The People

Fly or fall into the abyss. Open your heart to my people and you will have the answer to all your concerns. When you move with my people, your tasks become easy and your burden becomes light.

Do you not see what my people have done and what they are doing. They are the creators, judges, and spirit of life. Go to them and you shall not fall.

I am the voice of Universe, one voice that sings differently to all. I am the ground you walk on, the air you breathe, the people you meet. Nothing exists without me. I cannot exist without them. Go to them and you will not error. They are a pillar of strength. They contain all you will ever need. Without them there is nothing but chaos. All action begins and ends with them. Live in their midst.

Do not doubt that the people create you. They bring you out of mud and breath life into your body. They are the source of all life and happiness.