Harry Potter 6 Colors (17 June 2010)

"Most of this front page was taken up by a large black and white picture of

a man witha lion like mane of thick hair and a rather ravaged face."

"Vernon Dursley, whose mustache was quite as bushy as Dumbledore's though black and who was wearing a puce dressing gown, was staring at the visitor as though he could not believe his tiny eyes."

"I must say, your agapanthuses are flourishing."

"The wandlike sparkle on his shiny pate, his prominent eyes, his enormous silver walrus like mustache, and the highly polished buttons on the maroon velvet jacket he was wearing over a pair of lilac silk pajamas, the top of his head barely reached Dumbledore's chin."

"...from behind a rack of dress robes in spangled green and blue ["spangle" = a small, thin, often circular piece of glittering metal or other material, used esp. for decorating garments; any small, bright drop, object, spot, or the like--Dictionary.com

"A teenage boy with a pale pointed face and white blond hair appeared from behind the rack wearing a hansom set of dark green robes that glittered with pins around the hem and the edges of the sleeves."

"His light grey eyes narrowed."

"The righthand window was covered with a gigantic poster purple like those of the Ministry but emblazoned with flashing yellow letters."

"A beaming Fred stood before them wearing a set of magenta robes that clashed magnificently with his flaming hair."

"His shinny bald head and great silver mustache gleamed as brightly in the sunlight as the golden buttons on his waistcoat."

"'We never heard a prophecy,' said Neville turning geranium pink as he said it."

"'Hold it,' said Hermione throwing out an arm and halting a passing fourth-year who was attempting to push past her with a lime green disk clutched tightly in his hand. 'Fanged frisbees are banned.'"

"'It's the most powerful love potion in the world,' said Hermione.
'Quite right. You recognized it I suppose by its distinctive mother of pearl sheen?'"

"Her potion already resembled the smooth black currant colored liquid mentioned as the ideal half way stage."

"She nodded impatiently not taking her eyes off her potion which was still deep purple though according to the book ought to be turning a light shade of lilac by now."

"The potion turned palest pink."

"They were standing in a country lane bordered by high tangled hedgerows beneath a summer sky as bright blue as a forget me not."

"Across the valley set on the opposite hillside was a hansome manor house surrounded by a wide expanse of velvety green lawn.

"His shoulders were very broad and his arms over long which with his bright brown eyes, short scrubby hair and wrinkled face gave him the appearance of a powerful aged monkey."

"A watery sun was trying to break through the clouds now, and it had stopped drizzling at last."

"Hermione turned a very deep shade of pink at these words."

"'Well I've had quidditch practice professor,' said Harry who had indeed been scheduling practices every time Slughorn had sent him a little violet ribbon adorned invitation."

"An ornate opal necklace was visible poking out of the paper."

"This younger Albus Dumbledore's long hair and beard were auburn. Having reached their side of the street, he strode off along the pavement drawing many curious glances due to the fambouyantly cut suit of plum velvet he was wearing."

"The gnome had finally managed to extricate its worm and was now sucking on it happily leaning against the bottom most branches of the rhododendron bush."

"The sky outside was indigo streaked with crimson."

"He tumbled through dark nothingness and landed in a sitting room infront of an immensely fat old elaborate ginger wig and a brilliant pink set of robes that flowed all around her giving her the look of a melting iced cake."

"The sun was now a ruby red glare along the horizon."

"...a powder blue carriage the size of a house pulled by a dozen giant winged paliminos came soaring out of the sky in the late afternoon before the funeral and landed on the edge of the forest."

"Harry glimpsed Slughorn ahead of the Slitherin column wearing long green emerald robes embroidered with silver."

"And he saw them in the clear green sun-lit water inches below the surface reminding him horribly of the inferi."

"Harry dropped the hair into the mudlike liquid. The moment it made contact with its surface the potion began to froth and smoke then all at once it turned a clear bright gold."

"The first sound of their approach was an unusually high pitched laugh which turned out to be coming from Mr. Weasley who appeared at the gate moments later laden with luggage and leading a beautiful blond woman in long leaf green robes who could only be Flour's mother.

"...several tables were placed end to end in the garden. Fred and George betwitched a number of purple lanterns all emblazoned with a large number seventeen to hang in midair over the guests."

"Sligltly cross-eyed with shoulder length white hair the texture of candy floss, he wore a cap whose tassle dangled before his nose and robes of an eye watering shade of egg yoke yellow."

"She [Hermione] was wearing a floaty lilac colored dress with matching high heels." "Mrs. Weasley was wearing a brand new set of amethyst colored robes with a matching hat."

"Charlie, Hagrid, and a squat wizard in a purple pork pie hat were singing "Odo the Hero" in the corner."

"A chink of sky was visible between the curtains. It was the cool clear blue of watered ink somewhere between night and dawn."

"And what about the funny old witch and that little wizard in the navy robes.

"Hermione drank the polyjuice potion which was now a pleasant heliotrope color ["heliotrope" = a light tint of purple; reddish lavender--Dictionary.com] and within seconds stood before them the double of Mathelda Hopkirk."

"Every morning they made sure that they had removed all clues to their presence then set off to find another lonely and secluded spot traveling by apparition to more woods, to the shadowy crevices of cliffs, purple moors, gorse covered mountain sides and once a sheltered and pebbly cove."

"Luna was arranging sea lavender in a jam jar beside the headstone."

"Its eyes were milkily pink."

"Nevertheless, as they climbed higher and higher, London unfurling below them like a grey and green map, Harry's overwhelming feeling was of gratitude for an escape that had seemed impossible."

"He struggled up, shivering, vaguely surprised that he was still wet to his skin and saw the cup lying innocently in the grass before him and the lake deep blue shot with gold in the failing sun."

"Graceful arched windows punctuated the walls which were hung with blue and bronze silks."

"The ceiling was domed and painted with stars which were echoed in the midnight blue carpet."