Part 4 Science

Chapter 11 Physics


It is nothing else but energy that you want out of the universe, energy that is not to be bought because it is free, energy that does not overcome something else because it does not compete. You are not, for example, supposed to use fuel to overcome gravity. You get the energies you need from the universe-from without not from within-for you are not self-sustained.

There are two forms of energy. One is mobile and needs opposite conditions (such as hot and cold, darkness and light). This energy can only "carry its own weight." The second form of energy which we can harness is that which comes from velocity. Cosmic energy, thermonuclear energy and neurogastric energy are the three fundamental energies. From these three flow an unlimited amount of energies. By outliving lower forms of energy, you get a new form where the language you use is pure.

Energy is exact. The amount of energy used for anyone movement takes away that much from the rest of the body. If, for example, you are lifting 300 lbs with one hand and this happens to be your limit, then you cannot lift another weight with the other hand. No matter which way you observe this, you cannot get something for nothing. Even if you add another belt to turn the neoprene pump for the air conditioner in your car, you'd find that more fuel is used, say about 5 extra gallons for every 500 gallons.-Millions of fools are still looking to get something for nothing.-When we're driving, we only use about 10% of the energy generated. As of yet we don't know how to use that other 90% which is wasted. In the universe, however, nothing is lost; the universe uses everything even the ashes of a cigarette or a particle of steel that rusts to nothing. The universe creates and maintains its own energy in the same type of communicative system that exists between one planet and another.

One of the purposes of black holes in space is storage of universal energy of the universe. Vast amounts of energy, usable for anything, are stored there. Black holes can take a unit and completely dismember it so that it becomes part of space. It can take a whole planet and turn it into space again. When does such a thing happen? This happens whenever any form of congestion exits in the universe. The area of greatest congestion in our own galaxy is in the Bermuda Triangle; whatever congestion exists in that place is broken up so that it becomes a part of space again. It is just like when a clot cyst starts to form blocking the flow of blood. To counteract this, our bodies produce an anti-coagulant which breaks up this clot and the blood flows free again. In the black holes, space and time does not exist at all.

The black holes store all the energy required for energy to function. It is so compressed that it becomes a self-sustained-energy-storing-atom. The purpose: compounds of matter.

Up until the time of the discovery of the black holes in space, scientists were nursing the idea of limits (e.g. the speed of light).

Human Energy System

The battery gives energy to the car and the cells give energy to the body. The cheapest new Rolls Royce is today about $18,000.00 but without that $35.00 battery, it will not move. The human body is similarly meaningless without energy.

Our bodies are hooked into the two poles (north and south). We work by electricity, thermonuclear energy and molecular chemical energy. Just as a car, which is run on molecular chemical energy, has a generator, so do our bodies have a generator. The motion that exists in the body is the generator of the body. If you were to tie your arm down to your side for one year, after this you would not be able to lift it. There is no special organ to resupply our energy. We have a cambiogenetic cellular system which in short means ever-living cells. These forever-living cells are responsible for an unlimited replenishment of energy.

Time and Space

The fundamentals of the theory of relativity is based on space and time.

There is more power in empty space than in anything solid. One pound of air, for example, can lift 100 times its weight. Everything becomes part of space. If this planet were annihilated it would become part of space. You only get to know that space is important when you run out of it.

Space is relative to pressure and pressure is relative to the laws of gravity. An object must take up a certain amount of space in order to orbit; here you are dealing with is time and space.

Let's examine what time means. The conscious state depends completely on intelligence. Let's prove this. We are now able to predict down to the second when there is going to be an eclipse three years from now. On this point of intelligence, time doesn't exist. Time exists when we don't know what is going to happen between now and then. Time is what distinguishes between what you know now and what you will know later.

Anything that is 100% perfect is not subject to time. Time does not exist for the self-nature. The actual fact is that the subconscious is not harnessed to time. Your conscious state is. Right now we have this proportion: 51% to the subconscious and 49% to the conscious.


Gravity is an energy. If it wasn't, we wouldn't need fuel to counteract it. The less hydrogen the weaker the force of gravity. Gravity means this: any two existing elements with atomic weights. It is the amount of space taken up that is important for atomic weights. Then you go into the quality and quantity of atmosphere. The heavier the object that travels thru space, the more control it has over its environment.

You yourself can overcome gravity if you were to make yourself lighter than air. You can create a gas around you where gravity would have no factor, but what you would have to do or how you would have to live would be out of time (unsuited to current development).


All laws deal with vacuum. No form of energy can be stored without it; when there is less vacuum, energy is lost. A pin hole in a light bulb is enough to cause the carbon to burn right out. Oxygen stored in a vacuum supports life. When there is no oxygen to the brain, then decomposition or damage begins immediately.

A vacuum seeks its own level unless it is compressed.

Motion and Rest

Everything moves, not just life itself. People practically always ignore this one thing that life is relative to other motions. No energy is independent; one energy communicates with another. Everything is relative to energy and motion. The law of centrifuge changes the effect of the law of gravity.

The central law exists by means of whatever communications there are in the universe, and all forms of communication are based on motion. To simplify, we go to the example of spinning the pail of water. We are able to control the law of gravity by means of the law of centrifuge. When we spin the pail of water, the water doesn't fall out; it stays in the bucket. The central law is anything that controls what is in motion. The reason we cannot recognize the central law or what we call God is because it is just this simple. If you spin the same pail but without water, you have motion but no communication. When you add the pail of water, this is when you can see the central law work. Because it is exact, the central law never fails.

The way you prove to yourself that the central law is one and governs all things is to know that nothing stands still. You are a unit composed of hundreds of billions of cells in motion all the time. Whatever is in motion-and for as long as it remains in motion-is part of the creation of the central law and in turn is governed by the central law. Again the pail of water. If you swing it around in a circle, the water will stay in the pail as long as the pail is in motion. Would it not be silly for you to pray to God or to beg God to keep the water in the pail? All you have to do is keep that pail in motion and it will stay there.

There is one thing that is one and the same with the central law and that is motion; the central law of the universe calls for motion. If a car left sitting in the garage will develop sludge. Similarly your body, which is supposed to be active, will develop problems if it is left inactive. There is a certain feeling of tiredness which is due to the inactivity of certain organs in your system. It is natural for a young girl to clean her system. Before a cock fights they provoke it to have intercourse because afterwards it feels like fighting. But it is not just one thing (sex), it is the mind, our whole system that has to be kept active. If you do not produce enough thoughts for the day, this itself will make you sluggish. The only way to keep living is by being active. Nothing must stand still. Everything including yourself must continually keep moving. Constantly figure out what you can do to make things better. If earth were to stand still for a count of one, it would be like swinging a pail of water around with your hand and then stopping when it is overhead or in other words catastrophe. Anything that stands still in your body is toxic. When the blood does not circulate for 4 1/2 minutes in the body, this means death for the brain. We must keep in motion always progressing and never going backwards or else there is decay.

The neurogastric energy of the human system requires motion throughout the whole human system. If you let the finest of batteries stand without use, its energy will run right down. Keep everything working.

One of the main fundamental laws is that between each creative cycle there is a particular rest period. It's a proven fact that it requires more energy just to stand than to walk. While you put forth one step, you're resting in the other. Rest is impossible without motion. This was proven at Princeton University. They measured the energy of a person after walking for two hours and then after standing for two hours. The person who was standing had veins that were so deflated that it looked like they had varicose veins; the energy count was practically half lower than it was for the person who walked. Why is this so? When you're standing, it takes twice as much energy to stay in balance. Both living and non-living matter that moves creates its own balance. If the earth stopped even for a second, it would lose its balance and go out of orbit. All you have to do is apply atmospheric pressure (make it heavier) and you increase the aging process. Atmospheric pressure affects your cells. The higher the pressure, the more difficulty the system has keeping up with it.

Anything that is in motion creates its own motion so that you don't have to put any energy towards it.

Perpetual motion is to harness a law of the universe. The principle of perpetual motion means a governmental body existing in a cosmic orderly system. Have a heavy duty battery with a solenoid to wind up a 1000 lb tension spring. As it unwinds it will turn 30 different speed gears (the purpose of the 30 gears is so that the spring will unwind very slowly. Two such springs will be used to turn the gears and one will automatically rewind while the other works. To start it off we use a large battery which is connected to a large solenoid. From then on it's OK. Neither of the two springs will ever be unwound at the same time. This will require maintenance and lubrication only, but no fuel. This simple step is the leverage system of winding.

There is a law of rest which is part of the laws of animated suspense. When you talk of suspension, you are dealing with gravity.

Thermonuclear Energy

Thermonuclear energy serves the universe. We get thermonuclear energy from the sun. If it wasn't for this, we wouldn't have chemical energy. Thermonuclear energy activates chemical energy which is similar to recharging a battery by means of electricity. Thermonuclear energy transforms all other kinds of energies.-This was by the way how the chain reaction of relativity was discovered.-The same nuclear energy creates the positive and negative ion which ignite electrons. If you were to deionize a closed room, there wouldn't be enough electrical activity in any human being to keep them alive.

There are three fundamental energies that we get from thermonuclear energy. First we have direct current. A transformer is not necessary for this. In order to multiply electrical discharges, we use a transformer and then we get alternating current. There is a third fundamental energy that we get from thermonuclear energy-the energy that only serves non-biological matter which is called chemical cellular energy. It is a molecular discharge of energy stored in cells like a battery.

The navel transforms the sun's thermonuclear energy into neurogastric energy (more about this below). When we speak of the physical world, we speak of the animate and the inanimate. The inanimate world also deals with living things. The difference between the biological and the non-biological is that thermonuclear energy must first be transformed into neurogastric energy before it can be used by biological units. Neurogastric energy is a very fine energy in the form of gases.


Voltage is protons with the neutrons. It is complete. The protons without the neutrons is amperage. You can light up gases with amperage but to keep the process going, you need voltage. Your own energy is completely continuous and not static. There are more electrical charges in alternating current. It's like the body which breaks down 23 amino acids into 574. If you had a battery that could produce alternating current instead of direct current, it would eliminate 75% of the fuel we now use. Weight works with reversible electro-magnetic energy. A reactor works with the ions which are the igniters of electrons. What is required is to know how to use the two poles which would be the reactors. It is based on push and pull. This push and pull works together and not against each other. This is the purpose of planets being round; it gives you an automatic set position whether it has to pull or push. All we have to do is to duplicate the orbiting of our earth and the particulars of how this orbiting works. The purpose of the north and south poles is push and pull. What we must do is connect all the important items concerning the two poles. The weight of the earth is controlled by a simple electromagnetic field. The purpose of orbit is that it must orbit around something.

To have a system to store electromagnetic energy, we would need system of hot and cold (500 degrees above zero and 500 degrees below). The most powerful battery in the world must have an ordinary ground before it can produce electrons. How does this work for a car? It works by connecting the negative to the body of the car.

There are thousands of people who were dead and were brought back to life by electric shocks. This is called polarizing.

Heat and Friction

Heat is any form of radiation. How much radiation can you counteract? When you get up in the morning, your mouth is polluted and is unable to take much radiation. After you wash your mouth, it can take more radiation. The lower your resistance, the less radiation you can take. Your resistance is based on the amount of energy you have internally and externally. The external (of which we know very little) is called the aura. It acts as a shield to go against thermonuclear energy and its opposite (cold energy).

All molecules are subject to use. Heat will destroy a molecule whether this heat comes from friction or from the outside environment. Batteries burn out under continuous heat. When you have a fever, this destroys a certain number of molecules. Afterwards, you are weak and have to build them up again. I stood out in the sun for 12 hours and the following day I could not make the weight lift I usually made.

Wherever energy exists, there is friction and the resultant heat causes expansion. You lose energy when expansion becomes greater than the energy that exists. When you blow up a balloon, it becomes thinner and weaker. This is the way we must think of expansion. Expansion means less volume.

There is more "friction" among civilized people and this friction is what causes this heat. We produce more heat than the natural system of a human being is able to take. What can produce more friction than what is normal to the human system? One is worry. Another are those drugs and chemicals which people use. One of these is the simple looking aspirin. It has been studied in laboratories and they found that it takes about one year to get rid of the friction that comes from one aspirin. Unnatural friction stops microbes from developing tissues. Friction burns up natural enzymes which are catalysts used to create complete results in the creating of tissues. With a head of romaine lettuce a day, you get practically all your enzymes. When you apply energy you also get friction which creates heat accompanied with increased circulation and expansion to cooperate with this heat. If there is hardening of the arteries and your body calls for expansion, then you get high blood pressure.

Friction deals with time and space. Thickness and thinness are what decide freedom of movement. Like a piston and cylinder or a watch, if you remove the waste matter or dust, they run more freely or faster. This is why we have hyleronic acid in our joints. Gravity and non-gravity deal with friction. When you go from friction to non-friction, it's easy. The jolt comes when you go from non-friction to friction. When you run down a hill, it's easy because there is less friction. When you have to run up a hill, here is where we feel the difficulty and that difficulty is friction. In order to take this strain your arteries must stretch.

We maintain a certain natural friction in our systems which is subject to the denseness of the atmosphere in our environment.

Atmosphere and Pressure

The more vegetation there is on a planet the heavier you are. This is strictly from a physical point of view. If there were a way to measure atmospheric pressure against living matter, then you would find that the one who used the balanced physical exercise machine (see index) would weigh less than any others who did not use this type of exercise. The reason is that when you use this form of exercise you build up the energy around you and this makes you lighter; atmospheric pressures are withheld by these energies. When a person is ill, then the energies around this person become low and the pressure affects this person.

Atmospheric belts are what make the difference in atmosphere. Every planet has its own protective belts which create its own atmosphere. Closer to the earth the atmosphere is heavier. When you go to the moon, six pounds weighs one pound. This is why its atmosphere is so thin; the bigger the planet, the heavier the atmosphere (12-26-1978). Also, you cannot measure atomic weight on the moon as you can here on earth. The principle of all atomic weights deals with pressure; when you deal with atomic weight, you must also deal with atmosphere. Our atomic weight in this atmosphere is anything that is heavier than water. The highest atom weight we have now is 235 for uranium. A matchbox full of an element from the super nova star where we are supposed to have come from would equal the weight of our earth.

Pressure is one of the factors of energy (7-25-1979). If you know how to harness pressure, then you have energy.

Producing matter creates a pressure (July 28, 1979).

Hot and Cold

Everything in motion creates its own belt or atmosphere. It's the hot and the cold that makes these belts.

The distance between one mass of particles and another is that which makes an energy hot or cold. A cold energy is when these masses are closer and a hot energy is when they are farther apart. If there was enough distance to create atmospheric change between you and a fireplace, the same laws would apply; the farther away, the more radiation and the closer you get the less radiation. This is due to atmospheric belts. Our pressure is based on how near we are to the next planet.

Cosmic Energy

During a full moon, we don't get enough energy to think. Doctors have to watch their patients at mental institutions during a full moon, but normal people are also affected. The moon gets most of the cosmic energy at this time. It's like the tides; the moon attracts more at one time than at another. The influence becomes the strongest just at the turning point before the moon becomes full. After the moon becomes full, we become adjusted to its influences. At the turning point we're not adjusted.

The next development will be living purely on cosmic energy. At this stage, the baby in the mother's womb will be opposite [to the fetal position] in posture so that from our feet up our bodies will curve outwards. At this level we will live on cosmic energy alone and live only on vegetables. This is when the conscious state meets the subconscious. You can get such information as this by consciously aligning yourself with the universe which is our greatest teacher.

At a higher stage of development using the principle of the black holes in space we will try to make things lighter than air instead of trying to make something heavier than air. We can produce a gas that takes away all pressures of gravity. In our next development, our space ships will produce such a gas.


Earth is mostly water.

Every planet must have a moon which is not a sun (7-25-79). The most important purpose of the sun is photosynthesis for the biological factor without which there would be no biological division of cells. The moon controls the atomic weight of water. This applies as well to units of living matter.

Hydrogen keeps thermonuclear energy in its place. It is one of the basic elements of the universe. New planets take on new hydrogen. There are continuous explosions in the sun, and the more explosions the less hydrogen. Our sun will eventually burn itself out because nothing in our universe can exist forever in the same state of development, no matter how perfect. After the sun burns itself out, there is always enough left to start a new creative purpose in that particular galaxy. The less hydrogen you are able to store, the less you are able to take the heat. When a person gets mad, they lower their hydrogen content, and if you were to test their urine, it would show an alkaline state. Cancer tissue has an alkaline state of ph 7.

Look what we can do with water. Your body breaks down the molecular system in water and gets an energy called chemical deuterium or heavy hydrogen. In order to do the same thing outside the body we would have to create about 40 million degrees of heat which is by the way, what the sun is doing all the time (the center of the sun is such a temperature). Deuterium has already been produced. A lightning which equaled the strength of 40 million degrees Fahrenheit was used to bombard the nucleus of water. They use laser beams and water to make deuterium. It is stored in batteries. It is a great threat to the capitalist countries. It must be used on a balanced basis so that people are not left with gaps where they have nothing to do which is why the people need culture.

Ethylene is very useful and many things can be made with it but it is made from oil which is a very expensive source. A penny's worth of deuterium would equal approximately the energy you could get out of five dollars worth of gasoline. Regular gasoline without ethyl means less megatons. Ethylene in gasoline was meant for high compression engines. What is ethylene? It is heavy hydrogen. Heavy hydrogen up to 12% is safe when it is exposed to oxygen. Over 12% is when it is very explosive. My idea is to be able to adjust the amount of oxygen so that it can be exposed to ethylene. (These are scientific facts which can be verified.) Ethylene oxide mixed with purified water can be made as combustible as gasoline itself. It's not the idea of how much ethylene itself would cost, but how we can adjust the oxygen intake in your carburetor. To work with ethylene you must be very careful to de-ionize the room because these are igniters. What I am contemplating is to acquire a laboratory where I can find a solution of ethylene oxide and distilled water which is not explosive but yet combustible.

Every gasoline has a certain amount of water. This can be seen sometimes corning out of the tailpipes of cars. If water could be activated, it could be used as a fuel in the ordinary combustion engine. If you take potassium hydrochloride (which is contained in some of the drain cleaners) and add it to a quart of water, you will find that it will get warm. This is not a way to make fuel but an example of the use of water to create energy.

Many people have heard of the common "mothball." A mothball is made of naphtha. It is void of megatons. If you put one in your gasoline tank, you'll think that you have a "tiger in your tank." But if you do this, you will harm to your car.

The casing of a molecule can be broken when it is neutralized by a form of a caustic. Many caustics such as potassium and ammonium will break down the molecules of acids. In automobile plants they have huge vats of sulfuric acid into which they dunk rolls of sheet metal to clean off the corrosion and dirt. When they are finished with this acid they cannot just dump this acid into the sewers. It must first be neutralized, so they add a caustic like potash to it.

We don't know how to separate platinum from the ores that it comes with; we lose most of it when it's burned off from the other ores.

Chapter 12 Human Body

Integration of Biology with Physics

To understand the universe, we must understand the difference between biological and non-biological; one does not exist without the other. The universe as Einstein thought of it with an animate and an inanimate would look very ugly to me; quality of life depends on the integration of biology and physics. The purpose of physics is to create tools to observe biological processes. There must be a balance between technology and living matter. The universe says I am animate and inanimate; both are together and this is what makes the universe. It is natural for us to maintain technological progress provided it is equally accomplished in living matter. But is wrong to be able to go to the moon and yet to have to call multiple sclerosis a puzzle. When physicists leave out living matter, they never have a clear view of the universe. Russia was the first to start to integrate biology with physics (25 July 1979).

Physics and biology push apart. Even though physics may bring you comforts, these comforts can be your enemy. When you rely on physics, things become second nature, are done without motive; you become more like a vegetable, and there is mental retardation. In primitive societies, the only mental retardation that exists comes from fear or shock. For every one person that becomes mentally ill in primitive life, you find a thousand such in civilized life.

Our knowledge in physics is less than one percent when applied to knowledge of living matter, and when physics does not recognize living matter it produces "cold blooded robots."

To understand the communication between the animate and inanimate you must integrate biology with physics which-as is well known-Russia is now doing. The first step toward this is to understand the communication between psychology and parapsychology. To make it simple: parapsychology deals with the involuntary system of life within you and psychology deals with the voluntary system (meaning a good salesman can use psychology to sell you something you don't need). When psychology is integrated with parapsychology, then you can use it for doing good.

All matter, whether living or non-living, is energy. The difference between the organic and inorganic is that they are two different energies. These two energies pull apart; they are different and do not combine. Einstein says that between the biological and the non-biological is an actual, natural force that pulls the two apart. The same thing happens in our bodies; when we practice unnatural behavior, this force actually pulls us apart from life. If it wasn't for this pulling-apart-force, there would be so many collisions of planets that there would be nothing left but space. Every planet contains life just like ours has it, but no one speaks about this life. What keeps the moon, earth, and sun apart is the life existing in microbes in between each planet existing in space.

In physics you can get to the equation or answer, but in the field of biology you are dealing with the unlimited.

To understand the complexities of integrating biology and physics, you would have to understand the relationships involved in living matter. If we consider a series of numbers say from one through seven, we can get the number of relationships between all the numbers by multiplying the last two numbers or 6 x 7 = 42. The sum of this series of numbers is obtained by taking this product and diving by 2 and adding the last number of the series or (42/2) + 7 = 28. In the human being there are approximately seven billion brain cells which must interrelate with about 60 trillion tissue cells. When we try to figure out the number of relationships here, then we have to go to another dimension. In physics we are up to calculus. We do not yet have a formula for living matter because it belongs to a much higher dimension. In dealing with living matter, you reach a dimension where time and space do not exist anymore. Knowledge in physics is less than l % when we try to apply it to living matter. If we were to take all the textbooks on all subjects, we would find that which stands out as a challenge for the human race is to bring the knowledge of the biological processes of life at least up to the level of the knowledge in physics. In this way, no matter how little we accomplish, we can at least have a complete and balanced view of the universe. Today we have enough knowledge to be able to go to the moon but not enough knowledge yet to cure or understand the common cold. This does not mean that the step towards more knowledge of biology is complex. It means that this step has not yet been taken. Why? Scientists who deal with physics (like one I know of named Galambos) actually believe that physics alone will take care of living matter and quality of life. But quality of life is dependent upon the integration of biology and physics.

Using physics we can become aware of certain but not all realities; reality remains incomplete for us until we are able to bring the knowledge of the processes of life up to the level of physics. If we fail to do this, then we are accepting a partial reality for a complete reality, and when we apply partial reality to improve our way of life, then it becomes only partially beneficial; we expect reality to be complete and it is not. The confusion resulting from this creates many forms of insanity. (It is only a small portion of insane people that are committed; the rest of them are outside.) Our own mental unbalance comes from lack of awareness of the gap between our knowledge of the physical and the biological world.

When biology is not integrated with physics, you have a partial knowledge or intelligence. Einstein said that unless you integrate biology with physics, you would not have a clear view of the universe. Biological processes are primary and the physical are secondary, but only when you put the two together are things complete. When you fail to integrate biology with physics, it will always appear that with humans you are always running into more and more complexities as you go along. By using complete logic, which is explained in this book, we automatically eliminate these so-called complexities. Otherwise we continuously go deeper and deeper into complexities, and dealing with these matters becomes like trying to separate the feces of a fly from ground black pepper while wearing boxing gloves. This is a warning: only by staying with the fundamental laws of the universe can we avoid becoming confused in dealing with the complexities of the human. Otherwise, things will become so complicated that we will lose interest and have to compromise with incomplete logic.

To integrate biology with physics, you have to determine what is true and what is false concerning all things. You must think in terms of dialectical materialism or complete logic. The integration is the awareness that our knowledge does not come from physics alone but from the gradual seepage of knowledge from our subconscious state. Einstein, a Jew, worked on the A-bomb to combat Nazism. But being a physicist, he overlooked the fact that such a bomb would kill many innocent women and children. Afterwards he recognized his mistake but then it was too late. This is what happens when you don't integrate biology with physics. As you grow older you forget that all development and all thought originates from our involuntary central nervous system.


The beginning of a cell starts from gases which are in the form of a compound of a complete protein (or amino acid) and from this comes the absolute purpose of a particular identified cell which the central law of the universe produces for a definite balancing-out purpose. No two cells out of an unlimited number of cells are alike. Scientists today are learning to use these gases and they are creating life but with no identification or purpose at all. It is like a parrot talking and not knowing what they say.

Each cell is original in its own development. It does not come from another cell. To prove this, when an ape has intercourse with a human no conception takes place. The species of cell never changes. The species of cell (the true original species of cell) has always existed because it is part of the pattern. If it did not exist there would be no way to develop it.

Origin is the identification of the cell itself. It never changes even though it may develop. Thus it is wrong to say that we developed from or came from a monkey. The cell has two fundamental functions. The chemical reaction of the cell is based on the RNA which monitors the complete unit.


When we talk about living units, we often make mistakes. A maggot is an living organism and so is a virus. Even plants, as living units, have a complete logic system which works fine as long as it remains undisturbed by environmental conditions.

There are two kinds of plants that we can precisely distinguish. One is a seasonal molecule and the other is a permanent molecule or an all-year-round molecule not subject to seasons. There is a third type of plant life, the fruit bearing plant. Nature produced the all-year-round plant for oxygen producing reasons. If in our unawareness we cut down the oxygen-producing plants, we would allow this planet to become like the moon. Oxygen-producing plants on land are not the same as the oxygen-producing plants in the sea. The oxygen from land plants has a chance to mix with the gases in space. These are the gases that produce amino acid bacteria. Oxygen-producing plants of the water do not produce such a bacteria. Mammals need the oxygen that exists on land. Non-mammals do not require those gases which produce an oxygen which homogenizes with the gases which create amino acid bacteria. This is why whales and porpoises have to come up out of the water for air. The oxygen that the whale gets in the sea does not carry the homogenized mixture of oxygen which is on the land. So there are two types of oxygen. If we did not have any oxygen from land plants, our blood pressures would not be able to resist the atmospheric pressure on land. Instead of being 120 over 80, our blood pressure would change to approximately 80 over 53. When we go to the moon, our blood pressure would be 1/66 of what it is normally. That's why people on the moon must wear a space suit with oxygen. Otherwise they would suffocate. It is a combination of the oxygen from land and sea plants which enables us-and the whales who come up to get some of that land-plant oxygen once in a while-to take the pressure on earth.

Physicists do not have a clear view of the universe; for them plants have no conscious feeling. Experiments with plants have shown over and over again that they react to violence directed against them, exhibiting such analogous reactions as feinting.


There is a balancing principle in nature. In China the sun is at such an angle that nature has given a particular slant on the eyes so that the people there will not be blinded by the sun. The Eskimos have been given small nostrils so that the cold air won't go in so fast. The black people have been given wide nostrils and big lips to be better able to take the heat. The big lie is that the white race is superior; there was never such a race originally. We all come from the black race. The whole human race originates from Africa as Leaky has proven and which is accepted by many anthropologists. The people who started out with the comforts of nature didn't need the enzymes which others needed later.

Species Identification

There is no law of nature that calls for you to integrate or cross two cells that are different. The nucleus is the life of the thing and the species that come from the nucleus of human cells belong to it and nothing else. All cells have their own specific origin in nature. It is for this reason that you cannot find a tree that grows both peaches and plums. If it will not grow like this, then you should not mix the two. You can't cross a horse with a cow, for example. (When you connect energy to a radio, you don't expect it to be visual; it is only auditory.) Some species of living matter like a plum and a peach can be crossed but this is only because both cells belong to the same relative species. If you cross the same plum with an orange, you'll get nothing.

All we know now is how to determine the type of a person's blood. As of yet, from the study of blood we still cannot determine anything about a person's character; if we were to study the blood of Stradivarius, we couldn't find that which was there in his blood that made him such a violin maker. Your blood carries over a 100 billion references of history from the first cell that you came from.

Identification is a lost art. If you examine the cell of the dog, you will find that it is certainly different than the cell of a human being. These different identifications are called origin of species.

Some species are biological and some are not.

The timing of fruits in the year is based on the origin of cell which is specific according to its cell. One plant requires more energy than another. This is why most trees outside of the evergreen will not bloom in the winter time (there is not enough energy). In fact all living matter dies more in the winter time than in the summer time.

Cell Language

We must realize that the government of your self-nature is composed of hundreds of billions of cells. Each cell communicates with other cells in a coded language as the scientists of the Rockefeller Institute have discovered. Our cells actually have a language of their own, and these scientists are studying it right now. Life is produced thru this language code of communication. Take one little item of life, the hemoglobic molecule; this communication within you produces this molecule. Your conscious intelligence and the conscious intelligence of all the intellectuals on earth are not able to produce this. Where there is heat in your body, water is called to that place. If you burn yourself, you get a blister. If a baby is uncomfortable, it will cry; this is the only language that the baby has to call someone.

Though the cells have a language of their own, when poisons and interferences from the environment become chronic, the cells react; they become confused, and the central nervous system is affected.

The human body has 60 trillion cells. Each cell has a specialized code for communicating with the 7 billion cells of the brain. This communication is instantaneous. One thought can trigger off a communication to create a spontaneous remission. These cells behave according to how much stress is imposed on them. Stress blocks the communication of cells.


We have at least 100 billion cells in our body. A cell is made up of molecules which consists of ribonucleic acid. Everything in your body is made up of molecules. A blood or hemoglobinic molecule is different from a tissue molecule. There is no ribonucleic acid in a hemoglobinic molecule which is composed of 574 proteins. All the rest of the molecules of the body, however, are made up of ribonucleic acid.

The DNA is the message-energy-molecule; these are nerve cells. But these depend upon the RNA. If we don't have the right amount of RNA molecules then the DNA is unbalanced. The DNA belongs to the involuntary system. If they become unbalanced, they cannot transmit messages. If there is a high sugar count, for example, the central nervous system orders a message to the pancreas to secrete insulin. If we cannot secrete insulin because our central nervous system is disturbed, then we can have diabetes.

Cell Division

The human being is a unit. There are 25 chromosomes in the male and the same in the female. Before any cell division can take place, the XY and the XX of the male and female must come together. Division of cells starts from this culminating in 60 trillion cells of the human of which 7 billion are brain cells.

We don't know yet the speed it takes for the splitting of a cell.

Molecular Quality

The molecule itself depends on its quality. We can only observe this quality by the results it produces. You can have the correct amount of cells or molecules but the same cells or molecules might be immature. This is what we mean when we use the term quality.

Fundamentals of the Human System

First there is the molecular system. Then comes the genetic system. Then the chromosomal system. These are the three fundamentals of the human system dealing with living matter.

The Nervous System

There are two nervous systems: the central nervous system and the neurogastric nervous system. The central system deals with the conscious mind and the neurogastric system deals with the subconscious mind. All the feelings of the human being are controlled by these two systems. The lower animal is the same except that they live in one cycle of perfection.

Central Nervous System

Without the coordination of all things in the body, it would not be possible to produce anything. In the body before we can move a finger, we must first manufacture the energy to move it. It is the central nervous system which tells the whole body that you want to move a finger and coordinates the parts so that you can move it.

The central nervous system is responsible for regulating such things as the speed of the heart pulse and the endocrine system. In a society where the textbooks are unnatural to the human system, where the person is educated wrong, people get a wrong attitude and this disturbs the central nervous system. When it becomes disturbed, then it cannot control the endocrines. This is the reason why (if a person wants to be honest) we must have a society which is not unnatural but human. If you read this and apply it, they will call you a revolutionary, a communist, a socialist. They will attack you on all sides. The natural government of the human body contradicts whatever wrong is done. We do actually live in a natural government: our bodies.

The involuntary nervous system is capable of dealing with the relationships of seven billion brain cells and 60 trillion tissue cells.

Connective Tissue

Connective tissue is important. When it becomes weak, then that which it supports, begins to hang. A fallen womb is common among women. The falling of the bowel is one of the first things because it is the heaviest in the human system. Weak connective tissues also cause ruptures and hernias.


The ganglia keeps the balance between the voluntary and the involuntary nervous systems.

Brain Cells

The more cells that are being used, the better you are able to think. Just like when we begin to exercise and certain muscles become stiff, the same thing happens with our brain cells. Brains have a certain rate of development. Every cell of a plant is a brain.


The purpose of the veins is to carry the toxins produced by the body. These toxins are cleansed from the blood in the kidney by a process called dialysis. The blood then goes into the arteries through which it feeds the body. The kidney loses its function through infection of its filters. All artificial preservatives and chemicals cause the greatest injury to the kidney tissues. Nitrates in bologna and smoked meats also destroy and eat up these filtering tissues of the kidney. Too many aspirins will do the same thing. Nephritis or tuberculosis of the kidney tissues is a terminal disease. There is no such thing as replacing the kidney. If a person uses the dialysis machine, they can only do this for two years and then the person dies. This machine cannot duplicate the kidney. When the kidney becomes unable to filter the blood (nephritis), then there is no cure.

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system controls the fluids and heat of the body. Getting enough exercise is important for the lymphatic system.

Teeth, Gums, and Tongue

All bacteria that attacks the teeth and gums come from the tongue which is like a sponge for bacteria. There is not one civilized human that is without infection of the gums. This infection comes from the dead bacteria on your tongue. This is why a good doctor will tell you to put out your tongue when you're sick.

Channels for Elimination

Nature has certain channels to leave out certain toxins from the human body, and each toxin has its own channel for elimination. When you get up in the morning, you'll find waste matter coming out of the corner of your eye. If you were to close that channel, this would mean that this waste matter would have no other way to get out of the body. It would be the same as if you were to close up your ureter which means you could not urinate. Poisons come out of the bottom of the feet just as poisons come out of the large bowel and from underneath your arm.

The largest organ that takes care of most of your body's waste is the epidermis organ or your skin. A dancer once painted her body with gold paint and she died in 30 minutes. Women today would rather die than be wet under the arms. Would you rather have a little wetness or a hysterectomy. "If antiperspirants are so bad," some say, "the government wouldn't let them be sold." But here in the U.S.A. the dollar is so important that it means more than the quality of life (November, 23 1973).

Acid Balance of Body

The main reason the body maintains a 20% to 25% acid balance is so that the body can produce a mineral solution, in other words, that it can dissolve the minerals. To prove this, put an egg shell in a 5 1/2% solution of Heinz vinegar. Bacteria or any form of infection cannot live in your tissue with a 20% to 25% acid state. It can only stay there temporarily. They cannot form a government or a permanent domain. All cancerous tissue is 100% alkaline.

A 75% to 80% alkaline state supplies solid materials to build bone cells and nerve cells; an overly acid state causes softening of the bones.

The proper balance on nitrozine paper is from 5.5 to 6.5 which is normal.


The glands of the body, such as the adrenalin, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid, the duodenum, the liver, stomach, and the pituitary, compose what is called the endocrine system. These glands or endocrines supply hormone secretions such as petuitrine, prochinastrine, adrenaline, cortisone and ACTH. The body uses these hormone secretions for energy purposes. These glands must secrete on a timely basis without being disturbed in any way.


In living matter you have a secondary energy to back up weakness: adrenaline. When there is too much adrenaline activated, it burns up nerve tissue faster than the bodv can build it up again. This is what happens when we take dexedrine or "speed" as it is called. Using "speed" will give you worse results than if you were to use morphine (which some elderly people have used steadily used for long periods of time).


Prochinastrine is a hormone from the liver that maintains our assimilation of thiamin chloride. The older we get, the less prochinastrine we have.

Glutamic Acid

Every time you move, you create glutamic acid in your muscles. This is what slows down your endurance. Its purpose is to show you when to stop. Glutamic acid has many uses. It is part of a protein. We know that glutamic acid stimulates brain cells. This has been tested in universities by students who take glutamic acid pills so they can think better and pass examinations.

Ascorbic Acid

Scurvy is when the body is not able to produce enough ascorbic acid.


You need fat so that muscles can be built up. This is why a fighter will stop training three days before a fight - to give the muscles a chance to build up.

Chapter 13 Bowel


The human body is based on the orderly system of the cosmos. The muscles of the intestines, as with all the other muscles in the human system, are based on a push and pull which is the way the universe works. We use this push and pull when we scrub the floor by hand.

Very few have a balanced development of the lower portion of the bowel or the colon. There are 312 muscles in the lower bowel. A balanced development means that when the first muscle moves, then all the other muscles move together in coordinated fashion. Maybe one in a thousand has this balanced development. It is a chain reaction from the first to the 3l2th muscle. This is what is called a peristaltic movement of the muscles of the bowel. Each muscle moves one after the other until the waste is eliminated from the body. Furthermore, when this coordinated movement of the muscles of the bowel is lacking, many other kinds of trouble can develop such as colitis (the inflammation of the linings of the bowel), verticulitis (the twisting of the bowel) and spastic colitis (meaning that one part of the bowel is larger than another part). Few understand the importance of this. Einstein himself died because of verticulitis (diverticulosis) of the bowel. How intelligent are we when we can go to the moon, but we don't understand how our bowel moves.

Appendix and Bowel Movement

Ever since we began to walk on two legs our peritoneum (appendix) has been growing. In the upright position, the appendix is needed to lubricate the bowel at the point which now referred to as ascending colon (where the intestines tie into the large bowel). At that point there is a small oil sack (the appendix) which supplies lubrication for the peristaltic movement. When the bowel becomes full, a pressure is created on the appendix gland which secretes oil to lubricate the 312-muscle bowel movement of its. (If you don't have enough of this lubrication, try using three teaspoons of sesame oil with a teaspoon of flaxseed.) Lower animals are also able to produce a lubrication but not in the same way as the human beings do with their oil sacks. The lower animal has one continuous movement. Ask any veterinarian and they will tell you that no animal has ever had appendicitis.

Humans have four bowel movement positions: ascending, traverse, descending, and sigmoid. It is wrong to think that all animals are the same. Because we are an upright-walking animal, we cannot compare ourselves in this regard with any other animal other than the ape.

Perfect Bowel Movement

A perfect bowel movement is when, after the stool leaves the colon, you do not have to use any toilet paper. If you did, it would show nothing on it. What this means is that the bowel moves from the mucus membrane which lines the bowel. If you have had your appendix removed, don't expect this to happen. The lubricant which the appendix or the peritoneum puts out in the form of an oil, enables the bowel to evacuate the stool or waste matter cleanly from the membrane lining. Also, the perfect bowel movement massages the ovaries in the female and the prostate gland in the male. This is a massage which no doctor can give. When such a massage does not exist in your system, then these glands become enlarged; blood circulation becomes poor and infection starts.

The Civilized Disease

When the muscles of the bowel begin to move (peristalsis), this is the message telling us that waste matter must be evacuated. When some of these muscles start to move and others are blocked because we don't heed this signal, then all the muscles stop moving. The sigmoid part of the bowel (the colon) starts one movement at a time. When you don't move your bowel in time, pressure builds up. This pressure creates heat which makes the waste matter in your bowel hard (constipation). The heat from this pressure also produces an abnormal cell. There is a virus called the amoeba virus which comes when the bowel is inflamed, and there is nothing they can give you here in America to kill that virus. Polyps and tumors then begin to form. Then there is bleeding and finally you need a colostomy or removal of the colon. There are at least 10,000 colostomies performed here each year. Also, when the muscles don't move, then the appendix does not empty its oil and it becomes stagnant and inflamed, and if it should rupture, it could poison the entire system. This disease called appendicitis or peritonitis is a civilized disease. Primitive humans did not have it. Civilized people must understand the consequences of being civilized. One of the consequences (of being "civilized") is that there isn't time to move the bowel when people get that signal. It's knowledge like this that our doctors do not have or do not give to their patients. What they do know is how to cut out what is wrong, but pretty soon there is nothing left to cut out.

Today in our society doctors are educated to tell you that if your bowel moves twice a day it's wrong, and if it moves only once a week it's OK. This way doctors will always be making money. By the way, the doctors themselves live this way.

Taking Care of the Bowel

Taking care of our bowel is not an easy chore. Before you can prescribe anything for the bowel, you must first know if the person has had their peritoneum (appendix) removed. The physician is supposed to understand in chronic cases exactly what a person needs whether it be a laxative, cathartic or purgative. One should not take the liberty of trying to cure themselves. Even such simple things as an enema can rupture the peritoneum.

There is a supplement for bulk in our diet which nature produces for us called the ovato plantago or psyllium seed. Civilized people cannot take this seed directly because it can lodge in the bowel in places which are difficult to move where they will ferment, harden and cause trouble. Although primitive people could take the whole seed, civilized people must use the powder if it is to be safely consumed. The average dose is 1 teaspoon to 6 ounces of water. You should not allow the powder to stay in the water too long before consuming it because it will get too thick. People who have had their peritoneum removed should use half the average dose with prune juice. Because conditions with people vary, when you first take the seed, use 1/2 teaspoon with 1 ounce of prune juice and for the rest of the solution use water up to 6 ounces. Without the peritoneum, there may be a spastic condition where one part of the bowel may be 1/2 an inch in diameter and another 1 1/2 inches. The larger part may be able to take the larger dose but the smaller part may not. This might rupture the tissues of the bowel. It is best to gradually build up to the dosage until the diameter of the stools increase to 1 1/2 inches. The bulk supplement should be taken approximately one hour before you eat your last meal before going to bed. After supper, a walk would be helpful. The way civilized people live today, it would be necessary to use the bulk supplement every day. Our objective is a perfect bowel movement.

All countries have the ovato platago plant for their people. When people do not take this plant for natural maintenance, then the transverse part of the colon begins to sag. There are many names they give to this type of condition such as spastic verticulitis of which we have spoken above. When this happens, then the sagging part pulls on the rest of the colon and on the connective tissue. This organ being the heaviest, when it drops, ruptures the tissues and we call it a dropped bowel.

Intellectuals try to substitute something artificial for remedies that nature provides. One such drug found in a common laxative is known as phenolphthalein, a direct derivative of carbolic acid. If you write a post card to the Bureau of Public Health and ask them what phenolphthalein does to the human system when used as a laxative, they will tell you that it will injure the tissues of your liver. Why are companies allowed to sell it? This can only happen in an immoral society.

Septic Life of the Body

There are people in hospitals because they don't have enough bacteria (lactobacilli) in their intestines to take care of the toxins. During osmosis there is a certain amount of toxins which these lactobacilli live on in the small intestines. The best part of osmosis (which takes place in the large bowel or colon) cannot take place when the bowel is not clean enough.Intestinal flora are the septic life of the body. There is bacteria which lives off the sewerage which goes into septic tanks. Every now and then they throw a couple of yeast cakes into these tanks to keep up that bacterial life. If it wasn't for this bacteria in the tank, the stench would be so bad that you couldn't live near it.

Chapter 14 Hair

Purpose of Hair

Nature gives you hair to absorb and filter dirt. The purpose of hair under the arm is to protect the skin; it absorbs the poison until you wash. Hair also helps us to absorb radiation from the sun. This is the purpose of the hair on the head. The angle that the sun rises determines whether or not a person will have a beard. The American Indians had no beards because primitive conditions didn't call for this.

Sebaceous Gland

The sebaceous glands are the fundamental cause for the growing of hair. To keep our hair we must understand what interferes with the sebaceous gland, not what's wrong with it. There are many forms of interference which can cause us to lose our hair or prevent the sebaceous gland from doing its work. One is a fungus (alopecia virus) or dandruff. One other is venereal disease, mainly syphilis.


For every five men who become bald headed, there is only one woman who will become so. This is because women tend to brush (pull their hair) their hair more often than men and so do not have a tight scalps. This brushing or pulling of the hair is an exercise which the hair needs to loosen the scalp. (As an exercise grab handfuls of your hair and pull it from side to side.) Men could keep their hair forever if they exercised it. Also using a tight cap or hat can decrease circulation and cause us to lose hair. This is why so many uniformed people become bald headed. Nine out of ten uniformed people are bald. If we are deficient in potassium, the nerve ends in the follicle thru which the hair grows will become dry and brittle and cause us to lose hair. Other causes might be a high fever during childhood, inherited deficiency in the sebaceous gland hormones, or too much sun. Though a person may lose all of their hair, the rest of their body can still remain perfectly normal.

Gray Hair

When we are dealing with color in the human system, we are dealing with pigment. The peculiar thing is that pigment goes to one part of the body and not to another so that certain parts of the body which can be damaged permanently and it would be a mistake to judge the rest of the body from that one damaged part. There is not just one reason or cause for gray hair. It may be due to shock or to the inability of the body to assimilate phosphorus which is a metabolic disease. But the main reason is where the central nervous system is disturbed. Shock takes away oxygen. It produces a poison which leaves the cells without oxygen and then these cells die. There are major nerve cells which pertain to melanin which is the main source of pigments. When these main cells are damaged due to the shock of fever or other unnatural disturbances then the pigment process for your hair becomes damaged. This is how your hair becomes damaged and how we get gray hair. The hair, however, should remain just as strong as before. You can test its strength by seeing how much you can stretch it without breaking it. Bald-Headed People Statistics were taken on bald-headed people. They found that bald headed people are better able to resist more diseases than people with hair. The reason why is because it takes a certain amount of energy to make hair grow, and those who are bald have that much extra energy to fight disease. It's better, however, to have enough energy for all things.

Care of Hair

Axle grease is good for the rejuvenation of the hair. Also oil of sesame with the juice of the ginger root. The hair should be washed only once a month.

Chapter 15 Balanced Physical Development

Balanced Development

Allow yourself to develop in a balanced form and from there your qualities become stronger. From this comes a pattern of character that is different than what was. Then you have your true identity. Regardless of what is imposed upon you, you have your choice not to have it.

This balanced development fits all humans living on this earth. Being civilized is a responsibility. The responsibility is to understand how the fundamental laws of the universe work. If you understood the laws of the universe, you would understand how the muscles were formed. This is how I discovered what a balanced development means; the existence of the universe is based on equilibrium, and there are laws existing in this universe that maintain this equilibrium. I figured out what nature asks me to do in order to get a balanced development.

A person can be the highest intellectual, but if their brain is somewhat unequally developed, then that intellectual, because of this, can make more errors in their thinking than an illiterate whose brain has a balanced development. All physicists will agree that basic foundation of the universe is equilibrium. Balance, that's the whole thing in a nutshell.

The difference between ourselves and the universe is that the universe attains its balance, and we maintain it. We have the balance of the universe; it is not something that we create, but something we maintain. We maintain this balance by minimizing what disturbs it. If you have a car that is in balance, how long it will remain so depends on how well you maintain it. We are given a balanced body. The question is how can we minimize that which upsets the balance such as worrying, straining, consuming too much sugar, having wrong attitudes and wrong concepts. We learn from history that whenever complete logic is applied by the people, they maintain a better balance.

Something balanced comes without cost. If it is unbalanced, then there is a cost.

An animal like a cat can jump three to four times its height because of its balanced development. We can too. We were born with a balanced development but do many things against it. An infant of about eight months of age has the most evenly developed body.

If this development were kept, they would be considered super-persons.

Our life is based on equilibrium. To maintain this equilibrium, we must develop consciously. You apply equilibrium to life with intelligence. Ignorance is the enemy of equilibrium.

The higher we develop to maintain this equilibrium, the less we go against life. It takes approximately one teaspoon of sugar in our blood to keep a balanced sugar level. Some people take 20 teaspoons a day. The pancreas is not able to burn up this excess sugar and therefore part of our life becomes unbalanced. Then there is a chain reaction to this so that everything else becomes unbalanced.

Do you know that being unevenly developed creates thousands of nerve blocks? It is very important to get your physical balance. Plato said that when you are as broad shouldered as you are broadminded then you are balanced in both areas.

Physical Development and Health

Physical development is important. For every one athlete that becomes violent enough to kill, there are at least a hundred other non-athletes who will also resort to this same type of violence. The less energy you have, the less ambition you have and the more you look for things with the least resistance.

Balanced development is for health.

When you are civilized, you must think in terms of health and not in terms of strength because health takes in the complete unit of the human being. Strength only pertains to "one thing at a time, " and here is where we can error; person can be very strong and still be unhealthy. Strength is rigid or brittle while health is flexible. When we look at ourselves, it is not how strong we are to be able to do one thing, but how healthy we are to be able to do many things. The healthiest athletes are the all-round athletes. When you are physically strong to do one thing, you can be very weak to do everything else. This is what we mean by being developed in an unbalanced way. The chain reaction from a balanced development is such that you would never dream that you could be able to so many things. A balanced development will eventually bring out the true creative ability in people.

Physical Exercise and the Heart

We were originally built to resist pressure to be able to take change. This is the purpose of the muscles. Our blood pressure is based on the same condition. Our system is such that it takes 120 degrees going up and only 2/3 of this pressure going down. The pressure of the descending blood is controlled by the check valves. When we go to outer space, the same ratio exists except there is less friction. The reason why you need exercise in outer space is to be able to take the coming back. This is why we need the development. If a runner runs a mile and then completely stops, he can die right then of heart failure due to pressure.

As long as you take the drops you will have 120/80 blood pressure, no more and no less. If the pressure is above 120/80, the heart muscles become enlarged.

When you make any kind of a move with weight, you go against the normal size of the heart pulse. This is because pressure is applied. Even thinking hard will put pressure on the heart. The heart is the central organ which takes the pressure of all body movements. Between each move there should be plenty of rest so that you can give the heart a chance to take the pressure. It is successive movements that cause enlargement of the heart. And once you have this condition, then you never return to normal. The person that jogs gets an enlarged heart. With a normal heart they couldn't do this. This is why most runners have to keep on running. Otherwise they don't feel good. If you try for endurance in any kind of training, you can expect enlargement of the heart. If you have a group of athletes and non-athletes, the non-athletes will always outlive the athletes. All athletes have enlarged hearts; they are not normal. The only athlete that doesn't have an enlarged heart is the golfer. The slower the animal (whether it be a human or a beast) the longer they live. What you want most is a balanced development, not an enlarged heart so take it easy. I don't envy any athlete; they do things which are against the heart.

Anyone with an enlarged heart has to keep exercising. If they stop, they will die. When you see someone with enlarged or blown-up muscles, their heart or myocardial muscles are in the same condition and are affected in the same way. This is why a weight lifter takes a chance if they go swimming.

The training for boxing is the one of the most natural forms of training because there is very little straining involved.

The best exercise for the heart is the in-and-out exercise. Place a folded, clean handkerchief between your teeth and force air first in and then out of your mouth. This exercise works with systolic and diastolic pressure.

Blood Circulation

The correct way to look at energy is how much energy is fed into that muscle by the blood.

Lack of exercise creates lack of circulation; muscles which are not used do not accept circulation. Circulation begins to bypass these muscles and they begin to smell so that deodorant must be used. Any form of depression also stops circulation through the central nervous system and we become unbalanced. Exercise can restore this circulation. Unused muscles become dormant, and dormant muscles excrete bacteria which can cause strange diseases.


Without a balanced development, there is no way to relax; an unbalanced development pulls on you. We have what is called connective tissue. Your muscles are connected to bone tissue. When you get older, muscles start to fall because the connective tissue is weak. All connective tissue is developed by using this machine. This is more important than the size of the muscle.

When you stop using muscles, there is what you call a degeneration of muscle tissue. A degenerative muscle pulls on muscles that are not being used. This is where posture declines. A women's breasts will begin to pull on her if she doesn't have strong enough muscles. Abdominal muscles are such that they no longer are able to hold the weight of the intestines. When this happens, the center of the bowel drops and pulls on the connective tissues causing many diseases. The human race is quite degenerated.


The whole purpose of the machine is to introduce a correct posture or to take away the pressure, especially the pressure on the spine. Women are weighted down by the breast. People are sagging. If you were to tell people that they are disturbed by certain muscles pulling against them, they might not believe you, but it is true.

The purpose of your spine is to carry out nerve messages; it is a relay system. Very few messages are properly relayed because our spines are not in good order. It's like calling on the telephone and having only spurts of the message go thru. One cannot make heads or tails of what is being said.

One of the changes taking place since humans have been upright is a continuous pressure on the spine, and very little is being done about it. If you were to ask the central law why people are lopsided and why they have so many diseases such as multiple sclerosis, it would tell us to understand that we haven't the muscles necessary to keep up the vertebra of the spine. The muscles that hold up the spine therefore are very important.

Multiple Sclerosis

There are about 6 million cases of multiple sclerosis. Its first, symptom is that the person cannot lift any weight with their legs. It is caused by the wearing down of the myelin sheath between the vertebrae; the myelin sheath between the vertebrae wears out and there is too much friction on the nerves. There are a set of muscles between each vertebrae of the spine which are supposed to support these vertebrae. Some people are born with stronger muscles than others so that they never contract multiple sclerosis. Those born with weaker muscles must begin to develop these muscles from youth. Primitive people do not get multiple sclerosis because of the amount of exercise they have to do, but civilized people neglect this exercise. You will never find such diseases among ditch diggers or lumber jacks or people who do heavy labor. Not one in a million women who used the old-time washboard ever had multiple sclerosis. More women have multiple sclerosis than men because men tend to do more exercise. Among the Eskimos you do not have this disease. In Russia they have periods of exercising in the plants along with symphonic music. They do this in China as well. These countries are putting money toward the study of nature. Here they are concerned with making money. That's why exercise and especially balanced exercise is so important. Balanced physical exercise will itself take care of many nerve diseases. Scientists claim that they are looking for a cure but they ignore the cause. Just as soon as you begin a balanced exercise program (which we will talk about below) then this exercise will release this disease which will then travel to the mucous membranes. As soon as the muscles in the spine start to be released, this is when things start.

Other Nerve Diseases

There are other types of nerve diseases which come from this same lack of proper exercise. There is a disease known as miocolateral sclerosis. The first thing it attacks is the throat muscles causing lack of speech and constriction of the vascular system. There is also a disease known as myasthenia gravis which causes the deadening of the muscles of the eyelids so that they droop. Muscular dystrophy also comes from the same cause. All of these diseases come from the deterioration of the main nerve cells in the spine which affects the voluntary nervous system. There are other nerve diseases caused by all artificial flavors and chemicals which deteriorate certain nerve tissues. The Food and Drug Administration has already stopped the use of some of these but others soon take their place which are just as bad. The reason why they use these artificial things is to keep the food from spoiling but they don't tell you these things on the label. We have not yet reached the first lesson on how to live as civilized human beings.

If people used the balanced exercise machine, there would be no muscular dystrophy.

Principles of the Balanced Physical Exercise Machine

I have developed an exercise machine to give a person a balanced physical development. This exercise machine gives you such coordination that when you use one muscle, you are developed in such a way that you receive the support of all the rest of your muscles like links on a chain. Every muscle in our body is geared to each other muscle.

The machine we have created is based on a push and a pull which are laws of the universe relative to your body. There are no other principles involved. When you do this completely coordinated exercise, energies go thru the whole system from head to toe; the more you use this exercise, the stronger your central nervous system becomes in generating this energy throughout the system.

Actually the whole principle behind the balanced physical exercise machine is that for every push there should be one pull, and for every pull one push. For every push there must be one pull and not two or three. It's that important. There are no other principles involved. This type of exercise is the only natural exercise, and no other activity cannot take its place. An occupation, for example, cannot be used as an exercise; all occupational work results in uneven development.

Unlike the traction you get in hospitals, the traction you get on the exercise machine is completely supported.

The law of gravity deals with the same weight all the time; it doesn't deal with springs.

We are so unbalanced; we use only approximately 10% of the muscles in our body. When we make any movements, we are supposed to use all our muscles at the same time. When we use the developed 10% of our muscles without the relative support of the other undeveloped 90%, it becomes such a strain that we even hate to walk. It makes us lazy and we just look for buttons to push. If you're standing up, you're contracting your muscles. You use your voluntary part of your brain to contract. If the muscles are not developed, your brain tells the muscle to move and it can't. If we allow ourselves to remain in this state, the mind doesn't cooperate with the body and the body doesn't cooperate with the mind. When we are not able to control each muscle with the brain so that there is perfect coordination, we're just a dead conglomeration of muscles. The brain suffers the most from this state. It also affects our ability to communicate for if we can't communicate with our own muscles, how are we going to communicate with anybody else. Believe it or not, a person in this condition is unable to control an orgasm, and more than 50% of divorces are due to the dissatisfaction resulting from this.

The exercise machine employs traction but it is unlike the traction you get in hospitals in that it is completely supported.

The balanced physical exercise machine exercises every major muscle in your body. Awareness of what the exercise machine does for you is more important than trying to improve it.

We have what is called connective tissue which connect your muscles to bone tissue. When you get older, muscles start to fall because the connective tissue is weak. All connective tissue is developed by using this machine. This is more important than the size of the muscle.

What we have are specialized developments. With special developments and big muscles, you have problems with circulation. It's hard to wake these people up; they are sick. Using the exercise machine you will not develop bulges because you are using approximately 450 muscles in a coordinated way. Curling in weightlifting produces bulges (pumping up the muscle) because there is very little if any coordination with other muscles. The study of the gorilla was my favorite study. If you observe them, you'll notice no bulges, just strength. It is wrong for a person to develop one part at a time. When one muscle is strong and others are weak, the heart takes the strain. The human being should not develop one part of the body stronger than the other. This is the purpose of the exercise machine: to develop each part of the body equally. When I was 35 years old and weighed only 128 lbs., I was able to lift as much as the light heavy-weight champion. When you use the development of the exerciser you are distributing the total weight to each of the muscles you have developed. If you take one pound and hang it on one hair, it might pull it out. But you can take a bunch of hair, put a comb on them and you can lift a hundred pounds. You are distributing the 100 lbs. to thousands of hairs. When you use the machine, you acquire a balanced development which enables you to distribute weight to about 450 muscles.

This machine gives one muscular coordination and a balanced development. What is dramatic about the results of this machine is that you become healthy. When I do the exercise, I don't think of anything except health. Without the exercise machine, you live such a dragging life that you might not come to this point of development.

Benefits of Balanced Physical Development

What you're do on the machine is not for getting muscles but for building up cells that can store energy, and it is not temporary energy. You can quit for years and still have this energy. From this energy you build up your senses, your quality of life. You will have the energy to apply yourself to morality, to help you choose between right and wrong. You will be able to make powerful decisions.

For whatever we do we must have a 100% purpose. Otherwise, we do not accomplish anything. When we exercise, we must know that we do it to build up these energies so that the pressure and vibrations around us affect us less and less. This energy around us actually acts as a shield to protect us from pressures which come from vibrations and from the atmosphere.

There is a chain reaction to development so that the stronger you get, the less you want to hurt others and yourself. This means that your motives will change. The stronger you get, the better you are able to protect yourself without doing anything wrong. This exercise will help you build up your patience. This exercise will give you a different type of erection where you will have no strain or pain.

Most people could do better than what they are doing if they had a balanced physical development. Whatever people have accomplished, they could have accomplished much more with this kind of exercise.

When you ask a person who is unbalanced how they are, they say they are fine, but that person is unaware of the discomforts from being unbalanced. These discomforts actually slow down the development of their minds. The discomforts of an unbalanced physical development cannot be seen as easily as a headache. When a person has a headache, they can't think well, but when the headache stops, they can again think normally. As soon as you start to use the exercise machine, you will start to create a beautiful balance in yourself. Anything out of balance becomes a leverage of strain. With a balanced development it is the other way around: leverage reduces strain. Without a balanced development, it's like trying to pick up a long bar off the floor from one of the ends. Our general way of living, in fact, is a complete strain, and we don't know where all the strain comes from. Even walking has become a strain for many. All athletes should first get a balanced development and then develop themselves in their specialty. If you get a balanced development, you can lift weights and still not get muscle bound.

All balance means is that you're as strong as the weakest link. You're as strong as all the muscles are all together and not just one weak muscle. Ruptures come when there is no balanced development.

Having a balanced development allows a person to be more creative.

When you do balanced exercise, you will be able to master a mind which is of a lower level. If they try to attack you, you can will them not to lift a hand and they will not be able to do this. But for a person on your own level, you don' t need this. I used this just today. If I had not used this, I would have been in a hell of a fight. Out of continuous use of balanced physical exercise comes wonderful results; there flows from it a solid (not temporary) state of development. Even if you only exercise rarely, you will benefit from it. With this balanced exercise, the muscle coordination you get doesn't leave you; I still have it after all these years.


Strength comes first in the electromagnetic field then in the ligaments and then in the muscles. Strength is not in size.

Strength is from the neck down, not from the hands upward.


You can lecture to yourself, but it won't do a thing for you; you've got to train in order to build up a higher level of energy.

If you had to do all the things that primitive people had to do, then you would not need the balanced exercise machine. But if you use the machine, it will give you an even better development than primitive people where you can enjoy good health.

To do a complete job of developing using the exercise machine, it would take approximately 3 years. About 450 main muscles are required to use this machine, and since they are all being developed, it takes a longer time.

When you start training as an adolescent, you train an entirely different set of muscles than when you're say 35 years old; the tissues are different.

We have major and minor muscles. Minor muscles are like muscles in your eyes. Minor muscles develop from the major muscles. Whatever you do with the major muscle, the minor muscles do with them. By using the main muscles in a balanced form, the others come into action.

There are cables which connect one muscle with another which we call ligaments. Wherever you have a muscle, these ligaments are interconnected. These cables or ligaments develop just like muscle especially when you do this form of exercise. Muscle and ligaments need time to develop.

When working on the exercise machine, the slower the better. Not too fast! Light training means that you can do an exercise ten times. If you do it only five times, you cannot perform feats nor can you call it training. Training is light stuff in successive movements.

I have discovered an effect that takes place in a person when new muscles are used for the first time; the whole respiratory system is attacked, and you'll think you have the worst cold.

If you don't set yourself before you make a movement on the exercise machine, the heart has to pump a lot of blood thru your veins and arteries. This inflates your heart muscles because they flex too hard. It makes the arteries and veins oversized. It's just like putting too much pressure on a water hose. Young people who do not get their muscles set before they exercise have what is called young energy. Up to 16 years of age, they have 10 to 15 faster pumps per minute. That's why a young child can just take off and run because their pulse is fast anyway and it's able to take it. Over 16 years of age, our pulse practically stays at the same rate; you rarely get children with the same pulse whereas you do have the standard adult pulse. The most important thing is to set your muscles before you exercise so that you live long and have a healthy heart.

After training on the machine, I was able to hold back a Mac truck, which 20 people were unable to do. Universal News recorded this. Also the New York Daily Mirror carried the pictures in 1933-1934. This was also the period when I had my first Golden Gloves fight and also lifted a loaded truck weighing 10 tons. I trained for 3 1/2 years. I went to bed at 8:00PM and got up at 5:30 - 6:00AM. I did a little running and then started to train. I would eat a dozen bananas, a dozen eggs and roast tongue. When you do such things you go into a higher dimension of mind and body. The mind has very few negative thoughts. Vanity disappears. The ego becomes part of yourself. (Ego is supposed to give you an awareness that you are alive and well and also an awareness of what you have accomplished.)

Jimmy DeForest said about me: "The power that this man has doesn't show on his body." With a balanced development you will not see a lot. You will fool yourself and others.

Importance of Sweating

Heat attracts water. This is the source of sweat. Wherever there is the use of energy with heat expansion and increased circulation, then the body releases waste matter that comes with this energy in sweat. This is why sweat smells bad; there is poison in it. The high pressure of thinking can also create sweat. Fear also can create a sweat for there are toxic effects which come from fear which the system eliminates.

When we have a small amount of poisons to release we release these from under the arm (our sweat glands). But when we exert a lot of energy, we will start to sweat from the forehead. (Heat usually goes to the top.) When we exercise, the increased circulation from the use of energy will cause toxins to be released. This is why it is important to come to a sweat. Otherwise you do not release all the toxins which result from the use of energy and these toxins remain in the muscles longer than necessary. Also, a buildup of energy requires a buildup of heat. When you exercise but don't come to a sweat, then you don't get the energy to go thru the whole system.


Everybody needs polarization daily, and the exercise machine provides this. Also, we are supposed to walk around on the soil barefoot at least 3 months a year. Smacking the baby when born is polarizing it.

Voice Training

There are muscles in your vocal chords which are never used. If these muscles were used, you could produce a pure tone.

There should be no strain to sing any note. Strain means that you're putting out energy that you cannot afford to put out. If you spend more money than you make, you will have that many more lean days.

The most dramatic voice comes out of the treble. The faster the treble, the purer it is. It becomes integrated into one sound so that it is no longer a treble. It is like spinning something around on the end of a string: the slower you spin the object, the easier it is to see. The faster you spin the object, the harder it is to see. It would take at least two years of exercise to develop your voice with balanced training.

Physical Culture

Physical culture opens up new areas. It allows you to contact new things you never knew existed before.

As years pass, interest in weightlifting will increase because here there are no tricks that you can apply.

Chapter 16 Aging


The aging process has to do with two fundamental things: 1) an accumulation of waste and 2) the creation of friction. As soon as you take away friction, you begin to live longer. If you were able to burn up waste normally, there would be no friction, and you could live as long as you wish. We must develop ways and means for humans to live with less friction.

For every cell in your body that dies, new ones are born. The exception to this process is old age which places a limit on this replacement process because of the accumulation of waste which obstructs this cycle.

Forever-Living Cells

We have forever-living cells and a way to keep cells going forever. Though today we accept a limit to our lives though we have forever-living cells, in the future this won't be the case; we will not accept a limit. Nor will we accept that we already have enough molecules. This is an unorthodox, advanced view of our universe pertaining to living matter.

Orthomolecular Count

It isn't that we lack cells (which are composed of molecules); what we lack are molecules. When the cell has all of the molecules, then it is able to produce all the enzymes (billions of them) which it needs. These enzymes enable the body to replace dying cells with live cells. When this is accomplished, then the chain reaction of having enough molecules is continually produced. It is very important that every human being have in their tissue cells the correct number of molecules with the proper specific gravity. The correct amount of molecules is referred to as "orthomolecular count." The molecule itself is composed of ribonucleic acid. Specific gravity deals with the strength of this ribonucleic acid. To understand this better, consider the car battery which contains 40% water and 60% sulfuric acid. This 60% of sulfuric acid contains approximately 100 million molecules of sulfuric acid. When the sulfuric acid is activated, its molecules produce an electromagnetic field. If the strength of this acid becomes low then there isn't enough power even to sound the horn. We can call this strength the life-giving energy of a car. Perhaps you can now better understand what the ribonucleic acid in your tissue cells means to you. The electrons from these cells produce messages which travel to and from your brain. If you lose maybe 40 or 50 million molecules of this acid or if you use a poor quality acid (one with a low specific gravity), then you will have a low electromagnetic field or not enough electricity to turn over your "car motor." Anything that's used, loses its strength. As this acid becomes weaker we can call it a lower specific gravity. Just as when you work you are supposed to replenish the body, so we are supposed to replenish these molecules.

Every human on this earth is low in molecules in their tissue cells and the quality of the ribonucleic acid (RNA). Previously there has been no scientific interest to do anything about this, but I have found a method to build up the right amount of molecules in your tissue cells with the correct specific gravity. If this method were applied in any society, especially here in America, there would be economic chaos in regards to income for the medical profession and drug market because many forms of disease would disappear. By having the right amount of molecules with the proper specific gravity, you would have immunity to practically all diseases.

Organized Medicine

Few doctors want to get into this subject. No doctors are equipped to build up this nucleic acid in your tissue cells though there is enough experience on this that it can be accomplished. I have experienced these things. I had to educate myself because there's no place where one can go to get a degree for such knowledge. When doctors observed that I had a system in which this ribonucleic acid could be built up, they would often ask me where I got a degree for such knowledge. In the future there will be textbooks and a degree for such knowledge. It takes organized medicine years before they recognize such ideas as establishing a method to build up the nucleic acid in human tissue cells.

Nucleic Acid Tablets

The Rockefeller Institute found that you could not use direct nucleic acid tablets. Even though these are now sold in the stores, they are useless and even toxic. The only reason why people take them is because no one has come up with the truth as to what the body needs to make its own nucleic acids. What we need is a food that contains the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) materials. Out of this, the body is able to create its own nucleic acid and get the right amount of molecules it needs.

Giant Redwood Trees

Trees are similar to humans insofar as the aging process is concerned. Many years ago these ATP materials were plentiful and any plant was able to attract these chemical compounds from the soil. But for many millions of years, these materials have receded deeper into the soil. Today of all the plants only the giant redwood tree (the only living unit which we know that lives forever) is able to attract this material which is now sixty to seventy feet deep in the soil. Nature certainly hasn't made a mistake in not leaving this material close to the surface of the soil. It is up to our scientists to observe such changes on our planet.

Dr. Kuprevich, a Russian scientist, has discovered that the Redwood tree lives forever because it has forever-living (cambiogenetic) cells. He also found that the human beings also have these same forever-living cells. The step I have made is to see that only the Redwood tree is able to attract from far enough down in the earth what I call the complete organic compound of life acids. This, I say, is the reason why that tree lives forever.

There is really no way to guarantee that this works; no one would believe it unless they tried it themselves. I have plants that the most they could live for would be for five years. But by putting these life acids in the soil in which these plants grow, I have found that they show no sign of aging whatsoever. I've also added some of this to my dog's water and it too shows no signs of aging. But again no matter what I've observed, you yourself must observe for your own good.

Immunity to Disease

To be honest, however, this alone may not be enough. On the one hand this method cannot be regarded as a cure even though one does see dramatic results. In many instances, diseases like cancer are too far advanced and the miracle of spontaneous remission (where the body itself creates its own anti-disease chemicals) doesn't work. The purpose of this method is only for immunity to disease. Furthermore, good health also depends upon a natural psychological attitude (more about this later).


Dead bacteria is without enzymes and live bacteria has enzymes. An enzyme is the catalyst which means life continuation. A dead body doesn't continue; it decomposes and there is no future for it to grow. The soil has its own enzymes which it is able to use to turn dead bacteria into something useful.

Erosion of the soil means it lacks enzymes. It is the enzyme that is responsible for plant and man to have division of cells. The normal procedure is that when cells die then these cells must be replaced. With these enzymes in the soil there is eternal life. Molecules of the body contribute enzyme factors which are used to break down and assimilate food. The older we get the less molecules and enzymes we have to break down and assimilate food. The difference between the old and the young is that when the younger person sits down to eat, they are able to assimilate more than the older person. If the older person could assimilate as much as the younger person then they would never get old. In order to assimilate foods, we need the proper amount of molecules. This enables us to produce enzymes so that our bodies can produce hormones.

Enzymes are the catalysts necessary to break down food. A child up to about 10 or 12 years of age can produce the enzymes necessary to break down the casein protein in milk. Adults cannot do this. Anything we take into our bodies that is not broken down becomes a form of waste that the system has to throw off.

There are two different kinds of enzymes: the catalytic enzyme and the molecule enzyme. Diastase is a catalytic enzyme as is pepsin. Diastase is used for digesting starches and pepsin for protein.


Recycling takes place in living things by means of these enzymes. By having the enzymes we need, we can accomplish the recycling of energy in living matter. Whenever we use a muscle we create an energy called acetylcholine, a nerve energy (acetylcholine in the organic state is called acetone). Every time we use the energy of acetylcholine there is a waste from it. Because of the lack of molecules needed to produce the enzymes which are needed to burn up this waste and recycle it back into energy, this waste is not recycled in the human body. If we had all the enzymes, we would not have that day-to-day aging caused because we are not able to recycle waste matter from the use of this energy. A good example of this in non-biological processes is the problem of toxic radiation created by the use of atomic reactors. We do not yet know how to recycle the energy that comes from an atom. Nuclear waste destroys the microbes in the soil for many years. The food that comes from such soil will have the radiation. All the milk derived from this contains strontium 90. The waste from atomic reactors should be recycled the way the sun recycles its own waste.

Tryptophanic acid produces waste which is the number one cause of aging. All proteins have this acid. If you have the right amount of molecules, you are able to produce enzymes to burn up this waste. If you remove this acid from the protein, it will not produce tissue cells. Enzymes, which your body produces, create activity of the B-1 factor, thiamin chloride. As long as thiamin chloride is able to act, your liver is able to produce prochrinastrine which is one of the fundamental rejuvenators of the human system. The older you get, the less prochrinastrine you get. Prochrinastrine enables you to break down the B vitamin which is the number one thing for rejuvenation.

Drops (Life Acids)

It was not until after I began to read that I started to theorize that these life acids might be the missing link in the aging process of the human being. By using the natural mineral enzymes, your body system builds up enough molecules and in turn it produces more enzymes to rejuvenate the body.

The life acids or mineral drops which I have found are earth enzymes. So we are equipped today with the enzymes we need to burn up the residues of waste in our bodies. I have discovered where I can isolate this organic chemical compound of life acids in a depth of about sixty to seventy feet in the soil. I put two drops of this concentrated solution in a little water and use it to grow sprouts (from alfalpha or mung beans) or in fact any edible vegetable. You get these materials by eating these plants. Using this means you get the benefit by eating many everyday varieties of plants. The cost of growing these sprouts or vegetables is about $15.00 every three months, but if this were advertized on an open market only the rich would be able to afford it. Remember, the quality of the nucleic acids which your body needs depends upon the plant you eat. When you eat plants grown with these special life acids, you get the benefit of these life acids for your body.

Chapter 17 Health Care

Health Maintenance

Nature gives every animal (including us) a highly technical machine that will continually produce everything that that animal needs. All that animals have to do in turn is to know how to maintain themselves. I will explain what nature wants us to do in order to maintain perfect health, 100% complete maintenance. This is the purpose of the mind: to maintain what nature has given us.

Causes vs. Symptoms

Learn the fundamental causes of diseases, not their millions of effects or symptoms as the capitalist system would have you do. One such fundamental is that you should keep up with the environment in cleanliness. Remember about the alley cat and the bum; don't get overly clean in a filthy environment or you will not have enough antibody germs. Hughes was a prisoner of his own environment-he was even scared to shake hands with another person (because of germs).


Your body produces three kinds of medicine: one for curing, one for immunity, and another for maintenance.

The curer is the one that brings on the complete and absolute wanting to be cured. If the person didn't have this "wanting" then the healer could not do anything. When you deal with human life, you either have something 100% sure to offer, or you have no right to move.

The name of the disease is of little importance; it's what you're able to do for it that counts.

For a healing to take place, there has to be something there to heal: a leg, a lung, etc...A physician is one who knows how to use what you have to help you. Unless you support your self-nature with the materials it needs, no healing can be permanent.

Natural Psychological Attitude

All disease starts from our attitude toward life.

How does one achieve a natural psychological attitude? No one yet has started this kind of an education. Even the maharishi will only give you a partial awareness in achieving this natural psychological attitude. It is based not on the teaching of psychology but upon your alignment with the existing cosmic laws of the universe. If one does not have a natural attitude, their chemical balance will be upset. A wrong attitude will disturb the central nervous system and this creates an unbalanced chemical state. The result is disease even if you have the right amount of molecules.

The cells of your body have an orderly system, and your central nervous system orders what it needs in an orderly way. When the central nervous system is disturbed by environmental conditions, there is a disorderly codeword of the endocrine gland secretion. By disorderly secretion, you might get too much cortisone. This can cause inflammatory arthritis (which has no connection with that form of arthritis caused by uric acid) which is a crippling disease. Then people go to the doctor to cure this inflammatory arthritis, but the doctors do not treat the cause, which is the central nervous system. What is the treatment? The answer is complete logic which gives you a natural attitude. By means of this training, the central nervous system becomes well. When you use complete logic, capitalists call it subversive thinking. Here is an example of a patient who came to me. She had inflammatory arthritis. I tested her attitude and found that she did not understand that disturbances are passed on from one person to another. Her husband was affected by these disturbances. After understanding this, she was able to get up and eventually she was completely cured. I helped her along with the H3 shots.


The most harmful chemicals come from worry. Worry and aggravation produce poisonous chemical changes in the cellular structure of all parts of your body. They create tumorous cancers and various types of ailments. People fool themselves with diets and vitamins. Though these are necessary and good for you, they cannot completely eradicate disease if worry still exists. It is very important, therefore, to pursue a condition in a natural government which eliminates this thing called worry. It is for this reason, that I had no interest to become a physician. Worry changes what you prescribe for your patient into poison.

You can deal with deficiencies which are inherited.

Disease is stagnation of life. It comes when we don't use our cerebral cortex. There are two kinds of disease: the internal disease and the secondary disease. A secondary disease is one that comes from the environment like malaria from the mosquito and other types of fungi diseases.

Tumors can't live by themselves; this is why there is more than one tumor-it looks for support.

There are many kinds of diabetes. One kind is as follows. The pancreas has little isles called the Islet of Langerhans. These little isles contain insulin. When the pancreas gets a message to secrete insulin, it is either able to secrete some or none at all. When it is unable to secrete any at all, then gangrene begins to set in. (The word gangrene comes from a Latin word meaning death to the part.) In this case, nothing can be done. The first symptom is gangrene of the big toe. The surgeon cuts off the toe. When it gets into the leg, they will have to do the same and so forth until there is no more to cut. When a person can secrete a little but not enough insulin, the patient is given insulin from the outside. This insulin is taken from the pancreas of a hog. In this case, a person is able to live out a complete life, maintaining a controlled diet while taking insulin.

Then there's the case where the pancreas has enough insulin but lacks stimulation to secrete it. In this case, the person is given orinates. This stimulates the pancreas and all is well. A person like this, however, always has an immature blood cell, as do all who take orinates. But this person can live out a full lifetime this way. Then there is hypoglycemia. This is when there is too much insulin. The best advice for this is the intake of a lot of concentrated amino acids. The number one thing you must understand about hypoglycemia is that the adrenaline gland over secretes so that too much sugar in the blood is burned up. When this happens, then you have a low sugar count in the blood. This creates a low oxygen supply to the brain and you get very tired. You have a craving for sugar, but the more sugar you eat, the more adrenalin burns it up. When this becomes critical, then you can go into a coma. In most cases, it ends up by the person drinking alcohol which is concentrated sugar.

What is hypoglycemia and where does it come from? Hypoglycemia develops when there is too much pressure, on a person coming from environmental conditions living in a society. What are the symptoms of hypoglycemia? Ordinarily the medical profession gives you a very fast answer, low blood sugar. I can prove to the medical society that the cause is being completely ignored so that in many cases the victims wind up in mental institutions. All diseases are subject to creeping stages of development. The first creeping stage of hypoglycemia is that there is more pressure imposed on people than they are able to take. To make things clear let's ask who imposes this pressure. Sister, brother, in-laws, . No. The rock-bottom cause of this imposition of pressure comes from the system of life for a people to live by dictated by the ruling classes of a society. This is a scientific study based on complete logic and not on the opinion of man. This study is based on the fundamental laws of the universe. Nature tells you what is wrong and what is right. All you have to do is know how to translate these laws of nature. Where is this language being practiced for the benefit of the people? Do you have to go to Russia? No. Take China, a people's republic and not even socialism yet. As of today, 1974 at least 200 American doctors went to China to study hypoglycemia. There comes a time when people have to choose whether success is decided by either how much money you have or how healthy you are.

The second creeping stage of hypoglycemia can be explained as follows. There are two central nervous systems in the human being: the voluntary central nervous system and the involuntary central nervous system. The voluntary is the conscious and the involuntary is the self-nature that supports the voluntary. The non-conscious means we know nothing about the 200 billion chemicals created in you system at all times. When you move a finger, the involuntary system always works correctly creating the right chemicals at a speed which is not yet known. If it wasn't for the support of the involuntary system, then you would be unable to move a finger or any other part of the body. The two central nervous systems must maintain a balance. This is accomplished by having the voluntary system being the least disturbed. This is accomplished when most human needs are available. Remember I said" needs" and not "wants." People right away become dissatisfied saying you mean I can't have what I want? When needs are solved, you will most likely get what you want. Of course to explain that would take another volume. This is part of the language of the fundamental laws of the universe. So the second creeping stage of hypoglycemia is when the voluntary system is disturbed. If the involuntary system were disturbed, you could not live one day. An insane person, to explain this further, regardless of how chronic their mental state is, their involuntary systems are perfect. It is their voluntary systems that are disturbed and it is there that the disease lies. Illness is only conscious. When the conscious suffering becomes more than the conscious state can take, then it is merely stored temporarily in the subconscious state. The reason why it's temporary is because it can never become part of the subconscious state. When this storage space is completely full, then that's when people resort to seeing a psychiatrist. It's like this. On a boiler, you have to have a safety valve. When there something is wrong with the thermostat and too much pressure is built up, it is released thru this valve. In the human we have our own safety valves where we release pressure and get relief. It is here where many exploit people giving them only relief. But in the human system, it not that simple. What you store in the subconscious is a conscious recording of what you did. The human system records two kinds: one is a long term and one is a short term. These depend on the impression of the recording. The long and short term is not on the same tape and are not stored in the same place. The involuntary system depends on circulation which is part of the system itself. The circulation is your thermostat. When the voluntary system blocks the circulation of the involuntary system, then that's fatal: a terminal disease. So even if a person is insane, as long as the involuntary system can protect itself, it will continue to function. As long as you are rational, you will do the least to disturb the involuntary system (its circulation). The involuntary system protects itself from the errors that the conscious state makes. The balance is that you don't give the subconscious too many errors so that it interferes with circulation. It's like your genes: they are able to take five fundamental errors that come from lack of molecules. Over five errors is when you have no more balance and the result is when the chromosomes transfer a particular disease which is called an inherited disease. So again the second stage is when the voluntary system is making more errors than what the involuntary system can keep up with.

The third creeping stage of hypoglycemia is when you reach this unbalance. The result is that the complete endocrine system is disturbed. What is the endocrine system? It serves the communication of all the glands in the human system. To name a few: the adrenaline, the lymph, the pancreas, the thyroid, the parathyroid, the pituitary, the thymus, the pineal, the kidney. In hypoglycemia though it is primarily the liver and the pancreas which are disturbed, it is because the complete endocrine system is being disturbed. Today's treatment is only for the liver and the pancreas; they treat the symptoms and not the cause. When hypoglycemia is present this means that too much sugar is being burned up. It is important for a hypoglycemic person to know that the body can produce all the sugar it needs even if there is no intake of sugar. When you start dealing with sugar (too much or not enough) then you are still dealing with symptoms only. When the endocrines are disturbed, the body is not able to produce its own sugar. The source of the disturbance is not that you are getting too much or not enough sugar. In hypoglycemia when the sugar is burned up at such a fast rate, the pancreas is not able to keep up with that fast rate of insulin. An analogy is if it takes 1 ounce of sugar to supply the shortage of sugar which exists in hypoglycemia, the pancreas is not able to keep up its production of insulin. The pancreas is able to produce enough insulin to burn up one teaspoon of sugar every 24 hours. This is an average. You need one teaspoon of sugar in your blood at all times and the other teaspoon is handled by the pancreas. If the buildup of sugar is two teaspoons of sugar, you begin to overwork the Islet of Langerhans in the pancreas. When the rate of insulin cannot meet up with the oversupply of sugar, then the person goes into a coma.

What is the final solution to cure hypoglycemia? One person cannot change the condition of an environment to suit themselves. What we have to do first is find out what disturbs you most within yourself. To eliminate hypoglycemia you must change the society that causes the disturbances. To be able to live with it (what we do in this society) you must take highly concentrated proteins (90% or better). This will do more than anything known. Too much of this is no good either; our kidney is not able to put up with it. You should take up to 2 ounces of this highly concentrated protein a day along with your other foods. The regular foods must be wholesome-no refined products.

Natural Hygiene

If it was up to me, I would advise no one to retire regardless of their age. When a person stops working, the chain reaction is that many things stop working in the human being.

There isn't one woman in a hundred that knows how to take care of herself. Many young women have hysterectomies and when they do they can go along without sex for a long time, and it doesn't bother them. All women have sex as soon as they reach adolescence; if they don't, there is something wrong with them.

All plants in the house will give back about 1/2 of what they take out. This is why flowers, when brought into a hospital are removed as soon as possible. We get more good out of the enjoyment of the food than the food itself.

There are carnivorous animals who first swallow their food and then the necessary enzymes are produced. For proper digestion we, however must first chew our food thus mixing it with saliva and then swallow it. If you go to Spain, you will find much fewer cases of ulcers than here. They take their time eating and they also have their siesta. The same thing can be said of England. They have their tea break and they also take their time eating.

There is no such thing as being created. We came into existence from the fundamental laws which deal with cause and effect. Species come into existence according to the fundamental laws. If you don't clean where you keep your food and do your cooking (your kitchen), a useful bug called the roach comes into existence from the bacteria; according to the fundamental laws of the universe (according to cause and effect relationships), this is what we can expect to happen. Similarly, the bacteria from a damp atmosphere brings a water bug into existence. When we say that the roach is a "useful bug" what we mean is that it is a natural biological process that comes from bacteria. The purpose of the roach is to live off the food that we don't clean up. If we still ignore this condition and leave food lying around, then a stronger bug comes into existence to take care of the bacteria of the roaches and the leftover food. Then the roach becomes extinct. This compound process produces a nastril. All this is governed by the laws of the universe in order to give us a way to exist with this kind of environment. If still nothing is done about cleaning up, there starts an infection in your blood. Then we give this disease a name (virus infection). When we go to the doctor, they tell us that an anti-toxin has not been invented for such a disease. In general, all diseases (not just some) come into existence because we are not intelligent enough to know that we must clean up in the first place.

The TB virus will be there as long as it is necessary for it to be there. For the last 50 years we have kept statistics on the Hunza people who live in the Himalaya mountains. No such neglect (lack of cleanliness) is allowed there. There is absolutely no form of disease there. There have not been recorded any cases of diphtheria or measles there at all because there is no filth and dirt accumulated for such diseases to come into existence. And we call these people religious fanatics. These people do not have any form of technology, or any televisions, or bathtubs. Does this mean that we must live like they do? No. This is only a good example to show us that we must not neglect the accumulation of filth around us and to show us what a clean environment can do for us. Even a lack of cultivation will produce different types of waste.

Do you know that there are not even any mice there? From bacteria, even a mouse can come into existence. If we neglect to clean up dirt and filth, we will get many forms of rodents. Then through the fundamentals of nature, comes into existence a snake to take care of the overpopulation of rodents. Then comes the hog which balances the overpopulation of reptiles. But we don't need all this if we clean up in the first place.

Bacteria is a changing from a quantity to a quality of living matter. It has one purpose: to balance. It is part of a universal balance. It must live at the expense of something else like others in the chain of mice, rats, snakes, hogs, etc. Bacteria does not live in the atmosphere. Only virus live in the atmosphere. As long as there is a cause for some things to live on them, there will be more. The achievement is to be immune to viruses and not to live off them.

Sinuses and Mucous Membrane

In our environment, all sinuses are infected. Because of this infection, when people go to bed at night, this infection trickles down into their system causing diseases such as asthma, loss of hearing, and even blindness.

Place a few drops of chlorophyll on your finger or piece of cotton and apply once daily to your nose. Germs in the mucous membrane can't stay with chlorophyll.


If there were no microbes in the soil, you wouldn't be able to grow things. The microbes in our bodies are responsible for building up and healing. In any injury or wound to the body, only your own microbes can mend and heal it whether it be bone or tissue. (This is in our textbooks.)

When these microbes don't do this job, we become badly disappointed in nature. We must make a step by step study on how environments interfere with healing. You must understand it like this. The microbes are like an army of workers. These workers look for a normal condition to work. We must study how to create an environment that does not interfere with the work of these microbes.

Your self-nature which produces microbes which are the "working people" for the body that build bone tissue, nerve tissue, hair, etc. But these working people must have good working conditions so they can build. If they don't get these conditions, then the self-nature moves out of the house.

Viruses, unfriendly bacteria, and any form of congestion interferes with the work of these microbes. I was once with a doctor when a large glass container of milk fell off the table onto his foot. His bones were fractured. There was immediate swelling. This doctor knew me and had a lot of confidence in me. I told him that if it is only a fracture, that the best thing would be to dip his foot in and out of a bucket of very hot water. After he did this, the swelling went down immediately. After one week the doctor took x-rays and 10% of the healing had already taken place and the doctor was able to walk without limping. This demonstrates what microbes need as a condition to be able to work. What was the purpose of the hot water? Dipping his foot into hot water increased his blood circulation. The principles behind this are that where the blood does not circulate the microbes cannot go because the blood carries all the healing matter for the microbes to work with. In any injury to the body, it is the microbes which do the mending whether to the bone or tissues. What interferes with the microbes is the virus or unfriendly bacteria or a form of congestion that blocks the way of the microbes. Our respiratory system is continually attacked by viruses and unfriendly bacteria (more so than any other part of our bodies) because we are always breathing and exhaling. This is why a unique way is needed to cure such a thing as a bloody nose.


A scab is merely a temporary coating, roof, or blanket so that tissues beneath the scab can heal. It isolates the tissue from the bacteria on the outside, and is a good example of what conditions microbes need in order to work. Sometimes we can substitute a poultice to do the work of the scab.


For constipation 1/2 teaspoon of Casevac (Use the non-flavored variety available from Park Davis Company.) Regulate the dosage to your need. You should layoff medication when the bowel begins to move normally. Remember, don't neglect the sigmoid part of your colon.

People resort to Phenobarbital when diet fails.

Herbs and Medicines

When you are not in good health, yes you can talk, but you cannot build; herbs are useful in maintaining good health.

The herb golden seal is good to cleanse the cells of the body.

Dandelion root in the springtime thins out the blood.

Golden thread is good for inflamed mucous membranes.

Ceanothus Americanus is good for stopping the bleeding of the capillaries.

Yellow duck (Rumex Crispus) is one of the best purifiers.

Ginseng is the finest of the herbs.

Canada snake: chew it and wherever there is a tense nerve, it will release it.

If every adult were to make a tea out of the pedapholum root (English mandrake), in 90% of all cases there would be immunity to cancer. (The proper dosage is one grain to a cup of water. To use this drug you should go to a proper physician for the proper dosage and use.) In the pharmacopoeia it was actually documented that such medicine if taken internally will destroy cancer cells. But every time they revise a pharmacopoeia you always get less information not more about natural medicine. This research documenting the effects of pedapholum on cancer cells was done between 1920 and 1930 so you may not get the same information in the latest edition of the pharmacopoeia.)

Peyote is a Mexican mushroom. It is an hallucinatory drug used to see the future.

Deadly nightshade used in proper dosages can cure various kinds of skin diseases.

Use the Sarsaparilla from Central Europe such as France which has the complete male hormone (testosterone and androgen). American Sarsaparilla does not contain this.

Wintergreen leaf tea is also called a salicitate. It is also an inhibiter. The words "salicitate" means that it dissolves uric acid crystals. Even though it is natural, too much of it (outside of a glass or two a day) will break down the calcium deposits of the kidney.

I have developed a special penicillin different from any other. There was a young girl who developed tumors. Dr. Melnik, a specialist, diagnosed the case as incurable. By using this special penicillin, the girl was cured. Dr. Melnik wanted to use this medicine which he did by purchasing it from me at regular intervals. But finally he was called in by the medical association and was asked what kind of medicine he was using in this particular instance. He had to discontinue using this medicine because it was found that this was unestablished medicine. The wife of a prominent lawyer, a mother of ten children, was stricken with the streptococcus virus and was given up to die by the best anti-bacterial specialists. With the use of this special penicillin she began to eat and was able to go home from the hospital on the same day it was administered.

A culture must be made out of one particular source. The primary thing for protection is that we must know what crude drug we get out of this and what kind of toxic alkaloids it contains. The alkaloid in coffee is the drug called caffeine.

The naturalist, a homeopathic doctor, can do a lot of good. Their basic medicines are mineral salts. The only trouble is that they are so unscientific. Their popular way is to put you on drugless medicine. But no food is drugless. A natural mineral is a drug. A vitamin is a drug. A natural physician must know medicine; they must be qualified. In dealing with any form of medicine, dosage is the most important item. You must have complete experience with dosage. The best advice is to read up in the latest pharmacopoeia.

Any anesthetic is dangerous to nerve tissue. The safest known local anesthetic is Novocain.

Decoctions are used when you're working with roots. To make a decoction, first bring the water to a boil. After you add the roots, you let the water simmer (at a lower temperature) for 15 minutes. Use half a teaspoon for each cup of water, no more. A decoction depends on the medicinal strength of the alkaloid, the specific medicine in that particular root. When you are not sure of the strength, inquire at the library in whatever edition of the pharmacopoeia available where you can get this information about the proper dosage. When you go to the library, tell the librarian that you need to read up on a particular crude drug. Then give them the names in English and Latin. Then the librarian will be clear and can show you where to find it.

The drops give you more energy.

When you take the drops, you're good for at least 150 years without getting cancer.

For a penicillin use ground flaxseed with the drops, a culture of natrilocites (microbes) with life acids (drops).

Every time you move you create glutamic acid in your muscles. This is what slows down your endurance. Its purpose is to show you when to stop.

Glutamic acid has many uses. It is part of a protein. We know that glutamic acid stimulates brain cells. This has been tested in universities by students who take glutamic acid pills so they can think better to pass a test.

Chapter 18 Spontaneous Remission

Purpose of Education

Here you begin to lose common sense as soon as you go to college. Very few use the powers they were born with; as soon as they become educated, they become foolish, start interfering with the central law which is the perfection of life within, which makes blood and heals cuts and bruises, which is connected to the central law. You don't have to tell the body to heal a cut wound; it is done for you. With our egotistical development, we do not like to think that this is done by the central law. If we did not have interference, we could even grow new teeth. In due time, our development will come up to this capacity of understanding.

Life is 100%. Of the whole human race, the understanding of life is less than 1%. If you leave it to life, it has the answer, but that less-than-l% can easily doubt this. There have been 50,000 cases of terminal cancer cured by spontaneous remission. These people were so ignorant that they didn't have enough sense to doubt that life could give them life. The records show that this doesn't happen to those who are educated. An education is only to make a living to give you a profession of some kind. The mistake is that we try to apply this to creating life, and that's where the disappointment is. There's nothing wrong with being an intellectual, but don't confuse this with creating life. An illiterate is too ignorant to make such a mistake.

Illiterates allow the central law to work a spontaneous remission whereas intellectuals, using their limited mind, do not allow this to occur. What then? Do we have to become illiterates to allow good things to happen? No. All you have to do is to understand that you're always connected to the central law which is unlimited. Because we are connected with the central law, which is unlimited, it can do anything for us. If a person has one leg shorter than the other, they can grow it back. But if you apply the intellectual, limited mind to do the same thing, the mind cannot do this. When the mind reaches a limit, things stand still. This is when the central law cannot work. When motion stops, this is when the central law stops. Even though the records show that miracle cures exist and that they never happen to intellectuals, Nicola Tesla was an exception. Several times he was given up to die of tuberculosis by doctors. Tesla had such a wide range of knowledge of electricity that he was in contact with the central law.

For many years we've been taught to pray to God to do things. It's very simple. If a person is dying of cancer, all they have to do is say: "I know it's there, but I don't want it." As long as you have the smallest pinpoint of an attitude that the cancer will not go away, then the cancer will not go away. This is the reason why not one person who had a spontaneous remission was an intellectual. The intellectual can have a spontaneous remission by saying that the central law can do it regardless of what the doctor says. You have to unhook yourself from all that is not relative; what the doctor says is not relative in creating a spontaneous remission.

Not Miraculous

Very few are aware of the importance of having a natural attitude. The doctor calls these spontaneous remissions miraculous cures, but this is not precise. They are not aware that this "miracle" can work for anybody.

Spontaneous remissions occur 24 hours a day, but these daily remissions are minor when compared with that remission mentioned above. If it wasn't for these minor spontaneous remissions, however, there would be no one left on earth.

Stages of Spontaneous Remission

There are different stages in a spontaneous remission. A malignant tumor produces an antigen whose purpose is to produce more tumors. At this stage, the spontaneous remission can only occur when the person absolutely refuses to die and concentrates on getting help. Then the person experiences a terrific hunger for food and eats. The cells then produce an anti-antigen which is in the form of a particular protein. When it enters the blood, tumors become increasingly smaller and the cancer disappears. This is a spontaneous remission.

In the spontaneous remission where the tumors disappear, if the disease advances to a certain point where important nerves or blood vessels are severed, then at that point it is too much to ask for a spontaneous remission. At certain times an operation is important, but there are many unnecessary operations done for profit. Even if you go to a doctor to get a second opinion, what good is it if all doctors think alike. If, however, you go to a socialist country, you might get an answer.

Holistic Healing and Socialism

Holistic healing means using mind and medicine for healing.

Holistic medicine can only come in a socialistic society which is somewhat orderly. It is only through socialism that we can get what the cells need to work. Old age pension, unemployment insurance, all of these reduce anxiety and confusion. They are socialist steps.

Since Christ we have had nothing but mystery because no one has shown people how to cure themselves. Until such a time, we'll always have trouble helping ourselves. Parapsychology means you are able to apply the mind to think with the cells instead of against them.