Old World New World

Work only for New World and all that you need will be provided. Do not try to straddle Old World and New World. You cannot have both your private property and God's Kingdom; the two do not mix. Old World of money-for-profit looks nice and shinny on the outside but within is full of dead peoples' bones. As big, hard rocks crush all things in their pathway, so will Old World be crushed and forgotten. Separate yourselves from it. Establish communities of comrades. Choose your own leaders. Let them chart a separate course forward for the people, a course not based on money-for-profit but on need, a course not based on wealth but on ability.

Comrades, we are not representatives or followers of property-owning ruling class. We are the plasma of life, the pearl of great price, children of God chosen in eternity to shepherd the people through difficult times. We are made in God's image; we are divine, as Jesus is divine? Let us not squander our inheritance. Let us not work as wage slaves for private property owners who tell us to sacrifice life in this world and that when we die we will get our reward. I tell you, brothers and sisters, this is compromising with Satan. This is profaning the temple of God that we are. This is abandoning the sheep to the wolves. It is Satan that tells you that life is not real, that the God's kingdom is not here and now. Take control of production, take control of the planet, establish God's kingdom based on need and ability. Join hands and together chart a safe course forward for the people.