Part 3 State

Chapter 9 Living Together

Private Ownership

As long as there is any private ownership whatsoever, then there exists the possibility of getting involved without worrying whether or not someone else is going to get hurt or not. As long as there is private ownership, there is exploitation of one another. The difference between Czechoslovakia (where there is some private ownership) and Russia is that in Russia there are no channels left to do what you want to do. It is not that Czechoslovakians know less but that these "channels" are there. What we must understand about ownership is that there is no law of nature that says you are going to be able to use what belongs to you at all times. Absolutely and as a member of the human race, you don't "own" anything; if you own something, this means that it owns you. The question is (if you must say you own something), "For how long?" And even then you still don't own it.

Socialism means that all of private ownership doesn't exist anymore. We all own things according to how much we produce. "Private ownership" here means ownership of the things that belong to all the people. If you work for a car and pay for it, then it doesn't belong to all the people. It belongs to you. In a socialist system, you don't have a thousand people coming to you to ask you for what they need. Socialism means 100% ownership by the people.

Class Struggle

The universe does not recognize class; societies must be classless. As long as you have divisions of class in a society, you will never get to the point where you work according to the order of the universe. If you are a millionaire, you cannot eat more than a poor person, and if you have 25 rooms, you can only sleep in one room at a time. Christ was the "Lenin" of his time. The rabbis in Christ's time had a textbook. One section was called the Israelite (the common man of the tribe of Israel). The next text was created by Levi (the middle class); the high class were the Kahons. Abraham was of the low class. When Christ was 10 or 11 years old, he listened to the rabbi who explained that the tribe of Israel were the chosen people of God; any people outside of this were a 'second-hand' version of children of God. What Christ did was to start his own class right there in the synagogue. He said that we are all children of God and that there are no special tribes. Naturally they then threw him out of the temple.

The following terms must be understood separately: working class, middle class, top bourgeoisie (the ruling class). When the working class and the middle class have something in common, that's when the top bourgeoisie or ruling class is in trouble. The reason for tax loopholes is to keep the working class and the middle class from getting together. The top bourgeoisie doesn't need the tax loophole; they create it for the middle class.

What all immoral states have in common are false values, especially the false value of money, and when the value of this money becomes very small, this brings the middle class and the working class together. Yet there have been states whose money has been reduced to nothing, and they have not gone over to communism. Why? When this happens, the top bourgeoisie or ruling class from all states come to the rescue. They come together and establish what is called a common market and which is now called "the free market" which in turn calls for a world bank. Now the middle class, which was on the point of joining with the working class, can borrow from the world bank which establishes credit for the middle class. Then comes the dole system or the welfare system for the working class. The purpose of the dole system is to break the unions. After this is done, the only way they can stay alive is to establish what is called neo-fascism. It's neofascist because it's imposed under the guise of enforced order. The middle class accepts the dictation of the new laws enacted by the state.-What actually breaks the whole thing down is when the middle class begin to feel the same suffering as the working class; if you look at history, it was not until the petty bourgeoisie were hurt, that things were done.-When competition starts among the top bourgeoisie, one of the states breaks out and begins laying a new foundation. This is why the leaders of the states are running around talking to each other. If you go back in history, you will find that it was this competition among the states that caused this one nation to break away and lay a new foundation. It doesn't happen too often, but the beautiful part about it is that when they do break out, they never go back.

Not all states are the same, fundamentally speaking. One state dictates for the good of all or for the good of one multiplied by many. Another state dictates only what is good for the ruling class of that state which is a very small minority. As of now, there is not one country on our earth that is yet ready for a stateless society. This is why we must accept all stages of development leading to a stateless society. It is as simple as this: you cannot become an adult until you go through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. If we didn't recognize this, we would expect everybody to be born an adult. So therefore, do not expect a stateless society to be born without any of the previous stages of development.

You don't have to go thru all these stages of development to get to communism; it depends on the environment of the rest of the nations. If it wasn't for the rest of the communist countries, Cuba would never have been able to accomplish what it did.

Immoral Ruling Class

When you don't conform, this is when your security is attacked. They say government "of the people, by the people, and for the people," but notice it doesn't say the "majority" of the people. Those in power get what they want; it's a government "of their people, by their people, and for their people." This is the type of thinking that wins in court, and people here are so confused that they can't see this.

When you're brought into this world, they tell you what is good and what is bad, but they don't tell you what creates what is good and what is bad. The state likes to keep people scared and unaware. Truth is always told partially and because of this we are able to avoid blaming the state. Some places of business enjoy what they call shills or make-believe customers-the people have been fooled for so long.-This society doesn't really teach the truth; it doesn't tell why things are so. It teaches that everyone has a chance to be a millionaire, even the one selling newspapers on the street corner. "All you have to do is put your money in the bank," they say. They take a little African-American child and say: "See, his mother was on welfare and now he's a millionaire." They use this child for their own purposes. Here there is such a thing as a "happy slave." This state doesn't do things against individuals as such; it cripples the whole of society. Here in wartime it makes a profit on all the victims. In a society like this they give you all sorts of escape channels, ways to escape-magic carpets to flyaway.

The immoral state is against those who can teach and wake up people. A certain man said the earth was round. This idea interfered with the state's own teaching which was used to put fear into the people. This same state also taught that war upon war was necessary. Furthermore this state's evaluation of profit was not based on ideas which make people free. Such states can only conserve themselves by creating a condition of slavery for the people; "Whatever is good for our state," they say, "is part of human nature." If the ruling class of a society is such that it produces degenerates, then nature works according to this condition. The state has the power to create an immoral way of thinking, and when this happens, they call this is human nature; human nature for them is what they happen to call it and not what it really is. But people are created in such a way that eventually what is natural wins out. In 1929 things looked very bad here in the U.S.A., but the people were able to come out of these times all right. It never comes to a point where they lose out; the people always come back. The ruling class never lives to see a natural way of life, but those upon whom they impose an unnatural way of life eventually see a natural way of life, even if this doesn't occur in the present generation. In knowing all these things, I have no fear.

An immoral state practices many ways of deadening the feelings of human beings. The one form of anesthesia that it uses most is self-hypnosis; they say, "What you are doing is for your country." "Go ahead and kill," says the immoral state, "it's for your country." But when you start asking if this is right or wrong, when you become conscious of what you're doing, when you become a conscientious objector, that's when they cannot anesthetize you. Then the immoral state says to you: "Who ever gave you the right to think for yourself." But if you totally accept what the state says without evaluating things for yourself, then you are being molded, and this is when people start saying such things as: "My country right or wrong." The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has clever people working for them. They go around looking for people willing to sell their souls. One of the best exercises to free yourself from being molded is to start making out your own income tax forms. This gives you a terrific sense of accomplishment and is a good, development.

This state has no soul. The masters of this state think like this: the more we keep them working, the less they will think and the less culture they will develop. And if they complain about "the 90% that is wrong," then we'll keep showing them "the 10% that is right." Recently, Johnny Carson, a TV talk-show host offered $50.00 to any person in the studio audience who could give the complete names of all the people in the space station. No one could do it. This is a healthy sign: none could care less about this state. In this society, no one is safe unless they go along with the crooks, and then no one gets hurt directly. The immoral state makes sure that the right person never runs for president. When the FBI tries to make you think that you are illegal, put the pressure back on them; make them show you where you are illegal.

Regarding the individual in relation to the masses, you must remember that the ruling classes cut out the pattern for people to live by. There was a time here that a man had to have a dowry for his daughter. In reality nature doesn't require this because it is a mutual communication for which there is no price. It is things like this that cut off answers for people ("cut off" logic).

What a tremendous thing the human being is. What they can endure! I was hit in the face with a 2 x 4 piece of lumber by a man who thought I had something of his. Afterwards I asked him just to say that he was a witness to my falling, because otherwise he would have lost his job and he had a son to take care of. In this society, you can't afford to be out of shape because of the physical and mental beating you must take. Still the majority of the people are able to stand up.

We're living in a superficial world. As soon as you show people how strong the human person is, they call you a superman or say that you came from outer space. Here we are educated to judge a person's success by the way they dress.

We live in a degenerated society where you cannot sell something that is constructive. If you go to somebody with the truth and it doesn't fit their way of doing business, they're not interested. You talk about an iron curtain, well there is an iron curtain that separates us from breakthroughs in human wellbeing; they will not allow such a breakthrough.

Very little can be learned if you live in a state of confusion. The masters of an immoral state know this and as long as they can they will keep you confused. In a confused state of mind, you keep going around and around and you never get anyplace, whereas a that mind is not confused can cope with new material all the time. The state tries to control people so that there will not be any easy solutions to life. This system gives you so many problems that you can't even think; you don't even have time to read labels. Just like you cannot weigh yourself on a scale if you keep moving around, so you cannot evaluate yourself if you are not settled down. The state tries to keep you in a position where you are constantly upset so you cannot evaluate your true worth. When you're worrying about something, this keeps you from being creative which is what the state wants. The immoral state does not give the people a chance to identify themselves the way nature wants them to identify themselves. If you are disturbed, you cannot find your true ability; you will never become what it is you are really meant to be. A state like this will do its utmost to keep you disturbed so that you cannot find your true identity because as soon as you do, you become independent and want to do what you want to do not what it wants you to. Whatever your worry is, you are its slave. Don't worry about what exists around you; the thing is to be aware of what exists around you. Then you will have no worry. Here in America we have such performers as Liberace who dresses and lives extravagantly to impress the audience. The people lose themselves in the "importance" of another individual, and they get away from themselves. This is what the rulers here want. They don't mind if one or two are set up as important. In fact they can make money off such people. But when each person begins recognizing their own importance, this is what they don't like.

There are two kinds of hope. One that is within possible reach or on a level with your development. The other is a hope that you will never reach in a million years. So whenever you feel like hoping, examine your hope to see if it is within reach. Say I hope to accumulate five million dollars by saving $50.00/week out of my pay. This would take almost 2,000 years and is an unrealistic hope. Strange as it may seem, capitalism produces such a state of mind in people that they hope to do just this. This is one of capitalism's millions of weapons by which they control people. It is the bourgeoisie or those people who control the government that employ the best minds to keep the people in such a condition. It is a form of hypnotism. When the truth is put out, these masters of the state confuse the people so that they do not recognize it.

Capitalism, An Immoral State

Capitalism is an immoral state. In capitalism when you work for them, they let you work together, but when you start working for yourself, that's when they tear you apart from each other. Life is easy to cope with in Russia and China; there they don't have to look at the lie. Capitalism keeps knocking you down and then keeps telling you that it's your fault and that you shouldn't blame the system. When I was in court, the judge asked me: "Why don't you take care of your own family?" I answered: "Your honor, every fifteen minutes a woman gets raped. I have eight daughters. I can't just think of my problems; I must think about the problems of society. Here, if they could, they would charge you for breathing the air. Lenin said that when the capitalist is sure that they are going to lose their head tomorrow, they'll commit any crime today to gain their point.

Never be naive concerning the state, especially when they tell you that they'll do something for you. The price you must pay is that you're forced into the rat race, and as long as you are part of competition you must do as everybody else does to be wealthy. The thing with the American people is that they are enslaved to the dollar. It's the dollar that makes them think like they do. Here when a bank is being robbed, the police are educated to be there in 3 minutes. It's given a much higher priority than when an individual is being robbed. Here, because they put someone in jail, they make you think that they're paying for the lives they've taken. If they were billionaires, they couldn't' pay for the lives they've taken. Here everyone has to protect their job. If you don't kill yourself, you're considered not ambitious enough. Socialist textbooks are 100% correct, but textbooks here apply only 10% of the basics while 90% is unspecific. If you tell a salesperson that 90% of their work is involved in stealing, and that about only 10% of it is honest, they won't believe you. Here one Capitalist steals from the other. This is called the rat race. Each tries to see who can steal the most. They even use the biblical saying, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," as an excuse for what they do. There are no monuments to wealth. Howard Hughes, with all his money, was afraid to shake hands with anyone because he was afraid of germs.

The capitalists "throw the bone" so that everyone can get at least a little bit of a solution for living, so that the people won't get together and say: "Let's go." In the capitalist class there are two halves: the lesser half and the greater half. The lesser half believes in giving the sucker a break. They believe in having them (suckers) but in giving them a break. Hunt belongs to the greater half along with people such as president Hoover. Their organizations and associations are there to protect the wealth and not the people. Roosevelt and Kennedy are examples of people in the lesser half. F.D.R. never forgot the poor little people; whatever he could do for them, he did. He said on the radio that if he were a worker, he would join a union.

French capitalists have put a lot of energy into making the people patriotic individualists. Patriotism has been the downfall of every move the people have ever made. The only reason why Thomas Paine never became a statesman was because he never compromised. Washington and Jefferson did compromise; they owned slaves. But they followed the steps which Paine set up. You should read Paine's book, The Age of Reason, written while he was in jail in France.

Capitalism eliminates all other logic; nothing exists except the pursuit of making more capital. The purest explanation of capitalism is: exploitation by capital.

Capitalists (though they might seem crazy to you) are actually using complete logic to gain their point, to make them a success whereas the people who work for the capitalist do not use it. The reason why the people do not use complete logic is because the capitalist is the owner, not the people; the same principle of complete logic is not enjoyed by the working people as it is by management and the owners. The owner owns what the people produce for owner, and as long as the working people accept this, then nothing will change. People look at the achievements of capitalism and marvel. Lenin said that if the capitalist productive forces were applied to the principles of socialism, you would have successful socialism. Or to put it another way, if the immaculate dialectics of American business people were applied to socialism, then you would have something. The thing is to apply/integrate this "immaculate dialectics of American business" with quality of life. But capitalists say: "Now that I've got my security, I'm going to lay you off." In socialism everyone (the healthy person, the cripple, your family, etc.) has security or that minimum of need.


We take rubber out Korea (amounting to billions of dollars per year). To do this we go to the ruling classes of that state. We give them the present of a few Cadillac cars and send their children to American universities. The purpose of this is to show them the capitalistic system (how to keep their own people down). The communist party of Korea decided to stop this. Before there was a North and South Korea; there was just Korea. The reason why the communists chose the North was because it was closest to Russia so that they could get ammunition. We not only have the Americans taking rubber out Korea, but also the French, the English and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries. This group lost North Korea; they can't take that rubber out of there anymore. North Korea made their own way by trading with Russia to get whatever they needed. They set up a people's republic. They are not yet socialist as is Russia. Nor is Russia yet communist. Socialism is still a state.


The only solution an immoral society has when no other solution exists, is fascism, the last resort. Right now we are in the breakdown of a wrong system. The masters are up to their necks. The era we are now living in is at its most degenerate level. Proletarian order is when people make things for the good of all, for the masses, using the fundamental laws of the universe. The fascist confuses you by mixing up the state-of-the-individual and the state-of-the-masses; the two are different. The masses are the ones who change society. Hitler, in order to advance his ideas, made people watch each other. He robbed people of their individuality and their sisterhood and brotherhood. As long as we both agree to "Heil Hitler," then Hitler is safe. Hitler's state could only exist by separating people. When you do something because of fear, this itself robs you of your individuality. As long as the people are scared, they can't think. Criminals work indirectly for the bourgeoisie. In an immoral state, anything can become the master of life. We pay taxes only because everybody agrees to it. We pay because of fear. If you were to object and say that taxes are unfair and that they depend on income brackets and classes then you would be called a communist. The immoral state instills fear in people not to use certain words. The word "peace" was not to be used 12 years ago (1960's).


Capitalists, if they're sure they're going to lose their heads tomorrow, will do anything to gain their point today (Lenin). Their minds are crystallized; they cannot see ahead. If you were to tell Nixon that such and such were going to happen to him in the coming months or years, it would do no good because he is crystallized. He enslaves others and is himself enslaved. We are now living in a neofascist state, and the state's primary concern is to starve off any source of income for the Communist party. Fascism is when there is only one ruling party. Neofascism is when there is a clash between different sections of the ruling class. They are trying to do here what Hitler tried to do: produce a pure race. But it's too late. Patriotism and such slogans as "for the people, by the people...," have outlived their usefulness.


When somebody is suffering, try to distinguish if it is self-inflicted or if it comes from the ruling class of society. Often when you see somebody suffering, it's because they want to keep on that moral side of life. This kind of suffering is caused by the obstacles the ruling class puts in our way. The establishment makes it so that you don't have any friends. The man giving lectures who says we should love one another should be saying: "You victims, it's this rotten society that's causing everything. Let's go and get them." But if this man were to say this, see how much money he would be making; he couldn't even pay his rent. The ruling class gives you the philosophy that if you can't beat them, then join them in their immorality. Those that did not agree with Hitler, he made sure that they would suffer. When the ruling class itself begins to suffer, they bring this on themselves.


There are people who work in society and then there are....

For every dollar you take by stealing, if you applied the same energy to working, you could have made ten dollars.-I can't relax without finishing what I have to do.-Anything you take from somebody else can be taken from you. Very few realize that this is a law of the universe, not a man-made law. Marx took a pack of cigarettes and asked: How much does this cost in the commissary of the army? Then he asked how much it was on the market. The difference goes to those who do nothing to make the cigarette (the middle people, the parasites, the advertisers...). The immoral state as a whole gets nine times more than what it needs. If I owe you one and you ask for 10 then I am supposed to think of a way to only pay you the one I owe you. Can you imagine what Cuba did by throwing out the big industrialists, and no one could contradict them. The American people can learn a lot from the Cuban experience.

Opening up a channel of exploitation means exercising freedom without responsibility, and here in this society there are many ways to do this. Any channel of exploitation is the opposite of "getting what you produce." An immoral society welcomes this because it makes more judges and police persons. Conditions in Russia are so laid out that they can't make a business out of wrong. There is no need for a preacher in a Communist country because the channels for doing wrong are not there. It's here that you deserve the medals.

Today's economists say that without the ups and downs in the economy, life would not be exciting. What they don't explain is that for the majority of the people here, it's not just a matter of ups and downs but of a gradual downward slide. It is only the upper classes who go up and down. The few who do make more ups than down are able to do so because they are exploiting the majority who have more downs than ups. The moral of our system is: keep the working class down-make make sure they have more downs than ups.


When you are victimized, you cannot be clear; you cannot think. You just go about looking for answers. This is why the ruling class victimizes the people. We are always given so many problems that we do not even get to think of what is right and what is wrong. One victim looks for other victims to make money off them. In this country, everyone is a victim of something or of some circumstances-not one can escape-and when more people are victimized, the state gains.

The American people are programmed to act in a certain way and do things second nature like stopping at traffic lights. This eliminates a sense of pure motive. You become so mechanical that when you see a person in the street who has a problem, you immediately say to yourself that you don't want to get involved. (There are times, however, when to get involved would be dangerous. But when there is no danger, then there is no excuse.) Sports here works hand in hand with the state; it keeps the people's minds occupied so they don't wake up dormant cells by concerning themselves with nature. If I were to say to you that we are created according to the three fundamental laws of the universe, then some intellectuals would say that this is Marxism or Communism. This is how badly victimized we are by the state.

There was an old man who sold newspapers on the streets of Detroit, even in freezing weather. This happened to be the time when the Chinese chased out Chiang Kai Check, and this story was in the headlines. This newsman-shivering in his baggy pants-was bemoaning this fact. This is the American. They are mesmerized by the psychological attitude that the state has bestowed upon them. Americans have been brought up on a one-way logic. "I've been treated wrong," they say, "so I will treat others wrong." Some stay in this victimized state. Here the immoral rulers are so clever that they know how to psychologically please their victims.


The ruling classes like the clergy. If the people do recognize what they have in common to struggle with, the clergy do a good job in convincing the people that this is the will of God. The first thing an immoral society does is welcome religions of all kinds. The funniest thing about religions is that they all wind up saying: never mind what you have now because God only put you here on trial and all these things are put into a book in heaven and when you die you are sent to either hell or to heaven. This is the best way to get the people to accept all the wrong things that the masters of an immoral society have to offer. The Jewish religion, for example, has a prayer which goes: "Forgive me for today' s sins and the sins which the King imposes: tomorrow will be a new day. Pray for forgiveness and God will forgive you." All religions give you the middle road, and almost all religions use the past, future, and the present as weapons: "If you do wrong, you will suffer." The reason for all these new philosophies and religions in capitalistic countries is because reality is too hard to deal with there. The capitalist system makes it so difficult to stay with the truth that you give it up. People want the truth but without effort. Truth itself is not hard to take if everybody lives by it. Every human on this earth is meant to live by the truth, but they don't let you do this here. "They" are the ruling class of society who rule the majority for the sake of the minority.

The reason why religious people have such a bad attitude is because they expect their god to do something for them because of their good deeds, and because of this their disappointments build up for such a god does not exist.

The ruling class tries to separate your thinking. Capitalists say that you have freedom to do as you want. In other words, there are many gods. As long as this prevails, there will always be a state. Christ tried to say that there was one god and tried to eliminate images. This is why they killed him. Christ said to love your neighbor as yourself, not more than yourself. Communists call this comradeship and say that this is god.

Most people in this society have a condition where they hate themselves. This is because the philosophy of this society always gives them a sense of guilt. Textbooks and religion are based so that you blame yourself and not the state. As long as people are busy hating themselves, the state can control them. The more you hate yourself, the less independent you become. Very few people are aware that this is so because few people will admit this to themselves. If your own life is miserable, then you must figure out if this comes from the masters of an immoral society or if you are shortchanging yourself. Here you are taught never to look where things come from and when the time comes and you dig down to the root of the thing then they call you a radical. It's nice to understand these things. Otherwise they will drive you crazy.

Chapter 10 Revolution


The law of evolution works with two opposites. There is nothing in the universe which is exactly the same size and amount. No two planets in the universe have the same chemical balance. One thing stimulates another. If there wasn't the fool, there wouldn't be the wise person. Cause and effect works throughout the universe. All errors are made by omitting the opposite. When Christ said: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's," he understood both of the opposites: one was eternal and the other was a stage of development. The cerebral cortex observes evolutionary changes taking place and adapts. Lower animals adjust to the changes from within themselves because they deal only with themselves and their needs. The caterpillar/butterfly has the need for two kinds of lives. Birds build nests but go no further. Nature gives to the animal without a cerebral cortex; it doesn't take away. But with the cerebral cortex animal, nature takes away what they don't need.


Everything that becomes active from universe creates a contradiction. One contradiction creates another. If it wasn't for contradiction, nothing would have changed. You waste your time if you don't reach the climax of contradiction.

All contradictions, leaving out none, deal with the laws of nature. A contradiction is a good thing, it's a part of nature. What is it? After a contradiction is created, there is two steps backward and one step forward. Action with the universe is just the opposite: two steps forward and one step backward.

A contradiction that is against nature can only be recognized as a contradiction when we cannot live with it anymore. Today there is a contradiction of polluted blood, but it hasn't come to the point yet where people are no longer able to live with it.

How do you cope with contradiction? First of all you must understand that no contradiction has pleasant results. Learning to live with a contradiction is like living with a disease and not looking for a cure. It's like the person hitting their head against a lamp post because they say it feels so good when they stop. Doing something about the contradiction is when you start looking for a "cure" or when you begin to determine what brought on this contradiction. This is when you are on the right road. All contradictions boomerang. The masters of the state hire the best minds to confuse the people so that they (the people) cannot see that all get hurt from contradictions. They (these "best minds") make it seem that some get hurt from one contradiction and others get hurt from other contradictions. To understand this better, take Randolph Hearst; although he is hurt in one way from a contradiction and a poor person in another way, it all comes from the same contradiction. It is for this reason that contradictions are hard to recognize. The easiest contradictions to recognize are when the majority get hurt from the same contradiction at the same time. This is when society changes for the better.


Contradiction without action has no value. When we look back in history it is only contradiction accompanied by action that has created any of the good that we have. Here is an example: a piano must be taken upstairs. One man tries to take it up by himself while twelve others stand by watching and saying that he can't do it. This is contradiction without action. But if the twelve get together and say, "We're all going to enjoy the music of that piano, so let's get together and help him move it," then this is contradiction with action. Please don't tell me that this comes from Karl Marx; what I am explaining comes from complete logic. We were born with the faculty of complete logic; it was with us long before Karl Marx came along.

What matters is not how you feel, but what language the other person understands. When you're dealing with qualities, you never make any progress unless the other can get a "taste of their own medicine." In the Royal Academy of Sciences, they found after 20 years or more of teaching that doctors were not quite gentle enough with their patients when pumping out their stomachs, even after being told that they must be gentle. So today every doctor has their stomach pumped as part of their training. This is how the human brain works. In order to be conscious of something, we must go through the experiences dealing with that subject. Otherwise, it is a superficial consciousness. Until the consciousness of the people wakes up, don't try to tell them what is right. Unless people can be made to realize things, they'll never think pertaining to carrying out the full meaning of things. The important thing is to be clear yourself.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." When necessity is at the utmost, then you will invent something. Our development is such that we do not invent anything unless we are threatened. We all develop under pressure. The universe itself is based on pressure. It is under such pressure that the conscious state develops. A child falls, and this creates a pressure and it is under this pressure (the refusal to take these falls) that the child learns to walk.

Any form of struggle is a pressure. This pressure changes according to the level of development. In most cases, most champions have experienced pressure in their lines. Tempered steel is made strong through the pressure of change from hot and cold. Joe Louis was on welfare as a boy. You can study things and not get any answers because there wasn't enough pressure behind you.

Your genes and chromosomes carry the complete struggle of yourself. Your history is carried in your blood. These histories are carried over from previous generations and are what makes geniuses and revolutionaries. When a person stands out, this is a sign of oppression in the history lodged in that person's blood. There is a pressure point which is reached when developments are held down over many generations. This is what happened with Mozart, Einstein, Marx, etc. We have to learn what we were developed to do. There are many people who could make a violin as well as Stradivarius, but they were not given the opportunity. They did not reach the pressure point that he did.

Without pressure there would be no change. In Kentucky they mine soft coal and in Pennsylvania they mine hard coal. One pound of hard coal will give you the same amount of energy as 5 pounds of soft coal. Soft coal stops up the chimney with smoke but hard coal burns with a blue flame and never clogs the chimney. How does earth make hard coal? By pressure. There is no change from a quantity to a quality without pressure. Soft coal is from 5 to 10 million years old and hard coal is from 25 to 100 million years old. The difference is in the time under pressure. A diamond requires approximately 3 to 5 billion years of pressure. If you think you are going to accomplish anything sitting down or by taking the path of least resistance, it won't work. It's the pressure that makes this development. Do you think you can become a ballet dancer just by reading a book? It takes twelve years of work to become an accomplished ballet dancer. You might ask yourself, if there is a God, how is it that It favors some few? If a piece of coal could talk to a diamond it might say: Why do I deserve to be a piece of coal which is thrown into the fire while you a diamond are cherished and coddled? The diamond would say: I don't consider myself more important than you. "I suffered under millions of years of pressure and that's how I became a diamond." After the diamond showed the piece of coal all that it went thru (heat, pressure, etc.) then the piece of coal said: "Never mind, I don't want to be a diamond." Then the diamond reassured the piece of coal saying: "I first had to be a piece of coal in order to become what I am." After such understanding the piece of coal felt as important as the diamond. The moral of this kind of thinking is: misunderstanding creates many errors when applied to action. We should have a natural attitude, but unfortunately there are no textbooks yet written to help us to think naturally like this.

It was not the socialist party that got out and marched for an 8-hour day or unemployment insurance. Part of education is getting out and doing something.

Scientific Communism

Any time you cannot contradict, then you have complete logic. None of the academic sciences can contradict dialectical materialism. The reason why these fundamental laws cannot be contradicted is because they are definite; there are only three, not four. When you completely understand the meaning of these words by doing your own research, you will see that this is a science, not just a theory. Before determining whether it is a theory or a science you must realize that no bridge was ever built on a theory. Of course theory comes first, and when a theory is proved then it becomes a science. Second internationalists understand Marxism as a theory, not as a science. Third internationalists understand Marxism as a science or as scientific communism. Physics is a science and not a theory. If you still claim that Marxism is a theory and not a science, you might as well say that physics is a theory, not a science.

Whatever wonderful results there have been are due to the application of scientific communism. Furthermore, you can get this proof only from a socialist state; scientific communism has proved itself in Russia. The mistake of individuals who go looking for proof of this is that they fail to realize/recognize the stages of development leading up to complete logic.

It is difficult to understand historical, dialectical materialism. It completely eliminates all violence. Well, you might ask, what about all those armored tanks that came into Hungry? This is just one side. When you look at both sides, you see that scientific communism did not create the condition that made it necessary to bring in the tanks.

The reason why scientific communism is considered to be the biggest threat to religion, is because unlike with the socialist or the second internationalist, with communism there is no compromise.

You have to apply a measure to determine a state of development: primitive communism; slavery; feudalism (certain people own the land by divine right and others are either favored or are surfs); capitalism; democratic socialism; people's republic; socialism; and communism (a stateless society where there are no limits and things are made better all the time).

The success of anything we do depends upon using complete logic, but our textbooks (with the exception of technology) are not based on it. Consciously we use only partial logic (what's good for one is not necessarily good for another). If you use complete logic, you'll at least be healthy; by using complete logic, you control the sympathetic nervous system. Complete logic means dealing with the whole. It is the method to apply in the conditions of capitalism. Using complete logic requires a lot of energy, but the results are so good that the building of the quality of life can actually be observed. Complete logic doesn't leave any problems unanswered; it asks why. You must give persons the materials necessary to use complete logic. Once Mike's landlady had a skin cancer and it was inflamed. I used a poultice of flaxseed oil and the drops and the inflammation went down over night. Incomplete logic is as bad as no logic.

Historical Dialectical Materialism

Marxism is not a theory, it is a science based on dialectical materialism which are the three fundamental laws of the universe, but it must be brought up to date; if you don't do this, you'll be fighting a losing battle. It is very important to explain all the details of the three fundamental laws and what they mean to those that are interested in that subject.

Anything that is an accomplished fact has a history. Music and art both have a history. The development of a voice has a history. To tune into the air waves, be prepared with all the steps leading up to what you want, and then you'll get what you want; if you want a new step, always bring the history up to where you are. This is called the historical development of complete logic. We must determine what was done in the past to make higher cycles of perfection. We have to understand what people had to do in order to get what we have today because otherwise we take things for granted that things will be done without any effort. There are many people in every era who take it for granted that it was nature that gave them what they had, whereas many people had given their lives unwillingly for these things. It was the established state of those eras that took their lives. They were put to death by those states who wished to preserve as long as they could the existing state.

Complete logic is past, present, and future In order to make decisions by using complete logic, the number one item is the present. Next you go to the past (all possible experiences up to the present). The future is the result of these two. The present is the central point, the point of the equilibrium. Dialectical materialism teaches you to prepare yourself. Then you can do a lot of things like plan.

We move according to the struggle that we carry within us in our genes, chromosomes, and molecules. We all carry a history within ourselves. We must find ourselves (our own style). A good way to accomplish this is to study the Jane Pittman story. When you see her story, you will see yourself. There are no strangers in the human race. We are all brothers and sisters under the skin. This story is not just the story about one human being, but it is about how much a human being can endure. Within the last 110 years bridges have collapsed, ships sank, and strong buildings have fallen. Jane Pittman suffered more than this, and she survived. When you realize the depth of the human struggle, you realize how much falseness there is around us and what the human race (not just Jane Pittman) is going thru. When you see this, you also realize why Galambos (an advocate for free enterprise) never had a completely graduated African-American person.

Principle of Self-Defense

Communism doesn't create a speck of violence; it is the reactionary who creates the violence when you start taking what belongs to you. Capitalists buy the best brains to figure out a way to make you think against yourself. Banks, insurance companies, corporations, etc., all these have branches or bureaus working for them (the textbook bureau, the telephone company bureau, etc.). The outcome is based on the work of these bureaus. President Nixon is like a puppet of these corporations; they tell him what to do whether to bring up prices or to lower them. Communists know that the state does not allow a good person to win the presidency. Communists know better than to blame Nixon because he is nothing but an "office boy" for the corporations.

If they had sought to put Nixon in jail, it would have led to the multinational corporations. It's these who should be brought to the world court of justice. The same goes for those responsible for the lives lost in the recent revolution in Nicaragua. Every country should have a human rights committee. It's no use blaming individuals. Do you think you could play football when each passes the ball around blaming the other? No you have to follow orders. Those involved in the interests of the multinational corporations themselves follow the orders of the multinationals. There is a price to be paid for the genocide committed by the multinational corporations. This should be taken up with the human rights commission of the united nations. This would not be too difficult to do because it (this genocide) is so obvious; proceeding from that point everything else would fall into place. They should not go under the auspices of the CP [the Communist Party] but strictly as human beings. What must be shown is the wholesale murder committed by the multi-national corporations thru the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency in the U.S.A.). You would be surprised how many people would be interested in creating grants for a study like this. (August 28, 1979)

All revolutionary work must be done in the society in which you live, strictly from within. You work until you get the majority, and then you do it with them. Violence must always start from the other side and not from within you. You merely defend yourself. Using violence means that you are competing with it. Reactionaries resort to violence when the majority of the people are ready to take over. You must by then have everything prepared to defend yourself. You have to expect that there will be short-minded people and people with little patience who will work with you. You must keep reminding these people of the above principle (namely that violence must come not from within but from outside).

The majority defends itself. If you have an opportunity to defend yourself, remember that this is a law of nature. If you don't defend yourself, you are going against nature. Only among your own species, when you are slapped, do you turn your other cheek. But when they slap the other cheek, this is when you put up the defense. The bible doesn't tell you this, and you would be surprised how many intellectuals don't understand it.

The majority of the people are always moral. It's the few who are immoral. Why does the central law make it so that we have to suffer so much? How can we avoid the few who are immoral? It only takes a few to cause all to suffer. A TV program recently showed how the Bengal tiger is not really our enemy. It becomes our enemy only when certain people create conditions such that the tiger has no other choice than to attack us; it takes just one person who wants a tiger skin to show how brave they are. Then why not kill these few that cause all to suffer, you might say. Well, nature says there is no law which says to kill these few, even though you may have a good reason to do so. When "the few" realize that "the people are waking up to change the conditions of society, then the few" employ their armies to attack the people. But the law of nature says this: do not kill. But if you declare war on the whole or on the majority, then the majority must defend itself, just like the body produces anti-disease chemicals to defend itself against viruses.

Stages of Development

Always look at anything below your level as a child growing up. You have to work with the child and live with the child thru their stages of development. And anyone above your level expect of them the same attitude that you have toward those below your level. If they are not so, then they are selfish intellectuals and this doesn't work. "Selfish" means to ignore everyone else around you who are growing up.

We're all various types of developments; each person has their own level of development of qualities, and we must get down to that person's level of quality in order to reach them. If logic cannot be communicated, then it would be like using no logic at all with them. You have to understand how to come down to their level. It's like what King Solomon did with the one baby and the two mothers (see the bible, lKings 3:16). Even if you do this by trickery, as long as you do it for their own good, it is moral. If such trickery, however, is done for selfish reasons, then it is immoral. A progressive, to gain their end, does not "respect" anything. When people are blind in a particular subject, you have to use a lot of "tricks" in order to get them to see their way. In this respect, Moses was a clever person. Christ was that much higher developed so that he did not have to lie. Get the results regardless of what you have to do. "Once I know that I'm right, these things don't bother me. I know the pulse of natural growth. I recognize how it works. That's why these things don't bother me."


Socialists are the middle-of-the-roaders. If you were to compare Karensky and Gorky, you would understand. It requires quality to make steps today, and as soon as you ask a socialist to make such steps, that is when they fold up. Socialism comes under the guise of scientific communism. The reason why communism is a science is because it is based on the fundamental laws of the universe. Complete logic is the three fundamental laws. The socialist recognizes the same thing except they apply only two of the three (a partial logic). But unless you apply all three fundamental laws there is no movement. When partial logic is applied to anything, there is no progress.

Second internationalists protect themselves; they always take the road of least resistance because they don't have quality. They have a clever way to hide their insincerity in applying complete logic. Quality demands action. But we should not condemn them. Choosing complete logic is subject to development.

People's Republic and the Socialist State

What is the difference between a people's republic and a socialist state? A socialist state is people producing toward the state, and getting back what they produce. The state owns everything and the people own the state; whatever the people own is in the state. In the socialist state there is no private ownership of anything that is part of the state. A people's republic means that there is still a certain amount of private ownership of the state. The purpose of the Socialist government is to distribute the goods back to all the people. Though people in socialism are already enjoying the fruits of normal development, the socialist state is only 2/3 of the development of complete logic, and a people's republic is only at the starting point towards this 2/3rds. Also, when a country develops socialism, they do it for themselves and not for any other country. The only thing they can do for other countries is co-exist with them and exchange values with them. Whenever you talk about Socialism, you must always include: "under the guide of scientific communism."

It's wrong to say that no state is good, as Galambos says. If it's a state that leads to the next stage of development, this is something else. The U.S.A. has a base in South Korea, but they lost their base in North Korea. They also have a naval fleet in the South to protect their interests there. To do these things, they have to apply psychological hypnotism. The American capitalist says to soldiers: Go to Korea and you're fighting for your country. To negate this hypnosis, ask them which part of the country is yours. When the minority ask this question, they don't worry about it. But when it reaches the point when the majority asks this question, this is when the people are no longer affected by this hypnosis. When the people in a people's republic or socialist state ask this question (Which part is mine?), the answer is very simple: yours is what you produce according to your ability. The catch is, you cannot use whatever you own to go against the people you live with. If you say that you want to build a cafe or meeting hall on a small piece of land, they'll say we already have that. Do you want to compete with us? If you want to experiment, they'll tell you that they already have the equipment and they will show you how to use it. And if you say that you don't want to do it that way; you want to experiment on a primitive level that'll take 10 years longer to get results as opposed to 10 months using government equipment, at this point they'll get you treatment. In a socialist state they are specific whereas in this country insanity is tolerated. In Russia they have a cure for homosexuality; it is orderly. Here conditions are such that the same cure will not work because patients are continually exposed to the same conditions when they return to society. The American people are trained to think insanely.


The difference between a socialist development and all other lesser forms of development is that in the socialist state all the people are the owners of the state. All other developments exist with private ownership.

What the Americans see when they visit a socialist country is order and this is what they don't like. Here they have the freedom to be disorderly. But you can't push people; you must let them develop. China, which is only a people's republic, must be given a chance to develop. You can see what order they have accomplished. If you are not clear in any subject, then you are in darkness regarding that subject. Socialist governments try to work toward clarification and order.

Propagandists say that order deals with dictatorship. Whatever exists, even the lowest form of life, is based on order, and yet the universe has no dictator. One law communicates with another, and it is this intercommunication that makes dictatorship unnecessary. Only a socialist society has the foundation on which to build this intercommunication between people. This is because it is based upon the fundamental laws of the universe. It is only because of propaganda that you will not accept this. When Socialism comes to a country and you might see a former professor given a job as a porter. The reason for such a thing as this is that when socialism replaces capitalism, textbooks (with the exception maybe of physics) must also change-professors of economics, for example, can no longer teach others to "do unto others before they do unto you" but must teach according to the fundamental laws of the universe.

What we must understand about "refugees," dissidents, and defectors from socialist countries or from those countries on the path toward socialism, is that these people are seeking the freedom to exploit human labor. In their own countries, they cannot do what they want to do but must conform to the needs of the people as a whole. In a socialist country, "you get what you produce." The people measure what you produce for society, and they pay you accordingly. The defector from socialism does not want the people to tell them how much they earn. They want to say themselves how much they wish to earn. In a socialist society, each dancer of the ballet, for example, is important, but no one is more important than the whole ballet. The importance of one can never detract from the importance of any of the rest. Defectors don't like this, and they come here seeking out this special importance which sets them apart from the rest.

Music under socialism must also follow the natural laws of nature. Each note of the music must be related to each other note. Music is just like a story: it follows an understandable sequence. It is never out of context. Aaron Copland visited Russia once, but his music was rejected there.

How many people do you have who can do the same thing (for example: sweeping, engineering)? A worker is evaluated according to their qualities. In socialism quality determines the wage. For some jobs such a high quality is required that few would want to go thru so much to acquire this quality. As a result, their wage is higher. This is what is meant by the expression, "You get what you produce." What you produce is based on how many people you can get for the same job or who can do the same job. So quantity is the answer to how much a person's labor is worth after the minimum for survival, of course.

In a socialist society, any culture has to be on that particular level/stage of development; a painting expressing cruelty or abnormal behavior or something that cannot be identified with a natural expression is not allowed.

The principle of socialism is to do anything to avoid chaos. Russia can now create synthetic gold, but it avoids flooding the market with it because it knows the backlash would be bad for socialism. In socialist countries, anything but peace goes against socialism. But in this country, the word "peace" becomes a bad word; if you use it, they call you a Communist. Russia's armament is only for defense. U.S.A.'s armament is based on offense (the right to use before any trouble starts). Socialist principle is based on defense; capitalist principle, on offense. If we are going to get together with a disarmament treaty, then both parties must be on the same grounds (defensive use). Capitalist politicians don't want this equal basis. But all armaments must be defensive: if you do something against me, I can defend myself. This is why it's hard to come to any agreement. After Mao Tse-tung finished the revolution, they accused him of being an aggressor. He replied that Taiwan was the Florida of China. Do we have a seventh fleet in your Florida or do you have a seventh fleet in ours. This is the way dialectical materialism works.

When a person gives you "garbage" and you throw it back in their face, that's when they wake up. The only "language" people understand, especially older crystallized people, is to go thru the contradictions themselves. In Communist countries, what happens is that persons must keep their own problems; in those countries they don't tolerate hurting other persons because of your problems, and persons there usually find their own way-where they start problems, they soon stop them. In Russia no one has to tell you when you're wrong; you eventually see it yourself. If most are bad and only a few are good, then it is very difficult for a person to realize that they are bad. When most are moral and only a few are immoral, then it's obvious who is immoral. It's like if you add a little trash to an already filthy house, then it's not that much noticeable, but if the house is very clean, then you do notice the trash.

It is a mistake to blame the white people for what they have done to the black people; it is the people who are against themselves. In your own society when the majority of the people become aware of the contradictions that are against them, then through Socialism, order starts.

In socialism nothing stands still or remains useless. You don't get what you produce unless everybody gets what they produce. In a free society, no one gets what they produce unless everybody gets what they produce.

Socialism vs. Communism

The fundamental laws of the universe say that you get what you produce. Then the next development is that you produce for society and you get from it what you need (where no one has to tell you what you need; you decide yourself). Such a system is sanity, but it does not yet exist. Or, using political terms, the fundamental laws can be shown by the following three steps: Democratic socialism; Socialism (you get what you produce); and Communism (you produce for society and get from it what you need).

There are natural and unnatural channels of action in a society. A society can remove unnatural channels of action (for example, being in a war trench for ten days without a chance to wash so that you begin to get sores and lice). The capitalist says to you: "If you have any problems, write to your senator and they'll do something for you." When you reach communism, you don't need a dictatorship of the proletariat. You dictate to yourself which means that you communicate with all others. All that socialism does is to remove all the channels for doing wrong. You yourself are a galaxy. You communicate with other galaxies. What exists is an orderly system of communication. If only one person decides not to produce for society and yet still wants to get from it, then we have not yet reached a communist state. We reach communism when everyone agrees with this.

There is a difference between "you get what you produce" and "you get what you need." A proletarian dictatorship is when the state dictates what is good for all the people on the level of scientific communism. In a communist society, you don't need a dictatorship to tell you what you need. As long as someone has to tell you that you are getting more than what you need, then you are not ready for such a society.

How many people do you have who can do the same thing (for example: sweeping, engineering)? A worker is evaluated according to their qualities. The quality determines the wage. For some jobs such a high quality is required that few would want to go thru so much to acquire this quality. As a result, their wage is higher. This is what is meant by the expression, "You get what you produce." "What you produce" is based on how many people you can get for the same job or who can do the same job. So quantity is the answer to how much a person labor is worth-after, of course, after the minimum for survival has been satisfied.

Professional Revolutionary Work

It is we ourselves that will bring about a better order. This will not be brought about because of some Messiah or some Chinese communist or some communist from Russia; they cannot show us how to do it nor can they do it for us. There can be no outside funding; contributions must be made directly. The contributor must know what the issue is and where the money is going. Everything must be organized from within. This is called professional revolutionary business. You have to eat off it, live off it, and work off it. You cannot do anything from outside a society; change must be from within. If the success of the revolution depended on holding guns to people's heads, there would never be any revolution.

A revolutionary grows with and thinks with the people, and that's a hard job. Lenin always identified himself as a human being. He wore no metals or uniform. If you want to be an outstanding revolutionary, always identify yourself as a civilian. What is your job, your skill?

Why is it that no other country went directly to socialism. Any country can go directly to socialism only if it has the natural wealth to do so. All revolutions must be financed and no conspiracy alone would be able to finance a revolution. Lenin explained that they had all the financing they needed so that they could take that direct step to socialism.

There are two things: when you free yourself, then you have to face your environment; it's not in the same state you are in. When you're not involved in any revolutionary work, that's when you're for yourself.

There is no way to prophesy the readiness of people to change. Can you prophesy when the people would be ready? The readiness of the people to change depends on pressure and that pressure must concern the majority of the people. Now it is easy for us to understand what pressure existed in Russia that didn't exist anywhere else. It was specific. Though you have the wealth here in the U.S.A., you also have the "haves" and the "have-nots;" we have so many different classes of people that the pressures for change are all divided up. Revolution comes when the majority of the people have the same thing in common. The objective conditions must be there for a revolution to take place; the people must be ready. The dialectics that we can see and hear is only 10%; the other 90% is within the people. This complete logic comes out when the contradictions of the working class become bad. It is this 90% that we must try to estimate.

If we stop before we make a complete circle, we don't learn anything. A complete circle can be explained with this example. I get drunk and lose my job, my insurance, etc. My family criticizes me and the reason I give is that I've read Karl Marx who explained that the system of capitalism has created this bad condition or attitude in me. If I stop right there, I don't complete the circle. To complete the circle, you say this to yourself, "Oh, is this what capitalism does. By myself I cannot change things. But when there are enough people who want to change things with me, then I won't have to become a victim of circumstances. Such a change doesn't come all at once. So meanwhile I'm going to join with the few that exist that are working to improve society and do everything I can until we get the majority to feel the same. By being a victim, a drunk, I cannot do this." This type of reasoning and action gives you substance to live with. When you do nothing, there is no substance to hold on to.

The ruling class always underestimates the little people. This helps the people to make progress. They gave Forrestal eight billion to go to China to do what he could do to stop Mao Tse Tung and help Chiang Kai-shek. When he came back he said that the people were stupid, that they didn't even understand him, that there were dope dens all over the place, and that nothing was going to happen. When Mao Tse-tung began taking control with the people, they went to Forrestal for an explanation and this is when he committed suicide by jumping out of a window.

Revolutionary Work

The only people who are actually involved in society are those who are pursuing perfection; the rest are not.

In Marxism you don't waste your time trying to become a prophet.

Lenin made it a practice to visit the people. He was so close to them. That's why he couldn't do what Stalin did. Lenin and Gorky never wore a uniform. When you're working with people, you must always remember to be patient. The people must do their own growing; you cannot grow people. That's what they're trying to do in this society.


A law is good if it has to do with the benefit of all. If a law is based on complete logic, then it is alright, yet there is not one country that has courts that deal with the laws of nature.

Law deals with benefit to all people. The foundation is when the needs of the people are identified with the majority of people. A true development to another dimension must include the majority of the people. A higher dimension is when all people are able to think of everything. Scientific communism will be a complete dimension. At that time no one will have to tell you how much you have to get back from society or that you shouldn't harm someone. No one will have to tell you that you are egotistical. When you know you're right, you're living. Otherwise, you're not. But whenever you're dealing with a right, just remember that everybody in your environment is involved with that right. Just because you can't see it, doesn't change things. The bourgeoisie are right too, but they don't want to recognize who is involved in that right.

When the people of a society get something good, then there are no canons or guns powerful enough to keep them from what they need. When the people are behind you then you have a strength that even atomic bombs cannot stop.

Is there any hope for the people? Yes! According to the laws of the universe, these same people are going to change things for the better, and this will be without limit. This is not just optimism. We are part of the universe, and the universe is perfect. If you don't agree with this, remember that your intelligence is less than 1% of the intelligence that exists in the universe.

Working together, this is where the power lies. Everybody has to be concerned with the same thing, like with smog, and then something can be done. The reason why they say it's easy to understand people, is because they only look at individuals. The easiest way to underestimate the masses is to study the individual. The strength of the masses is very hard to observe or see. It is like watching a blade of grass grow. But when people have something in common, this is the strength that moves things. When smog only hurts a few, nothing is done. But when smog hurts most of the people, when most of the people are affected by the same contradiction, this is when we beat that problem. If a thousand people are looking for an answer, then this carries a power.

If Christ had been dealing with himself alone, he would have had more than enough power. But he was bargaining for his people. All he had to do was to compromise to save himself. But he couldn't do this because he was concerned for his people.

Are people stupid when they don't see values? No! People accept the imperfections that the system offers. It's a funny thing; if you want to gain more confidence in people, take a million of them and ask them if they want to be slaves. Everyone will tell you no. To get the same people to accept slavery, all you have to do is create living-conditions that are insecure; this is how people are enslaved. An immoral state works in one way, and that is to leave the people with the least amount of security. Once this is accomplished, the success of the immoral state is complete. When people are insecure and you ask them if they want three meals a day and a roof over their head, they say: "Yes, yes." It is what we do to others that makes them gullible, not that they are actually gullible. Don't think people are stupid, and don't lose confidence in them. All people are beautiful. It's conditions that make them the way they are.

Without a majority of readiness in society, nothing is done. It is the masses who save the revolution. People as a whole are responsible for progress; it is not the result of one person's work. The masters of an immoral state will continue to be immoral until the people are ready to correct them. If you go back in history, you will find teachers of the truth. Nature always produces these people until the majority of society decides to practice their teaching. Right now if you join the communist party, you have to be aware that the majority is not yet there, but the teachers are there. This majority does not just happen; it grows like a snowball. When it gets big enough, it changes the system of a society, and this "snowball" is the majority of the people. Working with the majority makes for success. It is the majority that at all times changes history; it never fails.

Anything that is unnatural is never in the majority. If this were not so, the world would be extinct. No matter how difficult conditions become, the majority of the people are able to co-exist with life's miseries; no matter what is imposed, the unnatural never reaches a majority over self-nature. Self-nature is the living hope which the human race has to better themselves.

Unless people have something in common, no majority exists. If you make a thousand dollars a day and I make forty and the price of bread goes up ten cents or twenty cents, I notice it but you don't; we have nothing in common pertaining to inflation. This is why I have never read completely any dialectical materialist book completely because they don't meet the needs of the people.

Philosophy is not for the individual; it is for all the people. When all the people live in glass houses, then no one throws stones. And Christ's saying: "He who is without sin, let them throw the first stone." And Marx's answer to psychologists on stealing: "Did you ever see someone go steal a pail of water from a river." In these examples you're not dealing with an individual; you're taking in everyone.

If you say, "I don't care about other children, only my own," then you have not started to live naturally. Martin Luther King was well-informed that he would be killed if he went to lead the marches of the garbage workers. He also knew that if he told his people about this, they wouldn't let him go. That was the significance of his saying beforehand that he might not be around to see the results.

It took hundreds of years before they decided to create natural order in China. This was not done for the people; the people themselves created it under the guide of the fundamental laws of the universe. It is not so much what you do for somebody that counts; it's what you do with them.

The economic system which we have here favors those who already have money. One person cannot change it. When contradictions begin to accumulate, this increases the people's consciousness, unites them, and when the majority of the people agree to it, they establish a moral system. If we look at history, we will see that this is what happened in Russia, China, and Cuba (which is only 90 miles from the U.S.A.). Capitalists agree that these countries have gone from an immoral system to a moral system, but they will say that what happened there was atheistic. They say they will change, but it will be by the will of God.

After a group of people had decided on their own to storm the palace of the Tsar and many were killed by the Tsar's forces, they came to see Lenin. Lenin asked them if they went to the Tsar as a Bolshevik (a majority) or as a Menshevik (a minority). Lenin said that they should only go as a Bolshevik or as a majority. The people as a whole are responsible for progress; it's not the result of one person's work. Christ deliberately went ahead and put out knowledge to the people which was directly against the reactionary ruling class of the time. But he did not understand that it requires the majority of a society to change it. He was able to handle and deal with individuals but when it came to society, his spiritual powers were not enough. This was the meaning of his saying, "Father why have you forsaken me." This has been the case with many; they lacked the support of the people. When the people are with you then this eliminates all sacrifices, and no matter how hard they try to put them down the people will not go back. A martyr is someone who wants to do something good for everybody. Scientific communists want to do something good along with everybody. Whatever little good you have to do, do it until you can get the majority of the people to do it along with you. When people are behind you, you have a strength that even atomic bombs cannot stop. If Christ was dealing just with himself, he had more power than what he needed, but what he was bargaining for was his people. All he had to do was to compromise. But he was concerned about his people. But the people must be with you. This eliminates all sacrifices of people. Giving up means not replacing what you give up. This is the lesson we must learn.

Takeovers are unsuccessful because they fail to get the majority of the people. How do you get the majority behind you? If what you say consists of wishful thinking, nothing is ever done. A block system is used when most of the people are concerned with the same problem; both rich and poor have the same problem in common. One block organizes another, and this block another, etc. Those who are interested in less smog can use this system. Start with the block system on issues which deals with the contradiction that affects most of the people in that block. You keep working and talking about the issues concerning that particular block of people. One lesson of the Kennedy assassination is that the people must change the government, not one man. You must not try to change society by yourself; do it with them. Do it with the people.

Real communication is when the majority of the people have security, when you have nature on your side. When the majority depend on a few to give them security then there is no communication. Here most of the people are waiting for a few people in Washington D. C. to give them security. This is a very poor form of communication.

Trade Union Work

The answer is to find something that can build up momentum to get the majority of the people. First they unionize one plant, then another and soon there are millions of people who belong to unions.

Capitalism needs labor, but labor doesn't need capital.

Today you're not just dealing with individual stores but with multinational corporations.

In Poland the C.I.A. introduced another [trade] union for the private ownership of that country which deals with longer hours and less wages.

Those who work with asbestos and are threatened with lung disease organize plant by plant instead of block by block. You contact the stewards of the unions (bypassing the president because if the president was sincere, something would already have been done.) The first thing is to reduce the hours of work. What kind of protection system do they have? Is there a better way to protect the workers? Then a meeting of the union of asbestos workers is in order. After this you contact management about the problem. If they do not want to listen, then contact the senator of the state to inform the safety commission of the government. If the union president says you're "out of order," then you get petitions to override the president. If the union president says that something is being done then get all the details.

What happens next is that management will take a group of workers least affected by the problem and when the government investigates, then management will have these workers talk to the government. It will show the government their x-rays which show them to be in great shape. Then you should show the petitions or x-rays of the rest of the workers. This system works with other industries as well. Where I worked they had unsafe welding machines. People were not sure each day if they would be going home alive. It took me three years to get the people to agree that a safer welder was necessary. This company ended up putting in new equipment worth millions of dollars. These workers could not even read or write, but I showed them how to have a better way of life and better working conditions. These backwoods people hung up the Daily Worker newspaper on the company bulletin board. The job of the party is not to teach everyone to become a member of the party but to show the people how to get what they need.

You'll always find those who are sympathetic to the working people. Not all are reactionary.

If you get fired after you accomplish some bettering of conditions of workers, you must realize that you must work with the workers and not for them. When you're dealing with the masses, you must know which part of the masses are organized; this part is the unions. A union is a natural development from conditions. It's not dialectical materialist or Marxist. Union leaders are usually not Marxists. Indeed, when management finds a union leader to be a Marxist or a Communist, you give management a reason why they should get rid of that leader. The point is to supply unions with a scientific guide. Be aware of what has been accomplished thru unions. If you are unaware of this, then you think very little was accomplished.

Automation and the Six-Hour Day

It is important to do one thing at a time and to be specific. What are we going to do first? The system produces many problems, thousands of problems daily. What is the most critical problem? In this country you're dealing with one problem: automation. We must be very clear regarding what it means to change the system. We must find the essence of what this means. What's the most important thing for young people to begin doing? The number one problem is how to deal with unity in motion. All of these things are not new. They are part of the evolutionary laws of the universe. In the capitalist system, technology is based on making profit for the bourgeoisie; people are not given a chance to benefit the same as the them and the result is unemployment. What must we do about this? If something is being done about this, how can we help? How do we put people back to work? How do we promote jobs in combating automation? In order to benefit from the technological progress, we must go for the six-hour day. To win such a step, this must be done thru a national program; it must be introduced thru all the unions. The people will definitely benefit from shorter hours. There will be a lot of hardship with strikes, but if we don't do this, then things will get worse. Using the six-hour day to get at the main cause of automation will eventually call for the general strike.

See how sincere the local union men are. Start with the president on down. Whoever compromises, whoever doesn't help the conditions of the working people, it's no use threatening them with impeachment etc. You're just warning them that you're going to take action. You'll be gotten rid of before you start anything. This is where the wildcat strike comes from-lack of sincerity. Don't try to push. You can't manufacture sincerity; it's something people develop themselves.

Nowadays management and the petty bourgeoisie can't wait several months before paying the rent. The price of gas has gone up 100% since the last bus strike. Strikes have to be shorter because the petty bourgeoisie cannot wait as long as before; labor and management are both hurt at the same time.

What about cheap labor outside the U.S.A.? It is not profitable for the capitalist system when workers are industrious. This is why they would rather have many on welfare rather than working; it's cheaper to go to other countries and hire cheap labor than even to pay minimum wage here.

Cultural Revolution

A society must be prepared to know how to use free time. Here people say they're going to shoot pool to kill some time or they're going to a movie to kill some time. What do they mean when they say that they're going to kill some time?

In Russia they don't tell you that you have a choice of working or of starving to death. If you are in such a condition, then you're crazy and need treatment. The purpose of the central committee in Russia is to level off the amount of culture necessary and the amount of work hours necessary. They keep track of all things that are produced and the amount of hours required to produce each item. When you talk of reducing the average workday, there cannot be idle hours that cannot be taken up with culture or recreation. Where there is culture, idleness and waste does not exist. In Socialism each person must find their own level of culture.

In China they had a cultural revolution for the purpose of creating a relationship one with the other; I care for everybody else. If everybody says this, then all care for one another. China was forced into this just like Russia was forced to go into Socialism. This cultural revolution fits China because of their large population, 900 million people. In China you can't deal on an individual basis; if you just have two children in a family, for example, it would be more difficult to tell them to care for each other than if you had twelve. A highly cultured person, when they see a pregnant woman will get up and give her their seat; no one has to ask them to do this. Here in the U.S.A. exploitation drowns out every bit of culture. In China their first priority is quality of life. I agree with Mao Tse-Tung. The reason why Russia became technical first before quality of life, was because of the conspiracy to stop socialism at that time. China developed in a time when this state of conspiracy was much lower than when Russia was developing. China can afford to start the quality-of-life program.