Part 1 Communal Life

Chapter 1 Human Development


The whole human race has one particular origin of cell which came into being when it had to come into being. The human cell does not come from anything; it is created. In fact each human cell is a species unto itself-there are no two alike; each is one of a kind just like each fingerprint is one of a kind. And because of this each human being is the most valuable thing in the world. A human being is stronger than a building but yet is quite fragile. This society takes stock in the concept which says that we come from an ape, but the human cell's origin is different than the ape's. No ape has a distinguishing fingerprint like a human being, and furthermore no two fingerprints are the same even for billions of people.

The quality of the human atom in our own galaxy is the highest quality of any atom because it is based on chemical energy.

Carnivorous animals only kill when they are hungry; otherwise they will not kill, but humans who have lost their natural balance have become the worst of killers of all animals. No lion ever killed another lion, but one human will kill another human. The lowest form of degeneration is when you kill your own species. To be civilized, we have to realize this balance of nature and become more intelligent in dealing with it. There are some who pack a good lunch and then set out to kill animals for fun. This is where we become unbalanced. If you disagree with this, how would you like it if someone else were to pack a lunch and then set out to kill you for fun. Even if we have to kill in order to eat, we still realize that there must be a better way of existing.

When a species outlives it purpose, it plants. When an environment doesn't serve our purpose, then we plant ourselves in another planet somewhere. All beginnings are crude, so we might even have to learn how to walk again when we replant ourselves. After we replant ourselves we always reach a higher state of development. We never go back. Human beings have always existed. We are interbred from other planets. All we need now is evidence that we were replanted from another planet. The reason why people don't like to think of such things is because it wakes up certain cells and it is painful when this happens. No human actually originates from one planet. We were planted here. Beings are being planted from one planet to another. Yet this doesn't mean that all animals are planted; only anything that has a "cerebral cortex" is planted. The reason why we are looking forward to travel in space is because we are going to do the same thing (replanting)) to another planet. We can travel in the form of dust, but the little brain that we have-we are such infants in intelligence-thinks that it must be in space ships. The purpose of developing space travel is because we cannot live forever on the same planet. Planets lose their hydrogen and the less hydrogen the lighter and smaller that planet becomes until it completely disintegrates. Then we go to another planet that is suitable to live on and until it too loses its hydrogen.

It would definitely be better to live in outer space. This is why astronauts must acquire a natural psychological attitude about "atmosphere."

Humans vs. Animals

The most narrow item to live with is what you can see. The difference between humans and lower animals is that humans have a cerebral cortex and are able to know that there are three sides of a cube which cannot be seen. Animals, no matter how often you tell them, can never know this because they have no place to store it.

The cerebral cortex enables humans to deal with change. Lower animals don't have the cerebral cortex; they are there to balance things out. If there are too many rats, for example, then the central law brings more snakes into existence. But humans are not there to balance things out. The human cerebral cortex enables them to recognize the next stage of perfection. Lower animals adapt to change. Humans with their cerebral cortex build towards a change.

Everything but the cerebral cortex of living matter becomes extinct in time. NOT TO BECOME EXTINCT is the purpose of the human species; the human being is the non-extinct animal. Animals with a cerebral cortex such as the human race are not destined to become extinct whereas animals without a cerebral cortex are destined to become extinct. There are about five billion birds of all species here in North America. If you go back even five million years, you will find the same kinds of species. But you won't find the same kind of human beings as we have today. Humans are an unlimited species.

Whatever is produced outside of human efforts is a basic principle of need and does not vary. The human works differently from all other animals and creates new things. Any animals without a cerebral cortex (all except humans) only deal with the natural basic minimum of need. No particular creativity development exists. What is the newest ant hill you've seen? Is it any different from the last? Such life forms are only equipped to follow nature's basic minimum of need. An anthill is a creation of nature and not of that particular species of insect.

The purpose of that part of man's brain called the cerebral cortex is to be able to recognize cycles of higher perfection. When Henry Ford invented the horseless carriage, we had to crank the motor with a handle. This is a state of perfection. It was the cerebral cortex of a Mr. Kettering that enabled him to create a solenoid so that by pushing a button you could crank the car.

Instinct is the direct means of guidance for animals; there is no interference. Humans have awareness by means of the cerebral cortex. Instinct plays the part of awareness for animals.

Why is a parrot able to live for 50 years? What makes them so different from other birds? Parrots and a few others of the same species have actually developed a higher level brain where they are able to form words though they don't know what they are talking about. No other animal is known to do the same. The dog is a higher form of development than the cat. Dogs take on a responsibility to protect you if you feed them and care for them. It is very healthy to be able to distinguish and learn such little things as these.

Cerebral Cortex

The only purpose of our cerebral cortex is to be able to distinguish progress from one cycle of development to another. If you start asking people: Who discovered the solenoid so people wouldn't have to crank their car motors? you will soon find out how many people are interested in the cerebral cortex or progress or in the source of progress which is yourself. When you do not realize that progress starts from within you, then you will not recognize the benefit you receive from the progress others have contributed. Boredom and monotony soon set in when you don't use your cerebral cortex to make the next step in your own field. Even though the clergy of today benefit from it, they tell you that progress is nothing and that after the savior or messiah comes, then you will have a utopia. This is their way of giving people hope.

Needs vs. Wants

When you think of improving yourself, think first of the minimum needs of existence without which you cannot get to the next stage of development. Try to figure out what is needed. Point out everything the body needs: food, clothing, shelter. Also, according to development, there are cultural, sexual and other needs. Doing this creates very good body chemicals and is good not only for ourselves but for others as well. When someone is hungry and you start talking about something else besides food, they are going to get upset. Take care of needs first. Indeed, if there wasn't this basic need for food, clothing, and shelter, this world would be an insane asylum. With these needs we are forced into balance and can't go completely out of balance; basic needs keep the human race from going extinct due to imbalance. Animals have a true established minimum of need, but humans don't. The next development for them is a higher level of independence which means more time to create things on their own. As long as anything is subject to development, there is no 100% perfection. This society itself is subject to development because there is no limit to perfection. When people develop higher, they produce more and get more and better things.

Wages are very important. What is your earning power? Here in this country they compare your wages with wages of workers in other countries, but what they don't tell you is that here you don't get what you need whereas over there they do get what they need. Only observing things superficially will fool you 100% of the time. Capitalists make you proud of the misery you live in. They build big buildings, but they don't let you look at skid row and the nice places at the same time. The American can be illustrated by the following story. A man invites his friend to come and visit him. When he arrives, he takes his friend around to show him all the nice things, certainly not skid row. And when his friend asks him where he lives, he tells him that temporarily he is living in the park. America is beautiful; it is the system that is ugly. To be happy, continue working to improve things. This is the only way you'll feel right with yourself. The higher the development of the conscious state, the less association you have with the word "want." The word "want" deals with the conscious state. Use instead the word "need." Subconsciousness and the involuntary system deal only with need. Become so developed that you think only in terms of what you need and not in terms of what you want. At the stage we are presently, we still accept what we "want," but only when we get what we "need" are we satisfied. The reason for this is because we always want more than we need. In our undeveloped frame of mind we see this as limiting, but there is no limit to what we need. We are dealing here with the central law, and when you get away from the central law, you are always wanting things which you don't need. When you deal with one thing only, you'll always be outside the central law.

Can you give me the absolute purpose of why you would want more than what you need? Use the word "need" not "want" so that you would let nothing interfere with what you need. When you use the word "need" instead of "want," you make the least amount of mistakes. It is a training. People who use words like "wish" and "want," are never satisfied because they never get enough. When you say, for example, that you "need" money, you have a definite purpose. Whereas when you say I "want" money, this purpose is not there. If you want something to be possible, give me a reason. If it will save a million people or a little girl, then I'll do it. Any type of immoral state would crucify you when you start teaching about the central law of the universe.

We always want more than what we need, and we never get enough of it until the contradiction comes. It's like the Indian chief who sold a man some land and told him to leave his money and to mark a circle on ground using a stick to indicate how much land he needed for himself giving him from sunrise until sunset. The man went out all day long without rest marking the land, and by the time sunset came round he dropped dead. The man wanted more than he needed. Everything you need in this universe belongs to you, but what you do not need does not belong to you.

Waste means you want something more than you need, and what you don't need is wasted. When you get more than you need and waste it, this is unnatural. How do we know this? The universe does not allow the smallest speck just to lay there without being recycled. The bible tells us that we came from dust and return to dust. But the bible isn't specific; what this means is that everything is recycled. If nature could talk, it would say: "I will give you what you need but no more than that." You always wind up getting what you need. If you get more than what you need, then somehow or other it will be lost.

What you need, you must have, but what you want, is a matter of choice. No matter what it is you want, recognize that this is only part of what you need. You can never get enough of what you want, but you can almost get enough of what you need. Handle one need at a time and make sure it is not just what you want; what you want may not be what you need. If you are not sure, don't worry because if it is not what you need, you'll lose it anyway. Only by thinking like this can we become clear enough to get what we need.

There are needs like food and sex which are easily seen, but there are others which are just as important but not so evident. Music is a need. You would be surprised what would happen if suddenly the world were deprived of it. Hermits would soon die if they were deprived of the symphony of the birds and animals. In order to live, we have to eat. Consider what the universe itself does to get what it needs.

Though millions of answers are given to the question of what makes people steal, nature has only one answer: the conditions under which they live cause people to steal. You will never see a person crazy enough to steal a pail of water from the river; there is plenty of it for all, and nature says that anything there is plenty of you don't have to steal.

Making the Next Step

That "a little bit at a time" is very important because this is the way we grow. When you are about to make the next step, others around you will make you seem ridiculous, but those little steps will create mountains of success. If you want to be healthy, then keep moving; first know what is known, and then go for the next step.

Most will not take the next step. They say to themselves, "I'm too busy. I have no time. I'm using what I have and that's it." Their egos are so pleased. Then someone comes along and "throws a monkey wrench into things." This is why Einstein and also Nicola Tesla were so hard to take. With a converter, Tesla could make one battery run 10 machines instead of one. A faker or promoter or charlatan never makes the next step. We must use the fundamental laws of the universe to make the next step.

Depression starts building just from standing still and doing nothing. The brain must never come to a standstill (storing up guilt); it must continually change. Just by being conscious of what is happening, then these cells begin to work.


The desire to perfect is the healthiest thing there is. A senile person cannot arouse a desire to perfect.

The purpose of life is to perfect things; this is why you were born. If you are not disturbed, then you will perfect. Begin with yourself. Ask yourself if what you are doing leads up to perfecting something so that it becomes better than what you have today. If you have any desire to perfect things, it must be because you need a better way of life. The more you perfect, the less you suffer. As long as you have a desire to perfect, you'll attract what's good for you and what's good for you will be good for all people.

Everyone has the desire to perfect, but most are driven away from it. Some individuals have this attitude: "I know things have to be better so I'll wait until they're done; of course, I'm not going to do it." When you look at it this way, you'll never be aware of the true purpose of living. Even if you only make a better nail or a better table, then you are already aware of the purpose of life without having to be a physicist or scientist or having to get a lot of degrees. If you look for the last point of perfection, you'll never start anything. Also, the important thing is not whether you can make money producing something or whether the state will allow what you produce. The important thing is to perfect. And remember that there are some things like Kettering's solenoid which can be accepted by the most immoral state.

Anything done for constructive purposes lives forever. Does it matter if the child knows that it was Dr. Sabin who invented the serum which saved it's life? No! What Dr. Sabin did lives forever because of this. There is no limit to perfection, nature, or life. The perfection we look for is when there is no more limits to anything You use the known and study the unknown. The reason why you have to study the unknown is because of your cerebral cortex. You soon outlive the state of the known and then the unknown becomes the new state of perfection. This is the chain reaction toward perfection and it keeps going without limit. This is equilibrium or changing from a quantity to a quality: the second fundamental law of the universe. Nothing stays at one state. Whatever changes take place belong to a chain of reactions. Equilibrium is accomplished by the chain reaction of change. This is how the universe retains its equilibrium.


All life is in continuous curves. When I was giving injections to women with problems relating to menopause, I explained to them that the cure would be temporary if they didn't understand that they were afraid of growing old and of moving into another cycle of perfection. Even sentences have their own cycle, and they too must be completed. Is a lower animal a third dimensional animal? No! The third dimension is when you not only see the three visible sides of a cube but also its other three sides. The 4th dimension deals with relativity; nothing is independent in itself. We are part of our environment. At present we are able to apply ourselves only up to the fourth dimension. There are only seven fundamental dimensions, and from these seven "sprout" an unlimited amount dimensions. The fourth dimension is Einstein's theory of relativity. When we get to the fourth dimension, we are already a half dimension into living matter-this is how unbalanced we are-and the science of living matter takes up the remaining three dimensions.

The next higher development will be a brain that can get the answers it needs just like that!

When Einstein thought of the theory of relativity and people didn't quite accept it, it was justifiable. But when it was explained in terms of time and space, it became a scientific fact (the discovery of the fourth dimension). We apply the fourth dimension until we come to a higher dimension which will at first be a theory.

A higher dimension cannot be given to you-you don't get it in school.

With each dimension, there are different energies. Inorganic material is based on an unlimited amount of dimensional energies.

The human unit, which is so perfectly put together, is that which continually changes to the better. Being the higher animal we're able to create a cycle of perfection. When we outlive one cycle of perfection we automatically go to another cycle of perfection and there is no limit. This is because of our cerebral cortex (only in humans) which enables us to go from one cycle of development to another. Lower animals don't know when a cycle of development (to create something) comes to an end. The only purpose of the human is to pursue higher cycles of perfection.-Ten fingers and ten toes equals twenty which is the cycle of the human. The only problem is that we don't know how this works.-This may sound confusing. What is there to perfect? All this means is that we must understand our universe. And the more we know about our universe, the more we can harness in the way of tools so that we can keep up with the changes of our universe. Never allow yourself to think that you're going to become completely perfect.

While you're not going against nature, you use this time to produce better things to live with. Your mind is responsible for only one thing: to develop higher levels of culture at all times; nature will not do it for us. Birds still wait for nature to build them a better house. We must build better things all the time. This is the only thing the mind is responsible for.

Time and Development

In order to have a natural approach to thinking you have to realize that there is a time required for development. Between one stage of development and another is the principle of time. By being aware of the time necessary for growth, you won't get disgusted. And just because I don't have the time to wait for the people around me to develop, or because they're not as "smart" as I am, am I going to call them parasites?

All forms of past, present, and future each belong to categories of when and where, and all of these go from one cycle to another; you have to know where and when a particular past, present, or future existed. Egypt's past is not the same as our past. This is where it is very easy to get confused; we get all pasts, presents and futures mixed up. Each should be put in its own cycle. You don't have the past I have, and I cannot force you to accept my present or future. The only thing we have in common is what is good for all.

All presents of whatever form do not become futures or pasts but remain presents. Present times always develop into higher cycles, and there is no limit. The past also runs in cycles and so does the future. Forty years ago their "present" was to crank an automobile by hand. Our "present" is to push a button or turn a key. This is an example of a higher cycle of a present.

All realities deal mostly with the present. You're supposed to observe that the present is better than the past, and if it isn't then you repeat yourself. It is very important for people to realize what stage of development they have in the present because what will be in the future will not be in the present. Always have something now before you look for something afterwards. At the least make every day as realistic as you can. Actually do things now. Put everything you have into the present; live every bit of it. When you live long enough with your present and know it well enough, then you can certainly see the good future. The future is from what we do today. What you did yesterday "doesn't count;" it's what you do from now on that counts. It is what you do in the present time that makes you happy. Whenever you buy something, make sure that you benefit from it in the present as well as in the future.

The past and the future pivot on the present. This is the see-saw of life upon which the most successful business people base their work. They start their research on the past and work it up to the present. From this they can figure out the future. People in business who do not work their research up to the present will have no good future. The past is very important. What you've done in your past has to do with your development in the future. You need some good experiences in the past to make you want to live, to make you feel good even when you have nothing. There are two kinds of past: a constructive past and a destructive past. Only a constructive past can give you a future. Lying, cheating, and destroying will not give you a future.

Very few people have ever learned to trust themselves. We don't trust ourselves because we're not harnessed to anything. The purpose of being harnessed is for balance. Anything which is not harnessed has no balance. A horse is harnessed to a wagon. The purpose of a louse is to suck poison out of the blood. The shoemaker and the tailor are harnessed to their professions. When you harness yourself, let it be neither to the past nor the future but to the present. It is that center of the see-saw which maintains the balance. Once you harness yourself to that central point, which is called the present, then I'll guarantee you will have a purpose.

What do we mean by the future? What we know now will be established in the future. But the ones that know what will be established in the future, this is their present but not everybody's present. Until knowledge is established for a society to live by, it is called the future. After this knowledge is established to be used, it becomes a present. The bible says that you cannot live by bread alone or in other words that you can't live with only today or with just the present. You need bread for today to think for tomorrow. With retirement it is the brain that stops, not the muscles. Though you do lots of exercise, not having the next day to look forward to or losing interest in the next day is the fastest form of deterioration. Squirrels, when they put away nuts in the tree, show they are thinking about the future, the coming months. Domesticated animals suffer the same disease as we do because they have been separated from this concern about "the next day;" domesticated animals are usually given everything they need.

If you can develop an objective foresight for two or even one day ahead, this is an absolute development that you can take advantage of. Only with foresight can you retain what you have; when you lose foresight, you lose what you have. Capitalistic money-makers have this development. Whatever plan they have, whether it's a 5 year or 10 year plan, they have their fences or protections for their plans. The more creative you are, the less farsighted you have to be. This is actually what balances the human brain. The ones that are short on this creative ability must use a lot of foresight. When animals such as squirrels put nuts away for winter, this is not foresight but instinct. Instinct is more accurate than man's farsightedness.

Knowledge narrows time. The knowledge of knowing how to travel 650 miles per hour cuts the time down when traveling to Russia or Africa. Telephoning these places accomplishes the same. Lack of knowledge means that you need more time. Practically all problems are created by the distance between time and knowledge.

Time is the most expensive item. You can't buy it even with all the wealth in the world, and see how inexpensive we make it.

The little amount of time you take to be precise eliminates unnecessary amounts of time later. Few are able to concentrate with power because they refuse to take the time to be precise, and because of this they become stupid and powerless to do what is right.


Every person just before they die becomes completely associated with the wisdom of God. This is the reason why the murderer hanging next to Christ said that he (Christ) was a good man and that he should be freed. (It is an awful experience to live with losing something good.) It is a funny thing that at this time-when you're about to die-everything becomes so clear that one can only see what is right. But why do we have to wait till we die? Why can't we develop now to see what is right? Because that which we need to see what is right has been disturbed and interfered with. This is why Christ said to the murderer that they would meet in heaven. He understood that it was the interference of the immoral state that caused them to do this. All interference comes from the environment. This is why we must associate ourselves with those who are creating a better environment. What is the use of getting mad at roaches which come from the unhealthy and unclean environment of our house? I'd rather be around a herd of elephants than a thousand bed bugs.

Nothing is impossible when you go with life. But when you go against it, it resists you-actually goes against you. When life resists you, then there's friction. It's like hitting your fist against a stone wall; the wall doesn't get hurt but your fist does. If you go against life, life doesn't get hurt but you do; you create disease inside yourself. Life is a form of energy and there's no way to harm it. Anything contrary to nature is against life. The more you resist life, the more you separate from life and the less protection you have from the pressures around you. This holds true for all forms of life. A plant which has roots produces its own anti-bacterial matter, and this is when the plant does not resist life. People look for the answer to the question: What is life? The answer is you get life by going the least you can against it.

The central law or God (if you wish) produces persons who will produce what is needed for their environment. But we must go along with this central law. If the central law or God could talk it would say: "If you can't go along with me, at least don't go against me until you get the awareness to go along with me." Anything that is against life causes life to separate from the body. If you want a good electrical connection you clean the wires before joining them. You do the same when you connect a cable to your car battery. Just as the corrosion on the wires causes electricity to stop flowing, so the poisons you create inside yourself causes life to separate from your body.

The human being is a creation and pattern of the cosmic orderly system. If this central nervous system is responsible for proper functioning of this orderly system, then you can realize that the right thing to do is to create a foundation which would not disturb this central nervous system. Otherwise you're only using symptomatic ways in trying to achieve a higher quality of life, and treating symptoms will never accomplish this.

How can we understand what the central law is? The central law for any society is a foundation which creates an environment which does not disturb the central nervous system of a human being. This is an explanation that can never be contradicted by anyone at any time. The central nervous system of a human being makes it possible that the endocrine system has a balanced secretion. When that central nervous system is disturbed by the outside environment, there are many diseases that come from this. Either too much pituitrin, adrenalin, cortisone, etc. is produced or too little. So if we look for a welfare based on health, we must look for an environment that does not disturb the central nervous system. If you are healthy, then your brain functions normally, and when you feel better and your thinking is better. Any environment you are in is completely involved with obligations and all obligations deal with our central nervous system, and the central nervous system is connected to the neurogastric central nervous system. All disappointments are unnatural and are no good for us, whether this disappointment is within or without.

We have to understand things and know what the central law wants us to do. The central law is like the timing gear of an automobile which is the "central law" for the automobile. If you go against this in any way (by not putting oil in the car, for example) then you go against the distribution of life in the car. We have to understand what the central law wants us to do so that we act normally. When I get up in the morning, I ask myself: "What does God want me to do?" Then I get up, wash, eat, etc. Civilization, even though it is part of the laws of evolution, can be so disturbing that we can lose the meaning of life itself. Fragility is part of human life here today because of the interference in our growth and development. Perfect yourself so that you make less and less mistakes. The less you allow yourself to be interrupted, the clearer you'll be and the less mistakes you'll make.

No Limits

Whatever you develop, you live with that development in the way of a limit; we are always reaching limits in our developments. Always look for a way to continue. Thinking in terms of limits hinders progress, creates poisonous chemicals in the body, and makes you resort to many forms of self-punishment. There is no limit to your development. What we're doing every day is harnessing ourselves to the energies of the universe. The only reason we're limited in using those energies is because we think within "those limits."

Go with the universe, and this has no limit. Even if you just say that there is no limit to perfection or don't judge the universe according to your level of development, then you are allowing yourself to grow whereas you can stunt your growth by putting a limit on yourself. An all-sided development deals with the awareness that there is no such thing as impossible. If you say that nothing is impossible, there will be many things that will be possible. If you say that many things are impossible, there will be many things that won't be possible. Even though the universe is a continuous existence of things, we still think in terms of limits (August 15, 1973). Scriptures deal with limits; they leave you hanging in midair. Don't ever limit yourself. There is always more beyond the point which you have already figured out.

It is important to understand what strain is. We derive its meaning from the universe itself. It means any form of change which takes place without going through a stage of development. Here is an exact example. When your muscles are not developed to lift a hundred pounds and you force yourself to do it, this is strain. Don't think in terms of strain. Think in terms of limits. What you are aware of, you must be able to stand. You don't get more than what you're able to stand. When you strain, you are using what you haven't got. The universe teaches that strain is unnatural, that it indicates a lack of development. Strain at childbirth gives you varicose veins. Primitive women give birth to babies without strain. This is called natural childbirth, and it has been observed by many doctors. The purpose of mathematics is to develop a way without strain. "Understanding strain" is part of the integration of biology and physics.

You can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps. It's not a matter of "pushing" or

"pulling" yourself but a matter of momentum

Body, Mind, And Soul

In order to perfect, you must first have something to perfect. The human is body, mind and spirit. If I teach you one without the others, then this will not work. No one has yet come to give these three fundamentals together. They are an orderly balance which comes from the universe. To teach these three fundamentals will require many lectures. They are part of a cosmic order and are based on the three fundamental laws of the universe, which are explained in another part of this book. For guidance, always think of the three (body, mind, and soul) as one unit and not separate.

In this day and age we still pay much attention to the body and mind. The body and mind are developments which come only from the soul. There would be no thought possible without the soul. The more the mind can be part of the soul, the more power the mind has. The soul is the fuse between the self-nature and the conscious state.

What is a soul? Go to a place of knowledge (a library or university) and ask them for information about the complete definition of a soul, and ask them to prove it. You could not get only one answer. If you could prove it, then there would be only one religion. But in fact there are many. Here is the answer: a soul is any living thing that can send out a thought or pick up a thought so that it is thoroughly able to communicate with the universe. This faculty is proper to the cerebral cortex part of the human brain. A famous mental telepathist named Dunninger documented before a scientist that he could receive an address between New York and Hollywood. A dog or any of the lower animals cannot do this (send out a thought). A soul is anything that can send out and receive thought. The reason why the dog cannot send out thought is because it does not belong to that particular species of cell which will never become extinct. There is no limit to the pursuit of perfection. If there was a limit, this would be the end of the human race. We always die not knowing what we want to know.

Soul is beyond what physics alone can give. Physics is the body itself. When the soul is integrated in that body then you have mind. This is what makes a complete unit of life. If we could see the soul as well as we could see the body, then this would be a complete development.

When you dream, your soul travels according to the way you dream. There is a true-false understanding of a dream. If there is any kind of problem in your conscious before sleep, the dream will appear false or an illusion. But the subconscious being has nothing to do with any kind of illusion. When you use a lie detector or polygraph, your subconscious always tells the truth. So if you have a problem and dream something, then your soul was there. It never lies.

There is no casket made to bury a soul, nor is there a hell for souls; once the soul separates from the body, the highest form of hydrogen bomb cannot harm it.

We think that when the soul "moves out" that it has to go some place. It doesn't have to go anyplace; it's just there; soul is part of the substance of life which gives birth at conception. When an infant is conceived, the soul is there. You don't have to ask for it or look for it. When we think in terms of soul by itself, then we miss out on the point. It is like thinking of our planet having nothing to do with anything else; it is just as wrong as this.

When people die, they leave a form. When a plant dies, it leaves a form. These forms are types of energies which can even be photographed. They have actually photographed plants in such a way that the photograph actually shows the forms of the branches which have been cut off. The house or body represents the supplies which consciousness uses to develop; that is the purpose of the body. When you die, the shape of your characteristic remains. If there wasn't such life remaining, the human species could never go on. It is this characteristic which we can now actually photograph. It is a bundle or unit of energy. If there is a very strong interest, this can be seen with the naked eye. Otherwise, an instrument must be used. They call these ghosts. Millions of years from now we will recognize this characteristic to be more important than the body itself. These characteristics can be contacted whether it's Benjamin Franklin or Michelangelo or another. If it wasn't for these characteristics, there would be no progress. This also is part of the chain reaction which we speak about (see "chain reaction" in Index). This energy is with you now and will be with your ghost. From the Catholic religion we have the Father which is the central law of the universe. The Son means the physical self. The Holy Spirit alone remains when the Son dies.

Most people think of themselves as outside of the Holy Spirit. They think that they couldn't be the Holy Spirit. The spirit or soul of the body is never buried. We are accustomed to using the word "matter" to mean that which we can see with the naked eye, and to using the word "spiritual" to mean that which we cannot see. But both are matter. The spiritual consists of energies which we cannot see with the naked eye. These energies actually discharge particles of matter. We now have instruments to prove this. Although we cannot see the electron, we can photograph its energy. The same is true of the human spirit. We can determine how much energy a human being has by photographing the illumination of energy around a person which acts as a shield. When a human dies, this shield which was around the body never disintegrates. These forms are neutral to time and space which means that these forms can be here or in China without going through time and space. Various religious sects call this "soul travel." The Eckincar understanding of this particular experience will make you think that you can separate yourself and still be a complete human being.

Your energy has a form. Although you may not be able to do so yet, you will at some point in time be able to leave your body and go to any planet you care to.

There are all kinds of energies that human beings develop. There is a repelling energy (from a depression point of view) and an attractive energy. You can have a great power of attraction.


There is a shield of energy (sometimes called aura) that we always have around us which we can now photograph. The better shape you're in, the stronger this shield is. It protects us but only to a limit. Dead bodies don't have this energy shield. Hitting a dead body is ten times more detrimental than hitting the aura or shield. A sharp clap of the hands would make us deaf if we didn't have this shield. All animals have this aura around them. By instinct they do what they must to keep up this protective aura. If we could photograph the human cell, we would also see the aura around it. These energies must be kept up as there are many things in present day society that pressure us. Persons that dissipate in any way lessen these protective energies. This is the reason why a fighters have to be in such great shape. On a TV program they showed a person's protective energies before and after this person became angry. Their energies were less after they became angry. Masturbation is one of the number one things that reduces this shield.

Humans store the energy that comes out of a electromagnetic field. This energy is an electromagnetic field which protects us from pressures around us. How do you know whether or not you have enough of this energy? There is a test better than any instrument made. Stand nude in a climate of 32 degrees above zero Fahrenheit. If you do not shiver for the first ten minutes, then you have enough energy; your energy is normal. Otherwise, your energy is not normal. When winter comes, most automobiles start to show up many problems. This is particularly true in the east where there is this 32-degree weather or lower. The same type of thing is true with the human body; when winter comes, you get colds and pneumonia. The reason for the ten minutes is because it takes ten minutes for the heat waves around you to disappear. I have done this many times. In Russia they have studied the human energy field around the body and have found that if the body is healthy, the body will have an illuminated colored aura. If there is stress on the cells, then the color will be a bluish color. If there is some desire, then it is red. In this society, because of all the stress, most energy fields would be blue-green. They tested and found that the farmer had the normal energy field. Also if the person walked barefooted on the ground, grass, etc, you could see the energy field becoming stronger all the time. No one should wear rubber soles because it insulates you from the electromagnetic field of the earth.


All intellectuals were able to accomplish what they did by contacting higher sources or vibrations or waves. These living forms of energies are there but if you are disturbed, then you cannot get clear answers from them. Beethoven was able to contact these vibrations. It is not easy to get a complete answer so don't be disappointed if you fail. But remember that even if you only get a partial answer, you can probably work out the rest.

There are two fundamental hook-ups to these airwaves. The first is picking up what other people have already thought. These are the thought waves that come from humans. The second are called cosmic thought waves. Thought waves from humans are strictly different from cosmic waves; human thought waves can give you everything known up to date, but they cannot give you that extra step required to make a breakthrough. That something extra must come from cosmic waves. Your strong desire for a breakthrough will switch you automatically from human to cosmic thought waves. First learn all you can from the airwaves (human thought waves), then go to the cosmic waves (cosmic thought waves).

Your pineal glands transfer these waves for you; they are your antenna. Recently a pineal gland was removed from a human on the presumption that it was useless like an appendix. The person became mechanized like a robot, could only deal with the obvious and what was second nature, and was satisfied with things already known and wished to go no further.

Your dimension gives you the capacity to tune into the air waves. You develop into this dimension by seeing how orderly you can be all day in your thinking and in your actions. One part of this is asking yourself: Do I get mad at a sick person?

When you're bored, start hooking up to these air waves, and you won't be bored any more. If I wasn't hooked up, I couldn't have given you these passages.

The moral of this lesson is to tune in to the subject you are interested in, not to just one individual's thought waves. If you think of electricity, you shouldn't just think of one person such as Tesla. You should think in general terms and you'll get his thoughts as well. The reason why some people only know the answers they get from the library (which is good but very limited) is because they do not tune in; it is cosmic wave breakthroughs that are responsible for progress. Otherwise, we stay where we are, and this leads to the problem of emotional buildup which actually comes from lack of progress. If we had textbooks that dealt with subjects like this, we would need neither psychologists nor psychiatrists.

As of today we are not aware of such things as vibrations which exist between people. There is a difference between vibrations and thoughts. Birds, dogs, cats can pick up vibrations very easily, but not thoughts. Once in Michigan, I went to a farm to get some tools to fix my car which had broken down. I had no fears. I didn't know it, but the farmer had a dog who was a killer. When the farmer saw me playing with the dog and having made friends with it he said, "There's people who have lived around here for years, and he's never gotten used to them. You can use anything you want."

Some vibrations do not blend with each other. Can you recall at any time when a person did not say anything but you felt bad? This means that their vibration didn't blend in with yours. But this particular vibration will blend with others who have the same vibration. Certain energies will affect one person where they will not affect another.

It is more natural to die of hunger than to die of a disease. They're both deaths, but there is even such a thing as how a person dies which involves the kind of vibration you leave after you die. We think that because we cannot see them with the naked eye that these vibrations do not exist.

When vibrations have no place to go, they will take on real forms. Scientists in England have tested this. A piano started to play every day at a certain time. The scientists didn't believe it until they heard it for themselves. Also noises have been documented. It is good to know the reason for this so that we don't live in ignorance, so that we are aware that we can leave either good or bad vibrations


How is it that vibrations can be left in a room? We must realize that any form of activity represents vibration. In fact, we ourselves carry vibrations.

Part of a Russian report concluded that if there is noise pollution, there will be many bad vibrations around you. Also because of other disturbances such as air pollution, medicines are of little value.

People who are on the good road cannot be influenced by forms which are bad and on the contrary when you have a strong moral condition yourself, these things (demons) cannot bother you. Nor do demons bother the really devilish people; they enter completely innocent people, little babies, and children. Babies, however, must live in a very bad environment. In a good environment demons still wouldn't be able to bother them. There was a blind man who was bothered by a ghost. His piano began to play by itself. I diagnosed the case this way. The man had killed someone and no matter where he went, these ghosts would bother him.

Conditions around people are what create demon possession; people, if they are not strong enough, can pick up thoughts.


All people that die should be cremated; putting them in the soil doesn't do the soil any good. Fertilizer is live bacteria; the soil doesn't need dead bacteria. This is the purpose of the vulture; it eats dead bacteria. The dead should not be buried. The purpose of burying is just to soothe our emotions. This energy from human beings never rests when the body is buried. Statistically if you study families who have their dead relatives cremated, you will never find that these had emotional problems connected with the death of these relatives in the family.


Twenty years ago I explained to a group of intellectuals that in the future we would experience life in the form of blobs. Such blobs were just recently found in Texas. A blob is a transplanted material of living matter from outer space. Its purpose is to give us a lesson on what the real purpose of living is for. But our reaction has been: to think that someone is trying to take over so that we have to kill this matter. When that woman in Texas chopped up the blob, there were just smaller bodies of the same matter moving around. The real significance of this is as follows. We were not meant to sit still on one planet forever. We must travel to other planets and use them doing all this without the need for any space ships.

The blob is the highest form of development of living matter. It is about 50 million years more advanced than we are. It has no cerebral cortex (wherever there is a cerebral cortex, there is reasoning). Nor does it have any form of instinct like a fly which flies away when you try to kill it. It is not afraid because it knows that people cannot hurt it. The blob thinks like this: These people think that I look awful and feel sorry for me, but they can be killed with one piece of metal (a bullet). I come here to show these people-of-low-development that I can be cut up into many pieces and still live. But instead of learning from me, they want to kill me. Their concern is when they're going to die. They don't want to learn how to live forever. To top this off, instead of realizing that they can cut me up and I can still live, they call me a bacteria. Well it's a good thing they don't call me a virus which isn't even a cell but only a molecule, and a virus can only live off somebody else.

The blob says: "I will not judge or ridicule people of earth because these living forms are infants in their thinking. I have a brain in every cell of my body whereas they have only one brain for their whole body. If scholars of earth do not learn in time, we will not force them, but we will not give them any alternatives either because this is the way the central law works. Does one have an alternative if they jump off a building and then while falling ask God to help them? Doing this is the same as jumping off a 20 story building and saying-after you pass the 10th floor-"so far so good." Earthlings have a lot to learn. They can't even say that life is theirs because if they could say this then they would keep it forever. Even if I were to get tired of living, there would be no way for me to stop living. This is just by way of comparison, not that I would ever actually get tired of living.

This might sound crazy but here is the idea. With enough knowledge we will be able to dismember ourselves into such little pieces that we will be able to change to adapt to any atmosphere. But instead of taking this blob and studying it, they mutilate it and try to kill it which only shows how stupid we are; we can't learn anything this way. It's no use trying to get a message from someone that's dead. Eventually we will learn. We're so young yet. After we know better, we will not do such things. As I explained it years ago, there will be such things and we will have to try to communicate with them. Humans can change so that they can live in any part of our universe.

With all that we have in quality of life, we are at the lowest form of infancy in comparison to other planets. If you ask a million people, you will find few who realize that higher forms of life exist on other planets.

Death, Reincarnation

Death is a solution which nature has depending on what you want. Nature will let you live for a hundred years or a million years depending on what you want. If the soul could talk, it would say this: you have a body which is a house and a mind which is the dimensions of the house. If you treat the body and the mind according to nature then you can live in this house forever. But if you allow both to break down, then you have to move out. When you are just a soul, then you don't need a place to live. For lower animals when they die, the energy will remain for a little while, but for humans the energy lives forever after the body dies. Death means a separation of the house and the one that lives in it. The one that lives in the house is life and it never gets buried. Even your body, the house, changes into another form and is completely utilized so that nothing actually dies. If you study a television, you will find that it is only a body which includes things like wiring, tubes, etc.; only when it's plugged in can you identify it as a "television." Likewise, only when you are "plugged in" can you identify yourself as a "human being." There is so little for us to live with because we base so much of our thought on the body. This is the meaning of the biblical saying: What does it profit us if we gain the world and lose our soul.

People are afraid of death because they think only about the house the soul lives in and not about the soul itself. When a person we love dies, then the question we must ask is do we miss the person's life or do we miss their body. If it is their life that we miss, then remember that their life is never buried. It is still here only it is not connected to the body. Instead of grieving and being unhappy, apply your time to pursuing more knowledge to keep body and soul together for a longer period of time.

The only truth that everyone faces, the only thing that we can't argue with is death. But the real truth is that there is no such thing as death. The natural law says you never have to die. We accept death and yet there is no such thing; things merely change from one thing to another. This is not reincarnation. Nothing ever fails to be useful. Who would think that a little speck of paper on the floor is useful? The only reason we think this way is because we don't have a use for it.

The self-nature has to have a place to live in; it's like a tenant. When the subconscious disturbs and destroys the house, then the self-nature moves out.

Reincarnation exists, but there is no use believing in it unless you know all the details. Say you have a television that breaks down so that it is impossible to repair. Then you get a new television. The difference is that you are using a new set but with the same electric plug. The newborn are connected to what has lived in the past as well as to themselves. Einstein's knowledge-if you are interested-is reincarnated to you plus your own knowledge. The lie is that you can be reincarnated into lower forms of life, like a cow or a rat. All energies are absorbed. Like they say: ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Nothing is lost. The body goes back to the soil and is used thus. Energies go back into the universe and are used.

Eternal Life

For humans there is no beginning nor is there an ending. Indeed, there is no beginning and no end to anything in the universe. To be free, forget about beginnings and forget about endings.

All things whether biological or not are subject to the laws of evolutionary change. But when it comes to humans, because of that extra development called the cerebral cortex, you have to distinguish between humans and everything else. Regardless of their training or practice, no animal has been able to go from one state of perfection to the next; their state of perfection never changes. Because of their ability to go from one dimension to another, humans are called the third-dimensional animal. Einstein has shown us the fourth dimension. This dimension requires a greater knowledge of time and space, and we have within ourselves all that we need to do this only we must know how to develop it.

Chapter 2 Developing Consciousness


The main purpose of the conscious ego (of the conscious state) is growth in awareness. Awareness of life is life itself; without this awareness there is no true purpose of living. Did you know that there is not one human being that is completely without hope. Hope is there as long as there is awareness of life.

Awareness can be partial or total. Only your self-nature is totally aware. To be totally aware involves a training using complete logic; you must use fundamental ways of thinking. Applying complete logic to yourself is different than trying to apply it outside of yourself. If you can eliminate doubt, your self-nature can accomplish things. It can grow two inches more on one leg, for example, if this is what you need. But don't make a mistake here. It is not the doubt that would stop you from growing back the two inches nor the lack of faith. The only thing that would stop you would be the lack of awareness that you have that self-nature and that it can do it.

First understand that awareness can work for you. Be aware of what you want or even what you don't want. Then self-nature does the rest. This awareness must be very strong, and it runs on different levels. How do we know if our awareness is strong or weak? Our awareness must be on a life-or-death level. If your life depended on your walking on water and your awareness was very powerful, your self- nature could create a particular gas that would make you lighter than water. Such a case has been documented. This doesn't happen every day because we don't put ourselves in such a position. Nevertheless, we must apply this same strong awareness to everything else, and it must be of the same quality of awareness as needed to walk on water to save our lives. The story of the little girl who lifted a loaded wagon to save her little brother illustrates that this awareness must be a life-or-death matter. The man who walked on water lived in a cave and was exposed to the least amount of desires. This was the only way he knew how to accomplish this. The key to all this is to exercise a strong awareness concerning what you want or what you don't want.

A person's worst is never all at once; ones thinking always remains part of self-nature. We believe that our thinking is greater than the self-nature, but in reality the only reason why a person is able to know something is because of the self-nature. And just as soon as a person does know something, they make the first mistake; they build an egotistical monument to themselves. From this point onwards all knowing becomes superficial. On the other hand, knowing your self-nature can increase your knowledge because this is where knowledge comes from. The reason why a dog moves its bowel in one place and then scratches up the dirt in another place is because there are two forms of consciousness in the dog. This places it above the cat, for example, which doesn't act like this. Humans have the same dual consciousness: the one is the conscious and the other is the self-nature. In socialism, self-nature is never left out; there is always integration (physics integrated with biology).

Awareness is the important thing. It assures you of progress.. Be aware of the good things and the bad, of what is natural and what is unnatural. Don't ignore anything. Anything you ignore you must pay for. When you are aware of what's bothering you, you get hurt much less than when you are unaware. If it is a very hot day and you think not of the heat but of something good and enjoyable that you're going to do later when you get away from the heat, then things won't be so bad. The same applies if, for example, someone throws a rock thru your windshield. If you don't get mad but realize that this is just the system of this society which is the cause, then you suffer much less. When you expect what is going to happen to you, you can use some sort of guide. When you don't expect what's going to happen, then you're unprepared to do anything about it when it happens. If you expect that it's going to rain, then you take your umbrella. If you are aware that the system can hurt you, then you're not apt to get hurt. In all stages of development we do a lot of ignoring until we become aware of what we ignore. The more intelligent you are, the less you ignore. Do not ignore clinical studies because these supply you with the details. They are similar to the steps necessary before you get to communism: democracy, people's republic, and socialism. These steps must be there. Awareness deals with past, present, and future. You are not rational at all when you ignore the present.

At all times we have to at the least be aware of a higher development.

When you understand "the whole works," then fear is eliminated.

How many people will recognize the dialectics of nature and stick with it? No smart person has ever predicted the outcome of a society. All intellectuals have to be aware that they are ignorant in some things. When this awareness is there, then everything is all right. Here the system makes you go against yourself. When you're able to recognize what's good for you and what's bad for you, this is when you go with nature. Realize how important health is, the ability to move a finger or your eyes, and so forth. Realize what is happening. You have the voluntary and the involuntary central nervous system. The rhythm of your heartbeat deals with the involuntary system. The involuntary and the voluntary systems intercommunicate whether we are aware of this or not. The older we get, the more the voluntary becomes aware of the involuntary system. The purpose of conscious awareness is to determine whether or not your voluntary will go along with the involuntary. An infant's voluntary system doesn't know enough to interfere with its involuntary system. The activity of their cells is normal because there is no interference. If we were to examine grownups to determine the different ways they interfere with their involuntary systems, we would find that this depends on the kind of environment they live in. How orderly is the system of society you live in? How orderly is your environment? If it is disorderly, the voluntary system imposes stress on your cells. Worries and difficulties in coping with realities are examples of things that put stress on cells. If you earn $500.00 a month, and rent is $350.00 a month, and you are unable to keep up with the rate of inflation, and you're unable to cope, this creates stress on your cells. Your microbes become disturbed and no medicine of any kind can deal with it. Cells react according to the way a person behaves. If the cells are interrupted, they won't work properly. Often we go against the dialectics of nature. Only historical, dialectical materialism goes with the dialectics of nature. Only a socialist society, under the guide of scientific communism, is able to give you somewhat of a normal environment so that cells can perform correctly. Socialism, in sum, is the solution. How do we know this is correct? In Russia they are studying the language of the cells. It is shown that when stress is put on cells, they don't function properly. Such information is available, but don't try to force it on a capitalist system which is disorderly. All of this can be expressed in terms of the fundamental laws-1) the opposites; 2) the changing from a quantity to a quality; and 3) the negation of the negation-but this is not easily understood because so much of the information we get is half-information.

Clarity and the Scientific Method

The strength of awareness depends on how clean we can keep it from everything else. (One is afraid to let go of what they have is only because they have no idea of what is better.) Some key factors of awareness are so simple that we fail to evaluate them. If you tell an intellectual that awareness can cure cancer, they will not accept it. But this is exactly what causes the spontaneous remission that cures cancer. People believe that goodness is something which someone must give you. But in fact it is awareness that brings about the good. This is what Christ was able to do; he created an awareness in people so that they could cure themselves.

Every step you take must be 100% clear. Being clear is living. If you're not clear, then you're not living. Clarity is living matter; it has absolutely nothing to do with physics. When clarity is integrated with physics, then for the first time there will be a clear view of the universe and its meaning.

Spirits know things 100% clearly. (These energies deal with subjects.) Illiterates can also be very clear (the Lourdes Miracles, for example). But because such a small percentage of the population have such clarity, you must go by the scientific method. When you have order, you can apply science so that everyone can benefit.


The subconscious is the transferring point between the self-nature and the conscious state, the transformer to the conscious state. Mind is connected to the subconscious. Mind is connected to time but the subconscious is not.

The subconscious only deals with 100% truth. We are supposed to allow the subconscious to guide the conscious. If it wasn't for the subconscious, we would never reach that awareness or uneasy feeling that comes when we don't have the truth, and which remains until we find it. Awareness deals only with the conscious state relative to any subject.

J. C. Casey, an illiterate hillbilly, was able to talk elaborately on medicine and even write prescriptions when asleep. But all this disappeared when he awoke. This is how powerful the subconscious is. 90% of his predictions came true. But who wants to have an injury like he did, so that we too could do the same thing.


Mind is our lowest level of development. The difference between the mind and the brain is this: the brain is just an office person carrying out orders; it neither thinks nor creates. All these orders are involuntary, and we have little or nothing to do with them (for example the making of blood). The mind takes care of the voluntary. You say: "I have a good mind to do so and so," and not "I have a good brain to do so and so." The mind deals with logic and the conscious self.

Thoughts and Thinking

What is the definition of a thought? A thought is an eternal substance. It acts like a chain reaction. This is why thoughts can be linked one to the other. If this were not so, the chain reaction of logic would not exist. If there were any disconnection, there would mean death to thoughts. The cycle of anything orbiting in the universe is never broken. A body may disintegrate, but even then another body takes its place. If this were not the case, we would continually be losing instead of replacing one with another. There are two fundamental types of thinking. One is called "creating the road for thinking for a particular subject." This is the hardest form of thinking. After this road is created, then you have the second kind of thinking which is walking or thinking on the road which has already been created. After the road is made, there is little sweat. Walking through fresh snow is hard, but after it has been walked upon, you can walk thru it easily. Paving the road to a particular subject is the hardest form of thinking.

Thought travels much faster than the speed of light. It travels so fast that as yet we have no idea of its speed, but by integrating biology with physics-when biology and physics communicate with each other-we will know. The speed of thought has been proven, but we don't as yet have a mathematical formula for it. The measure that we use now is light "miles." Our next measure will be in thought "miles."

You use more energy thinking than in digging ditches; it can make you sweat. This shows how much friction you create when you think. One hour of bookkeeping is the equivalent of eight hours of manual labor, and it is for this reason that there is more nervous breakdowns among bookkeepers than in any other professions. In the future, we will be able to recognize this and give bookkeepers their due. To maintain normalcy they should only do two hours of their work per day.

Thoughts have power if no other thought interferes. It is division of thought that makes it nothing. Other thoughts create static which is any form of interference. When thoughts become free of static (when they are filtered) you see yourself from a different perspective. The purest form of filtering is to go (fully equipped) onto a mountain for 20 or 30 days. If you're not disturbed and you can lay out beneath the stars or in a secluded place where there is no interference, this is the most effective form of thinking.

In transmitting and receiving you have two limits: the conscious and the subconscious. Your conscious limit works like this: if there is no interference, your conscious limit does not disturb your subconscious limit. This is why you can experience so much on a mountain; consciousness does not interfere with subconsciousness. The reason why it's so difficult to psychoanalyze a dream is because of interference. Dreams are all mixed up; they are unfiltered, unclear. If you had a dream on a mountain, it would be so clear that you could write out every detail.

No matter what action you take there must be thought before it. Without thought you could not move a finger. Thoughts are things only when accompanied by action. If you think about having your neighbor's wife, you might as well have her; it's the same thing. When you have a thought, it is picked up by the airwaves. People elsewhere in our universe can pick up these transmissions if there is any reason or motive for doing so. A thought travels the same as any planet; it is not curved. When someone thinks but doesn't act, then someone else benefits by this. Those who benefit from these thoughts are not original. When you get an idea that's practical, remember that there are at least 1000 people who get the same idea but do nothing about it. When I finish explaining thoughts, no one will be able to say they are original.

Thoughts come in various and unlimited amounts of forms depending on how you're going to use them. The shortcoming of grown-ups is that they want to observe everything with the naked eye.


Concentration is when consciousness shines its light on some particular item. When you know something, know it completely. This is a person's security. If you take a match and hold your finger over the flame, it will get very hot whereas if you move your finger back and forth thru the flame, it will not get very hot. We are so unspecific, and this is why we are unable to concentrate on the truth. There is only one reason for the nipple on a man's breast.

When you want something, it must be in complete consciousness. The laws of nature know no such a thing as 99% correct. Nature works with completeness. You are natural when you know completely what little you may know. We don't realize the value of knowing things completely; if we did, we would not be dissatisfied with knowing so little. The quick solution is not the complete one. The complete solution requires energy and thinking, and few want this. All want that fast solution, and no one wants to make it complete; everyone wants that partial answer. The thing is complete accomplishment and not just half knowing one thing and then half knowing something else. It is better to have a complete view of a little than an incomplete view of a lot. We get fooled when we only look at one side of something like when some people say, "See, I've gone to the moon."

The actual meaning of "awareness" is IT. Unless you know IT, you will never know that which is bothering you. If you are aware of a certain disease, then you no longer have it. Whatever you are not aware of is the IT that bothers you. When you become aware, then IT bothers you no more; once you understand something, then it can't bother you.


You have to understand the difference between what is abstract and what is real. When you live in a society, you must be truthful in whatever you are doing. American people are trained not to accept the thing as it is. It's natural here for this condition to exist: the less reality, the better. Philosophy is the abstract of the truth. We don't learn the truth from an abstract. The abstract is made to look like the truth. So when you are an artist and you express your art on the foundation of fantasies, there will always be this question: "What is it?" You answer that an abstraction or philosophy can give you an idea. But an idea is not final until you can develop the basic principles of the idea. So if you are the kind of artist who starts out with the abstract and ends up with the abstract, then this is bad. Artists deal with reality, with how much reality they can bring out; all programs must have a pattern. Fantasy is when you don't have an idea/pattern of what you want to do, as for example an artist who splashes paint on a canvas.

Where does the abstract come from? Can you show me anything abstract that you cannot identify with something that is well known? What might appear to be a face on the moon, when you get right down to it, is only shadows; the background is accidental. In music all abstractions are welcome. To understand this well, it is good to welcome anything that appears to be the truth, even though you may find out later that it is not. Suppose you're an artist in Russia and you paint a beautiful picture of a beggar. The people there come to you and say: "Why do you paint such a picture? We gave millions of lives so that such things won't exist." In China and Russia begging do not exist anymore. If a child in such a country were to see such a painting, they would ask: "What is the person in the picture doing? Why do they have to beg? Aren't cripples being taken care of?" For older people such a thing can be useful as a comparison, but it becomes a confusing thing especially to young people. In these countries life is not based on the past but on the present and the future.

No dream can be interpreted in terms of complete reality; it is an abstract from reality. What you dream will never be exactly so; it only represents an image. But even an image is good if it is used to represent something real. When you think about things before going to bed, be very positive. The clearer and more positive your thinking is, the clearer will be any dreams you may have.

There are two kinds of abstract. One is when you're conscious (a conscious imagination). Then there is a subconscious abstract. Out of an imagination which comes from a conscious imagination we're able to create a reality. But out of a subconscious imagination no reality can be created. Say you dream that you killed somebody. There is no way you can create a reality out of this; in fact you're afraid of it. That is a subconscious imagination and a bad one. Say we have a good subconscious imagination. This can be connected with a conscious imagination only because of conscious interest. You can somehow connect what is good with conscious interest, but you certainly don't want to have anything to do with the bad. When you dream of killing somebody, you never really finish that dream; you cannot get to the end of anything it in a dream that you cannot reproduce in reality. You wake up before you finish it. The worst criminal, though they may be able to kill in real life, are unable to finish this act in their dreams. Very few old people have complete nocturnal emissions. The old person consciously feels that they are not able to do it whereas the young person does consciously feel able to do this. The younger you are, the more realistic your dreams are.


Don't measure learning by the dollar.

All students get sick because they must leave their security behind and begin to use new brain cells. When you go to a higher cycle of perfection you cannot take things from the old cycle with you.

Any person who causes dormant cells to become active in you, you will hate for a time. What you are actually doing, however, is not hating that person. This higher level attacks your state of security. This is what you hate, not the person. Whenever dormant cells become active, it makes you realize that your thinking must be broader or on a higher level than what you had before. It's the same thing as when an athlete can jump seven feet and feels secure in that level of development. Then comes another athlete that jumps 7 1/2 feet. Now that you're shown that it can be done, this attacks your security and makes you hate. Every person thinks of the least resistance: "Why did you have to show me a higher level," they say. But what is lost is least important; it only serves the purpose of change.

With what is already known, you don't even need thought waves. This deals with present vibrations; your system/mind picks them up. We must be able to distinguish between thought waves and "mind work." The mind can remember a poem without using the pineal gland, but it would be impossible to create one without a pineal gland. Conditions of a society can make you so dormant to thought waves that you become subject to memorizing what someone tells you. People, when affected in this way, will say to you in effect: "My mind is made up; don't confuse me with the facts." Interest and curiosity can be directed in two directions. One is when you're only interested in learning what someone else has learned, and the other is when you're interested to learn on your own (what you get from the thought waves). In other words, you either probe people's minds or you probe thought waves.

When you rely on notes to remember things you study, then the use of complete logic becomes very little developed. Memorizing is mechanical like a machine which is unnatural. Notes are the greatest crippler of the mind. Anytime you mechanicalize your way to remember, you're taking up space for valuable things to remember. The things which are important, you will remember naturally. When they asked Einstein why he didn't wear socks, he replied that he couldn't afford to have such unimportant matters take up space in his mind. Anything that becomes mechanical will crystallize your state of mind. When you're open to just the things you want to remember, this is what makes your mind flexible. When you go to a supermarket, for example, instead of relying on a list, try to think about what you need.

Development of Conscious State

If you take any human being on this earth you will find that though practically all look alike, they change in dimension. Change of dimension has to do with your conscious state; with a change of dimension you are able to use your mind at a higher level than before.

The more intelligent the conscious state becomes, the less it interferes with the production of life. By doubting this "production of life" within, the conscious state interferes with this life by creating an oversized ego-the conscious mind creates its own god-and everything you do is to satisfy the conscious god instead of the God of nature. The first thing such a mind thinks is that it is more intelligent than life. If you feel like moving your bowel, it is the self-nature telling you this. But that oversized ego within says that it's OK to wait because you now happen to be busy. Women paint their faces to build a beauty that is not real; they look for a beauty which is not from within out so that when man and woman meet, all is well except that one has a long nose and this is not accepted. We worship "Miss America" as if she were a goddess and forget that the goodness in your mother outweighs the beauty of a "Miss America" in a million ways. There are millions of such false evaluations of life, and until we start to practice the true values of life, the human race will stay in a rut and never really have a chance to know the life within. By going with nature you can perform miracles. But when you don't know these things, then they will bother you. After you know them, then you start to become creative in building mind and body; you start becoming a human being.

The energy of earth can move millions of tons of matter in an earthquake. There is no limit to these energies because they work from a total accumulation of force which deals with cause and effect. When it comes to cause and effect within ourselves, you too can do the same thing, but the cause and effect must be there. If I as a human being have a pure reason to move a mountain, the less than 1% of my self-nature quickly tells me it cannot be done. But if I am aware completely of my self-nature, then it becomes simple. How can I detach myself from my conscious intelligence so that my self-nature can work on the problem (e.g. to move a mountain)? Do not allow your conscious intelligence to interfere with what the 100% of self-nature can do.

The more you apply the conscious part in connection with the primary part, the more various limits can be accomplished. In order to apply the conscious part of energy (which is limited) it is as simple as to understand that primary energy is unlimited. The conscious part of energy has a purpose, and that purpose is to see how much we can think without any limits. There is a documented case in which a 16 year old girl was able to lift a loaded wagon to save her brother's life. When the girl told her father what she had done, her father said that if she could do it to show him by lifting the wagon again. But now, because there was no life at stake and because the awareness of unlimited power did not exist, she was unable to lift the wagon again, and her father gave her a beating for lying. Awareness of this unlimited power can make you swim longer than any champion swimmer when life is at stake. It is because of that word "life," which is connected with unlimited primary energies, that this can happen. Though such experiences may only happen once in many years, they serve as an example of what awareness can do for you.

Accepting Stages of Development

The subconscious lets out little bits of truth at a time. It never forces. This is why we must accept those little stages of development; we never become developed all at once. Also, this is why giving yourself and others a chance to develop is important; the human brain can only accept certain amounts of reality at a time, something that is never explained in our textbooks.-(I'll be better next month! or They'll be better next month!)-Too much truth/reality all at once would be like suddenly giving water to someone who is dying of thirst convinced that there is no water to be found. This would be hard to take for the human being, but this is the kind of pressure you would be under. If you were badly dehydrated and I were your doctor, I would know that you would not be able to take all the water at once. At first you should just wet your mouth and then afterwards a little bit and then some more. It is the same with divers; they must come up from the depths gradually. If every week every person here were to give just one penny and there were say 230 million people, there would be 2.3 million dollars at the end of each week. If you make it only 1/10th of a cent, it would bring in 230,000 dollars. Wouldn't you be willing to part with 1/10th of a cent a week. This is absolute truth. The truth has to be fed to many people and they have to live with it and digest it. Give the people a little of the truth at a time until they can see the whole truth.


To detail something so that it can have value you must be precise: mind and body together; mind depends on what you have to work with while the balanced physical exercise machine gives you coordination. Life is not accidental. The more you think in terms of chance, the less definite and the more skeptical you become; it's like writing a sentence without a period. The more you think in terms of being definite, the more you improve in that point of principle. When you know something, know it completely, put a monument on it. Preciseness deals with eliminating contradictions. Proof deals with the laws of the universe.

Life is definite and during your lifetime you have to know a few things that are definite. These are the things that keep you alive; they are life itself. Anything you know about the universe is alive in you, not temporary. It makes you feel important. The less we know about life, the less we are interested in ourselves and others. If you don t know a few things that are definite, you will have an attitude that says: "So what!" Few things will interest you. Also, these few things will not be a part of you unless you know them yourself; they will not become part of you just by someone else telling you that they are so.

Words themselves can make you think right or wrong. It you say: "Nothing is impossible," it is an unfinished philosophy. What you must say is: "Nothing is impossible pertaining to such and such." Then it is complete. Similarly, to say "I want freedom!" is unspecific. You must say, "I want freedom to do such and such." To say, "I want peace," is to be specific because the opposite of peace is war. But you can ask: "What kind of peace?"

What do you believe in? The answer must be IT. It must be something definite and not something general like nature. To say you are an atheist is an unintelligent answer unless you can be specific and prove how nature serves as the God that the religious person believes in.

Preciseness deals with eliminating contradictions. When you prove something, no one can contradict you. Your proof must deal with the laws of the universe, otherwise you're just dealing with a person's opinion.

When you use something, record with your knowledge as many details as possible relating to what you use. Any detail that you know becomes a part of the consciousness of the subject that you know. A man was walking in freezing weather, well aware that if he stopped he would fall asleep, freeze, and die. He came across another person lying on the ground with a weak pulse. Right away he went to work on the other and both reached their destination safely. The man who stopped and helped the other received adrenalin stimulation; he saved himself by saving the other. Adrenalin stimulation depends on your motive, and if this man had been concerned for himself alone, this would not have been enough stimulation. But when he saw the other man frozen, he saw himself. Seeing himself in that condition brought on that stronger stimulation. The next detail is the company which the second man gave to the first, talking and helping one another. Nothing can be digested unless all the details are given. Our textbooks fail to give us all the details. Dialectical materialism is usually given "cold turkey;" only the fundamentals are given. This is why there are relatively few members of the Communist Party in Russia. Details make fundamentals come alive.

If I can't take my time and give all the details in answering a question, then I won't try to give the "quick" answer because if I do this I know that I'll get sick. What we have here [experimental plants growing in the office, one with the drops and one without them] are approximate results without details. Without details, we are able to harness and get the results that we need. Knowing how to use something is the number-one accomplishment; discovering how to use a natural law as a tool is a step of security for humankind. Study to see what nature can give you, then while you use it, try to figure out why it is so. We are able to smash the atom without knowing the details of the atom. But this doesn't mean that we should ignore the study of details. We need details. When the time comes that we can understand the details of an atom, we will be able to recycle the energies that are put out. This means that we will be able to do the same as the sun is doing right now. Though we have been speaking about physics, the same thing applies to biology.

When we begin our work with the search for details, we are using the wrong method. First we should go to the principle of the subject, and then we should study the details. If we want to know why more men get bald than women, it is because more men wear tight hats than women, and this cuts off circulation. Nine out of ten uniformed men are baldheaded. Knowing this-the principle of the subject matter-is more important than details. One of the things that is wrong with science today is that they get "stuck" with certain facts.

The purest test of intelligence is to know the exact point, the purest form of an intelligent step. Einstein learned something new from the students at Princeton University. Using a penny and a mechanical tosser, the students found that it took 2500 times to get an even 1250 heads and 1250 tails. This happened 10,000 times, and it never missed once. After this Einstein wrote a book called cycles. He learned that when you learn one thing, you cannot apply it to many things.


Knowledge of one thing brings with it a chain reaction to knowledge of everything else. Answers in nature are not separate. They are all relative to other answers. In knowing one answer, you practically know the answers to all the others. You are a universe, and in a universe partial things don't work when you try to apply them. When you try to take and understand one item about the universe, you're nowhere. If you only try to understand one disease, that's already partial; you have to look at disease as a whole. But when the ego becomes inflated, small things like salt on the table don't matter anymore. The Rolls Royce automobile (because it doesn't have an ego) says, "Give me that cotter pin. I need it." But human ego is such that these "little things" don't matter, and when we neglect these "little things" we let ourselves into a mountain of problems. It is these "little things" that should matter first. Drops of water can eventually make a hole thru stone, so we must be aware that we cannot neglect any items ranging from the smallest to the largest. But, as the central law says, you are the nature and product of your environment. When it comes to nature, never say that you know it all.

Knowledge is capacity; it is only a tool that fits a particular subject that you wish to apply it to. Having the quality to apply what you know, makes what you know complete. You can observe the results of complete logic only when you have the quality to do so. Quality is necessary to apply complete logic. Americans overlook quality, quality that is necessary to apply that which they are aware of. Out of a hundred intellectuals there may be one honest one. Only this one person has the quality to be honest. Preaching will not help the other ninety-nine who don't have the quality to apply what they know-you do not yet have the answer if it does not come from within you. First comes knowledge, and then comes quality. Just understanding "comradeship" does nothing for you; it's quality which is developed by going thru experiences that counts. Yet, even if you show people that they are wrong and they still don't admit it, you can only say that they do not have the quality to do so.

Many things which you believe are actually so. But if they are actually so, they do not require belief. At the wedding feast at Cana Christ knew the wine was there; he didn't have to believe. The squirrel does not put away food IN CASE it might need some; it KNOWS that food will be needed. The expression, "to keep in reserve," does not apply to nature. To walk on water, you have to be aware that you can make yourself lighter than water. Christ was aware of this. To be aware of something means that you cannot have the slightest resistance to it. The energy required exists; all that is necessary is to have the development to use it.

After you discover something in the universe, it will appear extremely simple to you, and you'll wonder why no one thought of it before. It is impossible to beat life. How simple it is!

Belief can be contradicted but knowledge cannot be contradicted. The minute you say: "Do I have enough faith?" this spoils the whole works (everything). Do not get the word "awareness" mixed up with "belief;" belief is of a dual nature and works against your self-nature.

Faith = 100% Awareness

Let's define "faith." Few understand this word. Most people look at faith as a blind way of thinking where you close your eyes and things are done for you. The real meaning of faith is when you become completely conscious that it takes billions of chemical changes to create blood which is life; you absolutely do not doubt that this is being done for you and within you. It certainly does not depend on our thinking to make this possible; no laboratory can make one hemoglobic molecule. If we do not disturb our beautiful creation as a human being, we remain perfect in that creation. The more you're conscious that this is so, the less you interfere with this perfection. The true meaning of the word "faith" is: you would be a fool to contradict all that which is so intelligent that the human brain cannot yet understand, that from bread and water your body can make blood. So the true meaning of "faith" is COMPLETE CONSCIOUSNESS. Complete consciousness tries not to compete with this wonderful source of nature within us but tries to go along with it. Proper attitude is very important. You either have the attitude that you want to compete with it or go along with it. It costs you nothing when you go along with this wonderful nature of ours and lose a lot by going against it. Because you are connected with God, you can get whatever it is you absolutely need. To state this simply, whenever you are in need of something (absolute need, of course), if you have this awareness, then you will never fail in getting this absolute need. This is what Christ meant by "faith." Furthermore, there is no such thing as 99%-faith or "some" faith. Faith means 100% awareness that God is in you at all times. The one word that best explains "faith" is "awareness;" faith means awareness. Once you understand these things and know what faith is then you have the missing link needed to completely understand it.

If you want to be aware, don't lie to yourself that you are aware. You are aware that you need food and water to maintain the energy in your body for without these you know you will die. But if in spite of this you say to yourself that you don't think that you need food and water to maintain life, then this means that you are still not at all aware. What is the use of being aware of something and then thinking that it cannot happen? When you do this, the conscious brain continues to ignore this awareness until it becomes part of our consciousness. We consciously accept that we need food and water; we observe this with our eyes. Do you accept that you need the food and water because you have faith or because you believe in it? No! What this means is that some bit of intelligence you have acquired serves your consciousness for accepting food and water. When awareness becomes clear, it leaves no doubt; it becomes part of our conscious being, and it is then that we begin to cease resisting life. Faith is when you are aware enough to understand the thing itself as opposed to the illusion. Blind faith leads only to illusion.

Chapter 3 Identity

Personality Identification

Nature gives life an identification to show you how important it is. Identification is like a fingerprint; there is no one like you. Don't forget this. Identification helps you recognize yourself, and this is very important. All this has to do with yourself, with what you want, with what's good for you. The more you think of yourself, the more you can be yourself, and this is where personality stands out. The less you think of yourself, the less you want to be yourself. The important thing is to understand that personality is how much you are of yourself. What makes a person not be themselves are the guilts they carry in their subconscious.

True identity is the hardest thing to realize. It's must come by itself; you do not and can not look for it. Don't even ask yourself what you want. By eliminating most of the disturbances, what you want to be will surely come out. Then simply follow it. But remember, there will be many obstacles to stop you. Don't be surprised when they come. Understanding this you have a true purpose for living, working, and doing what you do. The central law is the source of identification; this is how we get it. Don't look at dying as ruin or as losing identification. When the central law gives identification, it is the only one possible. So when you think of identification, think not in terms of fingerprint, but in terms the causes and effects which make that fingerprint. These are never lost and are still there-when the body ceases to exist-except that now the central law says that there is nothing there for it to put a fingerprint on for what was has changed.

Characteristics of identifications are recorded in the air waves (see index). If these characteristics are destructive, they destroy themselves. If they are constructive, they remain. All you have to do is to be in that category of thinking, and you can pick up the details of Newton's discovery of gravity from the air waves. If it wasn't for these air waves, we could not reproduce the connection needed to make the next step. These air waves are as necessary as the links of a chain or the steps of a latter; without them there would be no way to climb.

When you come into this world, your first concern is to make something out of yourself. When you find out what you want to do (your identification), then you will be at rest but not until then. In fact, until you find the identification of what you like to do, you are dissatisfied with yourself to such an extent that thru this dissatisfaction you punish yourself in many ways, and he more you punish yourself, the further it drives you away from what you want to be. But when you do discover your identity (what it is you would like to be), then instead of punishing yourself, you start to reward yourself. This is when you really start enjoying life. And this is what makes me a good cook; it's one of the ways of rewarding myself because I love to eat. A lack of ambition means a lack of identification with yourself or with what you like to do. You identify yourself as a person, and naturally you defend yourself with all the rights belonging to a person. Most people don't want to be their real selves because they dislike themselves. But if you are your real self, you will be less alone for you will have spirits with you that you want to be with you. Every generation has certain people in whom you cannot kill the desire of their true selves like Copernicus, Einstein.... To be yourself is the hardest thing to do, especially in the society that we live in. The first thing we do is look for any dissatisfaction that we find in ourselves. We seldom take time to stop and consider the opposites: What does satisfy me? If you let children be undisturbed, they will show you what they want to be. It is hard to tell a person that they are not themselves. To be yourself is an accomplishment. You become completely weightless, and your energies take on your form. Then you can leave your body here and go to Italy if you wish. This is possible when you really work at being yourself.

Know Yourself

No matter how much a psychologist or others tell you the good things about yourself, these are meaningless until you can find this out about yourself.

The less you groom yourself, the more you can see of yourself. You can never really see yourself by looking in a mirror; all you see is the outside which represents very little. When you reach a high enough development, you can close your eyes and look at yourself. This is the best "mirror," but it takes a long time to attain such a development; it is part of a training which involves practice, but if you work at it, you will not have to worry about someone who comes at you with a knife or gun. No kind of strain is necessary; you can completely control someone who wants to hurt you.


Think a lot of yourself; let this will be the control. Then thinking a lot of yourself [self esteem] will become a pleasure without your trying to control yourself. When you meet someone who has this, you must realize that you are just as important as they are. Anytime something appears very exciting, it should never be more important than you are to yourself. Think in terms like this: will the other person give their life for me? Short term complexes leave you when you think like this. Then the enjoyment of being turned on is complete and is fully enjoyed. The more inferior you become to yourself, the more superior the other becomes and the less you are able to control the felling of self-importance. All women can sense how men feel, and the better you can control this feeling the more they like it. No woman admires one who is turned on and can't take it. When you are able to control this feeling, you are able then also to see the negative part of the other person; otherwise you can't. With another man the more you can take it the less they like it, just the opposite of what happens with the woman. After you know a person well enough, then you can see their faults: this is the meaning of the saying, "familiarity breeds contempt." The way you are to others is the way you are to yourself. The manners you display to others are the same manners you display toward yourself. It cannot be any other way. You have to be kind to yourself. To blame yourself is to punish yourself. While you're punishing yourself, you're worthless to yourself because you're not doing anything. The more you ignore people who want your attention, the madder they become. The more you ignore yourself, the madder you become with yourself. Whatever someone else wants you to do, first ask yourself if you want to do it or not. If not, then don't do it. Then you're not ignoring yourself. Whenever you promise something to yourself, leave yourself a loophole so that you won't become disgusted with yourself. You continually improve when you improve the way you treat yourself. When you look at yourself and see something bad, never fight it. Whatever you like about yourself, enjoy it without regrets (good or bad) as long as you don't feel guilty before or afterwards. You've got to like it and enjoy it. Alcoholics fight what they do. If they didn't fight it, they wouldn't be alcoholics. Dope addicts fight what they do, and that's why they can't quit. If you're jealous and you like being jealous, it's ok. But if it bothers you and you keep it, then you are fools. When people annoy you and it gets you angry, if you enjoy it, fine. Take it. If you don't enjoy it, that's when you start making something of yourself. As long as you fight what you don't like, you will never see yourself. Never! As long as you fight what you don't like, there is no development taking place. The main thing is not to resist what you don't like. Then a natural state takes its place. You can adjust yourself to be able to cope with anything you cannot change. If there wasn't such a thing as adjustments being made, there would be no progress made at all in human beings. So then, anything that you cannot fight, resist or change, do not fight it or have any hate towards it. Then a natural adjustment will take place. If this did not take place, there would be no human species left; it would become a mad house. I once worked in a steel mill where there was a huge hammer pounding right behind me. If I had fought this, I would have gone nuts in 3 or 4 days. But by not fighting it, a natural adjustment took place. When you allow this adjustment to take place, then an idea may come to you, and you may decide to leave, but only if you allow the adjustment to take place. Note that you do not have to like what takes place. Remember your body chemicals form according to the way you think, and as long as your chemicals are normal, you will make it better. There's no doubt about it. What you need will be there, but it depends on your attitude. If you're walking home in a blizzard against the wind and you don't accept this, the hardship will be double. Patience comes when you know what to look forward to so that then it's not really required. The idea is to know that there is something better for you without your fighting to get it. We need patience with ourselves first of all. Anytime you're disappointed with yourself, it brings on a poor attitude.


Ego is a conscious true evaluation of yourself; it is knowledge of your values. Its purpose is to help us observe and evaluate ourselves. When we use ego to devalue someone else, then we devalue ourselves. The handsome man who says to himself that he can take a woman away from another man who is less handsome than himself is destroying that which he wants for himself; even if he does get what he wants, it will do him no good because conceit never fails to destroy itself. The way we should look at ourselves is like this. I am the highly successful thoroughbred race horse Secretariat. If I am going to run with horses of lesser quality than myself, then I will have to accept so many more pounds on my back to give the others a chance. Otherwise, it will not really be a horse race. We also must do the same with our own values; we must give everyone else an equal chance. If we do not do this "handicapping," then we will eventually be left alone unable to communicate with everyone else. It is a law of nature. Here is an analogy about a tiger and a hunter. The hunter knows the pattern of the tiger, that it will eventually come down to the water hole. The hunter using intelligence which the tiger doesn't have, does not give the tiger an even break and so cannot have any feeling of importance in killing it.

Ego inflation begins when we start comparing ourselves to others who have less. One of the consequences of building up a false ego is that we fail to recognize the right mate for us when they come along; what we choose is the reflection of our false ego. Ego gives us pleasure when we realize creative accomplishments, but it can also magnify many times what a person has whether in personality or creativity; it can make liars out of us. This is why people claim to be original in their ideas. But we are original only when we become creative. How many times have you heard the expression: "I've thought about that." What is original is the creation, not the idea. Pride builds up inside you so that it works against you. Never let ego become your master. It is like a knife: useful or dangerous. It can limit progress. An inflated ego causes you to stop thinking. It blocks out foresight because it cannot recognize where ideas come from. Genuine pride is believing in yourself. What made people such as Mozart or Einstein stand out was their awareness of other's abilities. We have been trained to think that only certain people are gifted by God. The more you think like this the less you'll be able to find yourself.

The great human mistake-made for years and years-is that ego says that it is greater than life itself.


The only way you'll be disturbed is if you allow people to disturb you. You can let the moon, among other things, affect you when you don't realize that you must be complete master of yourself. The more you try to go away from this, the rougher it gets. All you have to do is to master yourself to a degree where you can attain a balance. This is a person's obligation to themselves. There's no excuse. You yourself are a governing unit, and you must create your own equilibrium. The true meaning of all jealousy is lack of self-confidence. I'll never lose confidence in myself. This is the truth, and I don't want any lies. You have to learn how important it is never to lose one bit of confidence in yourself. When you practice this, dormant cells actually become alive and usable like many unused muscles in your body coming into use. These cells become stronger and are usable at all times. People don't realize that such things exist. Rapists do not have confidence in themselves. If they did, there would be no problem. Whatever form of insecurity you have, start every day to build up security within yourself like saving money a little at a time.

Self Love

There isn't one person who doesn't have something that they enjoy doing. Do more of such things. Have an absolute relationship with yourself, a complete love affair with yourself. As a kid, I used to admire my grandfather for loving himself as he did. By doing this you actually improve the environment around you. Also, it becomes easier for you to find your true abilities. It works like magic. People will want to know what makes you so happy or what your secret is. We are still in such an infantile state that we haven't yet begun to fully communicate with ourselves. When a person gets mad, they bite their nails and their lips-they hurt themselves. Be good to yourself and your environment.

Whenever you set out to discover something, don't ever think what it's going to do for somebody else; think of what it'll do for you. When you do things for yourself first, and they are multiplied by many. When I used the mineral drops to rejuvenate an old man, I did it for myself to see if they would work. I didn't feel sorry for him. Artists may appear to be the most "selfish" people in the world; at least that's the way some people see them because there is nothing outside of their art that concerns them. Yet these "selfish" people are the most unselfish when it comes to giving art to the rest of the world; when their art work comes out, it is everlasting. The real reason why they are considered selfish is because they will not indulge in the wasting of time.

Culture is the freedom to express your true ability; it is not based on how much you know. A free person is often considered arrogant. Existentialism in France the was so pure that it flooded Europe with culture. These people wanted to have as much time as possible to do only what they wanted to do, and many of them became wealthy doing this. This is how we're raised here: without ever knowing what we were meant to be. The time needed to do the things we like to do, is interfered with by the time needed to make a living. France became culturally developed because people there applied the minimum of time to what had to be done and the maximum of time to what they liked to do. An existentialist society was formed on this basis. Here in this country we also had the same kind of movement, but it was called the hippie movement. It was based on using the least amount of time doing the things you needed to do to exist and the most time doing what you liked to do. This is true of the hippie movement with the exception that there are two kinds of hippies: the working hippie who earns his living and the non-working hippie who doesn't. This is like the difference between the hobo and the bum: the hobo is willing to work for the minimum of what they need, but the bum will not work at all.


Values are real when you are aware of them. Real values are unbeatable. If Beethoven were paid in whole for what he gave to the world, he would be one of the richest persons in the world, but really it would change nothing. There are not enough diamonds and gold to buy such values. Yet, however "big" Beethoven was in music, everyone is just as important as him in their own way. This is difficult to see and must be read again and again to create a consciousness. If everyone were to find their own "subject," then each in their own "subject" would be equal to the greatest. When you fail to do this, you are unaware of how important you are in your own things. If a cotter pin could talk, it would say, "I am just as important as everything else on the car." Only when you know that what you have is just as important as what another might have in their own subject or field, only then do you begin to think something of yourself and begin to communicate. You say to yourself, "I have a value in my subject that is equal to the value in their subject."

It is wrong to think that you're better than anybody else; no one is more important than the people as a whole. The minute your value becomes more important than the value of all those around you, then this is wrong. You are no more important than anyone else in the world and no one else in the world is more important than you. Each has a low level that becomes equal with the worst. Try to reach a level where no one is above you and no one is beneath you. If you have this understanding, nothing else is required. But you should not get involved in just "believing" this; you've got to "know" it. A blind man saved his three year old daughter from drowning in a pool. If you asked him before this how important he was, he probably would have said that he wasn't very important. But afterwards he did realize his importance. Don't look to prove it to yourself as this man did; he certainly didn't look for this to happen. Every passing day you are important to yourself and maybe to someone else.

Whatever little reason people have to live with themselves this keeps them alive. Live with yourself. Take an interest in yourself. This runs in levels. If you only live with a little of yourself, then you fight with the rest of yourself. You can find hours and hours to fight with yourself, but not one hour to make something out of yourself. You punish yourself in many ways when you fight with yourself because you think you're not what you should be; in most cases you become victims of the punishment you bring on yourself. If you meet someone of the opposite sex that thinks a lot of you, you can either disbelieve this or try to build yourself as much as they think of you. This works the same with what others think of you. Any way that you can, put out some particular effort (for example physical exercise or playing an instrument). As soon as you do so, you will begin to feel more valuable to yourself. Get away from mystery. If you are able-bodied and don't work, who is going to support you? You know this; it is not belief. The more aware you become of "little" but important things like these, the more important will things become to you and the more important will you become to yourself. In a society like this where people are hungry for importance, it is even more necessary to be aware of such "little" but important things. Remember that if you have a million dollars and don't see yourself as important, your money will go away as if it were nothing because you will try to buy importance. It is thinking like this that prevents you from becoming a victim of complexity in any way.

Communicating with others builds self-importance. An employee in a department store was recommending other stores for items she didn't have in her department. Her manager fired her when he heard about this. But the boss got an idea and started to advertise that this was the only store that even calls other stores to see if they've got what it didn't have. They rehired the employee. Just as you would hate to be dependent on someone else, don't look for someone to depend on you.

Though you may be unaware of your own value, this does not mean that you don't have it. By just holding that you are a unique development, you place a greater value on yourself.

If you keep passing work off to others, then you forget your own importance and find yourself saying: "They can always get someone else to do the work that I do." Try this daily exercise; write down what you did for that day.

Never lose respect for yourself. Many in this environment ask you to lose your self-respect in front of them. Don't ever let anyone tell you how much your work is worth. Stick to your values. If you let another establish your value, you'll be sick. Fears keep people from starting something with that creative ability which each person possesses. The chain reaction of having no security is that you have very little self-confidence, and this alone creates practically all the fears that exist today. What can we do about all this? The textbooks we have do not even begin to solve the problem. I am unable to get a job because at 63 years of age no insurance company will take me. But even without financial security, I feel like a millionaire. Why? This feeling is acquired by creating something better than what the world has. If all people in any society were to think like this, then no one would ever commit suicide. Even if you never sell one item that you create, what is important is knowing that you have created something better than what anybody else has. This is true whether what you make deals with a higher level of thinking or of a higher level of technology. To state it simply: you must not just settle for the things that you see or have; you must take the next step. When you do this, it connects you to yourself. Just copying something else will not accomplish the same thing. The whole purpose and meaning of life is to do things just a little bit better. Working with others when you are making things is even better; it leads you to the things that you are to create.

Security is like a vicious circle. It deals with identifying yourself as important. The reason why six million Jews were killed is because they were ignorant. They worked all day for their food, and then they thanked God for it. They thanked something they knew nothing about.

Most are not developing themselves so they look for flattery even if it's not true. Very few get enjoyment just by watching themselves grow. We have to think free and feel free. Being sure of yourself is the key to being yourself and being free. But this is not the complete answer. In a car, the 25-cent cotter pin is as important as the whole car. You have to think this way about yourself: that you are just as important as anything around you. If that cotter pin had a brain and could talk and if it were intelligent enough to explain its own importance, it would say to the car: "With all your 1500 parts, expensive chrome, and your $5,000.00 motor, you could not work without me, and I cost only 25 cents." Or take for example a large computer which weighs many hundreds of pounds and costs thousands of dollars. If you want to move it from one room to another, you need a dolly which might cost $50.00. Regardless of the quantity, quality, or size of what is around you, there is not one item that should make you less important than what you are. Without yourself your environment cannot exist. Begin thinking like this if you wish to figure out your importance. We are all important parts of a unit. This becomes true when everyone thinks like this about each other. If all shoemakers were to say that without us the environment cannot go on, then it would be so. If you see a piece of jagged glass in the street and pick it up, you are helping to create others who will do the same for you. When you do this, you not only give an example; indeed your thinking goes into the air waves. Mozart said that you can never consider yourself more important than everything else around you; you are prey to everything. What this means is that you are not your own master. The lumberjack never knows which will be their last swing of the axe. When one goes to bed, they don't know if it is for the last time. So when and where can you feel important to yourself and to everything else around you? Self-importance comes only after accomplishing each task; after and not before. When you think like this, then there is no disappointment. You experience unnecessary disappointments when you feel self-importance before accomplishment.

Creative Ability

Though not one person in a thousand lacks true creative ability, conditions in our society are so disturbing that many cannot concentrate and find this ability. Only when we do find it does life become worthwhile. Seeing an accomplished creative person can bring tears of happiness to our eyes; we feel good because at least one person made it. You can become more aware of your own creative ability if you realize that whatever badness you see in others is the result of what their environment has done to them. Every person is born with a particular creative ability, but because they are disturbed, they may be unable to identify it, even throughout a lifetime. The key to identifying your creative ability is to do your utmost to be the least disturbed. Then you will be amazed how soon you can identify yourself with whatever your creative ability may be. Few people are actually living because such an awareness comes only when we create things. We are educated to look at what somebody else has accomplished; there are natural interests and interests created by others for you. Inspiration is good, but we must be aware that we have our own things to accomplish.

The closer we are to our true selves, the closer we are to our individual creative abilities. Anything we can do that takes us away from being something other than our true self is a step forward. When you realize that you are the only person in the world that can do things in a certain distinct way, then you start caring for yourself. No two musicians can bring out the exact same vibrations of sound. This is the way we must think in order to advance our creative ability.

In years to come, there will be no such thing as geniuses because what causes geniuses to occur is when abilities are not allowed to be expressed. When this happens, these abilities do not lie dormant; they enter into the offspring; and if there is still no freedom of expression there, it is passed on from generation to generation until, "come hell or high water," nothing can stop these abilities from corning out. This is what we call genius and it can only happen in societies in which there is no freedom to express abilities. Find your abilities which have been dormant.

Be creative in a context of usefulness to others; let this kind of usefulness be your guide. When you do things just for yourself, then after a while the world comes to a standstill, and there seems to be nothing there to do.

The thing that most upsets intelligence is depression, and some people come out of it and some don't. Any form of depression means that thoughts are at a standstill, and a reaction of chemicals which becomes toxic flows from this state. Then one resorts to immoral outlets whether it be drinking, swearing, or getting mad at others or at yourself. When thoughts are at a standstill, all the channels for coping with realities are stopped up; you say to yourself that you can't do this, and you can't do that. But remember that for every "cannot do" there is a "can do." If you completely ignore the "cannot do," then the "can do" will appear. All you have to do is to look for another pattern of approach. There was a man unsuccessfully trying to sell cans for gasoline who when he charged less per can became a millionaire in a very short period of time. The new pattern was to charge less and increase the volume. The moral is not to stick with a pattern of thought that doesn't work because it will take you on a "merry-go-round." No matter where you go, some people are more creative than others, and it is depression in one form or another that holds the others back. Furthermore, when people are oppressed, they become even less creative. Some are so disturbed that they cannot think. Trying to work with such people is like trying to use a broken cup; their minds are broken into pieces, and you must first glue the pieces back together if you wish to work with them. What does it mean to be big in a situation like this? It means not to get mad at those around you that are smaller because they haven't got what it takes. In his time Christ said, "God forgive them for they know not what they are doing, " and then development must have been 1/2 of 1%. I like the story of Christ because he was no phony nor was he a succor. Even if it was just a story, in my mind he was the greatest that ever lived.

Understanding builds up the feeling of security. The more conscious you are of things, the more control you have of things, and in most cases things will turn out in your favor. Very few scientists have short-term complexes like jealousy and fear; they are practically free of them.


Most people only perfect themselves or their family; this is their limit. Scientists pursue perfection for all people. All people are scientists because all have a cerebral cortex and outlive cycles of perfection, but the one who perfects for all the people is of a higher level.

Scientists amuse themselves with nature; this is their play. Lay persons must create their own play.

Artists do not look for what is already perfect. They seek out what is very crude. If they didn't do this, they would have nothing to work on. There is no expression in something which is perfect. This is true of any great portrait. Can you imagine going into the woods and finding all the trees the same size. Arthur Rubinstein gave up everything for his music; all else was second to it. When you do something like this, it comes out of you naturally; you don't have to fight with yourself.

People go to an opera and think that they are doing the singer a favor by buying a ticket. They forget the many years of practice the singer has put in. There are very few people who become non-conformist. Most are afraid to be lonely, and just as soon as we get away from "the way of all flesh" that's when we begin to become lonely.

Great artists say to themselves: "This is what the world needs, and this is what I'm going to give it." If they had to do this for themselves alone, they would never do it. No artist can work for anyone and continue to be an accomplished artist. Anything you cannot buy, therein lies the power.


Expression is the pure language of nature. The reason there was never a monument to the wealthy is because they have never attained the true expression of a human being.


Some people, knowing that they have it within themselves to develop, specialize.

What you own is not the idea but a particular style of your own. It is impossible for two people to be born at the exact same split second. This is what gives you that individualist thing. It all works out for a communicative way of life. If we were all thrifty, for example, things would be difficult. Until we can identify ourselves and do our own thinking and start communicating with ourselves and nature, we are limited to thinking in the frame of mind that society has built for us. Be so original that nothing can make you jealous. The more you can find out about yourself, the more powerful you are as a thinker and contributor of things to the world.

Never figure that your success depends on how you imitate or do the same thing as others; adopt a new style of approach to the career you choose. Style makes you stand out. Because of their style, you can close your eyes and still identify certain singers. When you have that style all worked out, then you will have very little fear in approaching a career. We have many biologists in our country but when we talk about Vitamin C we identify it with the style of Linus Pauling. When we see the word "organic" we identify this with the health food store. People who don't have a style fear to approach a career which they want. Style is something real. It brings out your ability. Ability and style go together. Yule Gibbons had a new style of approach to nature: tree leaves, bark, blossoms, flowers, etc. for eating and not for medicine. This was his style. When we say, "I can play the piano better than you can play the violin, such things don't exist and are only used to confuse understanding. Be aware of your own style. No one can copy it. This is the number-one step in identifying yourself, and we haven't gotten it yet. When you do realize this, you will love yourself better, take better care of yourself, and apply less punishment to yourself.

When, society doesn't give you a chance to identify with or be aware of the special ability you have, you should not punish yourself. Doing this will allow you to come closer to your own identification. Before you communicate with others, you have to be your own best friend. Nobody will stand up for you; you must do this yourself. Sell to yourself first and then to others. Although you may do the same thing as another, you still apply your own individual style of doing it. Answers come from within yourself. Body chemicals form according to the way you think; they are there for what you like and not there for what you don't like. This is the way it works. Most people put out money for something someone else has figured out, but as strange as it may sound the only time something works is when you put in something of yourself. Even with all our textbooks, this has not yet been clarified. You start respecting yourself when you become aware of these things. The idea is this: do something that you like, and do it in your own style even though what you do is done by many others. As long as you think mechanically you will never find a true identification with yourself.


Emotions are contradictions against nature. When they build up, someone might show you how to release them, but in releasing them we are left with the contradiction. Actually, when you release emotions, it is for just a very short time; the emotions are still there. If you want to pursue something, never worry about emotions; don't bother with them at all. By removing contradictions which are against nature, emotions go away by themselves.

Fear creates a vibration which others can pick up. These become your enemy. Fear has to be completely eliminated. It actually stops you from accomplishing things. Fear of any violence against you in whatever form because you don't have the heart to hurt back works against your body chemicals and many times you think you're a coward.

Not all fears are in the same category. You can obtain confidence by having a weapon of some sort or even the knowledge of karate. But you can have another kind of confidence that comes without any weapon whatsoever. An example of this is the story of Daniel in the lion's den. This kind of defense is the highest form there is. I've had experiences with rattle snakes similar to this. Also, I've walked down Hastings Street, a very dangerous street, every night at 11:00 for one month. The worst thing that happened was when two men came over to ask me for a match. I began to laugh and one of them said to the other: "Hey man, this is the wrong guy." This is the purest form of confidence there is. Every human being has such protection but unaware of it. It works when you are dealing with a number of people you can handle which is from one to about ten or twelve. Beyond this number there is another development. This built-in safety factor which we all have is dormant in most of us.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is that while both have fear before performing, only the professional loses all fear while actually performing. The same is true of thinking. No fear can be involved when you're in the midst of something. Persons with an inferiority complex, are unable to give a thorough evaluation of themselves. These are those who think very little of themselves and then blame the world because they have failed to realize how important they are.

Some parents call their children ugly, useless, and stupid. Such parents have been taught by society that if their children don't have a dimple, or don't look such and such a way, then they are not beautiful. The ruling classes of this society have taught these parents this, and these parents have accepted it.

What a terrific accomplishment it is not to feel sorry for yourself. Self pity is a number-one problem with people. It's like a demon which hangs on to you and will not let you do anything. If you were to analyze any accomplished artist you would find that self-pity has left them completely. You would be surprised what self-pity actually does. It takes you away from the interest that you really belong to. In order to find yourself, eliminate feeling sorry for yourself. It is natural to have self-pity only when you have to improve what you're not satisfied with, and the minute you start to do something to remedy this, self-pity doesn't exist anymore. This is an accomplishment, by the way, when brain cells begin to work, and there is no more self-pity. The only reason we have pool halls, bars, baseball, bowling, etc. is because this is the only way for these people to escape their boredom.

Can you imagine living with an idiot for one year; there's no way to communicate. Yet this is the equivalent of what happens when we don't take inventory of ourselves, when we refuse to throw out the old and replace it with the new. Because of this, very few associate with themselves, very few. This is why so many people take dope; the real view of themselves is so little that they look for a hallucinatory way of thinking of themselves. To be clear you have to disillusion yourself, otherwise you live in an illusion. Buddha was one of the greatest disillusionaries. He made imaginary things real. We are so disturbed that we can't identify ourselves with the real thing we want. What makes a person into a sheep (a blind follower)? If you ask 1000 persons if they are individuals or followers, they would answer that they are individuals. Human nature is not what we observe; it is the conditions that exist that makes people of that nature. In the U.S.A. realities are so hard to cope with that most people resort to a fairy-tale or Santa-Claus way of thinking. The contradiction from this causes people to get away from concentrating on their true identity. It is for this reason that most people patronize the theaters so that they can see themselves in any other character except themselves, so that they can become emotionally involved in whatever situation is presented.

Each person has their own value without having to idolize somebody else. The only form of idolization that is of use is when we can exchange values with the person that we idolize. For example, the music composer idolizes the athlete and vice versa. Idolization hurts when the more you idolize the less you think of yourself. If there is to be any idolization, idolize yourself. Can you see yourself without having to idolize someone else? When people go to the theater, they get so involved that for a while they actually act like the people in the movie. Actually people don't want to be involved in any violent form of life. They always hope to see one story they would like to be involved with. What are people looking for? Because they're able to sit down and concentrate in the theater, every person is trying to find their true identity dealing with life and their true creative values. They think that maybe there will be something they can identify themselves with or something that can inspire them outside of their daily drag. By my knowing what I can do for you, this is me; I can identify myself. If you do not know what you can do for me, you are like a rowboat without oars.

Guilts cause people to resort to self-punishment. And this is when we begin asking ourselves why we punish ourselves: "Don't I like myself?" If we don't wake up, then we start idolizing others who are more orderly than ourselves. A young man, for example, who allows himself to run down physically, doesn't think much of himself because of an accumulation of guilts. When, however, this same young man sees that the successful athlete whom he idolizes is wanted by the beautiful girls, then this is when the young man may stop idolizing and do something for himself.

Chapter 4 Family

Living Units

There is not one part of you that is not connected to the spirit of life. Living matter is the primary factor of all things in our universe; anything that is in space is there because of living matter or else it would not be there. If it wasn't for the living cell, the sun would burn out in a very short period of time. Yet physicists omit the living cell. There is no such thing as a dead atom. Nothing in the universe is dead; there are merely different forms of life. A rock is alive. A piece of the steel is alive. All things are subject to change while that which we call dead must stay in one place. The real excitement is with life, whether we gain it or lose it. Life is the biggest thing in the whole world. Only it has the real reward.

What you have to understand about life is that there are no two situations alike; there is no master key to fit each condition of life. Nothing is monotonous about life; it keeps changing from day to day. It is eternal.

If you destroy an inorganic process you can create another one. If you destroy a living process, you cannot create another one. When one unit of living matter is destroyed, you cannot produce another one like it. (When I say "destroy living matter," I mean destroying the source of living matter.) Technically we are unable to produce even one living cell; moreover, when you destroy an inorganic process, you cannot create another one.

Each hemoglobin molecule that is developed in our system, is many times more in quality than uranium. Living matter cannot be compared to inorganic matter because it is so much greater in quality. To create divisions of biological cells, all of 40 million degrees of heat (the temperature at the center of the sun) is necessary. This is also true for plant life. When they first started to give injections, many died because of the water that was used (called water for injection). They boiled this water for 24 hours to rid it of viruses, but fifty years later, they discovered that a virus can survive there after all. They have named this virus the pyrogen virus. Infrared heat must be used to destroy this virus. Though it may be hard to believe, living matter exists right inside the sun with its 40 million degrees of heat. The super nova star, also a sun, is 500 million degrees of heat at its center, and living matter can also exist there. It is not true to say that all forms of life in the universe are compounds of amino acids. By applying just physics, however, this would be true. When we integrate biology with physics, we will know how to live on other planets. Contrary to what physics tell us, just as the pyrogen virus is able to exist in boiling water, so does living matter exist in the heart of the sun. The lesson we must learn is that living matter is the other half of physics, the other half about which we know practically nothing.

Biology or living matter is everywhere, but the limited mind tells you that it is only on earth. Our limited understanding only knows one form of living matter (the complex of gasses forming amino acids) yet there are limitless forms of life. Living matter exists, as we have said, in the center of the sun where living cells move so fast that they able to exist in such a place. The indestructible form of life in the center of the sun is called the complex of neurogastric life. The limited mind looks at this and says: "Yes, but how is that possible?" When you get beyond limited forms of thinking, you are able to understand that such a form of living matter exists. All this has to do with perfection within yourself. I'm recording these things from the air waves. It would take another "billion years" before we all begin to think this way.

We still do not understand all the details of non-living atoms even though they are much simpler than living atoms. You can tell the difference between the two (living and non-living atoms) by trying to live on non-living atoms. Do you think we go thru the trouble of having farms just because we love to do this. Inorganic matter can in no way feed the processes of living matter. To prove this to yourself, just go to physicists and ask them for something to eat. Pertaining to food you must go to the farmer, not the physicist, and it is at this point that we become unrealistic with regard to life; [all becomes transparent] because technically we are unable to produce even one living cell. The three fundamentals of living matter are: 1) the human being which is based on eternal life and never becomes extinct; 2) the needs living matter has at a particular stage of development; and 3) the cycle of life when we outlive certain forms of living matter which become extinct and new living matter is used.

The primitive study of living matter was introduced by Buddha teaching. There is a documented case of a girl with one leg shorter than the other that was able to make one of her legs grow another two inches. Our knowledge of living matter is yet so primitive that we term such things as miracles or say that God did it.

When one part works with the other, we call that a unit. Anything that is not united is not a unit. We are a unit. A fly is a unit. The smallest living thing is a unit. You are part of a unit of society, part of society. The human race is not individual; it is a unit. When you isolate yourself, you are worth nothing even if you are loaded with diamonds. Isolating yourself from society even takes away your value as an individual. As part of the whole working unit, all have equal value, and when a unit ceases to exist, it becomes something else; the word "death" does not apply. No energy is independent; nothing is more important or less important than the unit. If you take a pin and stick it in your body, no matter where you stick it you cannot miss a nerve for all nerve cells are interconnected; that's how you are able to feel it. So you see, by hurting one cell, you hurt all cells. If one nerve cell were isolated from the others, we would get no feeling. It takes all of them together to get the sense of feeling. It's like a circuit. When you break it, it breaks off all the electricity. If you ground one wire on a car, all the electricity eventually runs down.

Individuality belongs in society, but it has its place; no individual is more important than the unit as a whole. Where you are important is to yourself, and when you are important to yourself, then you become important to everyone else. There will come a time when no one can sell you the less important for the more important, but this requires training.

As of now there are still people who question the importance of each person's ability. To show why this is wrong, here is an analogy. Einstein depends on the farmer so that he can eat. And the farmer depends on Einstein for a higher technological way of farming. It is wrong to ask which is more important, just as it's wrong to talk about the importance of a cotter pin. What is important is the communication. Importance is not relevant when you are dealing with communication within a unit or within society. An immoral state deprives us of the opportunity for that communication which serves the unit of society. Immoral societies have ways to keep people separated, but ultimately these fail; they can never keep the people separated. In fact, no matter how corrupt the state of a union of people becomes, without it there would be no protection whatsoever. We have to train ourselves to eliminate the type of thinking that sees one thing more important than another. Instead, we should look upon forms of communication which make units complete. When we look at things this way, we don't build up any false values. The two 'X' chromosomes of the female represent the complete reproduction system of the universe. Of course without the male this couldn't happen; there must be an integration. Again, imagine the importance of a cotter pin to the complete unit. The cotter pin says: "When I am not being used I might be worth only 25 cents, but when I'm used I'm worth as much as everything else in that unit." Eventually it will be discovered that you cannot measure quality by dollars and cents.

Did you know that we have senses yet to be developed?


We get bored because we think that the only thing that exists is ourselves. If you think like this, you'll quickly come to a limit. You're only as big as the rest around you; this is what you have to find out. If we can do more than make big things out of little things, we will be able to communicate and to grow. What you contribute to making it better around you, what you do in accomplishing a higher quality of life for others, these are everlasting. Just separating yourself from everything else doesn't work. For yourself alone, nothing exists. The more we realize that we are here because of something else and that other things are here because of something else, etc., the farther we will get. This is Einstein's law of relativity. It is because of what you do that I do something, and likewise it is because of something that I do that you do something else. We are part of everything in the universe. We are never by ourselves. When you think like this, it will keep you from becoming mentally sick. The human race is linked together. When we are able to understand this, we will make greater progress. But as it stands now, we remain strangers to each other.

When you only think in terms of separating things, this presents obstacles; just separating things without seeing where they lead to is an obstacle to progress. It is easy to get rid of dislikes by becoming a hermit or in other words by isolation. We isolate ourselves a little each day to protect ourselves, but any form of isolation is unnatural. Christ did not isolate himself; for him the more people the better. By being around a lot of people you can mostly tell how many dislikes you have.


The masters of the state make sure that the minds of the people are conformed and are kept conformed or else these masters quickly lose out. This conformed thinking almost always focuses on one point, secondary values (a beautiful home, a nice car, etc). Unless you are aware that people evaluate you in this society by how much money you make, you're likely to end up in the minority, and it's only the minority who fail to achieve something or who commit suicide or who go to mental institutions. When we deal with that trained mind, we must realize that it deals with secondary values and not primary values. The prostitute, who created the paint and good looks, is honest; they do it for the practical reason to attract someone and all follow her example. But tell me why a woman with five kids uses paint, powder, and tight skirts. The reason she does this is because her husband doesn't want her. She does this so someone will want her. And why doesn't her husband want her? Because after having a few children, she became a little out of shape, and the husband lives in an environment where he doesn't understand values, where he can't think, where he cannot evaluate, where he cannot see what a nice thing that woman is who has brought him children, and where he should want her even more. When you're living with the woman you love in your small shack and your children come to see you, others may pity you because they evaluate you by secondary values (the big house, nice car, etc.). They will actually feel sorry for you when in fact you are the richest of all. To show that this is not fantasy take the Hearst family and bring them to your home at holiday time or when you get together. If this could be done, the Hearsts would realize how really poor they are.

Life doesn't have to be very elaborate, and it can be very little but it must be complete. What made life complete for the greats was that their whole life was put into doing what they liked to do. For them that was complete life. Such a life never comes to an end, and there is always a higher pursuit which keeps them going. Complete life for the ordinary person is when their work doesn't become monotonous; every day they have something to look forward to coming home to, a family, a mate, food that has been cooked for them. By completeness we do not mean 100%. We mean that a person has learned to accept the bitter and the sweet. Few are aware of such completeness. The few that attain it have heaven on earth. It is something you can't buy with money. (Outside of a few exceptions, no one has ever attained complete happiness without the opposite sex.) When you develop quality, it deals with everything, not just the thing you practice it with. If your quality says you're not going to hurt people, this means "hurt them in any way," whether it's saying things about them, having intercourse with their wives, or whatever.

Our system is based on being under pressure. We can eliminate most of this pressure by realizing that quality of life comes first. In China, quality of life comes first. Your soul is part of this quality of life. What I want is life with everything together eternally.

There's always one thing that when taken by itself seems logical but, when considered as a whole, is often not logical. People think of an invention of a machine to create energy without fuel or of advances in transportation in terms of dollars and cents and not in terms of quality of life. In themselves these things cannot give you quality of life. Technology may shorten the work day, but are the people able to make productive use of the extra time. Such technology would be important because of the change in quality of life that it would bring, and socialism, which deals with complete logic, sees that time is balanced out usefully.


There is no natural law that says we depend on one another, but there is a natural law that says we communicate with each other. So if we want to apply the natural law between human beings, it would be unnatural to think of creating a dependence on one another instead of a communication with one another. By you depending on me, I can take advantage of you, exploit you or vice versa. It's like a bowel and a spoon. Neither depends upon the other; they are useful together. Friendship runs/depends on levels of communication. One of the highest levels of friendship that exists is when people are free of all obligations to each another; such flows out of true interest-love means working together towards a mutual interest-and nothing can approach its cleanliness and purity. When two people don't have to explain anything to each other, this is part of this freedom; such a level of understanding between two people excludes all excuses and forms of apologies-such is friendship.

Abilities are for the purpose of exchange or communication and not for the purpose of competition. Exchange abilities. Don't compete. The only rivalry that exists is that between the producer and the non-producer. Jealousy creates rivalry.

All creative ability whether one is a baker, shoemaker, or musician is based on usefulness. The difference between a shoemaker and a great composer is that the composer's music is performed in front of many people at one time, while the shoemaker performs before one person at a time. There is no law of nature that says that the composer has a higher value than the shoemaker. When a disease strikes a person, it makes no difference whether they are a composer or a shoemaker. This might be hard to take, but consider if there were no more farmers. The musician would starve to death because they do not know how to grow things. Every individual must think in terms of contributing their usefulness in return for somebody else's usefulness. Communication means: what I produce you can use and what you produce I can use; it is mutual, and its benefit cannot be measured in dollars and cents or in monetary values. In principle, monetary values do not exist in communication. To be a successful inventor, invent things that people need or can use. This is the greatest support you'll ever get. Scientists, however, don't look at it this way. They are always ahead of their time and because of this practically none of them become wealthy.

Communication means that we don't owe one another anything. People think that they're ahead when they get a percentage of profit when communicating with others. But no, you get ahead when you're even. Earth is not obligated to the moon nor is the moon to Earth; it is the balance that counts. Once I won a "daily double" at the horse races. My horse ran second in both races but both of them won their races through disqualifications. When this happened, I didn't thank God but figured it out this way: Did I win so that others could lose? No! Next time I will have to lose so that others can win. All things fit together as a whole, as a community.

What is the meaning of the word "cost"? If you buy a loaf of bread, what did it cost you? I say: "Nothing!" Sound crazy? Whenever you buy something that cannot be used for anything, this is the meaning of "cost." Anything mutual is without cost; buying a loaf of bread is the same as if you give the baker 50 cents and the baker gives you 50 cents back. One wrong usage of a word-like "cost"-snowballs until all our usage and thinking becomes wrong; we accumulate imprecise thinking. The reason why we apply such words as "cost" to what we purchase is because we do not realize what we got out of something which we bought. The only time we start to realize value received for what we paid for is when it is a rare item. Real payment is when you carry on something that is constructive. Outside of this, there is no real payment.

We must know that the value of money is what we apply to it and not just that $5.00 is more than $1.00. Humans are not meant to exploit one another but only to communicate with each other like planets do; I give you one thing and in return you give me something, and there is no need to talk about money. We communicate without any strings attached; profit and money are not involved. There is no label or price for the orderly communication of people in a society. You cannot put a price on the smile you like on a woman's face or her expression. Human relationships are separate from considerations of money. Opportunists help others at the other's expense (exploitation). When you exploit nature (e.g. gold, oil, etc.) you don't give back to it. When you exploit humans, you do the same; you don't give back to them. There should be no strings attached or lies in communication; money and profit oppose communication. The ability to know and to heal does not mix with commercialization. No real scientist was ever a millionaire, and Christ certainly was not rich. Money is poison. "I can't deal in terms of dollars and cents. I can recognize, however, what I need for a living."

The only reason for the steps we've made towards space travel is to be able to communicate with other planets, and anytime there is such a communication, it will be in the form of an exchange from our planet to theirs and vice versa. Nothing in the universe lives off another. Each planet has a true purpose for co-existing with others-you give me something, and I'll give you something. This relationship exists between the earth and its moon. Thinking in terms of martyrdom is an error against nature. One planet does not do something for another planet without getting something in exchange. Our sun will eventually disappear and become space and something else will take its place. It will become useless and what replaces it will become useful. One of the uses of our sun is photosynthesis or the splitting of cells. The moon is useful; it controls the tides, and without it there would be chaos.

No matter how much you criticize yourself when you criticize others you would be wrong 99 times out of 100 because such criticism is usually directed at what the other person lacks, at some form of "crippledness" of that person. Learn to use another person's abilities; don't look for their negative qualities.

In this society there are always people who will try to involve you in their problems. This would not be so bad, but these same people have so many problems of their own that they cannot become part of your problems to create a balance. When I see such a person, I think about balance; if I cannot see balance in such a relationship, I keep away because anything out of balance is not good. You have no right to allow another to put pressures on you.

Each person is so individualized that they haven't yet learned to distinguish between the individualist state and the communicative state. Individualism is a state which gives you an absolute identification as an individual, and such a state cannot live unless it learns to communicate. Communication comes first. Don't feel too big to communicate with others. Don't try to carry the load by yourself because it doesn't work like that. You cannot communicate with yourself even though psychiatrists here tell you that you can. What you have as an individual is the consciousness of your creative ability, the consciousness of how much your work is worth. Communication realizes ever new stages as we become conscious of the things we exchange between each other. Without this awareness, we have "rugged individualism" which is what they teach you here. Such individualism causes a terrific division; what comes out of it is terrible.

The American mind looks at the order of China and says that it is "forced." It doesn't see that when someone tells you what to do for your own good-like a parent tells a child what to do-that this is what is right. In China you cannot do what you want to do if someone else is going to get hurt. There, if you make something at your own expense and I make something at my own expense, I don't have to do anything for you and you don't have to do anything for me. By applying a moral system of communication, you give birth to the following system: you do something for everyone and everyone does something for you. You don't have to look for such a way of life as this; it comes automatically, naturally.

Those that support scientists are just as important as scientists themselves. Nicola Tesla had limited support. If he had unlimited support, there would have been more coming out of what he did. Artist's success depends upon how many people appreciate their art; by themselves they are nothing.-There wasn't enough money to cover the funeral expenses for Leonardo da Vinci.-Until the environment owns the discovery that you make, then it cannot be yours. We must realize that there was, for example, and indirect exchange between all the people using alternating current (AC) and Tesla. In the future we will become sole owners of what we use for our needs.

Without communication there is no complete enjoyment of life. In fact this is what makes us punish ourselves many times a day without our realizing it. We have to start to use complete logic (intelligence) to take over what was natural communication for the primitive. A child doesn't ask questions but says "Let's play!" to other children, but such natural communicativeness becomes dormant as soon as the child "grows up."


When you reach a certain level of development, you're able to realize that when you save the life of another, you save your own life; you are one with the other. To reach this development takes a long time. There was a movie from the Soviet Union called "Byelorussian Station". In the movie a group of older men understood this oneness of life and were ready to help another man whose life was threatened. A young man (who was on a date with his girlfriend) whom they asked for assistance was on the contrary unwilling to help. When one human being doesn't recognize that the whole human race is one life, then life goes against you. To be conscious of the communication that does exist in society is more important than all money. Comradeship is when there is communication between people. When people learn the truth that universal laws exist pertaining to communicating with one another, then a commune is formed.

When someone brags about doing something good, what this really means is that they want something for it. Whenever you do something for another, you and the other become one unit. The minute that you tell someone else the good that you have done for another, then you destroy the part that was good for you. If you give any kind of charity, make sure it is done without identifying yourself. Can you imagine yourself going around telling people what a good thing you've done for yourself; they would call you conceited, a person who is always telling people how nice you treat yourself. People might understand your telling them what good you have done for others, but in doing this you destroy the part that was good for you.

When you reach a certain development it's natural for you to worry about everybody else and for everybody else to worry about you; helping others is natural. When we're not disturbed, it comes from within. People all over the world are one unit. This relationship is hard for a person to see. When you have a pain in the leg, you don't say, "The hell with you!" because it's attached to you. The attachment of one person to another is by nature just as strong as your attachment to your leg.


A comrade means: when I do something for you, eventually you are going to be doing something for me in some way or other. Here in the army the term "comrade" is accepted, but when you come back into society, it's not accepted; then it's called communism. What made them comrades in the army was what they had in common or the fact that they lived under the same conditions-they were all facing the same dangers.

Natural Society

What is the exact meaning of a natural society? In a natural society, contradictions against nature do not exist. In a natural society, no one tells us how to behave because every member of a natural society knows how to behave without anyone having to tell them how. In a natural society there are no politics; 100% of politics are removed. Also, in a natural society there is no wage scale. In a natural society everything is so simple: you produce for society everything that humans need (beds, architecture, etc.), not what you want. When we become intelligent enough, what we want becomes what we need. When we're still not intelligent, we want more than we need. Let's say you need a beautiful painting (a masterpiece of its kind) in your house. Do you really need two of these masterpieces? When you are intelligent enough, you realize that you may want two, but that you only need one. This can be proved wrong only to those who are not intelligent enough to understand this. Can you sleep in two beds at one time? No, we need only one bed at a time. It is only because this cannot be contradicted that we agree. A pseudo-intellectual, however, will make you think that you can sleep in two beds at the same time. Want and need are two different items. When you live in an unspecified, disorderly society, then you would be justified to want two rooms to sleep in because you're under no obligation to explain why you want two rooms to sleep in. But in a natural society you must be able to distinguish between want and need and know that they come out to the same thing. This is also one of the first steps toward integrating biology with physics.

A natural society does not need a state. If we lack natural society, the least we can do in the direction of developing it is to make the first step which is to change the bad state into a good state. A good state is one which dictates for the good of the people of that state, and a bad state is one which dictates only what is good for the state. The good state deals with this: you get what you produce. In communism, which does not yet exist anywhere on earth, the state does not exist anymore. Communism deals with producing for society and getting from it what you need. This isn't just the way one person thinks or the way Marxists think, or the followers of Stalin or Lenin think; this deals with the laws of the universe and stages of development.

Our next stage of development is scientific communism which means no more state. A stateless society means no more criminals, parasites, cops, judges, etc. A stateless society has nothing that is unnatural, and the question of freedom is followed by the question: Freedom to do what? If we could have started out from the beginning with Christ 's teaching, the whole world would have been a stateless society by now. But today for everyone that teaches the truth, there are a thousand that teach lies. The lies that are being taught are already established to live by, and this is what makes it so difficult for those teaching the truth which has not yet been established to live by. If all channels leading to lies are removed, then there is nothing left but the truth to go by, and preaching becomes unnecessary.

You have to understand feelings and how they coordinate with the central law of the universe. In a closed environment it is very easy to take on a person's troubles. When you start feeling for the other person, this is when things start to happen; you begin to participate in their feelings. When the majority of the people start feeling for each other, this is a higher dimension; it's something we cannot see but which is within people to be developed. Consciousness of human feelings is part of the development toward communism. This consciousness is present in a communist or a stateless society. When you deal with human feelings and emotions, you must understand what stage it refers to. Communism stands for the high principle: "Do what is good for all," and "Eliminate what is in the way." Communist society means willful accord among people.

As long as you think that you should get more than you need because, for example, you thought of a particular machine whereas others only helped build it, or that you should get more because you're a doctor and therefore are of a higher level, then you're not ready for a society that doesn't need a state. The problem is when you produce toward society and don't get what you need.

Capitalism is based on waste. One of the biggest mistakes is made by intellectuals who don't understand what "equality" means when it refers to existence. It doesn't mean that everyone has the same amount of shoes, for example. "Equality" represents what you absolutely need. Whenever communism comes into existence, it will be a natural thing for me to use only what I need. No one will have to tell me.

Environment/ Conditions

All living units are the nature and product of their environments.

Achievement must be 100%. An example of an achievement is the 100% elimination of venereal disease in China. The reason why achievement has to be 100% is because if 1 in 10 have venereal disease, the other 9 can catch it. Just as one apple in a barrel can cause all the other apples to rot, so it is in society. Because of this we must care for all people. You are part of the environment. We are the nature and product of our environment.

Because of the fundamental law of change itself, we must pursue at all times to maintain our natural environment according to local conditions. Change itself is based on interference. Interference depends on conditions. Water which is uncirculated creates mosquitoes which feed on the bacteria that come from this condition. Locusts come from lack of cultivation of the soil either because it rests too long or is used too much. Every time there is an earthquake, there is a change in the efficiency of the minerals in our vegetation which causes us to be lacking in certain elements so that we need supplements. Scientists must be aware of the shifting of the earth which causes faults.-Salt water should be pumped into these faults, but because it is unprofitable, little or nothing is done whereas millions of dollars are spent pumping oil.-Atomic tests cause faults, and the vibration from these tests disturbs the natural settling of the soil. Every 300 years there is definitely a shifting of the earth, and it is not easy to observe the changes that come with this shift. Scientists first noticed this shift approximately 150 years ago; part of Holland was sinking. Religious persons of this time and place understood this as God's punishment for the sins of the people and asked people to pray to stop the sinking of the land. But a scientist came along and said that this was not so, and that all that had to be done was to fill in the sunken places with dirt and rocks. This is what was done.-This "sinking of the land" (caused by the shifting of the earth) works very little at a time, but if you don't do anything for a period of 300 years then it might look like it happened all at once.-This is just one way of keeping up with the universe. The changes taking place in the universe are similar to the changes taking place in human beings from childhood to adulthood, and you must be aware of these changing states-changes within and changes outside-so that you can take proper care of yourself.

Nature gives you what you need according to conditions. Adjust your development so that it fits not just where you happen to live but your total environment. The alley cat has a strong neck and remains healthy though it eats out of garbage cans. If a domestic cat did this, it would get sick and die. Because of the filth in our environment, we shouldn't take too many baths; we need antibiotic germs to combat this filth. The only reason why I would advise a bath only once a week is because the outside environment is filthy. If you were to bathe every day, your body would not have enough anti-body germs built up to meet the outside.

Development of intelligence depends on the nature of your environment; people can be held back for a thousand years just because of conditions. No matter how intelligent you are, conditions can make you seem stupid. Professors were eating out of garbage cans in Germany when Hitler took power. If conditions weren't like this, it would have been the other way around. Even astrology charts are written to suit our conditions whereas in Russia they are written to suit conditions there. Don't be naive about your environment. Learn first to adjust yourself to the nature of your environment; realize that you do not live by yourself. Be as free and as flexible as you can according to conditions.-There are certain exercises you must do to remove rigidity.-If you fail to make the effort to be free and flexible according to your needs, then you'll get stuck to one of the conditions that exist in the environment; from rigidity only comes rigidity. When this happens, you let others do things for you instead of doing them yourself which is the main reason why people who do get stuck blaming others.

Americans do not have a knowledge of normalcy. To be normal one must first go thru a process of learning what comes out of the contradiction of not being normal, and this is what Americans are doing now. There are many children here who wish to kill their parents, but few do. Also, there are hundreds of parents here who beat their children to death. What we must realize is that it is conditions that make them want to do this. Lower animals react according to conditions. This was proven by the historic movie, "Born Free." A female lion cub was brought up under natural conditions which deal with care and affection. When it grew up, it had absolutely no development to kill. If proper conditions were created for the human, there would also be no killing; those philosophies that say that humans are born killers are false.

Why is it that the innocent must suffer for the bad which others do? This is because the environment is one; the human race is one unit with one environment. Because of this, there is no such thing as looking out for yourself; nature doesn't work this way. Because you are part of the whole, when you do something wrong, you're hurting everybody. Yet, if you tell people that the environment affects them, they won't believe you. Religions, especially the Jewish and Catholic religions, pound morals into you so much so that you don't have a chance to compare yourself to the environment that you live in. Christ taught that what is Caesar's, render to him and what is God's, render to God. In other words, know how to live in an environment. The more you expose yourself to the environment, the more you're apt to get hurt. Christ was no martyr; he was part of his environment. Nobody wants to be involved in an environment, but whether they know it or not, they are. You can't expect people to be the way you want them to be if they have problems. In an unnatural environment anyone regardless of their goodness can get hurt; you are part of the environment, and when it gets hurt so do you. You need this fundamental principle if you wish to understand things.

Everything is based on its environment. You will never become a moral person until the environment around you becomes moral; we are the nature and product of the environment. Once they had me behind bars. I could see outside and there were a couple of big policemen and one of them pushed my wife who was going to have a baby in a few days. If it wasn't for the bars, I would have killed that man. So, are you going to judge a man. It's the conditions that made me do this. Let nature be the judge. When a human can represent the laws of nature, then that's a judge.

There are two kinds of hunger; one is when you're hungry and you can see all the things you hunger for and the other type of hunger is simple deprivation. In our society, we always have before us what we starve for; everyone craves for what they see but which they cannot get. We live in a very unnatural environment, and that is why our society is so disturbed. In Russia they made an experiment with two rats. One rat was put in a cage with a piece of cheese just outside which it could see and smell but not get. The other rat was confined but not in the presence of any food. The rat left in view of the food went crazy. The other rat was weak after 48 hours but recovered quickly when given food. This experiment can help us understand why there is so much insanity here in the U.S.A. People here are shown many things but they can't get everything they see. There was an episode of "The Twilight Zone", a popular TV series a while back, in which people from outer space visited our planet. These visitors offered us advanced knowledge but we refused it claiming that it would create havoc. In the end it was determined that these visitors from outer space wanted to eat us. This program indicates the type of ignorance that we must cope with here.

It is very important to understand what an individual is. A person is an individual when they deal with responsibilities relating to themselves alone (their likes and dislikes). But just as soon as they leave their houses, they are no longer individuals. They are subject to the conditions of the environment. They are no longer individuals because they are no more safe than the environment around them.


Security establishes part of your quality of life. Ordinarily people don't see this; they "never miss the water until the well runs dry." Your primary concern must be your quality of life. You cannot compromise with anything that obviously undermines your health or life.

One person's security is the security of all, and the security of all is the security of one. The answer cannot come from an individual. When it is accepted by the majority, then you have the answer; until you have an established security for all people, there is no security within yourself. What that individual does is settle for one kind of security that is called slavery which is when you look for your master to give you your three meals a day and a place to stay. This prevails until you acquire a vision of a higher form of life than being a slave. If you tell a politician that you'll give them security if they'll give you security, they'll tell you to give them one security-elect them. The good of all people can only come from science, not from politics. Democracy gives you an opportunity to choose, and after you have that, then you have what is called momentum, steps/cycles of development. After this you have a glimpse at the first steps toward socialism, which is a yet higher form of security. The first step of socialism is unemployment insurance, and all the ammunition a state has cannot stop it. The next step of security deals with old age pension. The third step is to get Medicare.

We cannot look at another society to see how they accomplished their state of security because every society has its own history like two different fingerprints. The fundamentals of progress are the same but each has their own way. In South Africa they have not yet accomplished the freedom of integration. The white man, the outsider, tells the black man who owns the land where they can go and on what side of the street they can walk on. Nothing from the outside can change that; it must come from within themselves. Not one of the disciples up to date has accomplished the development of Christ. But don't feel too badly disappointed because 1.5 billion people are now accepting a better way of life while the rest of the people call that way of life atheistic. This is the 880 million in China. There you have complete order: food, clothing, and shelter, full employment. India which is democracy, has people who are starving. What does this have to do with Christ? Christ said that it's the money changers who make you blind to the truth.

To evaluate the quality of a human being, ask how comfortable that human being is, and this runs in stages of development. You can have more comfort by sleeping on the floor and being safe, than by sleeping on a nice soft mattress and feeling insecure. Without security you will toss and turn getting little rest. There is no comfort in an unsafe environment. Here, if you want to take a pleasurable walk thru the central park at night to smell the trees, you have to worry about the guy that might mug you. I would rather live among primitive people and savages where I would have a better understanding with them than in a highly advanced technological culture which is unsafe. Safety is the number one item in any society. It is not so much how much you have; it's the principle-when you deal with human life, safety should be your first thought. If you have a beautiful car and are unsafe, what good is that! The feeling of security is one of the fundamentals of the quality of life.

By yourself you are never safe; it is necessary that your environment be safe. When a person is sick, they are dangerous to themselves and to others. There is no real satisfaction when there's dissatisfaction around you. The ones that hurt themselves soon wind up hurting someone else. Alcoholics are not satisfied with just drinking by themselves; they try to get others to drink. People actually believe that they can hurt themselves without hurting others. We are part of an environment, and when the people around us are hurt, then eventually so are we. And would you rather see the people around you sick or healthy?

Society should deal with one purpose, and that is to give you security to better yourself. And you don't just accomplish one kind of security; the accomplishment of one kind of security gives birth to another type of security. Eliminating insecurities is a continuous purpose of life. You go through stages of development when looking for security and never reach the limit. It is very important, therefore, to look at security as a stage of development.

There is no way to acquire security in an insecure environment. One of the primary reasons why a person eats too fast is because they are insecure. Assassinations of our presidents should also teach us that lesson. Even trees in our environment can give us cancer. This was shown in the case of a particular tree that had cancer. Every person that moved into the house next to this tree eventually died of cancer. But when that tree was destroyed, these problems ceased to occur. There are also many foods which are cancerous. A tomato, for example, has the least resistance to cancer. All this might sound scary, but this is how important an environment is for us.

Don't blame yourself when it's your environment that's the cause. Improve your environment. Don't blame God or nature for the suffering of humankind because humankind itself creates the conditions which causes the suffering. But if somebody pushes you off the "cliff" which you created, then you'll have to deal with the law of gravity because you are the cause of this condition.

How much security do you make by yourself, without depending on the state? An immoral state removes all tools-especially the tool of being able to communicate with others-that make you independent; it makes it impossible for people to get solutions because as soon as you do get your own solution, then you become independent. The immoral state tries to remove all solutions to reality so that you become totally dependent on it. Anytime you look to someone else to give you the solution to life, you will always be insecure; security is how much you're able to take care of yourself without having to go to somebody else.

A slave feels (has a level of) security. But if you free that slave without giving them an education pertaining to such security, they will have freedom without security. Freedom and security must be integrated. Some people make a racket out of this; they talk about one of these without the other. This kind of doubletalk comes from politicians. If someone were to ask me what I want, I would say that I want freedom and security. Try to get this in our society, and they would probably call you a communist or a Marxist.

Preparedness is the foundation for security, and security is based on an orderly system. Kings have learned trades to have this security in case something should happen to them.-There is more economic security in a trade than in a profession.-A beautiful woman will stay with a hippie and beg rides rather than live with a millionaire because of the security that the hippie has; the hippie has broken the chain of slavery. Whenever you deal with one person, security is the biggest word.

Human Dignity

We have overlooked dignity. If you take away the responsibility of a dog to protect you, for example, then the dog feels useless. If we must be careful not to take away the dignity of the dog, we must be equally careful not to take away the dignity of the human being. But our own society makes people stand in line for welfare checks. The people who control the corporations of this state set one person against another. They tell the hillbilly: "If you don't work for 50 cents per hour, we will get another person to take your place." You have to remember that this country was made up by people who had the least amount of rights (criminals, slaves, people escaping persecution, etc.) in the countries from which they came. They came to this country and claimed it for their governors or king. They didn't ask the Indians. Indians were considered to be the lowest minority. Half-breeds were considered to be the lowest form of human beings. The people who control the corporations create a draft, and then they make conditions so miserable that the only dignity people know is a nice uniform. The people who control the corporations will make you think that they stopped the war in Vietnam when it was actually the people who stopped it. The people didn't want to fight anymore. We are the only country that has used atomic bombs to kill people.


To be free, we must think. The minute we stop thinking, this is when we become a slave to something. How free are you to think? Can you dare to think without worry? When you don't torment yourself with worry, you're clearer, and when you're clearer, you're apt to make progress. When water is muddy, you can't see the bottom. You can't evaluate its depth; it may be 12 inches or 12 feet deep. So if you want to look into yourself, you have to clear yourself. You can't have your mind all muddied up. This is the reason why people can't find themselves: they're not clear enough. If you are completely free, you can close your eyes and see yourself. These questions are fundamental; they help us evaluate our level of living.

It is very important to realize how much freedom you have, regardless of how much it is. Say what you must even if there is only one person to listen to you, otherwise, your chemicals will not be right. You have 100% freedom, but what you get of this freedom when you defend it, is something else. Many people get fooled. They are in the state of slavery, and when they are given a little freedom, they are told: "You got a little freedom, didn't you."

The principle of all freedom can only be established upon the order of the fundamental laws of the universe. There is no freedom here to express yourself above the level that is known; this is only allowed in a Socialist country. Freedom is something that once you get an inch of, you never lose it again. This is what a powerful thing it is. There are other things that you can get and then lose, but not this. We are talking about freedom in the context of a society. Any freedom gained in this society has never been lost. If there were some way to jail a person's thoughts, they couldn't live a day.

Freedom is like the air that you breathe. No one can give it to you because it's there. The state, however, actually makes people believe that freedom can be given by somebody. From the very first years, teaching in schools is based on the allowing someone to own your mind. There is very little in our educational system that teaches us to be independent and to be able to communicate freely. As of the present, it is based on the "my," my husband, my house, etc. This is becoming so chronic that we accept the idea of either being chained or of chaining somebody else. This is the only form of security that we understand today. As our intelligence develops, we will come to the first true feeling of security. This is when we use complete logic.

Freedom is to be able to do what you like to do. As you perfect yourself, you become freer. Freedom means you're not obligated to the things you were obligated to when you were not free. Slavery is conformity. To free yourself is an important step. But once you've freed yourself, then you must face your environment which is not in the same state of freedom that you are in.

The universe doesn't give you any commands. If I give you a command, whether it's right or wrong, aren't you then a slave? You can command your child until they are able to think for themselves, and then they start contradicting your commands. When a child, however, objects to something reasonable-"Put away your toys!", for example-then let the child know that they need you and if they need you, they must meet you; they must communicate with you; there must be an intelligent exchange.

A little boy came to a carnival to ride on a Ferris wheel and said to the attendant: "I understand that on the bus I have to sit in the back seat, but where is the back seat on the merry-go-round?" The moral of this is that there is no back seat for an African-American boy on a merry-go-round. Nature doesn't have a back seat for anybody. Treat freedom with all moral respect.

What exists today is possessiveness, and anything which possesses you takes away your freedom, compromises your independence. We choose to be possessed because we don't feel secure enough to be independent. Most people themselves choose to be enslaved by the state. You must be completely free.

Here they give you the freedom to think and speak as you wish. But can you live the way you think or act based on your criticism? Here, when you take action on what you're critical of, they put you in jail. All the things which deal with freedom here do not do you any good. The freedom they give you here is the freedom to join the immoral ways of life of this society. It's not courage that is required to get you away from bondage. What is required is an evaluation which we must make: Do you want security at the price of bondage?

There are only two kinds of freedom: freedom to do good and freedom to do wrong. Christ told the religious leaders: Go ahead and criticize, but if you want to throw a stone at Mary Magdalene, let the person who is without sin throw the first stone. We all are possessed to a certain extent by the things around us. When we conform, we accept the idea of being possessed either by custom, tradition, or blind faith. A man starts going with a woman. If the woman doesn't show that she wants to possess him, he might feel disappointed enough to feel that she has no interest in him. The big fear today is whether to be possessed or not to be possessed.

Our dignity is at its lowest when someone else has to be responsible for what we need. I could not find one able-bodied Chinese person here on welfare, not even among the elderly. No two intellectuals will give you the same reason for this. The common answer is that they are clannish (one takes care of another). A second answer is that they are afraid of being deported. This also is wrong. The common background of the Chinese, regardless of their level, is Buddha. No other religion has made people more independent than Buddhism. It is the least understood of teachings.

Don't become a slave to what you want. While you are free, you can always get what you want, but you cannot get what you want when you are a slave. No artist has ever accomplished some work by being hooked outside their art.-Being harnessed to one's art is not slavery; it gives you the freedom to do what you want to do.-Anything that has to do with bondage is anti-nature. To be free we must live with nature. If we could talk to a bird, it would tell us that the dog is not free like itself. The dog is fed and taken care of; its security is unnatural. When you are in bondage, you are unable to express yourself. Don't fence yourself in. If you make an appointment and change your mind, then don't go. Just let the other person know that something has come up. As long as you are right with yourself, it's OK. If this is not the case, then you'll have your feelings to contend with.

Christ taught the people that there was nothing impossible for the heavenly father which was the worst thing for religion and the state at that time because it made the people independent. Moses got a group of people together to observe the pharaoh moving his bowel. As long as the pharaoh moved his bowel like everyone else, he was not a god. There is only one god in heaven. This teaching of Moses goes along well with Christ's teaching. If you look for results elsewhere-aside from your own self-supplied energies of life-then this is when you're not aware.


Whatever gain you seek or plan, quality of life must come with it. If you are offered $25.00/hr but must kill yourself to get it, then this is not quality of life. Always connect that quality of life with what you want to get. Mayor Moscone fired a man, and that man returned and murdered him. What kind of quality of life is this? There are over a million families here where the wife must be a prostitute to help pay the expenses of the family. It's like the story of the two starving rats one within sight of cheese and the other without sight of it. Civilization (even though it is part of the laws of evolution) can be so disturbing that we can lose the meaning of life itself, but as long as you are interested in life, you'll never get sick. If you ever go to Russia or to China, ask yourself if they have a better quality of life than we have here. If you come up with the answer that they don't have a better quality of life then you are lying to yourself and are satisfied with this. When you take out the quality of life factor, then we've got it better, and when you leave this factor in, then they've got it better. In a Russian jail, conditions will always be normal; they will always treat prisoners like human beings. Prisoners are allowed, for example, to see their wives.

What kind of quality of life do you have? As a biologist, I am aware that the human being is a chemical unit. Your central nervous system reacts according to chemical changes. When we have everything around us that we want, when workers here in America can drive a Cadillac car and easily wear $200.00 clothing and $50.00 shoes, when there's enough housing, when there's freedom of speech (meaning actually that you can criticize all you want) and freedom of religion, chemicals are created in our bodies that do not let us think about what is happening in them. The result is very little communicating or showing of good between one another. Along with the above things we have the highest per capita rate of cancer. On TV it was announced that venereal disease has reached epidemic proportions here in the U.S.A. Also we have the highest rate of heart trouble, the highest rate of paralysis from strokes, the second highest rate of mental disease, and the highest crime rate. Plus we have dictatorship. Quality of life has nothing to do with whether you have a $200.00 suit of clothes or if you have clothing made out of paper. Here the president down to the poorest person has their life endangered more than in any other country. When it comes to the quality of life or to security, no money in the world can buy it or else President Kennedy would be living today.

If you ask a sick mind what life is, you will get nothing more than a sick answer. If you ask a healthy mind, you'll get a healthy answer. If you ask a criminal such as Al Capon what is the right thing to do, he will give you an honest answer, but just because he had a lot of money doesn't mean that he could give you the correct answer to what quality of life is. He would tell you that the highest quality of life is to be a gangster. Here in America, we judge a person by everything around the person and not what is within the person. But nothing outside of you can increase your quality of life. Wealth cannot buy quality of life for people who live forever. Here is a poem:

If wealth was what money could buy, the rich would live and the poor would die. But God in wisdom has willed it so that the rich and the poor alike must go.

There was a physicist who said: the primary property of a human being is the idea. But this is not the answer. A person's life is their primary property. You can buy and sell ideas, but try to do this with your life.

Pleasure/Enjoyment/Peace of Mind

The universe is not interested in anything other than the quality of life. Once you have quality of life, you can get the rest, and there is no limit. The whole thing about human life in a nut shell is peace of mind which is the greatest treasure. (There are two types of joy. One comes from a sadness like a mother seeing her son after many years. The other type does not come out of sadness. You cannot buy laughter, true laughter from inside and out.)

No matter how much money you have, you cannot buy this thing called life. So if that's the case, even if I have a little of it, then I am going to treat it like a diamond. When you are upset, look for comfort. Any discomfort is registered by the brain. The reward for living should be happiness and not death. There is too much tragedy in the opera stories. Peace is success.


Anything inorganic is void of feelings. Your boss looks at you from a physical point of view and not as a human being. Where there is feeling, there is dignity. You take dignity away from a human, and they are lost souls. You have to consider the feelings and usefulness of all living matter, even in its smallest form. Morality begins with principles.

Anything that deals with living matter has feeling. Anything that deals with physics alone has no feeling. Suppose you build a colony where everything is done according to physics, where there is every means to sustain life such a food, shelter, etc., and everything is of the best quality. By using free enterprise or competition to improve on what the other fellow has, a limit is soon reached, and one of the competitors is forced out of business. That person tries to find someone to invest in them, but when they try to get a loan from a bank (especially after a bankruptcy) the bank asks them to prove what you have in mind to accomplish which itself costs money. The bank says they're sorry but they're only interested in proven things. This person then has to come down, and this is where feelings are hurt. It is because of feelings that you have to integrate physics with biology now. There isn't one pinpoint of physics that can understand one sensitivity of a human being. The six senses that we talk about are merely the fundamentals of the billions of senses that are dormant within us, senses yet to be developed.

There's a difference between an intellectual with feelings and an intellectual without feelings. Galambos is an example of an intellectual without feelings. The American way of thinking is: Why should I care about the other person. When we think like this, we aren't even living yet. Nature works without motives. There are no motives involved. For living matter feeling is the most important thing of all. Feeling natural is like having intercourse without a rubber (a condom); that's the feeling of nature. But because of that security, people settle for that rubber.

Fighters in the ring take so many punches that they become sick and by being sick and no longer feel the punches. But when they are well and normal and someone gives them a punch, then they can feel it. So when they tell you that a soldier can become so hardened that they can just kill people without feeling anything, do not believe this. Pressure is imposed on soldiers and this creates a numbness to human senses. But when the soldier returns from these pressures and their senses return, that is when their senses begin to bother them. When you become inhuman, you are not aware of yourself. When you're not aware of yourself, you're not aware of the senses that go with yourself, and that's where immoral acts come in.

Feelings have to do with the quality of your life, and even if you have enough knowledge in physics to be able to go from here to Mars and back, it will not do anything for your quality of life. The principle of caring for your fellow humans is more important than going to the moon. The bible puts this in a way that is very difficult to understand: "What good is it if you gain the world and lose your soul."

If you tell a child that there is no Santa Claus, this would be the truth, but the fact remains that there is one. Santa Claus represents the spirit, the thoughtfulness, of giving and receiving. The American people have to learn that an act of thoughtfulness has no limit to its value, and being thoughtful begins with yourself; you must feel sorry for yourself first. "I am involved with human feelings."

I saw an old lady get on the bus. She was shaking, standing up, and holding on to the railing for there were no seats. What makes that woman keep on living? She is wanted by someone. When she is no longer wanted by anyone, she will die. If you want to write a book about love, go and visit with a lot of old people. I would call such a book "Things you Can't Buy With Money."

It is very important to recognize the feelings of a human being. Here are some of the more easily recognizable feelings: hunger, the feeling of being humiliated, the feeling of the denial of what originally was yours, the feeling of being robbed of one's dignity. Not even a mother or father or a sister or brother has the right to disregard another's feelings. No one has the right to judge your feelings. In fact, Interfering with another person's feelings is dangerous; the person will do the exact opposite of what you tell them just in spite. But if the other is left to themselves, they will eventually learn.

If you really want to be honest with a child you have to give them a chance to grow. Kid them along until they understand. With juvenile delinquents, the first step is to let them know that you know how they feel. Secondly, get them a job for a couple hours a day. Third, show them that the more they look for someone else to do something for them, the less they get. Build the child up; don't tear them down. If a child asks you why there should be an "e" in the word "come", explain to them how they're right, and how the textbooks are wrong.

Attention is a very important and vital need-a human being is not a number-yet few get the attention they need from others. In this immoral state, it is easier to get attention by doing something wrong than it is by doing something right. Prisoners, when their fingerprints-a real identification-are used, get more attention than the person on the street.

The more feelings you have, the higher your level of development. At a high level of feeling-when cells "wake up"-you begin to understand why things bother you.

Love and Sex

The enjoyment that comes from life must be mutual between two people of the opposite sex. Sex itself is what completes the enjoyment of life which includes all other interests. Without all the other interests, however, sex is not the answer. When you have a desire to perfect, you can be so involved with that work that you can be complete even without sex, but this is rare. They asked Leonardo da Vinci why he wasn't married. He answered that the flesh alone will not give me the mutual interest required for me to be married to a woman. Nature meant for people to communicate in their endeavors to perfect; communication with others is natural.

In order to communicate, a person needs the opposite sex. The greatest stimuli for any man is a woman. When you work and exercise etc., you need a female to charge your whole system. For single people, stagnation begins to form because there is no communication activity between male and female. When we don't understand the laws of nature, we suffer. Authors or playwrights who don't communicate with the opposite sex lose half of their creative ability, something we don't like to admit. We say we're independent or that a woman doesn't mean that much to us, but we live in the universe and must learn from it and think as it does. Our opinions must be measured by the balanced logic of the universe.

Have you ever considered why you never have a woman pope or leader of a religion? This also is part of this incomplete logic. Actually the best complete logic that can obtain is when there is a communication between the XY chromosomes and the XX chromosomes or between the male and the female. Later on maybe millions of years from now, the present practice of teaching by one of the sexes (the male, for example) will not exist anymore; textbooks will be based on the outcome of the communication between male and female. If you look back in history, some of our most famous teachers pertaining to our technological development came about only because of the communication between male and female. When I was in Russia during the revolution, women, because of male chauvinism, were kept in the background so that they actually did not know what was happening. Their conversations about politics amounted to this: the Bolsheviks were fighting the Communists which wasn't the case. These women merely did not have the same chance men had to get the proper information. In fact, a woman is stronger in using complete logic than a man is because womanhood consists of two X chromosomes whereas a male has one X and one Y chromosome; in comparison it's like 2 to 1 1/2. Men are still ignorant in realizing this, and so when a woman shows that she is a little wiser than a man, they call it intuition whereas the real meaning is that she has extra intelligence. This is not belief but scientific fact which can be proven. If it were the other way around-if men were put in the background-I would make a guess that men would be imbeciles. Don't ever underestimate the so called 'stupidest' of women because that extra chromosome will make a fool out of you, this "something extra" being intelligence and not just something called intuition as we have said. That extra chromosome gives women a half more patience than men. There was one woman, Madam Curie, who was given credit for achieving success. Her husband pioneered to find the element of radium but gave up. She stuck it out, and with patience discovered this element. At least 50% of male achievement is due to women, and this as of yet has not been recognized. There are many documents which show that it was the second wife of Abraham Lincoln that was responsible for him becoming president. Christ's development was so complete that he was "married" to this female concept; he got this communication with his mother. It makes no difference who it was, whether mother, sister, cousin, etc. It is the communication between male and female that is important. In one of Christ's sayings, he says that it wasn't the woman who created the condition of becoming a prostitute, it was the man. The male's concept of a woman as not being as important as a man can create a prostitute; not realizing the importance of natural communication between man and woman creates prostitution. Thinking of yourself as better than a woman and using her only for relief of your semen is what creates prostitution. We regard the outside; we lack the proper kind of communication and a sense of the quality of the complete human being. Take a "Miss America" and an "ugly woman" and have them both spread their legs, and you will see the same thing. A good artist tries to capture the beauty from within out. Michelangelo said that if you could capture the precise second in the transition between life and death of any woman, you would come to

the conclusion that there is no "ugly woman."

The meaning of the two X chromosomes (XX) is that they are able to completely reproduce. If men had wombs, they would produce beings which are short of perfection or cripples. This is because they are half a chromosome short. Women can have defective births, but this is due to some outside reason such as when they are given tranquilizers which disturb the chromosomes. Actually what the one X and one Y chromosome in man does is enable a man to make more effort in a shorter term than a woman; it is in the longer term where the woman excels. This is why a woman will ask a man to move a box for her. Even in logic, men's thinking is in the short term. Statistics show that as far back as we can go, it is the woman who lives longer. From equal amounts of strain, men "die" and women "suffer." For approximately every 1000 men who would commit a major crime, you would only find one woman who would do the same thing. Women have that little extra. If both sexes were the same in intelligence, if both were of the same level, it would be bad for communication. Who would think that our little planet earth has a definite relationship with Saturn and its 12 moons; each balances the other. In the future, we will know how to communicate much better with a woman than we do now. This difference (between male and female) is no mistake; we must learn proper communication to achieve perfect balance. There are thousands of statistics to show that if women could have run our society, we would have eliminated most wars. Between the XY and XX chromosomes there comes good results. In every case where men and women were able to communicate, success came out of this. But few have a natural attitude toward women.

Many people are afraid to become attached. There are two kinds of attachment. One is when you are attached to someone and the other is not attached to you. The other is when you both become one unit. The only reason people need a marriage license is not because of the state, but because their development is yet that low. Many years from now there will be no such thing as a marriage license. There is no way to teach honor and sincerity; it is a growth, a development, and there is no limit.

When I look at a beautiful woman, I think that she is in an environment that is ready to take from her but not to give. But this is only a philosophical conclusion and no philosophical conclusion can make definite results. Here we must be specific and not so philosophical. Part of what this woman has deals with a strictly physical development. The other part deals with the spiritual. The physical development which this woman has, she cannot sell. The most she can do is exchange it with something equal of the opposite sex. Here is where spiritual development comes in. If she is not aware of this beautiful development, she can get venereal disease. This is when she thinks of exchanging her development for secondary values like a nice mustache, hair, etc; she fails to realize values beyond this. The primitive way of thinking does not allow such a mistake. Men had to show their capability to deal with responsibilities, which responsibilities were recognized to the utmost in primitive life. The woman considered whether the man would be able to protect her from environmental dangers and not whether they had a nice mustache, hair, etc. This is the way I train myself to think. Many marriages today are broken up because of the lack of this realization of value. What is missing is the inspiration between man and woman. Let no time waste away. When you meet a woman, don't waste time with politics and philosophy, see how much life you can get out of this relationship.

Most need some fantasy in their love life to turn them on. But in pure love, fantasy does not exist. Love is truth.

Few have tasted being in love with a woman or vice versa; this love has been drowned in sex. The details of being in love are harder to explain than the details of an atom, and it will remain a mystery for a long, long time. Many times this love is lost by interference or in misery or in filth. But just understanding that this thing called love does exist is enough to keep you going. A few great artists have been successful in this area because their interest was in their art. The art of such artists is for the world; they don't have time solely for one person. Lenin had a wonderful wife who worked with him.

There is no higher degree of development than that reached by Christ if there was such a man. Let's see if there are higher principles. "Love your God with all your might and love your neighbor as you love yourself." There is no higher application than this. If I were to say, love your neighbor more than you love yourself, this would be wrong. Love is when you think of the whole because we are part of the whole. Say you fall in love with a woman who is married. That's fine, but who will get hurt. True love is when we don't hurt anyone else. If you love like this, then you won't have to worry about divorce or whatever. Everything will come out all right. The solution is to keep on loving each other, but remember not to hurt anyone else. The only form of genuine love is love that comes with mutual freedom. Any form of possessiveness, even for your own good, doesn't work. All forms of jealousness create chemicals in your body. By being jealous, you're undermining yourself and this is degeneration.

Affection is the spark of love. It comes from nature. Without it we are walking zombies, the living dead. All animals react to affection. When you treat a dog well and show it affection, the dog takes on an obligation to protect you for this. When you meet a 'wino' who is asking you for a handout, consider them as you would a person on the street who has fallen down and needs a hand to get up; in both situations, the person is helpless, the only difference is that it takes a quarter to lift one and nothing to lift the other. The important thing is not the money but to realize that both need a lift.

When you save another's life, you save your own.

Love sends out vibrations; it's not just limited to where it is expressed. Plants feel; you either have a good vibration or a bad vibration as far as they are concerned. Words don't mean anything to them. I wish I could show you the difference between a child that comes out of two people who are in love and a test-tube child. Then you would know what love is. The words "artificial insemination" are misleading. Certainly there is nothing artificial about the semen which is used. What is lacking here is the love of one animal for another. To get the semen for artificial insemination, a certain amount of friction is required and a certain degeneration of energy in the male takes place, and a similar degeneration takes place in the semen as well. It takes 30 days to regain the amount of white blood corpuscles contained in one discharge of semen. A natural intercourse involves an exchange of energies so that you feel good afterwards. After artificial insemination the person who has the ejaculation is pale while on the contrary after natural intercourse the person has a rosy complexion.

A prostitute either loves or hates; there is no in-between. They have no false smile or ways. They know what life is about. A prostitute has the highest source of appreciation of love. You have to get down to such rugged experiences to have such an appreciation of love. Eventually we will come to a stage where we will not have to undergo such experiences in order to find out what love is about.

Looking for a Mate

When looking for a mate, it is very natural to examine each other's past, and there is no such thing as a bad past. Think always how much better the present can be because of the pasts of both parties involved. A prostitute, if they use their past, would actually be the most logical one to change it into a good present. The virgin, with their "good" past would have a very narrow appreciation of the present because of their lack of experience. This is what Christ meant when he said: "Let the one who is without sin throw the first stone." On the other hand, a virgin's past is the present, and the question is: How can it be improved? Even then with such a present, the change of getting married, for example, could lead to a beautiful future. But if this same virgin were to become a prostitute, then their future would become the past of the prostitute. Don't be afraid to get involved with a woman or be concerned with how perfect it is going to be. The greatest protection when you get involved with a woman is to be yourself so that she can see you just as you are.

Am I not entitled to love this woman? Yes, if it does not interfere with the progress of the many. The right woman may have already come along, but maybe she was limping or had a long nose but had more value than all the pretty women put together. It's a training. We are all interconnected with the universe whether we want to recognize it or not. The right woman thinks this way: what is good for everyone, is good for us. If you think in these terms, you will meet such a woman. When you develop yourself to think in these terms, you will have no problem in dealing with personalities.

Many contradictions come out of denying yourself a "good time." When you go out with a woman, try to get over this one point: reaching of a mutual agreement of time spent well. Then, after that, if there is enough room and time, you can discuss philosophical ideas. The truth is that after you have everything that you need, this is when you start to become a philosopher. When Christ said: "Let those without sin throw the first stone," he taught that no one is without sin. Don't look for perfection. Don't starve or masturbate until you find the perfect woman or man. But remember that if you can wait, then you can choose.

Some religions teach followers to marry in their own group (for example, Catholics). This is a violation of a natural law which requires that you marry into different groups: the law of genetic development called origin of cell which deals with the human cell, with people, all people. African-Americans here are forced to intermarry within their own race, and they have developed the sickle-cell anemia disease. The Jewish people have the Kasak disease which is also a backlash from intermarriage. The Chinese here in the U.S.A. also have a similar problem, although their race already has a greatest of mixtures. Anything that cannot be contradicted-as the above-is pure logic. Socialist society is making the first steps toward applying complete logic. Philosophy is an entertainment, 99% incomplete logic.

Nobody likes to be lonesome. In fact, it's unnatural to be lonesome. However it is very seldom for a person to find someone in their time and place that matches their intelligence. When they understand this, those who find themselves alone (because they strive to be intelligent) do not become depressed. Suppose you meet a woman and fall in love and just as you are about to get together, she falls in love with another man because of outward appearances. The thing is not to be upset but to know that she is making the choice of outward appearances over your inward qualities.

Sexual Intercourse

Let sex be in the context of mutual interest in nature, not in the context of self-gratification. When that mutuality in sex doesn't exist, you never have enough sex even in a whole day. If you go to a prostitute, she accepts the fact that you just want self-gratification. But if you meet up with a woman and have sex with her, she might want something beyond self-gratification. She might want you for a husband. Think of these things beforehand. You have many needs like sex and someone to come home to. If you just want sex, you can get it for money, but if you find someone you long to come home to, then you can have both sex and someone to come home to. This is connecting answers like the links of a chain. It would be a mistake for a person to say that sex is by itself. If that sex were not surrounded by a human being, it would absolutely nauseate you. Whatever you want doesn't come by itself. Moreover, when humans are faithful to one partner, like the swan, then the enjoyment of sex increases.

Until dogs have had sexual intercourse, you can control them and they won't attack you. But after their first sexual intercourse experience, they'll put up a fight if you ever want to whip them. This means that their sense of responsibility becomes stronger. This is how important sexual intercourse is for all beings. Without it, even our thinking is not normal. Years ago slaves with vasectomies remained slaves; those without vasectomies always retained the hope of escape.

If we were to depend on people to have children purely for the sake of having children, then there wouldn't be any. In the future more children will be born because of the purpose itself of having children.

The first thing to understand about sexual intercourse is that it is an exchange of energies between male and female. The pleasure itself of this exchange is so pure that it is rarely experienced by people. Sex that is practiced today is destructive or perverse. Non-perverted sexual experience actually creates a tranquilizing chemical in our bodies which can only be called heavenly; if it could be purchased, millionaires would spend thousands of dollars for a little bottle of it. All primitive people experience this pure form of sexual pleasure only because their sex is non-perverted. But when these same people become civilized, their sex also becomes perverted. By being unnatural, we fail to experience the pure pleasures of nature.

People don't realize what a wonderful energy is produced from intercourse. At every change in life there poisons are produced, and these poisons can be released in natural intercourse; it is a combination of the energy and the orgasm. As of today people still don't understand this; intercourse is considered as a forbidden thing. There is no substitute for it. It creates hormones for the man and the woman. There are rejuvenating chemicals created during intercourse. Those with sexual intercourse live longer and healthier, and it is only after intercourse that communication starts. Champion athletes, when competition is involved, are not as good sexually as others; their total energy goes in to keeping in shape and not to their genitals.

There would be nothing wrong with having sex with a young girl as long as she has started to menstruate, but the thing is that society doesn't accept this as a normal thing to do.


The love of a mother for a son is pure love. That of a man for a woman, outside of the 'thirty second explosion,' is not so pure.

Some man-made laws are contrary to natural laws. Although there is no specific definition for obscenity, nature does have one: nature says not to eat out of the same dish where you move your bowel. The word "obscene" is almost always used with regard to sex. Nature says that "obscenity" means obtaining by fraudulent methods what does not belong to you. Applying this to sex, sexual intercourse belongs to two people, male and female in a private mutual agreement. If you don't believe this, then nature responds this way: How many of you would like to have a sexual intercourse for the purpose of exhibition outside of your personal relationship? Outside of degenerates, not one in a thousand would want to do this. The reason why not one in a thousand would want to exhibit is because every human being in a normal state has a natural feeling of protection associated with intercourse. This feeling deals with responsibility not to disturb this mutual interest that deals with two people. If you ask your mother or sister if they would like to exhibit intercourse with your father or her boyfriend respectively, they would get angry. This is because of that feeling to protect that mutual interest which exists in all and is there just like your finger is there but is dormant in degenerates.

When one has an ailment of any kind and is able to live with it, they have more sex urges than the normal person; a person with venereal disease has more sex urges than normal. Las Vegas is a lot of things and is nothing as is pornography; no matter how good a woman looks, make sure you get some of it or forget it.

Incest is sex going "backward." It's wrong. The thing is to go forward. Masturbation damages the capillaries of the heart permanently. Such damage becomes even more severe as we grow older.

Whatever cause and effect exists in the making of a homosexual, it all comes down to the simple fundamentals of your self-nature. The pattern of your self-nature is 100% perfect whatever its form or kind may be. The cause of homosexuality is dissatisfaction with oneself to the extent that one loses consciousness of this perfect pattern of their self-nature. There is no such thing as a little bit homosexual; it must be 100%. All homosexuals go thru self-pity.