God Speaking (7 Jan 2009)

Relax. You wonder about the expanse of universe. Universe is there at your finger tips. Really. Most doubt this and of course fail to engage with it.

Yes, love is the key, the engager. Keep love always. Be saturated with it. You will find that it is not difficult at all and forestalls all difficulties. Love always opens doors. Money deadens love the most. Money, lack of sincerity, lack of principle, all of these eat up love.

Relax and you see what you are supposed to see. Do you not see the "belequarts." These are sparks of energy that in toto make up life. They hold together matter so that it can be called life, be life. Belequarts are controlled by love, respond only to love. Any diviation from love adversely affects belequarts and thus adversely affects life. Love promotes life, and love's opposite promotes death.

You ask about the world situation. Know that you are the world in summary. This is absolute. Every thing going on in the world has its analog within you. You ask why. If this wasn't so then there would not be hope for unity of the world. Know that each and every person is a map/seed of the whole. Differentiation is based upon interest, vocation, but the individual is patterned upon the world as a whole. When you neglect the individual, then you neglect the whole. Capitalists know this principle and give it lip service while failing to put the principle into practice. Do not continue along lines which contain hatred. You must understand failings. Lead by demonstration, lead by actions.