Throwing In Our Lot with the People

You must ask a terrible thing of the people. You must ask them to give up all they have labored years to build, their savings, their cars, their jewelry, all their ownings, and, yes, their lives (their time and energy). They must pour out their lives in an act of creation, change, and love and they will receive back a hundred times more than they put in. Share all with the people, and all your needs will in turn be taken care of by them. There is no such thing as personal possessions in the kingdom of God. We use what we need and what we need is determined democratically by the people. This is the true meaning of democracy, something bourgeois democrats will not tell you.

There will be hundreds of excuses why we cannot let go of what we have, but there is only one reason why we must: because the salvation of our eternal soul requires it. And once we have let go, we mustn't turn back or we will have many more devils to contend with. The road forward is narrow, but it is the only road that leads to eternal life. You will end up with few comrades, but this is the way it must be. "I know mine, and mine know me." It was always like this and will always be.

God is the development we are coming to. Yes, we must put on God and take responsibility for life on this planet. That's really why it's so terrible. God and private property do not mix. The ultimate test of democracy is a willingness to lay down our lives for the people? Bourgeois democrats and their followers are unwilling to lay down their lives for the people. These will not enter the kingdom of God. If you want eternal life, you must give up all, including your life.The kingdom of God comes only when we lay down our lives, all that we have, for the people, and the people give back to us all that we need.