Harry Potter and the Rise of the Magical Species (27 Jan 2009)

Richard M. Bucke in his book Cosmic Consciousness talks about a new cosmic conscious species appearing on the planet, slowly at first but with an increasing frequency as time passes. Human evolution progresses but at such a slow pace that we are hardly aware of it. Rowling reminds us that evolution, even though it may be difficult to observe, is an ongoing process. Furthermore she says that what we now know as the human species is splitting apart [as it has been doing all along but at a glacial rate] into "muggles," (conservatives who wish to stick with established groups, religions, states) and "magical folk" (those who regard human nature as something changeable, transformable, who gladly and creatively make use of new powers emerging among humans to progress). Bucke's book gives a long list of such people. I would add others such as Jack Fischel (see his Handbook of Complete Logic), Sathya Sai Baba, Ann Lee, Sojourner Truth, Wallace Black Elk, Allen Michael. I think it's safe to say that healers, channelers, clairvoyants, etc. are becoming more and more common.