Handbook of Complete Logic


Jack Fischel

Second Edition
Joseph D. Chafe

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Second Edition: Copyright © 2008 by Joseph D. Chafe

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Jack Fischel passed away in Los Angeles, California, USA before the first edition of this book was published. Its content comes either from notes I took while Jack was talking or from material written down later from memory. The first edition has been completely revised. (Those interested in purchasing a paperback copy of the first edition can contact Acorn Community c/o Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, P.O. Box 460, Mineral VA 23117, USA http://www.southernexposure.com). For various reasons I am publishing this internet version of the second edition now (April 2008) even though I am not yet finished revising it. If you wish to be sure you have the latest version please visit http://www.jdchafe.freeservers.com. If you have any questions you may reach me at jdchafe@gmail.com

Jack came to the United States of America (U.S.A.) from Russia as a child with his parents, and the U.S.A. became his country. So when you see such expressions as "here," or "in this country," you will know that it refers to the U.S.A. I remember Jack telling me once that the state threatened to deport him to some communist country. His reply was, "What have I done to build up any such a country. All my work has been here." Uses of masculine gender to refer to "humanity" have been updated in this edition to be non-gender-specific.

Jack certainly did not specify what material to put in footnotes so I have used my best judgment in this regard. Also, I have added footnotes of my own to this edition for purposes of documentation, convenience, and clarity. (Please note that currently footnotes are not included in this internet version. I hope to remedy this in the future. Please check at www.jdchafe.freeservers.com for latest version of the second edition.)

Because Jack specified that this was to be a handbook (a handy reference book), I have included a complete table of contents and index so that readers can easily turn directly to those sections/topics which are of particular interest to them. (The reader will not find a table of contents nor an accurate index on this internet version of Jack's book. I hope to remedy this in the future. Again, please check at the above mentioned web address for latest version of this book.)

Joseph D. Chafe 2008


Family Life

Family life was one of my main studies since I was a kid. I have made a study of those ordinary people who attain a place to work and a place to come home to. These people never feel run down. They get their "vitamins and minerals" from this kind of life. Right now I am living off of what I have had in my life: the children, etc.; it's a terrific thing which never leaves you. There are many in this society who go around with $200.00 suits while within they feel starved, rundown, and useless. Humans "oxidize," rust away, and decompose without life; you must always be connected to it. If a piece of iron could talk it would say: "When I'm not being used, I begin to rust away." This is what happens to human beings; when they are not living; they begin to rust away. And where are you going to find this life? Not in a whorehouse! All it takes a plain ordinary woman for a man or a plain ordinary man for a woman. It is like in the motion picture Fiddler on the Roof. The poor young tailor who wanted to get married and have a family said that he deserved happiness too. The town in this movie was just like mine when I was young. In my town there was a hunchback shoemaker who worked hard and had a wife and family. He was happy. This is life, man! That hunchback shoemaker never had a chance to get rusty. I used to study these people. I told my mother that I was watching how little they had and how much they had. Life is the bitter and the sweet, and if you can take this then you will know what life is all about.

Going Thru "Hell"

All my life was hard, but that is what I wanted. I wanted these experiences, and when they came to life, this is what I called living. My utmost interest was to go through "hell" to know what I know. This kind of knowledge gives you a purpose and makes you realize what should be done.

My Work

My work was "clean;" I never created any "stink" or hatred. All I wanted was for people to see what's right and what's wrong. Any form of perfection was part of my food for life. I saw so much misery. I didn't want to make a name for myself upon someone else's misery.

Show Business

From age 19 to 31 I was in show business.


I was a physician for about 10 years. I went to people's houses and got to know how they lived. In one house, the child had cancer of the scalp of which the mother had just died. The father had cancer of the tongue and the grandmother had leukemia. I cured all three. The reason why I didn't want to be a regular physician was because I was interested in the causes of diseases, not their symptoms. Experimenting is more interesting to me than treating the symptoms that this society creates. I wanted to see, for example, the relation between plants and humans.

The neutral state of Novocain buffered to a ph of 3.7 causes a reaction which restores balance to the body so that it can heal itself. This is the secret of Dr. Aslin and the socialist states, and millionaires go to these places to get their injections. I worked with Dr. Mapletop and Dr. Church. Patients would line up outside St. Joseph's retreat, and I would give them these same injections. My present wife was with me. Dr. Church would say to me: "Your type of medicine belongs in a socialist system of medicine." Sister Margaret called me "the product of the teachings of Christ." The Medical Society took us all to court for using "unestablished medicine."

Time In Jail

I was in jail for two months for high misdemeanor ("practicing medicine without a license"). The two doctors who worked with me left for Florida on "vacation" so they wouldn't have to appear with me. I held lectures in jail. The head person, a murderer, put a towel down with "Doc" written on it, and said "nobody better sit down there." I told each prisoner that their lawyers worked for the establishment not for them and showed them how to defend themselves in court. I took their whole history starting from childhood. Each case started out with: "Your honor, I am pleading my own case. Society is to blame, not me." Each prisoner, using their personal histories, were able to win their case; juries came back with the decision of not guilty. I was supposed to be there six months, but they told me it was better to let me go in two months rather than to let me stay there and program the prisoners to be communists and show them how to beat their cases. If this were a fascist state, one would not even be able to do this (7-25-1979).


When they called me to the draft, I told them I wanted to talk to the board; I had a problem. When I went before the board, I told them that my wife was pregnant. They said many were in the same position and told me that a social worker would care for her. I told them that I had taken care of her in the past and would continue to do so. When they still refused, I showed them a picture of Hitler pinning a medal on Chamberlain. "If Hitler pins a medal on Chamberlain, this means he is our ally," I told them. When they objected, I explained: "Does it take a whole army to kill one man, Hitler. It's Hitler that's making the people fight." Then they classified me 2a and told them to keep putting my name at the bottom of the list.

Trade Union Activism

Why did I do what I did at the Wildcat Strike at Chrysler Corporation where young men had the easy jobs and the old women the hard jobs? I did it because I want to live in a beautiful environment.

A union official named Art Winter said to me: "It's too bad you are not a citizen of the U.S. You sure have the potential." He said this after I had given a talk to the Mexicans who were being exploited by the Church. He said: "I would rather have you teach than be an activist."


When the FBI kept me from getting a job and threw me out of my home with my furniture, I was able to laugh. When the social worker asked me why this was so, I told them that it wasn't my problem but society's problem. When the social worker asked my children if they believed in Santa Claus, they explained that if they waited for Santa Claus to bring presents, they would never come; daddy is the Santa Claus. When the FBI went to the social worker to get my records, they found this statement in there, and I told them "I don't want my children to be ignorant but intelligent." Art Linkletter had a children's program on TV. He asked a child if Santa Claus brought it presents. "Yes," the child responded. "And what did he do then," asked Linkletter. "He went to bed with mommy," said the child.


I am not afraid of poverty.

Quality of Life

It's how much you live in the period of time that you live and not how many years you live. It's how much pleasure and laughing you have. I've lived a thousand years in a short period of time. I wanted the highest level of living, and this isn't accomplished by getting a mansion. You can never run out of constructive things to please yourself.


Purpose of This Book

The most important goal of this book is to harness people to the fundamentals. This paves the road to what you want by making things clear. Most remain in a state of naiveté.

This kind of reading makes people more honest and better able to cope with realities. Reading these sayings activates many dormant cells of awareness in the brain. Just by reading these words, new cells begin to work in the brain.

This handbook is based on a cosmic platform. It explains the meaning of the cosmos and enumerates the laws that come from the cosmos which is an orderly system. It shows you how to be specific or absolute first of all in the things that you know. It shows that you are connected to the same orderly system as is universe. It demonstrates how this orderly system actually works by giving numerous examples. We show that the individual must be integrated with the environment (the earth and the people on it); starting from the bottom rung of the ladder, we begin to integrate biology with physics.

The human is body, mind, and spirit which are part of a cosmic order based on three fundamental laws of the universe. These three together make you one; they are fundamental and must not be separated. No one has yet come to give these three fundamentals together. They are an orderly balance which comes from the universe. If I teach you one without the others, it will not work. If spirit is taught without body and mind, or mind without spirit and body, or body without the other two, then there would be imbalance. The three taken together form an orderly balance that comes from the universe. To teach these three fundamentals requires many lectures based on an orderly system, based on pure cosmic "opinion," not on human opinion. Together these three are called the fundamental laws of the universe. They can be applied to anything whether you want to build a house or go to the moon. By knowing how to apply them every artist can achieve much greater results in their own fields. They are the proper cultivation for all cultures.

My interest is to "uncrystallize" people, to make them free so that they can see a future level of development. Giving an individual a chance is like throwing a pebble in the water; from one small ring many rings of increasing size are created. My ambition is to write a textbook that helps people find themselves and so that they can create these rings of perfection.

We study to know how to maintain life. Two people buy the same kind of car, but one maintains it better so that it lasts longer. This is similar to maintenance of life. You will learn from this book how you can live a little longer. We already have absolute proof that we have forever living cells.

Putting Out the Truth

The success of any writing depends on whether or not others can contradict it. Up to now, writing has been based on "accepting it" or not. But now writing has to be based on what cannot be contradicted. How is this done? In order to do this, you must become part of your environment. This is the truth, and that's what I like about it. People don't even want to think about what it takes to put out information. As long as there is plenty of water around us, we are not worried about dying of thirst. The only time we become conscious of this or any reality is when we can show the things which are part of everyone's life but that are missing. When you write a book about what is missing from everyone's life, then you are writing about something which cannot be contradicted. Otherwise the writer is just creating another mirage. Everyone knows that a mirage represents something you need to have in order to live but which in itself is not real. When you are in the desert and are thirsty without water, this leaves you with one specific need, water. We create that mirage when we have that need for water and no way to get it. The immoral state creates millions of mirages for people making it impossible for them to get what they need.


All the textbooks of this society are created according to immoral blueprint of this society. This is why textbooks like this are not allowed.

The more you read these notes, the more you realize that this material works against the income of all churches.

You will not find value with just one reading of this book.