Part 2 Responsibility

Chapter 5 Nature

Natural Laws

Explaining natural law is the hardest thing. That is why it took such a long time (from the time of Archimedes to the time of Newton) to discover the law of gravity even though it looks and sounds so simple. If you tell horseplayers that despite all the crooks and trickery involved with horseracing that this sport is governed strictly by a natural law, few if any would believe you. Each one creates their own symbols and is a prisoner to them.

The laws of nature are working within us every day. We must be aware of them. When a man sees a vagina, it’s natural for him to want intercourse. But when he sees a baby coming out of this vagina, a man has not the least thought of intercourse. If it wasn’t for natural things like this which happen to us every day, life would be so uninteresting that it would actually be extinct. For every problem that exists today, there is a law to deal with it. There is a law of density; animals group together in herds and people group together to communicate. When too many come together then you have condensation. And we worry about over-population. All this writing and talking is just like thinking; you have to sit down and digest it.


Nature knows no wrong because it has its own built-in central law. Some call this God, but scientists call it the central law. The central law is not part of any religious sect, so there is only one God, but due to a particular development, people have a Jewish God, a Protestant God, a Catholic God, etc. Actually, Christ gave his life for just this particular principle of understanding that there is only one God. This is where the racketeers come at you with their different Gods. The first commandment which is against idolatry means that we cannot duplicate the image and symbol of nature. Scientists cannot say that they like this religion or that one; they are not interested in any rackets. No religion is natural; a scientist’s country is the world. If you are determined to tell the truth, why worry about the kind of house that the soul lives in?

When you’re not connected to this support (God), you’re on an ocean in a rowboat without oars, and because of this, any kind of a concept of God is better than none at all. Without any thought of God, you have no way to create a point of concentration. An atheist is a someone in a rowboat without oars. A Rabbi once told a story about another Rabbi whose horse became lame out by the forest at night. A gentile driving by asked him if he wanted a ride and the rabbi due to the circumstances accepted. On the way he noticed that the gentile didn’t cross himself when passing a statue of Christ, and the rabbi noted to himself that such a person who is not bound to anything and who has no beliefs could easily kill. The rabbi got off, and the man killed the next person that he picked up.

Theological philosophies of whatever form do not recognize matter. All energies are matter, and all matter is energy. The only reason why theological philosophy ignores matter is because the matter that makes up life is based on a scientific, clear view of the universe, and no form of theology is a science. Theology and science never agree.

When we deal with realities, there must be concentration on a particular subject of need. But this is missing. I know that many have had miraculous results from prayers. It doesn’t matter what concept of God you have as long as you concentrate on whatever problem you may have, whether it is healing or trying to get an answer from this God. It all depends how well you concentrate in order to get results. When you go to church and light a candle or pray to some saint, it helps you to concentrate on what you are looking for. Enlightenment can only come by realizing that there is this source. We shouldn’t forget that all this comes because this source of life is connected to you. But if you are unaware that this connection exists between you and the central source, it would be like trying to listen to a radio without it being plugged into some power source. The first reaction of most people is to go outside themselves for help, they forget that they are connected to God.

All religions at least serve this one purpose: they make people concentrate on what they need, and this is very important. If you have an ailment and you pray to God to help you to get well, then you will get more benefit than if you just tried to get the answer from nature or oblivion. Concentration works with your self-nature. Many healings were attained through concentration. It works because you are doing it yourself; you are working with your self-nature. All you have to do is to think about the energy which Christ used, and you can benefit. You don’t necessarily have to think of Christ; you can think of nature itself but it might be easier to identify yourself with Christ.

Many people think that knowing about the universe means knowing about the part which has life, and this is why religion was accepted without any thorough and complete explanations. Our reasoning faculty—they say—gave us this difference; nothing has a soul but a human being.

God, the Central Law of Nature

Dialectical and Historical Materialists have failed to explain to the people that there is a God. The proper conception of God is that it is the central law of all laws. If no laws existed, then there wouldn’t be a central law. The universe is governed by a central law, and the central law exists because there are an unlimited number of laws existing. To understand the central law, consider a wheel with spokes. All of the spokes are connected with the central point. Without a central point, the wheel would be of no value. Laws create a governing point. The only duty of the governing point is to govern and control what comes to that center. It is there that balance is created. We are one of the spokes of this central point, and so we can say that we were created “in the image of” this perfect balance. But this requires further explanation.

It would take volumes to thoroughly explain the true definition of God, namely that it is the complete logic of nature. The central law is unlimited, has no beginning or end, and governs every cause and effect. Creations, for example, are causes and effects. This book enables people to understand this teaching. It requires that we “unhook” ourselves from every possible thing, that we study the history of something to find out how the central law works for that thing (historical complete logic). Here is an analogy. In order to create a submarine, we studied the complete logic of a fish, and likewise the flying machine from a bird.—This should make everyone think. It would be a terrible thing if we were asked to create a fish or a bird, and as much as we know about radar we cannot duplicate the bat.—You, not someone else, have to look for that proof by means of the study of historical complete logic. Here is the first lesson. Take mainland China fifty years ago (1920’s) where human suffering surpassed any other country. There were dope dens, people decaying alive, and the population increased in spite of this. Why the higher population? As it is said: “Misery looks for company.” This is how the central law works. The central law says that the more suffering there is, the more people there shall be.

The more we work on this central law, the more we will understand the God of nature and ourselves. We have to understand what nature has given us and what nature is about. The central law always governs in the universe so that everything that happens is natural. The unnatural never destroys the natural. All existing laws of the universe are governed by the central law and this includes the laws of change or cause and effect. Indeed, everything—regardless of level—deals with cause and effect, and the first law is that the central law governs all that comes out of cause and effect. Nothing is accidental. In sum, the central law deals with keeping up the universe from the smallest insect to the human being. It cannot be disturbed because it governs all other laws. Its purpose is to create equilibrium at all times and in all things. But as things stand, if we have no problems, we don’t usually worry about God; only when we have problems do we begin to think about God.

Our conception of God, whatever it is, is probably the exact opposite of the proper conception. To have the proper conception of God is to have no fear. Fear means enemy. It creates blocks which cause people to become complexed. If you fear God then God becomes your enemy. Snakes pick up fear vibrations with their tongue, but if you eliminate fear, they cease to attack and in fact become your friend. The cure for fear is to pursue a higher level of intelligence.

Not one disciple or group of people has carried out the teaching of Christ on the central law. One of the keys to understanding the central law is that the central law does not care who you are; a spontaneous remission24 can happen to anyone, but we must have the right attitude and must unhook ourselves from all partial meanings. Whether or not Christ actually brought the dead man back to life is not as important as the idea that this is what can be done. The single most important detail to understand is that Christ had the central law whether you call it “God” or something else.

When the Jews were burnt alive in Germany under Hitler, they found fault with God, but it was the central law that did this. Why did you divide yourself up? False teachers caused these killings, the killings of innocent children. We are all God’s little children; there is only one tribe—the whole human race. Christ told us this and gave his life for it. The very one that recognizes the one central law, this one the false teachers make an outcast. So Christ was an outcast.

In the eyes of the central law, any little accomplishment such as a child being able to sit up or walk for the first time is recognized as much as the greatest scientific advancement. This is what I call God, the almighty law. And this law is no greater than the smallest of laws. When you are able to think like this, then you are the wealthiest person in the world.

SHADDAI YISH MU REEH NU IU MATSE LEEH NUE MIKOL RU. Say this three times. When you do this, you are directing the central law to protect you from all bad. The reason you go to the self-nature is because the conscious state is so limited.

If we could harness the central law to any science, we would have an exact science. This can be done on any level.

There are two fundamental applications of complete logic, one to physical or inorganic matter and the other to living matter. If you try to mix the two, they “run away from each another” (Einstein). This is because each deals with a different energy.

Complete Logic or Fundamentals of the Universe

People hate principle because they have to eliminate all things that are against it. Ninety-nine people out of 100 do not go by principle because they don’t want to give up the little things that they enjoy. Train yourself to have only principle as your guide. What is the principle of the orderly system of the universe? You can figure out an orderly system by observing a cycle of cause and effect. If you 1) leave food around the house, 2) the bacteria in the air activates this food, and 3) you get a cockroach. The opposites is whether you leave food around or whether you keep things clean. Then from the quantity of matter you go to the quality of a little bug. The negation of the negation is the life thereof: living with the cockroaches.

It would be foolish to expect people to go by the laws of the universe if we depend upon human emotions; doing so we get fooled for the rest of our lives and never understand what it is to progress to a higher order of living. People do, however, accept the saying: “Let God be the judge.” Well this is the same as saying: “Let the fundamental laws of the universe be the judge.” If 100 people are in the way of 200 million people making progress, and if there is no other choice left but two—that either the 200,000,000 shall live or the 100 shall live—then the fundamental laws become the judge and not man. With no other choices, the fundamental laws would say that the 100 shall die and the 200,000,000 shall live.

No one person is responsible for complete logic; it is in nature itself. The fundamental laws of the universe are what give you complete logic. No ruling class can completely deal with nature; dialectics of nature alone is your savior, your messiah. Do you know what the purpose of the ten commandments is? The ten commandments make you aware of how you are built and how you function. You function according to these and many other “commandments.” To prove this, think of all the good things you have done, and then consider if these were done out of obedience or because it was natural. Here the system makes you go against yourself so that few recognize the dialectics of nature and stick by it. When you understand and carry out complete logic, it eliminates worry and carries out all “commandments.”

You shouldn’t just use the word “nature” by itself; you should say “dialectics of nature” which means the complete logic of nature of the existing central law of the universe. Dialectics of nature is logic applied according to nature. Everything is accounted for in dialectics of nature. Someone might see a gangster live to seventy and say, “Look! He got away with it.” Some people die many deaths; nobody “gets away with it.”

It is important to be specific to which subject you wish to apply complete logic; when looking for fundamentals, always ask, “Of what particular unit or of what subject?” For a building, the fundamentals are its floor, ceiling and walls. For humans the fundamentals are mind, spirit, and body. For automobiles the fundamentals are energy, wheels, and a body. The basics of algebra are “x” + the unknown = the answer. To practice complete logic when you observe something, look at all sides; put every detail of a particular subject together, and this will make complete logic. You think this is easy! With proper training, it will be easy, and the more you apply complete logic to various subjects the more you are able to apply it to even more subjects.

The Chinese discovered a game where they must transfer various sized discs on one of three pegs to another. While doing this, the player must never place a larger disc on top of a smaller one. With nine discs it takes about 300 moves and if you add one more disc, it doubles the moves. The universe is like this: it never puts the larger on top of the smaller. Our lives are like this game. As we grow, we “add more discs,” and the central law tells us that there is no way we can cheat. We can make only one move at a time and each in succession. Walking is also like this; you can’t take two moves at the same time. We master one cycle at a time. We work with three discs until we are able to work with more. This is why we cannot just use complete logic alone. We must use historical complete logic. In historical complete logic when you observe a stage of development and see errors, then you go back to the foundation and correct these errors. All this requires one step at a time.

The first law of the universe is order which is cosmos. The second law is intercommunication. Planets intercommunicate as do energetic particles. The third law is the sum of the first two laws. Take the numbers up to nine in orderly fashion. (Note that if we were missing any of these numbers we wouldn’t have the others.) Put down your numbers in order vertically with 1 at the top. Multiply the last two numbers (which gives you 72), and this gives you the number of intercommunications. Then divide 72 by 2, and this gives you the exact amount of communication. First you have the order: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. To get your sum, you add these numbers and get 45. Also to get the sum take 1/2 of the product of the last two digits and add the last number to this: 1/2(8x9) + 9 = 45). This is how the universe works as well as your body. In fact, this is how everything works. At all times, when you reach order and intercommunication, that sum must be there. If it wasn’t for the sum, you would be using two laws without the third. “Sum” means coming to a point. When you want to move your finger, it takes the sum of 60 trillion cells to move them. All these cells have to intercommunicate with 7 billion brain cells.

The fundamental laws of the universe deal with all levels of laws such as this one: “If you’re not careful, you can stumble and break a leg,” or “You suffer for not paying full attention to what you’re doing.” These are examples of what we mean by “all levels of laws.” How many people, for example, are unaware of what will happen to them if they jump off a 20 story building. A first degree burn is a little punishment involving some degree of ignorance that you can get away with and likewise a second degree burn. But for a third degree burn, where is the merciful God then. Everything has fundamentals. Once you understand this, any question you ask will not be foreign to the fundamentals of the subject nor will it be out of context. It is more important to realize if you are fundamentally right than to consider all the details.

When you are dealing with the fundamental laws of the universe, you are always dealing with a change. First we have the opposites which are like individual footsteps, each separate from the other, all these steps enabling us to reach our goal. Secondly, the nearer we get to this goal, these steps change from a quantity to a quality; there is a constant change from a quantity to a quality. Thirdly when you get there, this is the negation of the negation or the life thereof or the realization of the accomplishment—getting to this place makes it possible for you to get to the next place. Negation means that nothing stops. Our attitude must be based on this: nothing stands still. Our attitude and our thinking must deal with no limits. Perfection means changing from a quantity to a quality. When you get to this place, then you go to work again. By going to work, you are going to get something from the steps that you take. Where do you stop? You don’t. This is why the third fundamental is called the negation of the negation: life does not stand still; it is continuous motion. The third fundamental means that the third is created or born out of the first two fundamentals. So, how high is up? The answer when you’re dealing with the universe is that there are no limits. These fundamental laws of the universe take care of all laws; all laws are based on this fundamental program, and it is for this reason that we must always apply them. It is a mistake not to recognize this. The achievement of being able to go to the moon and to have complete disorder on earth is unbalanced.

These fundamental laws are the only things that bring out the truth to everything. There is nothing wrong with generalizing as long as you use the laws of the universe to generalize with. Humans have the equipment [that it takes] to apply these laws; no law in the universe is foreign to human thinking. Your mind works on the same order as the universe, and it is only thru fundamentals that we are able to create a balance.—Computers are different; they’re programmed to fit the pattern of their own fundamentals.—All you have to do is apply or exercise what is within you. The fundamental laws of the universe are biology, physics, and the negation of these two. Does this sound like a Marxist theory of life? First of all this is not a theory or an opinion; this is the way the cosmos is. When you deal with fundamentals, there is no such thing as opinion; you deal with scientific facts. The revolution in China is a good example of how these fundamentals work. There these fundamentals were applied to 880 million people and the results were orderly.

To use a fundamental law, you have to understand that there is a risk. That risk deals with the security of the present which is at stake. When a woman gives birth, she puts her life on the line. If you take a chance, be prepared for the worst. Working with the fundamental laws of nature is a pleasure.

To learn the truth about any particular subject dealing with quality of life, you must first build a foundation dealing with the laws of the universe. The foundation that’s based on the laws of the universe deals with the central law. When we don’t recognize the central law of all laws of the universe, we have nothing. The central law is the only thing that gives answers that are complete and perfect. Today’s intellectuals are inclined to believe that partial truths are OK. But if you want to get the whole truth, you must build a foundation which are the fundamental laws of the universe. Once you are on this foundation, you must be aware of and accept stages of development if you want to achieve the whole truth. Many people who go to Russia can’t appreciate these fundamental laws because they can’t accept stages of development.

Connection to Central Law

All units are part of the central law, whether it’s humans, dogs, plants, etc. It takes all the spokes to strengthen the center of the wheel; the center must be supported in all directions. By being hooked up with the laws of the universe, you’re safe. What you must do is find out how least to go against yourself. People look outside of themselves for some answer and create so much interference that they forget that they are connected to God and that all the answers they need are within; the central law, which is life, is within us—we don’t have to look for it on the outside.

Today China’s 880 million (the greatest majority on this earth) have complete order among themselves.25 The trouble with this is that it would be hard to show people to how to go thru history and look for proof because people are hooked to false teaching, and as long as you are “hooked to” anything you cannot learn about the central law. What you must do is give yourself completely to the central law. How’s that done? You are part of the central law because you’re a unit. You must never allow your ego to go beyond your stage of development. We are the only animal that considers ourselves more important than the central law itself.

When you reach a limit, you must say, “The central law can do the rest.” Whenever you come to a point beyond which you cannot go using just consciousness, go beyond. Jesus Christ knew how to do this. Even though your consciousness is limited, you also must do it. This will eliminate worries. Christ saw that the money changers were depriving the people of the opportunity to concentrate on this central law. He saw the disturbance of the environment which kept the people from concentrating on the perfection within themselves, the image of God’s perfection.

How can we recognize or be aware of our connection with the universe? The unlimited existing laws of the universe deal with balance. If you live in an unbalanced society, your chemicals are unbalanced. When you are chemically unbalanced, many forms of diseases are created from this condition, and in most cases it is mental illness. All cancerous tissue are the result of an unbalanced state.

To develop awareness, connect your thinking with the universe which is unlimited in everything. Years later we will be able to have full control, and that’s where the peace will be.

Navel Connection

What I have discovered is the embryonic connection to all living matter. In a little chicken, it is that one corner of the egg which contains a substance (between the shell and the little navel of the chicken) that connects it to the shell itself. It is because of this connection that you have a complete form of life; the chicken is able to live inside the vacuum of the egg and get the exact amount of oxygen and whatever else is needed to maintain life. After the chicken is hatched, it gets a spontaneous connection to the source of creation. I took a little chicken that was just hatched and I put it back into the shell where it came from. I realized that if I sealed the shell up air-tight like it was originally, the chicken would suffocate and die. It would be stupid to kill the chicken in such a manner.

Whatever conception you have of God you must be aware that this God is connected to you through your navel. This same God is connected to everyone regardless of their belief or concept. The navel transforms all energies to produce 100% perfection of life. If you look for those energies outside of this then you are not aware of the true source of energy. All energies are governed by the central law of the universe. To a scientist’s conception, this is God. The central law of the universe is based upon three fundamental laws of the universe or complete logic. When we become aware of complete logic and know how to use it, we cease to resist life.

What is God? It requires work to get the proper concept. Usually everybody goes the way of least resistance. It’s easy to accept something like a superior source when looking thru the various philosophies and theologies. The point, however, is to demonstrate the concept by testing the laws of the universe. I spent 45 years testing these laws to see how things work. My findings are not what my mind dictates to me, but are the results of these demonstrations and testing. Because few have been willing to do this, we have thousands of concepts of God, and we still do not know which is right. I will give you the results of my demonstrations. I consider it to be a most outstanding discovery, but it can be stated so simply that I’m sure many people will find it very hard to accept. Those that will accept it will be highly enlightened. I will demonstrate the exact findings and you may call it “God” or “superior force” or whatever you wish. What is the creator. Let’s call it the central source. At least we know that it does exist. We know that when we were born, this embryonic connection was connected to our mother’s navel. After the umbilical cord was cut, a spontaneous connection to the central creation of the universe was made for each of us and we no longer needed the mother’s connection. It makes no difference what you call it (the central law or the central creation). But I do know that it serves all living matter, whether it is connected to the cambiogenetic heart of a plant or to any biological processes of life. We are never shut off ever, no matter where we are whether it be here or Mars or further.

Neurogastric Energy

All living matter is based on an energy that no one as yet has been able to explain. The difference between living and non-living matter is that only living matter has a neurogastric atom (energy) while the non-living cell doesn’t. We can establish the exact weight of various types of atoms for non-living matter, but we are unable to establish the weight for any atoms of biological processes. Although there is yet no mathematical formula, we will get there.

We have two forms of energy: a primary energy and a secondary energy. The primary energy is connected to your umbilical system. This umbilical system is a transformer which changes all energies into neurogastric energy and is governed by the central law of the universe; we have an umbilical connection to the central law of the universe. This explanation can only be identified with the biological processes of life. It is the only true concept of God; if you understand it, you will need no other. We are now able in fact to photograph this primary or neurogastric energy. The secondary energy is based on the conscious development which in turn is the part we call awareness which is subject to development from time to time.

All living matter has their own transformer to change thermonuclear energy into neurogastric energy. A small fly like a gnat—which is so complicated that no one even today understands all its details—has its own transformer. Plants have their transformers which are made of cambiogenetic cells. The navel transforms all energies from the universe pertaining to your creation. Before you were born, your navel was connected to your mother’s navel. This connection was called the umbilical cord. When you were born, they cut this chord and then the energies that produce 100% perfect life went thru your own navel, and you were on your own. Every form of species of cell has their own connection which we call its umbilical chord. This explanation can only be identified with the biological. There is no umbilical chord for a piece of iron or stone because these are not working units. A planet, however, does have an umbilical because it is a unit. This is why when we say that our sun came from the star Novi, we shouldn’t say that it “exploded”, but that it “gave birth”.

This source of energy can cause miracles in healing or what doctors call spontaneous remission. Spontaneous remissions happen very infrequently (maybe once in fifty thousand cases) but when they do happen, people who were terminal cases with some fatal disease, are found to be completely cured.

Once a human body is separated from the central law, it is dead and placed in a casket. The number one principle of the central law is energy. Just as a beautiful car is lifeless without a battery, so the human body (an extremely perfect machine) is lifeless without the energy that comes from the central law, and this energy comes to us thru the navel.

Self-nature is merely the neurogastric connection to subconsciousness to relate the truth. The neurogastric system works with both the conscious state and the cerebral cortex. It is so powerful that a country only 90 miles from the U.S.A. [Cuba] was able to kick out wealthy people and atom bombs. It is so powerful that with it 880 million people in China live in complete order. But it doesn’t make sense to use it here because we are not in a frame of mind to recognize it. Develop yourself until you are able to take all orders from within, until your mind is connected with self-nature. When you make this connection, everything comes to you. It is strange, automatic. Have confidence in yourself. Apprentices say to themselves, “If they can do it so can I.” They connect within themselves. Many work for others because they’re afraid; they have never connected within themselves. Practically all fears leave when you connect yourself within yourself. No matter how much you know, never disconnect yourself from your self-nature because this is your God.

When you get too involved in physics, the self-nature is ignored most of the time. When you get away from your self-nature, you’re not able to pick up from the air waves. The air waves belong to a dimension beyond what we know at present; they are what beings of higher development on other planets are using. When we can think on this level, we reach a natural republic. At the moment I’m satisfied just to contribute thought to the air waves. But you say this to most people, and they would just laugh at you. 90% of contributions come from air waves and about 10% from books.

The neurogastric system is the god of your whole self-nature and is responsible for transforming all energies in a universal orderly fashion. Consciousness and subconsciousness are there for the purpose of allowing this 100% perfection to function. Let’s call this 100% functioning the central law of the universe.

Working with the Self-Nature

Part of your brain deals just with intelligence, and this part must be integrated with self-nature. In the future, the voluntary and involuntary systems will merge. The brain will eventually take over the work of the computer. If you want to make blood, you will go to the involuntary part to get the answer. When you reach this higher dimension, the unlimited does not bother you at all.

Self-nature is 100% perfection of a mechanism; it is responsible for 100% life while consciousness is responsible for improvement. Whatever makes blood in your system, if it is not disturbed, makes perfect blood. When you need hair, you don’t ask the system inside you to give you hair; it just grows. Carpenters need calluses in order to use a saw and hammer. When they start to use these, their 100 perfect self-nature gives them these calluses. When that same carpenter goes on a month’s vacation, nature takes away these same calluses little by little because they are no longer needed. If your mind had to do all this, not even 1/10th of 1% could be accomplished. What we must do is realize that there is this 100% perfection within us. Our mind develops such that it more and more goes with this perfection rather than against it. Our mind passes through stages of development in not disturbing this beautiful nature. Your self-nature gives your conscious mind all the answers it needs as long as you accept it. Otherwise, problems continually grow. In spite of the fact that we reject 99% of this order within ourselves, it still continues to work.

People don’t know how to evaluate what they’re looking at. This is a blockage, the product of a conscious state of development. A cosmic working order has no blockage. The involuntary system of any form of living system has no blockage. Do you know why it works without a blockage? The central law makes it possible that every cell in a living unit has an intercommunicating code message and that is how a hemoglobinic molecule becomes possible; the conscious state of development cannot interfere. Is there a connection between the conscious and the involuntary state? Yes. You must be aware that the involuntary system works on a 100% perfect system. The lower animal works on instinct, but man’s awareness works on the cerebral cortex. Instinct does not interfere with the involuntary system of the lower animal. It doesn’t seem logical that lower animals can apply themselves better to their involuntary systems than humans by not interfering with their involuntary systems as humans do. This is only because humans do not use complete logic. When you use complete logic, self-nature is never disturbed. When you become aware of complete logic and know how to use it, then you cease to resist life. The first thing that happens when we do not use it is that the central nervous system becomes upset. If you were left alone, you would have complete logic and use it, but as it is, the state teaches that you shouldn’t worry about your environment, that you should just worry about yourself.

No matter whom you observe—including yourself—all nature’s creative units are perfect. Whatever disturbs that perfection makes it imperfect. By not knowing how to maintain perfection, we mistake nature to be imperfect. When you look at a person with a cancer that is so infected that the odor is unbearable, remember that this person was once perfect. If they were not perfect to begin with, they would not have survived up until this point. When a infant is born imperfect, this isn’t the beginning. The mother’s conscious state was so ignorant that it did not allow the unborn to become perfect. Some mothers, while this perfect conception is taking place within them, go to the doctor and ask for some kind of tranquilizer because they are nervous, and these tranquilizers disturb this perfect beginning as scientists are now beginning to become aware of. Start to learn how to maintain the perfection that comes from nature.

Be aware that you are 100% perfect. When you are aware of this, whatever imperfections which are imposed on you just roll off. If you see a crippled person or a hunchback person, do not look at the shape of the person; as long as that person is alive their life means 100% perfection. When life leaves, then the imperfection is left behind. If you take a sledge hammer and bang up your car, being careful not to disturb the working unit, then it may look like hell, but it is still perfect. Looks mean nothing, but it will take very many years before people realize this. When a woman gives birth to a baby, in that fraction of a second, she becomes beautiful because she is in between. She has no hate and no fear. She thinks of nothing except life. The same can be said of persons when they are about to die. Whatever is secondary to life, we should continually ignore and eliminate. When you see a person like Manson (a murderer), you must see that the life within him is beautiful. It is only his thinking that is ugly, and disturbances caused this ugliness. The only way I was able to cure was by thinking about life, not about “ugliness” or “beauty.”

“My life is the self-nature, not the less-than-1%.” This is the way to understand it. That less-than-1% looks like a giant monster. That is why it fools everybody though it is only less than 1% of what makes you live. Self-nature is the creator. The other is only aware. Self-nature works only with what is absolutely necessary. It welcomes constructive thinking; otherwise, you disturb it and it cannot perform. It lives in a cycle of perfection. The fewer existing conditions there are interfering with it, the more it actually moves into a higher cycle of perfection. An infant’s self-nature is just as intelligent as that of an adult. Self-nature is living matter, and conscious knowledge of it is only 1%. This is why biology cannot be considered yet as a science. Science means 100% control over what you apply your science to, and until we’re able to apply it consciously we must go to our self-nature.

The hope of all societies is in recognizing the true application of the self-nature which includes complete logic. Russia is now studying the self-nature or parapsychology. Parapsychology brings the self-nature together with complete logic. If you tell these things to a physicist, they’ll tell you to go away and that you’re crazy. A group of Isaac Newton’s students in physics told him that they saw an Indian in India walk on top of water. The account of this incident appeared in a well known book and was documented by many witnesses.

We are only able to be at peace with ourselves to the extent that we can give in to our self-nature (our involuntary system).

Buddhism and the Self-Nature

The success of China is based on the teachings of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha for many hundreds of years. If only Marxism was applied to China, it wouldn’t have worked. Buddhism is the highest form of being with the central law, but it must be brought up to date. People think of it as impractical, uncivilized, and of a lower form of intelligence. They think of the people who follow this religion as fanatics, as people who follow some mythological figure. When you start something like Buddhism, they call it black magic. They don’t understand that you are using an intelligence which is directly connected with the central law. Buddhism and the teachings of Christ must both be brought up to date. Lenin was the closest in bringing Buddhism up to date. In all of his lectures, Lenin never talked against anybody. When you hate anybody, this shows the condition you are in—you hate yourself. You cannot have both love and hate. This is how compassion for our fellows is lost. When Christ said: “Let the one who is without sin throw the first stone,” he was indeed a dialectical materialist and the most misunderstood person that ever lived. Although Christ said that God forgives all sins, he also said: “Go and sin no more.” This is the only way God can forgive all sins. Did you know that not one person in three billion understands this. What it means is that if people understand this, they would do no wrong after their last sin. After 2000 years we can ask this very important question: How many don’t sin anymore? Every generation has a few people that don’t sin any more. It is because of these few that the human race will never be extinct. Sinning no more is the hardest task; few can reach a state of perfection in one lifetime where they sin no more. From time to time, take stock of how much better you are, and think here of improvement on the principle of life and not money.

Buddha was a powerful man dealing with nature yet you would be surprised how many people would shun you when you talk about Buddha. Why is it difficult to teach Buddha? Because people will ask you why they can’t do what they want to do even though it is not absolutely necessary.

If the Buddhist religion was thoroughly explained, it would be a big accomplishment. After it was explained, you would find that it is 100% natural according to the universe. No other religion is known to be this natural. Actually if you had a complete understanding of the Buddhist religion, there would be nothing impossible pertaining to constructive ideas. Buddha had a tremendous vision, but it is difficult to understand it. I doubt that in the 2500 years since Buddha there were more than three dozen like him. This is because we always associate ourselves with the less than 1%.

The practice of Buddhism is natural to primitive society. Progressive Buddhism, however, would have to be used if this same teaching were to be applied to modern civilization. Progressive Buddhism can more appropriately be called complete logic. In China 880 million people have accomplished much good using this. Many who don’t understand what is happening call this socialism or communism.

Because of these misunderstandings, people do not understand Buddhism. Buddhism speaks of the self-nature. Awareness of our self-nature is the most important awareness that any human can have, regardless of their level of development of knowledge. We are the image of the perfection of God. This is the truth. But our awareness of this perfection is less than 1%. But even so, this is an accomplishment. Christ told the truth, but instead of calling it awareness, he called it faith. At that time you could call it faith, but now we must call it awareness. Cats and dogs can give birth without midwives, but humans cannot. Why? Lower animals face complete reality; they trust completely or 100% in nature. They do not panic when they have to have a baby. The more civilized people become, the more they think they know more than nature. The day has come for us to go with nature, not to “know more than it.”

Progress comes when we correctly interpret that which comes from self-nature; failing to do this, we accept the lack of progress, and the conscious part of our brain becomes stagnated. Then we start to think unnaturally agreeing with war and manufacturing some reason for it like monetary gain. There begins then a continuous fight within us between self-nature, which is moral, and consciousness which is immoral. The only time all of this stops is when our own life is threatened. Some men were in a row boat loaded with gold. The boat was sinking and they were unable to reach shore with the extra weight of the gold so they dumped it overboard. There is room to play around when the things involved are secondary, but when it comes to life itself, self-nature wins out.

If a person were to explain the nature of the development of a man like Christ, it would be completely similar to the teachings of Buddha. If we were to say that Christ was a Buddha and not a Christian, this would be closer to the truth.

There are only two ways to apply yourself to Buddha. First be aware of the problem. Second, whatever the problem is, do not want it. This is all. The more you practice this, the more it will work for you, the more benefit you get from it, the higher the percentage of your consciousness of self-nature. If you can put yourself in a neutral state with the awareness of a problem, the intelligence of the self-nature (its 100% perfection) will do something about this problem.

Some spiritual teachers only give you a partial teaching of Buddha. This is because they refuse to identify with the Buddha. Identifying yourself with Buddha gives you a complete connection between yourself and the universe. The only meaning of Buddha is that which deals with your self-nature; it eliminates belief or faith. “Belief” and “faith” mean being only partially aware. To be completely aware you must make things very simple. With merely a piece of bread and water, self-nature produces blood for you regardless of whether you have faith or not. The human race would be extinct if it were to depend on faith and belief. It is in nature that we must have complete faith.

Buddha was aware of all things. Remember the story when Buddha told the monk to stir up the fire which was already cold. The brain cannot see beyond. Whatever you want, if it is moral, is there. This requires practice and training. You have to understand that you have a conscious state that is always doubting what is there.

Yoga is only a partial training of Buddha; it is beneficial but only partially. Yoga gives you discipline like the soldier gets in the army. To Buddha discipline does not exist when you apply the complete thing to nature. Do you have to discipline yourself to eat or to drink water? Anything that is natural does not require one to discipline themselves. Buddha taught that there were no duals. All that you know is what is natural; it is neither good or bad. When you deal with parapsychology, you have to do away completely with all duals. Your involuntary system (your self-nature) is aware of neither life nor death. Whatever exists in nature does not bother with the awareness of life or death because the central law stands out as one law. It does not represent any form of a dual system. No dual system can be used to create a balance. The central law does not deal with good and bad or life and death. We have a unit that is in motion, and when we die, this is a change.

Natural Attitude

You are part nature and all the diseases we have today come from a wrong attitude towards nature. Your conscious state (your voluntary system) can either go with nature or against it. If you have an attitude where you hate certain people, this creates a poisonous chemical in your system that can cause cancer. Our involuntary system is natural. Our voluntary system can be unnatural. The involuntary system says not to eat refined foods but the voluntary system says that it likes all kinds of refined foods. The answer is that we have to get the involuntary and the voluntary systems balanced. What can we do about being chemically unbalanced? We must obtain a natural attitude toward life. Without that attitude we can use tons of medicine and nothing will happen. Our first step toward a natural attitude is the teaching and practice of complete logic or the fundamental laws of nature. We get this balance by training toward acquiring a natural attitude.

The natural attitude is not mechanical. Would you get mad if your wife wouldn’t have your baby for you in three months instead of nine. No! This is what it takes. Don’t judge the growth of perfection; don’t give it a time. It has its own time.

Attitudes create pressure on your system. It is unnatural to have the attitude that nature makes everything perfect. There is not one out of 3.5 billion people that doesn’t have something there to get you mad. You can never expect any environment to be just right for you. When someone does something to get you upset, remember that the system programs people to do wrong. That person may be worrying about paying the rent or something else. Go to the cause, the main root where all things come from, not to all of the individual things themselves. By understanding such things your attitude becomes more natural without your even realizing it. There is no such thing as a 100% perfect attitude. The more natural your attitude is the more progress you make. Practically all mental diseases come from an unnatural attitude. If we live in an unnatural environment, we’re apt to have an unnatural attitude.

The first thing that happens when you create steps toward a natural attitude is that you become happy; it’s a chain reaction which eliminates unnecessary disappointments and every disappointment registers as a psychological block in the human brain. Anytime you pick fault with any human being, your attitude is on the down grade. If you want to understand what an unnatural attitude is then ask yourself how many dislikes you nurse each day. Christ could not have become like he was if he had not eliminated most dislikes. He did dislike the money changers and naturally when he found out that this was in him, he got rid of it. This is why we can call him the most perfect human that ever lived. Getting rid of our dislikes is of number one importance for all societies. Most socialist countries, through the use of dialectical materialism or complete logic, are able to get rid of most dislikes. This is only because there is the least amount of dislikes in that type of environment. Yet, if you take a person from a socialist country and put them here, that same person will have very many dislikes. Lenin loved the life of people and ignored their bad behavior. He provides us with an excellent example; even though there were many things to be disliked in the times when he lived, he loved everybody including the Tsar. The real socialist has no hate. Lenin offered the Tsar and family a place to stay and something to do to make a living, but they decided to leave and just before they were about to leave a bunch of angry peasants got mad and killed them. This wasn’t done by his order.

You build your attitude. Some base their attitude on an accumulation of disappointments. Jack the Ripper had a bad attitude. His brother committed suicide because his wife, who was a beautiful woman, was unfaithful. Because of this, Jack the Ripper would kill beautiful actresses.

For many years Buddha has shown that with an unnatural attitude you never know yourself, and that by just by knowing yourself 100% you can cure cancer. Today’s cancer congress doctors recognize such mysterious miracles or cures, but before these can happen, a natural attitude is required. Now that you know for sure that such things can happen—even if it’s just one in 50,000 cases—know that everyone can do the same if they could achieve a natural attitude.

We have another attitude besides the natural attitude which is our conscious attitude. The central nervous system is the bridge between these the conscious attitude and natural attitude (self-nature). Be aware that your conscious attitude can put only so much weight on that bridge. Even imprecise thinking can disturb your central nervous system, and blocks are created so that the natural attitude is not free to function. Then comes disease, and we blame nature or God though we now have absolute proof that this same natural attitude within us can create a spontaneous remission.

You cannot achieve a natural attitude by hocus pocus or making believe that you don’t have any enemies. Actually your self-nature, which creates life (which is blood) knows no enemy; it is one and the same with natural attitude.


The important thing to understand about the universe is that nothing is out of place. Order means to put things in their place. If you can tell me what you need, one thing at a time, then you’ll know how to get the other things. Without order, which creates equilibrium, nothing would happen. Order comes down to a very simple meaning: food, clothing, shelter, and the freedom to choose. We accomplish this daily minimum of need ourselves.

Order is a very important item, a basic principle of life. The basic principle of division of all cells is order. Anything you do in order makes progress. Order means to each their own without harming others or yourself. If we ignore order, then we descend to a level that even an animal cannot reach. If you run down your energy, for example, then you’re out of order. Whatever is moral is in total order.

The first thing we have to do for our society is to establish order. Development comes down to how orderly you are where you go from a less orderly way to a more orderly way. Most people think that you have to be disciplined to have order. It is strictly a waste of time to think this way. The answer is that you have to eliminate all channels that lead to disorder. What do we mean by eliminating all channels to disorder? How do we do this? What is good for all is measured by what the universe communicates or says is good for us. This is the only way we can interpret what is good or bad. When all people participate in what is good for all, this means that there is no channel for a person to become a prostitute, for example. If your wife wants to argue with you when you get home and you argue with her, then this is not orderly. It means you want to use force to make her accept your way of thinking, and using force is not right. If someone is constantly punching you, you have to know how to step aside. Do not collide with what is against you. When you collide, you become irrational; you eliminate reasoning. There is no way to apply a judicial system to order or morals.

Order pertains to the unit as a whole. If it just pertains to several places in the unit, it is no good. If you disturb an automobile’s firing system, then the whole car is affected; one bad spark plug will eat up 10% of your gasoline. Development to a higher dimension must be balanced. All parts of your conscious state must be equally developed. This parallels the principle of balanced physical development where you use one muscle in coordination with all muscles. With regard to the brain, you use one part of it in coordination with every other part. We develop every day, and the key to knowing whether or not a development balanced or not is to do your utmost to know all the causes that flow from such development.

The cosmos means a complete orderly system; it is definitely not based on one person’s opinion. It is only able to maintain order because of the opposites or differences that exist in the universe.—The strangest thing is that though I’m writing this, it is not my opinion.—If the moon were to disappear completely, there would be chaos from the chain reaction of results. Like the universe, the human race is one body. Because we know so little of this orderly universe, it’s hard to know what one person means to another and what the chain reaction that comes from this is. The more we do realize this, the more order we will have.


When you are in dire need of anything, you are able to contact your inner nature which is 100% intelligence which is directly connected to God or—scientifically speaking—to the central law of all laws. During the recent gasoline shortage, a person gave a testimonial at his church saying that when he was almost out of gas, God led him to a gasoline station that was still open. Little did that person realize that he was insulting God. God would have no reason to neglect everyone else and give this one person gas. If you concentrate on something, even if you know nothing about self-nature or the central law, then this concentration will lead you to what you need. This is a parapsychological explanation of what happened in this man’s case.

Even at one year old you can have the capacity of a genius. All you have to do is to apply yourself. To apply yourself, all you have to do is realize is that you’re facing interference, and that the desire to create according to your capacity defeats all interference. It’s the level and strength of your desire that connects you to the central law. Cases like the following have been recorded. A person was dying and the physician had done all possible things. The patient saw someone and this gave them the desire to live. This then connected them to the central law. What we can do—with a level of desire connecting us to the central law—is unlimited. Yet as of now we are so blind that we cannot see the truth even when we are looking at it. An illiterate hillbilly came to my door late at night to show me a death certificate a doctor had written out for his wife. He was about 30 years old and she was about 25. He said he would not leave until I came. When I got there, she was already cold. I stripped off her clothes and went to work on her arteries. She came back to life and the hillbilly called the doctor. The hillbilly said: “Do you know that Jesus Christ has visited us?” The doctor tore up the death certificate. That is one thing that I did. I never forced things but left them open—no limits. Anything done with limits is not be beneficial for living matter.


Dealing with natural law is a 100% exact science which doesn’t recognize any form of interference by the human mind. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no planets left in space. The central law does not say: “I’m sorry one planet bumped into another.” Nature, as sincere scientists will tell you, is 100% definite; nothing is wasted. Even though we don’t have all the details, it is still important for us to understand this. Books are beautiful but they don’t dare get down to the causes of things; even words themselves can make us think wrong if we are unspecific.

The smallest item is accounted for by the central law; there is absolutely no chance or luck in anything. Everything in the universe is so because it couldn’t be any other way. Life is definite. Everything is planned, and it is the less-than-one-percent in us that says that this couldn’t be so. The organs of our body which are not being used are there for a specific reason. They are there according to a pattern which is based on past, present, and future development; what you’re not using now you’ll be using in the future. The nipple on a man’s breast for example is there only for the purpose of nursing. Stimulate it (like babies stimulate their mother’s nipples with their tongue) and it has an erection. Do you think nature made a mistake? No. Maybe millions of years from now the male will nurse on the female and the female on the male and this will be their sole source of food. Where will they get what it takes to make the milk in the first place? There are parts of the brain that are dormant which if used could transform solar energy into neurogastric energy to produce milk. When we develop to this stage, we will get such pleasure that it will not be necessary to propagate any more. In fact sexual pleasure is interrelated with other pleasures. When a boy plays with a toy and gets extraordinary pleasure from it, he might get an erection. A girl would have the same thing in her clitoris. These children have no idea of sex in their consciousness.26

There is a sure answer to everything; there is no such thing as chance. Any game of chance is affiliated with the natural laws. Games of chance are affiliated with the law of averages, a universal law. A good stereotyped television commercial works with the law of averages concerning the amount of sales it will generate. This has been proven. Few would believe that horse racing is not a game of chance, but in it you have the law of elimination: if you have 5,000 horses to bet on and you can eliminate 1000 losers, this works in your favor. It might be hard to take but every human being that was ever born was 100% supposed to be there. This is so even when two “irresponsible” people get together. The universe does not make mistakes. This is very difficult for humans to see. The reason why there’s no mistake, is because the universe deals with the laws of cause and effect. A mistake is when cause and effect are not present at the time the mistake was made, but cause and effect soon corrects this “mistake.” One of the most important things that Einstein got out of the theory of relativity is that “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.” There never was a collision of planets; the universe is based on a complete orderly system—there is no chance involved. When conception takes place, this has to do with cause and effect; otherwise life would not be there. There is the dropping of the seed, and once you have this then you have life. But even though God does not play dice with the universe most do not have the capacity or the quality to digest this, but just as soon as we make the first step toward integrating biology with physics, then we will begin to understand this. Until such time, however, it is natural to apply blind faith. Complete logic has proven that life is definite and naturally our capacity to understand life continually changes as we develop and grow.

If you disregard certain fundamental details in life, you will be unable to arrive at solutions. To detail something so it can have value, you must be precise: mind and muscle together. Your mind depends on what it has to work with. The balanced physical exercise machine (see index) which is based on push and pull, gives you such a coordination.


We think in terms of size, and that goes against us because the dialectic of nature deals with balance. With living matter, you must always think in terms of cause and effect and of the principle of balance in nature. Only through balanced coordination can we communicate with our universe. No mathematical formula can be applied to evaluate communicative balance. Eventually the dialectics of nature creates a balance. All cells of living matter exist for one purpose, to maintain a universal ecological balance. If you ask what you’re here for, well you are here to balance things out; when you become conscious of what needs to be done and do it, this is when equilibrium takes place.

Nature does not recognize uneven developments. When there are too many rats, nature creates reptiles for the sole purpose of living off the rats. Then, so there won’t be too many snakes, nature creates hogs to balance out the snakes. What causes all this in the first place was that there was improper cultivation of the land. Farmers are supposed to plow the seeds under after the harvest, but because they don’t understand this, they call nature cruel because it has produced too many rats. Humans are created in the image of the perfect balance of the universe, and the more we know of this balance, the less we go against ourselves.

All this is part of the equilibrium of the universe, but this does not mean that when there’s balance that we’re standing still; balance doesn’t mean that you stay in the same place. It deals with cause and effect. When you are in a static position, you have a chance to move either forward or backward, and this depends on the amount of knowledge available in the world at the time. If we understood balance, it would be the most useful tool that we have so far. We were born with the balance that comes from complete logic but the environment around us is so unbalanced that we are forced to think unbalanced. Balance is very deceiving. You have to learn to appreciate what comes out of it. The important thing is to retain your balance at each stage of perfection.

The principle of equilibrium pertains to what is relative.


When you understand the laws of relativity, you find there is no exact similarity. Even if we had 3.5 “zillion” people, no two would have the same fingerprint because anything that is the same is not progressive. Anything that deals with relativity always gives you an even not an odd amount. The theory of relativity brought out that our universe is relative to some other universe.

The principles of an orderly system are such that it becomes a communicative system, and this deals with Einstein’s theory of relativity. When you communicate with nature, you automatically communicate with everybody. Life when understood according to this creates enlightenment and good feeling. The theory of relativity brought communication between all sciences so that more things could be developed. No political science or philosophy would exist without the awareness of the laws of relativity. Our whole universe is based on a communicative order. If we don’t recognize this, we continually go further away from nature itself. The laws of relativity are the mother and father of all communication.

As planets are interrelated, so are we. The whole people are you and you are the whole people and still you have your individual self; we are that interrelated. One planet serves another. Each is linked together like a limitless chain, and it is a low level development that only recognizes the link next to it. Nothing lives by itself; we are directly influenced and connected with everything in our universe. In reality we are all one, nothing in the universe is by itself. This is why there is such abundance. In the universe there is not one thing that works by itself; everything works with each another. When you’re dealing with one law only, you’re wrong to begin with. There exists a very fine line of energies; things work together or they don’t work. Nothing can live by itself, it must be linked to something else. This holds true, for example, even in music. Every individual of the human race is linked to one another and they are linked to the universe. Even though shoemakers make shoes for clothiers not knowing that they are linked to them, the system works anyway. Being aware of it makes you healthy. When the time comes when the people are ready to applaud the farmer as much as the musician, when the time comes when we are able to realize that the true way to recognize each other’s dignity is to recognize each other’s services, then this will be the time of balance. Until we are able to think like this, we are still infants and little children.

Change and “Cause and Effect”

If there were no more change in the universe, then there would be no more cause and effect. When you’re hungry, there is a reaction from that. When you’re thirsty, there is a reaction from that. When you need sex, there is a reaction from that. Tests show that people with large hands are producers. Our features change. People who just think have larger hands.

Change can take place in two forms, one which is comprehended, which results gradually from a quantity to a quality, and the other comes as unintended experience, an explosion. When change comes, there’s something new. If you don’t prepare yourself ahead of time—realizing that it can come at any time—you might be disappointed like the caterpillar when it gets used to being a caterpillar and then changes into a butterfly. Say you’re having intercourse with your beautiful wife. Everything is wonderful. When you are aware of the fact that menstruation can vary so that it can be later than expected and if it should come when you’re having intercourse then you will not be disappointed. When you’re driving and are aware that anything can happen, then when something does happen, you are not disappointed. It’s when you’re unaware that disappointment comes.

Whatever else there is on a planet, there also exists a process of development to keep everything in balance. We have no special purpose but are part of a replanting process; we grow in intelligence to replant ourselves when our planet changes for a different use. One of the mistakes we make is that we are always looking for a purpose when there is no purpose; there is cause and effect which does not deal with purpose. If we think in terms of purpose, we are tempted to look for someone outside ourselves to give us a purpose, and there is no such person. We are relative to all things; biological and physical processes work relative to each other’s need and in this way we are not bothered trying to figure out reason and purpose. Every time we think in terms of purpose, we defeat our “purpose.” We need oxygen producing plants but we defeat our “purpose” by cutting up trees to produce pulp and paper.

One mistake we make is that we want the universe to do something for us. Material for all things is present but if the cause is not there, you won’t have the effect. Materials are there to serve or communicate with cause and effect. You may have water, cement, sand, and gravel—the various materials needed for making cement—but without a cause you won’t have a sidewalk. Each cause and effect has its place. Everything in life is absolute. This is the purpose of understanding the laws of relativity. There is for example an absolute reason for the nipples on a man’s breast.

When you see the laws of cause and effect in everything that you do in life, then progress is automatically there. Do you think carpenters can bargain with nature and say that they want to be carpenters but don’t want to get any calluses? Or when they go for year’s leave can they say they want to keep their calluses so that when they return they’ll be ready? Believe it or not, this is the way people in all walks of life think. When on the other hand we think according to the laws of cause and effect, then learning becomes easy, and when we fail to do this then learning is hard. In fact, this is the meaning of the phrase, “I had to learn the hard way.”

Mathematics and Formulas

Three, five and nine are the only three mathematical numbers. Three is absolute with the universe and pertains to that which is fundamental. Five and nine are outside of the fundamentals. By using these fundamental formulas, you can arrive at the various formulas which you need. Formulas harness the laws of nature. When you know something, then you don’t have to strain and battle.—Thinking naturally takes the hardship out of anything.—The purpose of mathematics is to help us do things with less strain. Continually search for formulas to harness these laws, our only purpose being to get energy. Equations are derived from orderly systems. Calculus is based on the orderly details involved. This order of details must be exact. This order is based on the fundamentals of the principles involved. Calculus is based on reducing the number of figures you deal with. It deals with inter-relative changes. In order to figure something mathematically, you must figure them in order: that is, figure out which comes first, second, third, etc. To find out how many interrelationships there are in the following series, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or any such series, no matter how long, you have only to multiply the last two numbers of the series and divide by 2. To be able to do this requires order in the series or else there will be exceptions. Note that the multiplication of the last two numbers will always be even. There is no patent you can apply for when it comes to a law that deals with the universe. What is patentable is a new formula for the use of the law but not the law itself.

Chapter 6 Morality

Right and Wrong

The mind can be used for many things both good and bad, but the soul says that if you use it for bad, then your body will suffer. If you use it for right, then you have a complete development. How often do we think of having more power in our minds, and then don’t have this power because we want it for the wrong reason. But if you want this power for the right reason, then there is an unlimited amount of power available. Only evil can exist if the mind uses this power for wrong.


Why should we do anything in order to create a better society? Is it because we wish to be humanitarians or martyrs? No! We must do it because the more people that enjoy a good life, the more we will also enjoy a good life. Altruism is a paper mache bridge. Intelligence is void of such thinking. People are still on such a low level of development that they do good deeds and go to Church in the hope of going to heaven. If your society consists of victims, then there cannot be mutual enjoyment. The word “charity” was invented to serve ignorance. Crippled children, for example, need a place in society. Charity takes away the dignity of the human being. It is the same with pity. Neither charity nor pity are natural; neither deals with complete logic. If some person has fallen in the street, then the most logical thing to do is to help them get up. This quality deals with this principle: you can’t live by yourself. This is a natural law of balance: what one planet needs, the others supply. This is not done for an altruistic purpose. When one planet is affected, this offsets the balance of the universe itself. And when we don’t act to help a person in need, then this upsets the balance of the environment. Americans look at things this way: they see order in another country but not in their own and they look for an excuse; they say: “They use force over there.” People will even commit suicide to hold on to such a pride. As long as we continue to hold on to this pride, we will continue to accept excuses for disorder. The Jewish people have a great saying: “The one who is able to hold out their hand to beg, doesn’t need to be pitied. It is the one who has so much pride that they would rather starve than put out their hand that should be pitied.” You can use force on individuals, but you cannot use it on the environment itself. It takes a long time to understand that it is more important to have an orderly society where workers don’t drive to work in Cadillacs27 than it is to have a disorderly society where workers do drive to work in them. If you are going to market any of your creative ideas, make sure they are on the level of today’s environment. If you do this, then success is possible. If, however, your motive is above that level, then don’t feel like you are a failure if you can’t sell things. All this goes under the heading of unnecessary frustrations. Your mind will rest much more if you don’t worry about too many things which are impossible. Anxiety kills people and makes your life short. The more intelligence, the less anxiety. So if you see a person quite happy with nothing, it is either that this person is ignorant or intelligent but not in-between.


What is beautiful is ugly and what is ugly is beautiful. If we want to become like Christ, we have to become so that we know that when we are looking at something bad, we are looking at something good. When we look at a person doing bad, we are actually looking at a person’s disease according to their thinking; they are doing bad because they can’t think right. If you know the cause of a person’s behavior, then the bad disappears. This is what Christ meant when he said to love your neighbor and even your enemy. Everyone has what it takes to know the meaning of all this without explanation, but it is not given correctly and there is so much confusion. When a person does something good, recognize the one good thing that they do. Never mind the bad things because we’re not interested in them. Work with what is good, with reality, with what exists.


One is best prepared to make decisions who can see things at long range. Those who like to live with surprises, live in darkness. When you have a program for your life, then you are an accomplished person. Keep your goal in mind and what you do becomes less tedious. In life you need an interest and a plan to reach those interests. Give yourself a plan for about three years. This plan should be based on moral steps and on socialist principles; it’s called being on the right road. When you’re on the right road, you can make many mistakes during your three-year plan and still wind up successful. On the other hand if you’re on the wrong road (not dealing with the moral steps of socialist principles), then even though you make very few mistakes you will not be successful (1979). In life you need an interest and a plan to reach those interests. Give yourself a plan for about three years. This plan should be based on moral steps and on socialist principles; it’s called being on the right road. When you’re on the right road, you can make many mistakes during your three-year plan and still wind up successful. On the other hand if you’re on the wrong road (not dealing with the moral steps of socialist principles), then even though you make very few mistakes you will not be successful (1979).


That is progressive which can take you out of a present time that you don’t like and put you into one that you do like. Progressive means cultivation of the soil and enjoying its fruits. Intelligence deals with progress without which you stay in one place. Non-progressiveness is like looking at a swamp where there is no circulation.

Never take something from someone unless you can replace it with something better.

The senile mind looks for comfort. The non-senile mind looks for activity. You have the privilege to change things, and this is the solution when you are upset.

Here when progress in quality of life is made, they call it un-American. They make you think that having a nice car and two TV’S and a nice apartment is quality of life, and you’d swear that it was while you torment yourself to pay for these things that are outside your quality of life and that are actually lowering your quality of life. For some people, clothes are actually more important than their bodies. I was never interested in anything outside of me that would become more important than myself. There was a time when I bought a made-to-order suit (when I was working at the World’s Fair) but never again. The key is to balance things out. Try to get the things you need without any worries along with them. This way your body doesn’t create any poisonous chemicals and you don’t get sick. Enjoy what you have. A little cat has more pleasure in life than a Mr. Hearst has.

There are what is known as fundamental steps (such as the protection of the foreign born). When dealing with fundamental steps, you have a chance for the people to be behind you provided you are willing to work with them. A fundamental step is where one cause effects the people as a whole whether it be the farm workers, the Mexican Americans, etc. The People’s World newspaper should carry these absolute steps. It would give the people something to look forward to. Also the paper should tell them how soon they can take these steps.

The importance of one person is only what they can add to what is already known. To live just with what is already known is not progress. Knowing this gives you a purpose; you’re motivated by understanding it. Our textbooks are not based on the principles necessary to understand progress.

A progressive step is one which you make where you don’t go back. When you make a step in life, it must carry momentum; it must lead to progress. When you make some steps involving human dignity, you never go back. Once the majority or common people accomplish what is better than what they had, they never go back; once the people of a society get something good, no canons or guns are powerful enough to keep them from what they need. With all the money and power that the state has, nothing could make the African American people in the south return to sitting in the back of the bus. This was a fundamental step. Accomplishments, regardless of how little they are, can’t have a middle road. It is the intellectual that cannot see the miserable struggle of humanity.

Progress is anything that doesn’t repeat itself, doesn’t figure on a flat rate; as long as you’re activated in the nature of progress, you’ll never get into a rut. Anything non-progressive dies.

Observing a child growing up gives you all the answers, but to do this requires a special interest because of all the work involved such as cleaning things up. What you learn from this observing is that when you grow, you must be satisfied that at all times you’re facing stages of development. This is called the law of progress. We don’t know how to view or to evaluate progress. The first progress is progress in good health. There are many who have ignored their health and made a lot of money and then have spent every dollar on the doctor. This is not progress because you’re not progressing. No matter how difficult things seem, the only way to improve yourself is to go forward. Otherwise self-pity will drive you backwards. The laws of the universe deal with perfection and never going backwards. If it were otherwise, there wouldn’t be a planet in existence, only empty space. No one will ever stop scientific progress because it is a natural process.

There are different forms of progress.

"Nothing” is something. If it wasn’t for “nothing” we wouldn’t have something; we wouldn’t look for something. “We never miss the well until it runs dry.”

When we say that everything changes, we must say they change progressively. This is true whether we deal with a unit like a person or an animal or even a planet. When a planet burns out, a bigger better one takes its place. All this deals with ever higher cycles.

If it’s a plan for progress, then it has to do with everyone in this society and not just with yourself. Don’t let anybody deter you from that plan; they must communicate with you in this plan. A great artist once pondered if he were not entitled to a relationship with a lovely woman. He soon realized, however, that he would have to devote too much time to her. What he would have with the woman would only be between himself and her. But he realized that his art was for the whole world. And when you chose what is right, you do not give up the wrong; the wrong doesn’t exist anymore. For the artist (Leonardo da Vinci), when he chose the art which was right, the woman didn’t exist anymore.

All philosophies are questionable because they don’t deal directly with the fundamental laws of nature. The philosophical saying, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you,” is wrong because it is precisely what you don’t know that will hurt you. Rat feces will eventually hurt you even though you don’t know that this is in your food. I would not be against philosophy if used to lead one to an awareness of nature—it does stimulate thought—but most accept philosophy and go no further. Ideology deals only with the things that are to come in the future without doing anything in the present. Anyone that deals with the future only or with the philosophical aspects of the future only, does not take any steps to take them there. Instead of trying to build ideological bridges to freedom build an intelligent technological bridge to freedom. What we accomplish technologically today must produce results in the future. It is what we have learned from the past, and what we are doing in the present that are the steps that take us into the future. The problem with trying to build some technological bridge to freedom is that while you’re doing something, the state has all the money and it is hiring the best brains to keep up and surpass you. But occasionally the “guns turn around” as for example in Cuba and Russia. This is how powerful the people are.

Working with Nature

Nature has all the answers. We study the details and there is no limit to this study for the details are limitless.

You cannot add one speck to nature, but you can learn from nature how to develop culturally. This is how we got the idea of how to make the submarine from the fish and the flying machine from the bird. Nature does not have to create a thing. It is our mind that creates. Nature changes things from quantities to qualities according to cause and effect. If you can’t understand this just try asking nature to build you a house. Nature supplies all the details for our minds to work with. By using complete logic, we know how to build a house ourselves. Curtis,28 who is just a youngster, offered me a dollar for gasoline. The care I showed him he returned. Nature works like this.

There is nothing unnatural about nature itself, even if something which comes from nature appears to be distasteful. What we have is what we create whether it’s lesbianism, homosexuality, smog, etc. There are many things like smog which we create and then wait for nature to clean up. We expect things from nature when the problem is not with nature but with ourselves. If we understand why nature doesn’t work, then it always works. It’s nature’s philosophy not human philosophy that counts. The human is not a product of nature; it is nature expressing itself.

I explain in this book how short-sighted we can become and how ignorant we can be of all the changes that have taken place on our earth and how, after we have failed to keep up with these changes, we blame God or nature for the consequences. Actually life is the easiest thing to deal with, but people don’t want to deal with it because of all the other things that are included in life such as morality, feelings, etc.


It is the teaching of Marxism and Leninism that helps the people to change things. Marx and Lenin were educators not dictators.

The Communist Party does fundamental things. They are not a leadership group. They are teachers. The primary concern of a closed meeting of the central committee is the next step in the education of the people. Their pamphlets deal with the present. First they expose, and then they tell the people what to do; they not only teach but show the people how to do what they teach, how to improve conditions. They provide inspiration, stimulation. They give the details. They teach by proofs. They show students how to be specific. They show students what suffering is involved in a certain course of action. They provide information. They wake up dormant cells. They continue teaching despite fear. The only reason why our teachers will not teach in a quality to make impressions is because it takes too much energy to do so. Very few people put out energy. Today we don’t have any teachers. You might say well isn’t it my job to teach someone else, but when you know what you want to know, then someone else will have to do what you did, and they will be looking for someone to tell them.

Teaching has nothing to do with possessing something but with expression. Possessing is not in the fourth dimension. Christ didn’t take money for his teaching. He was a carpenter.

The first thing a teacher learns is how to teach without insulting a child. How long would a teacher last if they tell children that they are stupid.


Discipline should only be used to carry out perfection; it should not be used in any other way. If you use discipline to conform to a certain environment, it will make you sick. If you could see Beethoven’s studio, you would find that it was the most undisciplined environment you could find. Still he was one of the highest perfectionists known.


We have problems every day dealing with life. We will know the answers to these problems when we understand what quality of life means. Quality is like a coffee pot made of Pyrex. If you take two coffee pots, one made out of Pyrex and the other made out of plain glass, both will have the capacity to hold the water and the coffee grains, but as soon as you apply heat and try to make coffee, only the Pyrex pot will work. A pair of scissors made of tool steel (tempered steel) can cut other steel which is not tool steel (something of lower quality). Also a particular quality of steel cannot cut steel of the same quality if it is of the same gage or thickness. To acquire quality requires perseverance, determination, and patience.


Every once in a while when we are dealing with superficial values we take off our mask. Every society has a number of sincere people. These people have certain moral obligations. They believe in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the human race. These will be the ones who will bring in from other countries what is good for our society. There are two scientists in America who worked on the anti-polio vaccine: Dr. Salk and Dr. Sabin. The Salk vaccine was derived from a diseased monkey’s kidneys. It was therefore dead bacteria. The state adapted this method. Money-wise it was suited for it. But any child that had the vaccine automatically became a polio virus carrier. Others were therefore forced to take the vaccine because of the carriers who had already received the vaccine. At the same time the other scientist Dr. Sabin knew that this was wrong. He proved that his vaccine, which was taken orally on a teaspoon with sugar, was a live bacteria and not a dead one. The difference being that the one who had the dead-bacteria vaccine became a polio virus carrier, and the one who took the live-bacteria vaccine of Dr. Sabin did not become a virus carrier. This whole debate was aired on television. In spite of the fact that Dr. Sabin was able to prove that 7% of the children with the Salk vaccine developed leukemia (cancer of the blood), it was argued that this was better because of the threat thousands of children becoming crippled from polio. After the debate, Russia invited Dr. Sabin to their country and all Russia’s children were immunized with the Sabin vaccine. It was then, because of the sincere people (which are present in all societies) that the vaccine was brought back to America. The moral of this true story is that when the people of a society find what is good for them to improve their lives, then armies and guns cannot hold them back from what they need. Develop sincerity.

Collective Leadership

The purpose of the central committee is to bring about a moral solution to a problem of a society.

What is collective thinking and why is it good for the people? One person, no matter how intelligent they may be, cannot think for all. Whereas one person could not handle thousands of problems, a central committee can; a central committee thinks together. All of these things are accomplished with complete logic. How did ancient civilizations move such heavy weights? They had several thousands of people holding hands around this object and it moved by itself just like at a séance where they can make a table rise up by holding hands. Ten thousand people can move up to 10 tons. We have learned not to work together and by ourselves we are helpless.29

If a thousand people are looking for an answer, and they decide on the same answer then this carries a power. Einstein didn’t know how to put together the flying machine, but those who tried did.

There is nothing wrong with a committee as long as it is for the benefit of the people. When we arrive at that stage where we produce for society and get back from it what we need, then we will not need committees. Until this time, however, we will need them.

To understand a particular subject, you must understand its basic principles. Only these basic principles will yield all the answers. To understand socialism, you must know its basic principles. Collective leadership is a basic principle of socialism. Collective leadership is composed of a central committee which operates for the benefit of all (in other words: the people get what they produce). This central committee gives assignments to people according to their abilities.

You don’t use politics for your own use, but for your environment. For their own people, the communists use a collective order of working which is accomplished by collective thinking. Collective thinking is nothing new. Our own government is based on collective thinking. The true purpose of collective thinking is not to create an individual cult. If you picture a pyramid with the supreme court at the top, then the senate, and the representatives at the bottom, you can see how the largest amount holds up the rest. If it was the other way around, it would topple. If you were to build something you would put the many on the bottom and the least on top; individuals hold their own importance but we can’t mix things up. This means that 200 can support 100. And these 100 can support 9.

Socialism is based on collective thinking. Here is an example. You are an inventor and you invent something which will cut the working day in half (say to 4 hours). You go to the central committee and say that you want to start right away. But they tell you to devise something for the people so they will have something to occupy that extra four hours. There is a development required to learn how to use leisure time constructively. Individuals specialize in their own field. Collective thinking is when they bring in all specialists together. Here this collective thinking doesn’t exist because there is no room for it. Here, the more destructive people are the more profit there is for the system. Under socialism, it’s just the opposite.

To get something done in your community, you should go to the central committee of the Communist party. The executive secretary will tell you what is being done about each item. They will show you how to overcome your problems. Castro showed the people what to do. He did not start preaching dialectical materialism. The purpose of the Communist party is to teach people how to do things. Its purpose is not to teach Communism. When the Czar made a census in Russia, he went to the muzhiks (the peasants) and asked them if they were Second Internationalists or Third Internationalists. They said: “Whatever Lenin is, that’s what we are.” Lenin showed the people how to keep more of their grain rather than give it to the czar.

Communist Party

How can you change your environment? There is only one answer: Join the Communist Party. There are many branches which try to create good in reaction to the bad, but only the communist party goes along with the laws of nature or complete logic. The Communist Party is not an underground movement because it work with the people. The only exception to this might be in prerevolutionary times.

The first problem Christ mentioned to the people were the money changers. As perfect as Christ was, he got mad at them. (There is your imperfection of that 100%.) Christ was the number one enemy of the establishment. The Communist party is the number one enemy of any establishment if it is wrong. This is why there is no Daily Worker newspaper on the street corners whereas you will find the socialist party’s newspaper. Building a better order is not so easy; you must expect to be interrupted continually in many ways.

Not unless the environment fits in with the language of the cells can you accomplish good medicine. We see many wrong things about us, and we don’t know where to start. Dialectical materialism points to one thing, not many. When we look at so many wrong things we become confused, actually insane. This is why mental institutions are so filled up. Dialectical materialism points to sanity. Using it you become sane.30 It deals with the “system” which must be changed, and this is where the Communist Party comes in. The central committee of the communist party applies collective thinking. The first order of things is educating people. Then comes activity and then comes the results. All this is a natural: nature produces the thinker and the worker. Nature is the central law of the universe or what people call God. But “God” we are told is up there pulling strings.

The communist party here in the U.S.A does fundamental things like giving the soldiers pamphlets which told of the suffering of the Russian people before they went overseas with the English and German and other forces to upset the Russian revolution.


What makes you a good member of the communist party? The main thing is to be able to understand natural communication among people. You’re always an individual and you are involved with what all the other individuals are involved with. This is what makes you a good member of the communist party. It all comes down to this: How do we go about perfecting a higher quality of life in ourselves.

Communists excel in readiness and patience. They are compassionate; they give the people a chance to develop.

To be a communist is a development. This development goes on within you. Its essence is the ability to realize what’s right and wrong.

When Christ looked at people, he could see their diseases and also their misbehavior because of the wrong ideas about God which they had been given. The only bad that exists is the bad that makes it bad. When you find out what makes things bad, that’s when you bring Christ up to date. Lenin’s wife said that Lenin never advised punishment for anyone. No matter what behavior he saw, he would say: “Look and what czarism does to people.” It’s very hard for American people to see what nature wants whereas in China it’s natural to care for your neighbor. If you do this here, they think you are a screwball. We must be aware that we are emotionally involved or concerned with feelings. If I had the power to destroy capitalism now, it wouldn’t do any good; this must be done with the people. A revolutionary must have patience. You can do all the reasoning you want, but if it doesn’t tie in with everything else, it isn’t good. This is why you get those few who don’t want to tie in with everything else. For example, take the ballet dancers, artists and writers who have left the Soviet Union. Here they give them the freedom to do what they want, regardless of all the other things.

Chapter 7 Choosing the Truth

Forms of Truth

The main thing about truth is to be able to recognize it in its changing forms.

Humor can be applied to realize the truth; it deals more with the truth than with the lie. The difference between an exhibitionist and a comedian is that while the exhibitionist laughs at their own jokes, the comedian waits.

Any new idea is primitive. Today’s technology has primitive ideas about energy.

Getting Along With Others

If you can’t make something better, at least don’t make it worse by arguing. People fight with others only because they fail to understand. Say you marry a person and then find out that they happen to have qualities you didn’t know about which you do not like. If you don’t fight these qualities, nature will supply you with a way out. This is the way nature works. As long as you’re mad, your mate does not have a chance to improve nor do you. Others can see themselves only when you do not get mad.

There is an absolute reason why a person is mean, nothing that we see in people is there by coincidence. When a person has pain or any kind of a hardship, then that person becomes mean. There is no individual completely without pain or some emotional discomfort. It is useless to find fault with people unless you are definitely aware of what is bothering them. Unless you can get rid of that person’s cause for being mean, then you have no reason to hate that person. This is an essential part of the training in eliminating dislikes. And don’t expect to accomplish this overnight. If you want to become a weight lifter, you must exercise every day. If you want to be a concert pianist you must practice at least 8 hours a day. To become a ballerina requires from 12 to 15 years of training. All achievements, in whatever field, require a strong consciousness, and when you sleep, this cannot happen.

No matter what person you meet, just pay attention to their self-nature and not to what that person knows. When using this exercise, you will never hate anyone. It is our lack of awareness of the other person’s beautiful self-nature that makes us regard a person as ugly. It is like a beautiful woman wearing poor and ill-fitting clothes. As long as we are aware of the other person’s beautiful self-nature, we would not hate them.

If somebody does not agree with you, then you have to train yourself to know how to handle this. The basics involve this: you must be sure that you’re right. This is your argument. Since this is the case, give yourself all the time in the world to know that you’re correct. If you do take this stand (that you ‘are going to take all the time necessary to make sure that you are right and not just think you’re right), then these things will not affect your central nervous system. This will not work right away because a development is required. Meanwhile, you have to take this stand: I am going to take my good old time and figure these things out. This will work but you must be complete in your study. In between times, even if you know what to do, you will still get upset until that development comes.

The natural human being you might think to be stupid; you take something from them and they don’t become violent.

Don’t Fight the Devil!

Don’t resist what is evil. If you have to resist temptation, then don’t bother fighting it; it’s already there. If you have to deny yourself things, this is bad; you might as well do what you want to do. When you already have a development that knows what is good, then you don’t have to worry about whether or not to do the bad.

Don’t try change the thing you fear; eliminate the conditions that create fear—never fight directly with the devil but create good conditions so that the devil has no way to work. This applies to the immoral state. Don’t fight it. Make the people aware of what it does to them. Build up something better than capitalism so that it can no longer exist. This “something better” deals with problems which pertain to all of the people. This kind of thinking keeps you healthy. A natural attitude is the downfall of the immoral society.

Environment influences a person’s behavior. When the environment is bad, people cease to communicate with one another and ignore their own value. My wife—who could not even draw a straight line—after just 10 lessons won a prize for her art work. She now thinks that much more of herself. When children misbehave, don’t focus on their misbehavior; the first thing to do is to create a natural environment for them. When you come into a clean house you naturally wipe your feet before entering, but if you walk into a dirty house, this is not apt to happen.

Revolutionaries analyze society to find what makes people act unnaturally, and when they find the causes, they set out to change them. Do this as well and you will find yourself hating less and able to see things in perspective. Blame the conditions that cause the superficial state of the conscious mind, not its superficial state. It is the preachers who tell you to love your neighbor and forget about the conditions of the environment. But unless you get at the conditions that create the ugliness of the conscious state, you will continually be hating yourself and those around you; all the preaching about loving your neighbor as yourself will not do any good until you get at the conditions that cause the ugliness. In our society, we actually try to kill consciousness itself, just like we try to kill the roach. In most cases we blame the ugliness of the roach in the house until we finally get around to attacking the conditions that cause them.

Always think in terms of the majority of the people and straighten things out for them. When you straighten things out for the majority, then the ruling class is also straightened out. Whatever creates the ruling class is always the small minority. It was an error when Christ said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” You don’t play with the devil and then go to God for forgiveness. I don’t fight with the state. I don’t use their methods. It’s like trying to fight fire with fire. I do not compete with crooks, and the state is the biggest of crooks.

If you try to “outthink” the state, do so for a moral reason. It’s like the story of the shepherd boy who wrote down all those numbers for the king when the boy was asked to tell the number of all the stars. If the state is morally right, however, then I cannot give it such an answer. Give them (the immoral state) no way to contradict you! Ah! But how easy it is to talk with a person of truth! If you are forced to cope with people, talk their language. If I am forced to work with a crook, then I’ll lie and steal to protect myself. In an honest set-up, I don’t have to lie.

Reality vs. Fantasy/Illusion

Our ruling class gives us 90% fantasy and only 10% reality. Fantasy is something that’s unreal. When you’re hungry, fantasy clearly cannot satisfy your need. When, however, you’re dealing with sex, the situation is not so clear. The principle here is that you can only take so much of a real thing at one time, but of unreal things you can never get enough. You can only eat so much bread or have intercourse for such a length of time, but with fantasy you never get enough. Fantasy is the shortest-lived enjoyment of unreal things.

According to Buddha, anything illusory is unnatural. An illusion is when you don’t have a direct cause why something must be there. Rid yourself of illusions day by day. Cleanse your minds. Fantasies are illusions. The more fantasies you have the dirtier the mind is and the less room there is for the truth. When you’re looking at a beautiful person, think if you could still love them when they’re 70 or 80 years old and full of wrinkles. Thoughts like these clean your mind. Another such thought is: All the presidents, who have honored the meaning of the presidency of this country, have died in office.

Do not try to measure anything during the existence of an illusion; it’s like trying to measure distant railroad tracks that seem to come together. To measure something correctly, eliminate all illusions. But an illusion is something; it does exist. Not that the railroad tracks do change and come closer together, but that your goal must not be to eliminate something (for you might eliminate the wrong things) but to apply reality, and when you apply reality, that’s when you eliminate the illusion.

See people as they really are. If you see a hole and you know how deep it is, then you know what to do. You have reality when you know what you’re doing, when you understand the whole thing or know all the details concerning it. Reality is the truth. You would be surprised how much illusion is involved when men look at pretty women.

When people are unreal, they do not have the state of mind to recognize what is real. Even if Christ were brought back for these people, he would be regarded as a faker; regardless of what you show them, the unreal mind cannot accept such things.

When you’re dealing with reality, all your chemical reactions are real; they belong there. But when you get a chemical reaction from a fantasy, you get a chemical reaction to look for the closest thing to make it real, and because you got this reaction from a fantasy, it will never fail to block out complete logic. You might continue doing this, but then comes the contradiction that comes from blocking out logic. Afterwards you get a guilt feeling and you continue to accumulate these guilt feelings. Eventually all these guilts become one big contradiction against yourself which you cannot cope with. Most people, however, come out of this OK, but the rest go insane.

Reality is something very few have, but when they do have it, they will stand up for it and others will respect this.

Coping with Reality

It’s very hard for a person to be real because they make excuses for their weaknesses and unreality. When realities become hard to cope with, people become fatalistic. They say that whatever is going to happen will happen anyway.

Until you learn to cope with yourself, then you can’t cope with anything outside yourself (in other words, your environment).

There are many magic carpet programs to fly away from reality. The only program, however, that gives a person reality is historical dialectical materialism. Just because you have a profession does not mean that you have the intelligence to cope with the realities of life.

To face reality requires you to do the things you like to do which are naturally constructive. Coping with realities is a very natural thing to do so. Never postpone reality. Try to face every bit of it. You cope with reality by paying the price.

When you’re not actually grappling with reality, then it’s hard to realize that anything else exists.

The foundation of insanity deals 100% with unreality. The only cure and practice is to accept what is real or in other words to reject anything that is not real. If you see a pretty woman or handsome man on the street and are aroused, this is a healthy reaction. If you cannot have this person, then do not settle for anything else that is unreal even if you must go to a prostitute. (If I were to open up a whorehouse in this society, I would be more moral than those who open churches; I would at least supply an answer to people’s problems.)

Having the real thing causes you to be healthy in mind and body. There are many who settle for unreal things. There are instances where we are forced to accept what is real such as working to pay the rent and buy baby food. But with such things as pornography we are not forced. Pornography is a racket which tries to sell sexual intercourse by proxy. It’s nice to look at but that’s it. Anything else would be unreal even to wish to have what you look at. Capitalism specializes in hanging beautiful things in front of people (a beautiful home, for example) and saying: “Isn’t capitalism beautiful? Someday you’ll get this.”

There was a man cured of masturbation by showing him how a woman gives birth to a baby. This is reality—eliminating anything that is superficial or unreal. Unreality is settling for something unreal. For the man who masturbates, it is settling for not having the woman. If you are hungry, would you settle for anything else but food? No, because you know definitely that this is not the answer. But in the case of masturbation, the sympathetic nervous system produces a chemical just for the purpose to make you agree with masturbation or with what is unreal. Only by realities are we developed. The idea is to get IT whatever IT is that you want. Without IT, there is regression. There is regression in masturbation because we don’t get someone of the opposite sex. It’s the same thing as being hungry and thinking that a beautiful picture of a steak will satisfy us. But looking at a picture of food will not drive us backwards because there’s no way to degenerate ourselves over it. The most we might do would be to get a hot dog or something else. But still nothing is degenerated.

Human beings are in a very bad shape because of a lack of reality, but you cannot blame them because the churches and schools have molded them. If a person has not developed themselves to go out and find a real person, then they become a victim of pornography which is both an escape and a self-punishment. There was once a family which had the custom that the children would bring home their paychecks. Their parents would save the money for them and use it to help with the family expenses. But the mother would always give five dollars to the son and tell him that this was for him to go out and get a nice girl. The parents who lived next door were disgusted with this, but their young son, who had acne problems, came out and said that he had to masturbate. His parents learned a lesson from this.

We waste our time looking for everything except the things which are important; it’s like concerning ourselves with the hole in the donut and not with the donut itself. Most people concern themselves with details which are unimportant. I don’t need a red garter to excite me. It’s the woman herself that is important. To be able to recognize this requires a development. Even if I could, however, I would not take these superficial things away from people. This is their fun.

Only adults can cope with reality. Children learn to deal with it step by step.


No adult is completely real; they have a certain amount of imagination which they enjoy having so long as it doesn’t interfere with their real activities. In Russia the idea is that what you do must not interfere with other people. That’s why it is less difficult to cure people there. Are imaginations wrong? All our accomplishments started with imaginations. What made these accomplishments possible was that after imagination came the effort to make it real—no more imagining. This is the difference between a child and an adult. A child has many imaginations. As the child grows up, it replaces the imaginations with real things. This is healthy development. Parents allow children to imagine all they want while reminding them that someday what they imagine will be real. But the child also has bad imaginations and as they grow up they know enough to throw out these bad imaginations. The good ones they turn into reality. This is why it is important to have good parents.

The imagination is useful, but it has its do’s and don’ts. All forms of imagination can be good only when we think in terms of connecting them with reality. A child’s imagination is not connected with reality. The child is not concerned with reality and doesn’t know enough to connect imagination with reality. This is why an adolescent girl can imagine herself being in love with a 60 year old man.

How do you determine what is normal? The difference between being normal and not normal can be shown by this example. Say you bet on a horse and as the race progresses you start hollering “Come on! Come on!” The jockey can’t hear you. This is not normal. It is the chain reaction of insecurity which makes us look for a substitute for security which does not exist, which makes us continually look for an unreal solution to give us reality. This is where disappointment comes in; we get no reality. Reality itself looks for real solutions.

We must achieve a correctness of greater than 50% in our consciousness. However, only the dead are 100% correct. If you want any results in life at all, you must be dealing with real things not imaginations. You must grapple with reality itself; wishful thinking itself will not do it. We do not develop awareness from fiction. Fiction is an imagination. We are aware that it is not real. Anything that is unreal is unprofitable.

Accepting Truth

All the breakthroughs which scientists have made happened because they allowed their less-than-l% to integrate with the 100% of nature. This integration comes from an awareness which enables us to accept the truths of nature. A good example of this integration happens when we eat. Although we don’t know how nature breaks down the food we eat to give us life, we accept that nature can do this because it is a matter of life and death. There are many other subjects in nature such as this which we do not accept. When a human being has cancer, for example, it is only 1 in 50,000 who accept that nature can cure it. The rest will not integrate their logic with what nature can do with that disease.

A psychiatrist can help a person by giving them an injection of sodium penethol, commonly known as the truth serum. They do this to obtain 100% accuracy from the subconscious. Patients need the psychiatrist to get the truth because they do not want to align themselves with the truth and are aware of this. After they are brought out from the influence of this injection (or alternately from a hypnotic trance), then the doctor can tell the patient what it is that’s bothering them. Many times if not most of the time, the patient gets mad at the doctor, but little by little they accept the truth about themselves.

Truth and Change

Seeking the truth is an endless effort; you just become more and more perfect. The reason why it never ends is because motion creates change and everything is in motion. Change compels you to move to suit that change. The mixed-up pseudo-intellectual observes this and says, “What was the truth yesterday is not today.” This is not so. What was the truth yesterday suited yesterday. The truth today is a new truth that suits today according to change.

Change calls for different thinking, demands that we recognize what has changed. To be blocked is unnatural; we have to be open. A bridge yesterday may have been safe, but today it may not be; it may need new rivets. Time changes everything, and we can be free only when we embrace the truth. Success is awareness of the truth and pursuit of it. All that you need is desire and interest in the truth and it works automatically. Scientists look for truth by discovering the facts, and if you look back in history, the most difficult answers were found by means of desire for the truth and interest in it.

Truth automatically accomplishes peace with yourself based on what level of peace you have with yourself.

Being Specific

When we speak of the truth, it must always be in reference to some particular subject to which we wish to apply it.

Natural Law of Universe

Anything that deals with natural law of the universe is called the truth.

The truth lives forever. You cannot destroy it for it is part of the universe.

Preciseness deals with eliminating contradictions. When you prove something, no one can contradict you. Your proof must deal with the laws of the universe. Otherwise you’re just dealing with a person’s opinion.

Kinds of Truth

Once you are aware of the truth, you should know that the truth deals with two things: how to do things and absolutes. One kind of truth is changeable and subject to conditions, and the other is absolute and universal. One represents the observable and the other the fundamental laws.

Applying Truth

The only reason why so few want the truth is because the truth carries a responsibility in order to conceive it. To conceive it means that you’re actually carrying out that truth; once you apply your thinking to the truth, then responsibility becomes evident. Truth calls for action and after you take action then there is a chain of reactions. When you live with a lie, the reaction is that you will need many lies to support it until all lies are exhausted.

When you give the natural law as your answer, it cannot be challenged even if someone would like to challenge it. It’s just like if I drop something and you try to challenge me that it will go in another direction than down. But instead of going with the natural law, we fight it. Why? Because whenever you face the truth, it always calls for action; it never fails. To apply the truth requires action and effort so we find ways to escape action and effort; we take the path of least resistance. We accept the lie because the lie does not call for action or effort. As we develop, little by little we accept the truth. This is the nature of human development. At least this explains why and how and this makes us clear.

When you’re dealing with nature, everyone wants to see God but after you show them God they don’t want anything to do with It because truth demands equal recognition from the self. Liars don’t want the truth and the truth does not want them. The only way you can communicate with the truth is to recognize it with equal value.

There is no such thing as knowing the truth to all subjects. Even if we could live for 5 million years, we could not know how to apply the truth to all things because there is no limit to levels of perfection.

The question, What is truth? was the biggest mistake. We should realize that truth exists only when it can be completely proven pertaining to a particular subject. It took 2,000 years for people to understand that when you drop a big rock and a small rock together that they both will land at the same moment. Pertaining to that subject, this is complete truth. You can only apply the truth to one subject at a time. The truth to a shoemaker is fitting a pair of shoes to all specifications. For a physicist it is to accomplish a higher mathematical formula. For a surgeon it is to operate with less error. So when we speak about the truth, it must always refer to some subject to which we wish to apply it.

Very few realize that even now we can apply only less than 1% of the truth of our universe. We have many false prophets getting on platforms talking about truths.


Philosophy by itself is useless, dead.

Whole Truth

When we know the whole truth about something (like the truth about the element chromium), then this never changes; the truth about this will never cease to exist. There are things like death and taxes which our limited knowledge makes us accept as truth. But when we understand socialism, then taxes are eliminated, and when we understand the truth, so also is death.

But even though we know something without knowing all its details (like with the atom), we can still use this knowledge as a step of progress. The reason why it’s hard to accept the truth even after it has been proven is because we want to know completely how it works. The body can make blood from bread and water and yet we do not stop eating because we do not know how and why. To know all the details about how the body can do this, we must first integrate biology and physics. This will give us the first clear view of the universe.


The only time you lie to yourself and to others is when you refuse to cope with realities.

If 100% order did not exist, there would be chaos because one mistake calls for another, and there would follow regression and destruction. This is part of the human situation. It requires two lies to cover up one lie and four lies to cover up two lies. Sooner or later it must catch up to us; we cease being productive because we are so busy covering up lies. First we do it to ourselves, then we do it to others. When we hurt ourselves, that is one thing. But soon there is a vicious circle, and many others get hurt by these lies. Why is it that the individuals who first lie to themselves end up lying to someone else? The reason is that they become so weighted down with lies that they have to unload them on someone else. But sooner or later the people ask why they should take all these lies and they give them back. This is when the individual who started it breaks down and goes to a mental institution.

We want one thing, but what is the chain reaction of things that comes from this one thing? This chain reaction is the important factor. We have to understand how to look at a chain reaction, how it works. If we are aware of how lies accumulate and the chain reaction that comes out of this, we don’t become habitual liars. This is not just when we lie to someone else but also includes lying to ourselves.

If you ignore the truth, then even a dumb animal can show you up.

The truth is contradicted many more times than the lie. If it wasn’t for the lies, we wouldn’t even know what the truth is.

The truth is always taken for granted. We are not even aware that it is the conscious state that must distinguish between the truth and the lie.

I would never lie unless a liar wants me to lie and I’m at the mercy of a liar. It’s under what condition you are; this is where the truth comes in. This is what they don’t teach you here.

An honest person is often thought to be a fool. It depends where you are. If you are going to undertake practicing the truth in a society which practices lies, then you are going to have to be aware of the consequences; if you are honest in a capitalist society, then you can be taken for a fool.

In a capitalist society, the lie has all the trimmings of the truth. The beginning of a lie glitters and looks like a million dollars, but the beginning of the truth is so hard and ugly that often people give their lives in building it up. Hitler, when he began his lie had practically 40 million people ready to join him. The way a lie woks is like beginning with $1,000.00 and onwards to no limit. This is why the lie at first looks so good. But when you start with a lie, you must continually lie to cover up the first lie, and so you run out of lies. Everything falls because there is no foundation. It’s like the example of trying to fit the 13 men into the 12 rooms which we talked about.31

The difference between the truth and a lie is that the lie dies before it can hope to become a monument. No monument was ever based on a lie. There is a statue of Karl Marx in the middle of London Square and there are statues of Lenin, but there are not any of Stalin.

The reason why we like to think that there are limits in the universe is to satisfy our lies.

A person that commits any crime is in fact insane. The only crime that exists is to contradict the truth. To be correct, our right is not to contradict the truth but to contradict the lie. In other countries they do not allow you to contradict the truth because they know it will make you sick. Truth is life.

Truth Exposes the Lie

The truth is a hell of a thing. With it even the biggest of crooks becomes the weakest.

The truth is stranger than fiction because it is always original; it doesn’t repeat itself. The truth makes a fool out of fiction.

John the Baptist exposed Salome and Herod; they were of no special importance to him.


Anybody who is real or who does real things, is going to get crucified because they reveal what a bunch of phonies the politicians really are.

Inhumanity is a terrible thing. It is disguised in churches all over the world. If you want to preach the truth, it means you are going to the front lines of the battle.

The reason why the crucifixion took place was because the people could not distinguish between what the Rabbis and Pharisees were saying and what Christ was saying. Even his own disciples misinterpreted what Christ did. Before Christ raised Lazarus, he prayed to God. Then he raised him. But everyone said it was Christ who brought Lazarus back to life when in fact Christ did this with the power of God. This is why they crucified Christ they misinterpreted his actions.


We must do everything we can to attain a natural resiliency of the brain. When you accomplish this, you never have to compromise with what is not right. The great majority are crystallized in their way of thinking so that there is no resiliency at all. Intellectuals refuse to leave their level of development. When they hear something, they want to prove it to suit their own level of development. Most young people, however, are still flexible.

Humor and Entertainment

There are two kinds of laughs; one comes from pure natural enjoyment and the other from an hysterical situation.

Anything that is stupid is humorous. There is no humor in the truth. Humor is part of entertainment. Magicians entertain you and make you laugh only because you do not know how they do it. Once you know how it is done, then there is no humor or entertainment. People honor humor because the truth requires people to think and few people want to think. Unwillingness to think is still for humans the path of least resistance. There isn’t one in a thousand who can associate themselves completely with the truth.

Middle Road

The shortcomings of human beings today is due to the middle road. It is something we have manufactured. It is neither right nor wrong and because of this yields no progress. According to the central law, there is no middle road.

Whenever you look for an answer, there will not be two or more; there will only be one correct answer. Truth deals with only one choosing; either IT is the truth or IT is not the truth. If I tell you that you have three different ways to choose for the truth, this would be a lie. There is only one true concept of religion, for example. This state gives you many ways to choose which are untrue. What good will they you!

When that middle road is removed, you must decide between the good and the bad. The reason why religion was never an answer is because it deals with charity which is a middle road.


The more educated you become, the more that less-than-l% wants to make decisions about living matter. But this must not be; it must remain neutral—no dual thinking.

The answer you are still looking for is not really an answer; it does not make sense because if it did make sense, you would not still be looking for it.

You cannot compromise when you face the truth so don’t be disappointed with the problems that this brings. Actually the only time you lie to yourself and others is when you refuse to cope with realities.

There are many forms of compromise. One way is going to church and asking God to forgive you; you pray that you can escape reality—you look for a miracle. You don’t want to look at what you did.

Many a person has been called a joy-killer for teaching the truth. When you go before a judge and are asked for the whole truth, this means that wherever the truth is applied, there can be no compromise. To most people, evading the truth means having a lot of fun. I doubt that one person in a hundred could have fun dealing with the truth because this kind of fun is everlasting. Having fun without the truth is the most short-lived thing there is.

If you are afraid of labels, then you will never write the truth. Don’t expect all people to appreciate what you are doing or you will never do anything.


Most people if they are presented with the truth will not accept it. Successful writers know this, and they supply their readers with a means of escape from reality.

People don’t want to be reminded of their present, so they look for escape.

False Prophets

We have many false prophets getting on platforms talking about truths.


Ordinarily the subconscious talks to you 24 hours a day. Sometimes you accept what it says and sometimes you don’t. The things you don’t accept stay in the subconscious until you accumulate so much, and then the result is some kind of mental disorder. The things you accept make more room for new things. The more you accept, the less storage in the subconscious and you feel free. The truth never bothers you except when you don’t want to hear any of it. This is why you have to go to the subconscious with truth serum or something like that to get the truth which you will not accept. When you do accept the truth, you become enlightened and feel better.

Airwaves can carry incorrect information. Those who are incorrect pick up this information—“The shoe fits.” How do you know whether you have gotten the right information or not? When you carry out the information, this will show you; when you get information and you feel good about it, then it’s the right thing to do, and if you feel bad about it then it’s wrong.

The central nervous system is the medium or referee between the conscious and the subconscious.

Chapter 8 Training

Development Requires Training

There are many different planes of development. I was once sitting in jail and wanted to go home. I worked on the jailer for about an hour and finally he came to me and said: “Do you want to go home?” “Yes,” I said. “Well then go get your stuff,” he said. This is a plane of development. When I lift that 80 lb weight, I am not physically developed to do it. I do it with the other development; I know I can do it. If I had the same sureness with 400 lbs, I could lift that, but this requires a training


When you do not recognize that a contradiction is against you, you are not facing up to it. An exercise that can help you to face up to individual contradictions is to EVALUATE what you have done up to now and how you have gained from it. In this way, when you decline or lose in a particular development, you can remember what you had before and now have lost.

Orderly Thinking

Orderly thinking is the most important exercise of all. It lessens the ugliness of the conscious state. When the conscious state is orderly, it is beautiful; it carries out the orders of the subconscious state. Orderly thinking is when we—eventually—do something about conditions. This kind of thinking is an exercise that works because it is one of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Deal with Self-Nature

Put yourself in the hands of your self-nature; find every means and way of not going against it. When you get up in the morning, say to yourself: 1) Whatever I see that is ugly, I know that it is not the self-nature that is ugly; 2) Whatever it is that I hate, it is not the self-nature and is, in fact, nothing; 3) anything that tries to hurt my feelings can only hurt me if I allow it to, and if anyone does hurt my feelings, it is absolutely not part of their self-nature that does this.

The mechanical way to contact your self-nature is to remove all opposites from your thinking, anything of a dual nature. This is based on the law of animated suspense. When you rest, let go of everything or there will always be a pull on you and you’ll wonder where the strain comes from. Every time you do something against yourself, you have that much less energy. This is automatic and has to do with energy.

Suspended Animation

The nearer a person gets to a condition of not letting go, the nearer they get to a nervous breakdown. This has to do with the law of animated suspense. Changing one’s state of perfection is not just the ability to make your own shelter or house; even the badger will dig a hole in the ground. To change your state of perfection you need the ability to eliminate time and space.

There is a saying that you must be “born again.” The problem is how do you rid yourself of the old ideas, feelings, etc. They just don’t go away; you must replace them. As soon as you acknowledge the new, then the old is discarded. We are dealing with ourselves in the way of capacity, and this capacity is limited. There is so much there of the old. If you don’t think like this, then you are afraid to treat yourself better.

There are three kinds of communication: one is with the conscious state; another is with the subconscious (hypnosis); and the third kind—which has never been spoken about and which is what Christ accomplished—was communication with the neurogastric center.32 To effect this third type of communication, requires the ability to bring about a partial state of animated suspense in others, but to do this with another you must first be able to do it with yourself.

What I do in the letting-go exercise or in animated suspense is to practice eliminating interference to the neurogastric center by the conscious state. All of this practicing is just like developing a muscle; the more you do it, the better you get at it. Buddha tried to teach this in his time with some success, but nowadays there is so much interference that his system is practically useless. Whatever concept you use to create this animated suspense—whether it be through a Katherine Cullman or some church—its essence remains the same.

To do the letting-go exercise, you must visualize the neurogastric center which is right at your navel. It is called 100% perfect order which is life or living matter. The baby receives neurogastric energy thru its mother’s navel. When the umbilical cord is cut, right away the baby begins to receive energy thru its own navel. In the interim, there is death. In the interim, there is no time and space; our involuntary system does not pertain to time and space. When we move a finger, billions of messages must be formed. When you think about this, it brings your conscious ego down to where it belongs.

To do the letting-go spontaneous remission, you must have no interference by the conscious state. The conscious state is subject to thinking in terms of physical matter and must cope with time and space. The neurogastric center is there to maintain life, and it can only do this without time and space. The more the consciousness is aware of the neurogastric center, the less it interferes with what the neurogastric center must do with life.33 One might be a great physicist, but to the extent they are not aware of the processes of life, to that extent there will be interference or a pulling apart between the conscious state (which is always oriented in terms of time and space) and the neurogastric center.

We can explain what a partial state of animated suspense is, but one cannot explain the letting-go exercise itself, the method which can be used to attain a complete state of suspended animation. The reason for this is that it (the explanation) cannot come up to the level required to explain it. Furthermore, I want to show people how to filter their thinking in order to accomplish a spontaneous remission, but you cannot show a person how to experience a spontaneous remission for some incurable disease if they have not faced death.

Awareness of Superficiality

In order to develop, you should have the least amount of superficial things. Here is an exercise which creates space in the brain, which purifies our thoughts. Be aware of what is superficial and what is not. Practice this every day. Here is a good example of this kind of training. Consider the love you have for your mother. You love your mother and not the clothes she wears, her makeup, etc. The more you practice such thinking, the better you become at seeing the whole and not just one detail or at distinguishing between the essential and the superficial. It is the fool who looks at one item while neglecting to see the whole.

Paying Attention to Perfection, not Behavior

Few realize that every human being is perfect and that their behavior is the result of their conditions or environment. Practice this: no matter what you see that is ugly about a human being, pay attention to their blueprint of perfection and not their behavior. It’s a mistake to evaluate humans by the ugly things you see in them. Such things are just the result of their conscious state which is continually disturbed by the conditions of the environment in which they live. These disturbances just keep eating away at that perfection until it is destroyed. A society without order creates all this ugliness, but history shows that people eventually change this state of things.

Not Getting Mad

Not getting mad requires training. Before getting mad at someone, we first have to “get inside” that person and find out what it is inside them that makes us mad. And while we were “inside,” we would also have to know what history led that person up to the point where we want to be mad at them. To actually do this would be impossible. This training requires that we realize what effect the environment has on ourselves and others. If a person catches a cold and then starts sneezing and spreading germs so that others begin catching it, we realize that they did not catch the cold on purpose; their cold “caught them”—people are disturbed by environmental conditions. This is how God or the central law of the universe, wants us to understand it. We develop ourselves by thinking like this every day, realizing that the central law does not want us to get mad. This is a most important awareness that all must develop.

We should not get mad at others because it’s not their fault. Christ explained that sin was due to interference by environmental conditions of the state which in turn leads to misinterpretation of God’s laws. Christ told the people that it was not their fault that they sinned but the fault of the immoral state, and because of this, the people should be forgiven. This is the teaching of forgiveness.34 Naturally all the politicians of the state went against Christ.


The ends of two electric wires must first be cleaned before they are joined if you want a good connection. It’s the same with us; we must clean up all the waste in us if we are to receive what others send to us.

Belly Up Exercise

Stand on your feet and head at the same time with your stomach upwards. In this position you are conscious of awareness.


People who exercise or any athletes are definitely on a higher spiritual plane. Jails would be empty if they had to depend on athletes because among them is the least amount of crime. If the whiskey and dope industry had to depend on athletes to buy these things, they would go broke. (A drink of wine or a cocktail is OK, but most people drink because they are looking for a higher plane of life.) The rest of the people are unable to put up with the pressure and this puts them in a low plane of life while athletes go around enjoying themselves. Also, you should understand that artists like violinists who put in hours of practice on their violins are also “athletes” and that they too are on this higher plane. To put it simply, any person who puts in many years of training for any particular purpose reaches a higher plane. A scientist is an “athlete.” In other words, anything that deals with concentration and a long period of training will put you in a higher plane.35


Certain people who were disturbed with life and even members of the musical rock group called the Beetles went to train with the maharishi of India. Afterwards these people experienced an increase in creativity. This training involves sitting in one place for hours and chanting. Buddha-training involves the following principles: I am part of this universe; there are no dualities such as good and bad; I am in line with the central law.

To See Colors with Eyes Closed

In order to see colors with eyes closed, place the ring and index fingers on the upper eyeballs and the middle finger on the forehead in between.

On the Mountain Top

If you want to find out how much you can identify yourself with nature itself, here’s how. Go away by yourself to a mountain or some such place. The different reactions that take place will amaze you and remind you how much you owe to yourself and to others. Doing this can bring back thoughts that can actually make you cry like a baby. There are also many other reactions that can happen to you. All this happens because things become clear which means that you face yourself; there are no “mirrors.” What you actually do is go out of yourself and look at yourself. Doing this one of the best things you can do in your life once in a while. But realize that when you get back to rubbing elbows with your fellow humans, all this clearness disappears.

For a convict, one of the worse punishments is solitaire because they are so tired of themselves. One young convict, however, after being placed in solitaire became featherweight champion of the world. This was his reaction to taking inventory of himself. He would never have done this without being in solitaire. Christ went up on the mountain and when he came down, he was able to teach the truth. When Moses went up on the mountain, he brought down the ten commandments. To be able to live with yourself, you have to be able to understand yourself a lot, but few are willing to take inventory of themselves. When you do take inventory, throw out the many things which are trash so that new things can come in. When new things cannot take the place of the old, there is definitely no progress. This itself is part of a natural law. If you doubt this, observe what we had 50 years ago and what we have today. What we have today is only because of a few people taking this inventory so that most of the people can have a better way of living.

(When a hermit leaves people and goes out into the woods, in a short period of time they realize that they cannot live with themselves. This is the reason why they start talking to animals, imagining that they can understand what they are saying. Even trees become their friends. This way of life becomes a consolation to the hermit. The alternative is to go back to the miserable behavior of the human being.)

Living Without Physical Pleasure

The Hindu fakir of India derives pleasure in building up a particular spiritual state of mind. This is accomplished by living without physical pleasure. They eat bitter herbs and sleep on rocks and if this is too comfortable, they place pebbles where it will make it more miserable for them to sleep. What kind of feeling does this produce? First of all there is a peace of mind which can be experienced in no other way. You are left without any obligations to anything. (This is, by the way, the reason why this is being practiced in a country where physical realities are hard to cope with.) You feel light. You can actually go against the laws of physics (for example, walk on water). In other words, nothing matters. It’s like being dead but still being alive. To experience such pleasure once in a while is good for all people.

Thirty-Day Purification

If you ever want to go through such a new start in life, you don’t have to go thru what that fellow in India went through. You can purify yourself so that you can be more aware of life than you ever have been and realize that all the gold and diamonds in the world cannot buy one little speck of life. If you want to do this, it will take 30 days. It takes that long; less will not do. For the first week, you only take plain drinking water. For the second week you start to eat only grapes and nothing else. During this time you sleep only on a hard board with only a heavy enough covering so that you can sleep. Pay no attention to time. The third week you fast on Mondays and Thursdays for 24 hours except if you wish water which is OK. On the other days, you eat only grapes as before. (Grapes are the only fruit that work along with the chemical balance that has to do with the purification of your body.) For the fourth week, you keep on the diet of grapes only and the Monday and Thursday complete fast. When you are finished, you go back gradually to your regular diet by taking honey ground sesame and bread. Then you start eating cooked vegetables. Every day when you go back to eating, you put back the lactobacilli cultures such as found in acidophilus milk, yogurt, goats milk or cheese.

During the time of purification, you’re able to see the most beauty in a person along with the ugliness. You’re able to accomplish more in a short period of time than you could in a thousand years. Did you know that immortal compositions of music were accomplished during the worst times of poverty? Shubert got down to a time where he had only one meal a week. Beethoven had many a time when he actually collapsed from hunger. These people were so pure that that they could hear music in the wind, in the trees, and in the singing of the birds.

Several artists recently have tried this purification and some of their greatest success followed. One of these was Dick Gregory. After I went thru this purification, I figured out an exercise machine that gives you a complete development and a penicillin to treat all bacteria.

Seeing Yourself

Whenever you have an impulse to do what you know is bad, do not use will power to fight it off. Sit down on a chair. Close your eyes and see yourself. The first time you do this, you will see nothing of yourself. But you’ll get a little development each time.

Here’s some information to help you evaluate your development. The human face, not the arm or the leg, has expression. When you observe yourself, 999 times out of 1000 you’ll be looking for the outside of yourself which can be accomplished by looking in a mirror. When a woman wants to know what she looks like, she looks in a mirror. If she doesn’t like what she sees, she puts on some makeup and then she’s satisfied. What she worries about is not what she sees, but what someone else will see. That’s why she uses that makeup. Concerning a male, it’s the same thing but it’s different. Believe it or not, males take more pride in themselves than women, the reason being they can’t use makeup or they might be looked upon as some form of homosexual. It is for this reason that a man takes more stock in himself because there’s no makeup to hide what he does not like to see. This exercise of looking at yourself is to look at the inside and not the outside of yourself. The more you do this, the more you’ll be able to see the inside of yourself. Don’t give up. When you get really good at it, you’ll see things inside yourself that will so disgust you, that you won’t need any will power to stop doing these things. When you make an attempt to look inside yourself, it’s the strongest concentration that exists in a human being. But when you try to use anything from outside to concentrate on yourself, then it is in a form of self-hypnosis.

When you do these exercises (seeing within yourself) the conscious state becomes agreeable with the involuntary system. That’s why this works. Then you will actually see certain blotches appearing in certain parts of your body. Don’t look for them because you will imagine that you see them. You can tell the difference between an imagination and the real thing when you feel no pressure whatsoever or any signs of depression and all pains disappear; this will be your first experience of what it means not to go against yourself—it means you are not resisting anything. When you resort to will power, you are resisting something. The doctor tells you not to eat a chocolate cake and you use will power (you resist yourself) and don’t eat that cake. This is wrong. It is very important to pursue this development, or you will be resisting faults all of your life. With this development, you’ll have many reasons for living.

It is here that this exercise is needed and not in socialist countries because in this country they don’t let you see yourself.

Good artists have to see things from the inside out.

Relief from Strain

If you want to relieve yourself of strain, a few times a day look at your nose or as much of yourself as you can see. In order to see your whole self, eliminate all thoughts. You must have a true problem. Be aware of this problem and say you don’t want it. If there is no interference with your conscious self, there is no problem.

If you eliminate the yes and the no, then this leaves you with just the problem itself. Then you don’t want the problem. This is called a neutral position. When the baby is coming out of the mother, this is the highest spiritual state for any human being. The woman is not concerned with the yes or the no or anything else, because she is completely involved with her self-nature. Eventually all will be of that natural attitude. We’re all working at it. Some labor a little harder than others.

(A spontaneous remission is not the same thing. It might take as long as three to six months. In healing there are many levels. There is a healer named Jones who heals people in an instant. If we don’t realize that such levels exist, we become confused and naturally this works against us.)


There are different forms of self- hypnosis. One form is when you go to church to light a candle or pray to a saint which brings about a concentration on your problem. Anything you do while not knowing completely why you’re doing it (pertaining to concentration) is a form of self-hypnosis. A salesman uses hypnosis when he holds up before your eyes the object he wishes to sell.

Meditation, Cosmic Connection

To meditate, first be aware of whatever problem is bothering you, whatever it may be. Then make the connection between the cosmos and yourself, as much as your conscious mind will accept for this order to work. Once you make this connection, you encounter few obstacles on the way to moral creative achievements. But usually instead of going back to our cosmos connections, you try to know things. When our connection to this energy becomes bad enough, your self-nature dies. But as long as you remain connected with it, your self-nature is part of the universe.

Eliminating Fear

Train yourself to eliminate fear. How to do this comes from within. It involves understanding that you’re all part of an environment which you create which is why the innocent (for example, children) can get killed. Because life is connected with everything you do, this is where fears come from. When you’re dealing with glasses or cars and they break or stop running, you can get another, but not so with life. Say and know (not believe): “Nothing can kill life; it is eternal.” Did you ever see a life being buried? It is the house that life lived in that gets buried. Connect yourself (your mind) with the life that dwells in this house.

If you want to eliminate all hatred, base your thinking on the fundamental laws of the universe. Here is the absolute example. There was a convention at Oxford University during the time of Sigmund Freud which dealt with the topic of “stealing.” When they asked Karl Marx (who was highly regarded at the time) about this, he said: “Did you ever see a person steal a pail of water from the river?”36 When pressed, he said the reason is not because they don’t have to do it, but because it’s there for everybody. To lose all fears and prejudice, never isolate one thing out of a thousand and study it because it is only one link of a whole chain.

When you are right and stand there and go with what is right without shivering, this carries a terrific power.

False Training

There is nothing impossible when you deal with the self-nature, as long as purpose connects itself with this. The only trouble is that our minds are trained from the beginning not to agree with life’s possibilities. False prophets have trained us for their own good.

Christ was no one’s slave, not even a slave of God the Father. If I were a father, would not want my son to be a slave? To be a slave, only serves the purposes of the masters of the state; if these didn’t teach minds to be slaves, there would be none—you would be your own master.

Our minds have been trained not to be aware of self-maintenance of life, and because of this we depend on others to do things for us. Be aware that you have all the power needed to bring about all so-called “impossible” things, and that to do this, you must establish that you are life itself. Do not say, “I love life,” because the opposite is “I hate life,” or “I wish to go along with life,” for its opposite is “I do not wish to go along with life.”

Vanity is life’s worst enemy. A woman thinks more of her hairdo than of the working of the organs in her body. This is vanity. The more you look in the mirror to see what you’ve got/say in body development, the more this keeps you from keeping what you’ve got. Life is connected to over 200 billion nerve centers. The less obstructions you have to impair these nerve centers, the more your accomplishments will be. When you do balanced physical exercise, think not of vanity but of life’s circulation, the prevention of multiple sclerosis. Never stop building.

Exorcising Demons

There is no such thing as different demons. There’s one kind of demon. That one demon can create many ailments. So when you go to doctors to have them cure one thing, the demon works on something else so that we don’t accomplish anything. Anything unnatural has to do with a demon. When you are only partially aware of the demon, you will never get rid of the demon because the demon has many tentacles and takes root in many ways. To get rid of that demon, you have to be completely aware of it, and you don’t have to be supernatural to do that. Just simple orderly words which create activity of dormant cells will do it. But when you’re able to achieve this, they’ll call you a supernatural human being even though you are no more supernatural than anybody else. When anyone talks about exorcisms, they usually associate it with a Catholic priest. The reason for this is because they are not aware that anyone who studies long enough the words that the priest uses for exorcism can become an exorcist without being a priest or anything else.

Not Resisting Your Orderly System

Awareness is to be used only to create a higher development of consciousness which is subject to growth. This growth depends upon you being aware of the 100% perfection of your self-nature. Do not expect to grow faster than what is possible. Don’t have the attitude that you are going to beat 100% perfection, because there is no limit. To obtain unlimited results to any problem concerning yourself, you cannot have even 1% of consciousness interfere with the 100% perfection. Interference means that one thought that deals with limits interferes with getting results, and what you are not aware of goes against your own development. The more you practice non-interference, the stronger you get at it.

Knowing yourself means never ignoring your involuntary system which is your “government;” it—not yourself—runs life, and without life itself, there is indeed nothing to worry about anything. If when I say that you can’t afford to ignore your involuntary system bothers you, ask yourself what happens when you ignore it. The involuntary system maintains life (making blood, etc.) while the voluntary system goes out and supplies the involuntary system with the materials that it needs to function; the involuntary system doesn’t go to work, doesn’t worry, but it does tell your voluntary system to go out and get things. Not knowing yourself (your involuntary system) or not heeding your involuntary system, your life will be miserable. Every move that you make voluntarily is to provide material for life to function. When we disrupt the voluntary system, we are not able to supply life with what it needs for it to function and as a result get all sorts of diseases (cancer, leukemia, etc.). In order to maintain life, the first thing to do is not go against it. Then, if you wish, you can study to find out what it is.

The natural self will not let you go without letting you know what things must be done, and the conscious state interprets what comes from the natural self. No musical composition is ever composed by the conscious state; the conscious state interprets the music which comes from your natural self. Forget about dual meanings, good and bad, etc. Forget them. This is a training you must use every day. Consciousness passes through stages of development of awareness in interpreting our self-nature.

Disattachment is when your conscious state loses its awareness that it is attached to its subconscious state. The subconscious is the involuntary system which is the system that is responsible to maintain the blood of life. When we are consciously not aware of this activity, we go against it. When making a decision, the sympathetic nervous system calculates whether or not you are going to hurt yourself or others. Nature has given us the sympathetic nervous system, and it is very important for us to understand it (by using complete logic, of course). The sympathetic nervous system makes you realize the joys of accomplishment. It makes you realize how important you are. It reacts by producing chemicals and these chemicals work with the central nervous system.

There is a limit to what your subconscious state can stand. If you were connected consciously to what the subconscious is connected to, it would kill you in no time. Everything is there to be known. All you have to do is to look for it in a step by step process. Whatever you want to know is already in your subconscious which is directly connected to the air waves. Relativity means there is a positive connection. As you grow, you forget that all development and even all thought originates from the involuntary central nervous system. A report was made that not one person in 5,000 had blood that was not polluted with metals such as lead. This is the kind of thing that the involuntary system must put up with. Anything you do to fight off such disturbance to your inner self will make you better off.

First Harness What You Have; Then Look for Details

When you come to a problem in what you’re doing, don’t stick with the problem. Go beyond it; don’t remain with it. Always think in a higher dimension than what you’re facing. The minute you look for details, you get stuck in the same problem. (“Details” here means how and why something works.) First harness what you have, and then look for details. We continue to eat even though we do not know how our own orderly system makes blood out of the food we eat, and we dare not argue with this system. (It is for this reason that the human race has grown to 3 1/2 billion people.) Here you are trained to get stuck with problems.

Absolute Need

When there is a need to do something like moving a building, there must be absolute need. But the first thing that would probably come to your mind would be that moving a building is impractical or impossible. Forget about this and (as stupid as it sounds) you can move a building. Absolute need leads you to all the channels necessary to do this. All you have to do is to harness yourself to this. Leave that state of mind that says things are impossible. As soon as you do this, things will work out. Everything is there. All that is necessary is that you tune in.

Taking an Interest in Life

Once after visiting with my wife’s daughter, after I had already driven home, I told my wife that something was wrong. We returned and found that there was a serious gas leakage in the house. When we have compassion for our fellows, regardless of their faults, this creates an interest in life. This interest causes a filtering in the mind so that you filter out all the negative things. I saw the pressure and the problems of my wife’s daughter and it was this interest and compassion that got me to go back. When I see a sharp object in the street, I try to pick it up so that no one will get a flat tire. This is how you develop yourself. When you say “The hell with everyone else,” then it’s the hell with you too. If we only knew this! The moon is there to control the tides. If the moon were to say “The hell with all the other planets,” it would be the hell with the moon itself. We are unable think like this because the ruling classes make it so; they are only interested in their own affairs. Communism cannot come into existence in Russia as long as you have Russians who say: “I’m sorry, I can’t take this injured person to the hospital; I’m on a date with my girlfriend.”37 There is no church that teaches what must be done. The only one that comes closest is the Buddhist, but it is not yet integrated with our technology—Buddhism doesn’t teach you to accept the environment around you, and unless you do this you cannot accomplish things.