Pleasure and Love

Pleasure is the triumph of the laws of Universe. Sow your seeds, bury them deep in the earth. Pass through the portals of death; then return to me in love out of the depths of the earth, and you will have pleasure. Remain where you are, and, though you accumulate mountains of wealth, or build kingdoms, you will not have life or pleasure.

Life is the source of all pleasure; without life there is no pleasure. Life, nourished by love, yields creation and development.

Righteousness never knows pleasure. The righteous are like scientists who sit in armchairs. There is no life in them. They are like beautifully decorated coffins. They know not thrill of creation, pace of development, or nourishing love. They know not pleasure.

Is your heart shut down. You must open it wide. You must speak those terrible words that identify you as one of my own, words that will go out and create New World. It cannot be otherwise. You must speak these words locked away in death or else you yourself will have desolation and death. Speak my words though they seem crude, though they cost you your life, speak them or you will have no life. Only love of Spirit can bring you to do this. Only love will open your heart to the people. Then there will be divine pleasure, pleasure that lasts for eternity.

5 April 2001