God Speaking (6 Jan 2009)

This is the state you must be in when you write: no strain, no stress. Let writing be like the breeze which freely blows, moved by natural forces.

You ask about war. War is always fought to get possession of something or other. This is always its central issue. So whenever you see war, ask yourself what it is they are trying to take possession of.

You ask about India. Note that India is doing well. It is where the Indian people want the country to be: namely with a strong communist voice in government and a strong capitalist accent in its economy.

You ask about capitalism. Note that capitalism is now only progressive when it is firmly in the hands of communists. Otherise (when it is run by the bourgeosie) it is reactionary, immoral. Gaza is a good example of what the bourgeoisie is capable of at present; capitalist Israelis are completely immoral, unnatural, desperate, irrational.

You ask what then is to be done. Look to North Korea and their firm "anti-imperialist" stand, their vigorous protection of their freedom and policy of non-compromise with freedom and independence. This is the way to deal with capitalists. Once you start compromising with them, there is no end. Just like with Hitler, they will take more and more.

You ask about Russia. Russia is recouperating from World War II and from its 75-year struggle as leader of the socialist revolution. It is now modernizing its economy along with other socialist states. Yes, Russia is socialist because it is run by majority rule (majority support for the current administration) and has the communist party (which received 18% in the recent elections) as the main opposition party to help guide it forward. What you must know about Russia is that it is a "green" country; it is growing, changing, becoming stronger daily whereas the capitalist countries are decaying, dying out. Look at them and you will easily see this.

You ask about the prognosis for the world. Be glad and rejoice because the world is in good shape. The greatest hope for the world are its people, and they are firmly on the side of being "good stewards" of the planet which is how it should be.

Joseph, one last item. Be careful of the inertia which daily weighs you down, the inertia of capitalism. The best way to fight it is just to persevere, winning step by step, breath by breath which eventually results in resounding victory.