is no other relationship, no other religion. Such is the proper attitude, the only pathway forward.


God is as much part of reality as parents, mentors, teachers, great leaders, all higher developed beings. Scientific communists have no need for confession because they know what wrong behavior is and avoid it. They have no need for prayer or worship because they control the state and use it to get what the majority of the people need. When you worship, pray, or sacrifice to "God" you push authority, awareness, and responsibility onto others shoulders which means you still need development as children need it to know what human behavior is.

State is the development that comes after religion. During the state period of development we learn responsibility, morality, self-sufficiency; we become members of the God family. God is the family of authority, awareness, and responsibility. Communists aspire to it; they do not believe in Gods but themselves become them.