History (08December2008)

"History is irrelevant." Seven of Nine

Star Trek Voyager
One Small Step
Season 6 Episode 8

What is history? Is it irrelevant? If not, how does history tie in the rest?

History is part of the second fundamental law of the universe: change from a quantity to a quality. Matter in its quest for awareness stores up a quantity of experience till there is change/transformation into a quality of awareness/consciousness. This fundamental law has been operative since the beginning of awareness and is operative for modern humanity; it is called history. This law holds on the micro level with every every fall a baby takes in its quest to learn how to walk to each failed lab experiment of a scientist. Out of the "quantity" in each of these examples humans learn lessons which help them to progress to a new quality of awareness. On the macro level societies keep track of events till they are able to learn a lesson from them and then they revolutionize their society. History is record of events which transform us.