Who We Are

We are God's children, children of God's Family who have come of age and who return to assist our brothers and sisters. We create good things that last forever. We speak God's Word. We share in divine communion.

Human Life

Human life, the life we live in the epoch of SELF, is: creating good things, making good use of what we create, and sharing what we create in loving communion. This pattern comes from God ITSELF. In the epoch of SELF, we proceed in the image of God. God is Universe creating by craving goodness (FATHER), cosmic consciousness enlightening our pathway forward (MOTHER), and loving communion bringing us life (SPIRIT).


SELF (the negation of our divine status) hosts development. For goodness, revelation, and sharing, God turns away from ITSELF, negates Itself, turns Itself over to Its children who in purity of heart, freedom, and sharing move to a higher quality of life. The vanguard are shepherds and stewards who lead God's chosen into the promised land. During the development period of SELF, we act in the image of God till we return to God in ever-higher incarnations. SELF is corruptible resources of this world that we use to return to God. SELF contributes to history which is the recording of the pathway humans have taken thus far towards reunion with God. History is in the image of God; we use it as an aid for our development. But like matters of childhood and adolescence are consumned and forgottenso, so will SELF be abandoned.

The epoch of SELF lasts from the FIRST NEGATION when we left the primitive communion of hunter/gatherer till the time of the SECOND NEGATION when we are assumed back into the divine family once again. There is no rest for souls till the last of God's chosen ones are resurrected. Those who know divinity return as leaders to shepherd others along the pathway forward. We grow up in SELF but leave it behind--we do not take it into the family of God. SECOND NEGATION is the overturning of SELF, the reinstatement of the divine. Communist revolution ushers in the final stage of this development which leads into the communion of eternal life for the people.


REALITY is the business of God: creating goodness that lasts forever, revelation of the truth, communion of God's Family. Sin, evil, slavery, death are all part of the UNREALITY of SELF along with reaction and dogmatism. UNREALITY is what chairperson Mao referred to as a "paper tiger." Immoral ruling classes that oppress the people are helpless because they do not have God on their side; their power is unreal. "I am the Lord your God who rescued you from slavery in Egypt. Do not worship any other gods besides me. Do not make idols of any kind whether in the shape of birds or animals or fish. You must never worship or bow down to them for I, the Lord you God, am a jealous God who will not share your affection with any other god!" (Exodus 20:2-5, NLT) This commandment is as relavent for us as it was for the ancient Hebrews; you must not allow any powers, structures, or lifestyles to replace mine. God is reality and what is not of God will pass away. Reality is creating good things that last forever. Reality is walking in the light of truth. Reality is divine love of communion.

God the Trinity

Physical Universe, Cosmic Consciousness, and Communion of Life

God the Trinity is the physical universe creating ITSELF, cosmic consciousness enlightening ITSELF, and communion that brings life to ITSELF. God is all and deep down inside us we yearn to return to IT, we, God's children struggling through the epoch of SELF to realize and manifest higher quality of life in the divine communion of God.

Trinity is Always a Seamless Whole

Creative energy of the physical universe, enlightenment or truth of cosmic consciousness, loving communion of life, this Trinity is always a seamless whole. Creative energy of Father doesn't exist without the enlightenment, formation (formative causation), or truth of Mother. There is no loving communion of Family life without Mother and Father. The trinity pattern is whole and seamless and embraces all, even the dirt on the sidewalk. Adolph Hitler wished to create a global dominion, but it was just for the Germans. He did not include the other races in his family or loving communion of life. This lead to his downfall, his return to dust. When global Capitalism with cold laws oppresses the working class, and succors and props up its own class either in this country or anywhere on the planet, they cease to be Father of good things or Mother of justice and truth, or Family of loved ones.


Creator-God is the energy or craving which brings the physical world into existence. IT is the Father of all need. IT is the attractive energy of communication. Creation-God is absolute need craving goodness, reaching out to bring good things into existence. Creation-God brings together all that need each other. With childlike confidence we rest assured that Universe will respond to our goodness and that Communication which is the Father will bring to us all the good things we need.


Nature-God forms all being; IT is COSMIC MIND that orders the cosmos. It is the field responsible for the formation of all. It is Mother Nature. We speak ITS word boldly. The people hear it and recognize it and follow. Let the light of Mother-God shine through us that we may claim our divine birthrite in the Family of God.


Spirit-God brings life to all in divine communion. There is no happiness or bliss other than that which comes with the life of Spirit. Spirit-God is comradeship, brotherhood, sisterhood, the One-World Family Commune. All great masters mediate the love of Spirit-God. Begin to love. Love strongly, deeply, and first of all and you will bring divine life to all you meet as the masters have.

Person: Body, Mind, and Soul

The physical world is organized into bodies in the epoch of SELF. Mind is the mental field bodies develop in. Soul represents the social world of bodies. Our body is good; it exists because Creator-God craves its goodness; it is the child of God, made in ITS image. It creates the things it needs, it operates its own generation field which determines its forms and feeds the its mental processes. It establishes its own societies.


Bodies participate in the goodness and perfection of Creator-God. All bodies are the fruit of the craving of Creator-God who creates good things that last forever. We are children of God growing up in the epoch of SELF. Our bodies mirror the perfection of Creator-God: we create what we need and take care that what we create is of lasting goodness. Like our Father we become masters of communication. Always we are moving away from, out of SELF back into divine communion as sons and daughters leave matters of childhood and adolescence behind. The craving (needs) of the Father become ours and our talents become the talents of the Father ITSELF. The more we approach Creator-God, the more lasting goodness there is in what we create. So in building the community of God, the forces of death will not prevail against it.


Mind is the genetic process by which we are formed; it is a field (akashic records) which constitues the recordings made by all humans who have lived, responsible not only for much of our mental life but also for the multiplicity of forms we develop into. In the akashic records, only truth persists and becomes history that enlightens us. In present time, we bring the past up to the present, sum it up. Then we tune in to Nature-God our Mother, COSMIC MIND, and make the next step in development.

Mind is the "light of the world." It is the good deeds of our ancestors (history) and our good deeds which we let "shine out for all to see" (See Matthew 5:14-16 NLT; scripture quotations marked NLT are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation (c) 1996 Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton Illinois 60189; all rights reserved). Mind is choosing/willing the steps along the pathway of justice that leads forward to higher quality of life for all. It is positive, absolute. Truth is the light of the Mind, Nature, Mother-God speaking through us. Mind speaks with the authority of Nature. A clouded mind, a mind "hidden under a bushel basket" is useless; it will burn itself out. Let your mind be open to the ancestors and let cosmic consciousness, the field that determines the cosmos and brings order, balance, alignment to all, shine forth from within you.


Soul is communion with the chosen ones in the epoch of SELF that brings life to us. In communal life we learn who we are, what our abilities are. Communal life motivates us to create good things and to follow the pathway of justice. Communal life is our source of strengh and truth. Communal life makes us a soul; there is no soul without communion.

We are chosen by God as we are perfect as our Father and wise as our Mother. Soul must decrease until the fulness of Spirit God pours forth through us. Soul flourishes in the love of family and communal life. This communion keeps us alive, gives us a purpose of living in our struggles. Soul is our movement toward God. Spirit is God coming toward us.


Personality is the presence of Trinity within us, Immanuel. Personality is having it all together: creative energy, truth, and loving communion. Personality is the blessing of God. If you wish to know what person is, look to the masters such as Paul Robeson, Jesus Christ, Gandhi.

History, Dialectics, Materialism


History is the physical, mental, and spiritual record of humanity that we utilize to make the next step of progress. It is the part of SELF that is of lasting goodness, that is of the image of God. History began with our birth, the FIRST NEGATION of divinity (SECOND NEGATION is the return to divinity). Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ called it the law that cannot save us (See Galatians chapter 3, NLT). This law presents the true course of human life. It is real as a magnetic field is real, though it cannot be seen. History is the living record left us by our ancestors down through the ages. Like a mammoth flywheel it keeps body, mind, and soul together in the period of development, the epoch of SELF. Like a scaffolding for construction and progress, it keeps us pointed in the direction of progress. It is the goodness of our grandmothers and grandfathers caring for us, guiding us forward.

As children of God, we use history to learn so that we can continue our progress toward union with God. Before we make the next step of progress, we bring history up to the present time. History is what body, mind, and soul have passed down to us. Revolutionaries study history; they bring it up to present time. They make use of minds of masters to find their way to the narrow gateway that leads to justice and eternal life.

Satanism, evil, reaction, dogmatism, etc. is the attempt to establish life based on history. Hitler tried to do this and produced a freak. Eternal being, truth, and life that we thirst for cannot be founded upon history. That is why Paul, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, said that there is no salvation through the law. We need it, yes, as a guide a rule that points us in the direction of progress, in the direction of the promised land, the Family of God.


Dialectics, the basis of creation, is the power of communication by which we get what we need which is opposite us and which fulfills us. This process transforms us. This process is in the image of God which operates similarly. All life operates on this basis. If you want to create a work of art, the materials, the idea, etc. become the opposite with which you must communicate/struggle till a revolution takes place and something new under the sun is created. Proletarians (those who must sell there labor power to survive) and Capitalists communicate/struggle with each other and out of this struggle comes the Socialist revolution, a radical change in the organization of society in which the workers themselves (proletarians) run production and distribution of all goods and services. This is a higher form of democracy than Capitalism for it brings democracy into the workplace itself. Dialectics is the unity and struggle of opposites, one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Dr. W. E. B Dubois remarked that while Lincoln was alive there was a healthy difference of opinion and reconscruction of the South after the civil war in the USA proceeded well. But after Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Johnson came into office this healthy struggle of opposites collapsed with disastrous consequences for the workers. The vanguard party of society insures that these fundamental laws are used to help society advance to the next stage of development.


The primary thing we must understand about matter, the source of the physical universe, is that it is the God. Einstein agreed with Baruch Spinosa (a Jewish philosopher) who lived many years ago on this point. Furthermore, all matter is alive because God is an inseparable, seamless trinity of Matter, Mind, and Life. Our bodies themselves, which are matter, are part of this trinity.

God the Father, the living creation principle/law inherent in the physical universe, creates all forever-good things. Matter is the result of unity and struggle of opposites, a communication process which issues from our Father's craving for the good.

Revolutionaries bring to the people this knowledge of the Creation Principle of the Universe. Understanding this makes us good shepherds of the people and stewards of the planet. It aligns us with the physical universe, a process we call humility; in the Father, we are one with particles, minerals, plants, animals--the entire physical universe. In the Father we know what is good and seek via communication to bring it into being.

Faith, Hope, and Love

Faith, hope, and love are cardinal virtues. They are links to God; they make us one with God. Love establishes life, faith establishs being, and hope establishes form.


Faith is the gift of Father Creator; Faith is purity of heart, sincerity, complete trust. It is the childlikeness of which Jesus Christ said, "the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these" (see Matthew 19:13-15 NLT). Only faith creates good things, things that last forever.


Hope is the gift of our Mother Nature. Revolutionaries need hope in the epoch of SELF which is essentially open-mindedness. I once asked my Uncle Jack what he thought about Communism. He was a deeply committed union man and I was surprized when he answered that he didn't know much about it. Needless to say, I feel, unions along with unorganized workers have long been exposed to an anti-communist barrage by Capitalist ruling classes. And yet, he was open-minded enough to cut through all this and simply say that he knew little about it. This is basically the attitude of a sincere scientist who likes to get at the facts, test them and come to their own conclusions about Communism or anything else.

The nature principle, change from quantity to quality, is what hope is all about. When we take pains with our work, when we experiment, run tests, when we do our homework, we expect quality results, the long-awaited formula, the truth--this expectation is hope. Hope is what engages us. It is, as my brother Elisha Porter has reminded me, positiveness. That truth is always there at the end of our labors; in hope we know it. Those who walk the pathway of justice can be assured of the triumph of truth in hope. Leaving the this-worldly field (SELF), our nest of a lifetime, the cocoon we grew up in, is terrifyingly lonely and disorienting. But in the positiveness of our hope we can take the next step remembering that the essence of life is not found in repetition but continual change.


Love is the gift of Spirit; it establishes communion which brings life. There is no life without communion. There is no communion without love. Love is the overturning, the negation of SELF. It is not us turning to God but God in us turning toward all. Love is the warm sunshine of God and in it there is less and less of SELF. Love is the beginning of life. Is not this the message of Jesus Christ when he washed his disciples feet? Is not this the message of Martin Luther King Jr when he went to the aid of the sanitation workers? Is not this the message of Gandhi always returning to the people to work with them and pray with them? This is God shining on ITS people. It reveals to us what life, everlasting life, is all about.


Resurrection is the craving of Creator that draws into being what is good forever. Resurrection is God choosing the good causing it to exist. Resurrection is enlightenment, consciousness of this new being. Resurrection is divine love embracing the good leading it out of the family of SELF into the family of God, into sharing in the divine nature (See 2 Peter 1:3-4 NLT).

Salvation that we yearn for is this resurrection. Paul the apostle refers to human civilization (the epoch of SELF) as death and slavery (See Colossians chapter 3; Hebrews 2:15 NLT and other places throughout his writings). Redemption is freedom from death and slavery of sin which is reaction or turning back on the narrow road that leads to salvation. We are redeemed back into divinity, the family of God.

Established Religion

Established religion buys into (is co-opted by) reactionary ruling classes; it falls away from God Creator, God Nature, and God Spirit and becomes reactionary, dogmatic, devoid of spiritual love. For the "privilege" of the pulpit, it sanctions, compromises with those forms that brutalize the communion of human families and culture. The way you can tell this is the poor condition established religion leave the people in. They speak of a glorious afterlife but fail to "take care of the sheep" (See John 21:16, NLT). The only sheep they take care of are the ones following their own dogmas or who are citizens of their own country. The vanguard of the people always takes care of the needs of the all the people; this is how you know them. They are true shepherds. Before Mao there was drugs, prostitution, poverty, and exploitation of the masses in China. After the revolution a better form of life was esablished for the people. This is the Father creating good things for the people. This is Mother Nature enlightening us so that we can walk the pathway of justice. This is the outpouring of the Spirit which brings life.

Established religions fail and will continue to wither away because they have lost contact with Cosmos, Nature, and Life. They choose the easier path of collusion with immoral ruling classes; suffering persecution of the sake of Jesus Christ has little or no meaning for them. John the apostle of Jesus Christ says of these, "I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, I will spit you out of my mouth!" (Revelation 3:15-16, NLT). They are no longer the living communion of Godís people but idolaters of a false God, the slave/feudal/capitalist systems. Their God is this-worldly Lords and Kings that rule them. They run hospitals that reject patients who cannot pay or do not have insurance. They are linked to the system by a thousand threads of compromise. They sanction capitalist wars of aggression, slavery, and a thousand outrages to Godís children and hide behind flags, tax writeoffs, and laundered wealth that kills God's children. Woe unto you hypocrites, you blind leading the blind. It will be far worse for you who are in positions of leadership who lead the people astray. The time of the great cleansing is upon us; repent before it is too late.