How to Find Entertainment on the Internet (24 June 2009)

The following are some of the things I do to find entertainment on the internet and elsewhere--mostly for free.

If you have a favorite actor or character in a movie or TV production, try doing a Wikipedia or IMDb search on them to see what else they've done.

Two of my favorite stops on the internet for entertainment are Surfthechannel and Youtube. For example, I look for a favorite movie or TV program on Surfthechannel and if I can't find it there I try searching Youtube.

If you have access to a library, check out the different sections. I like science fiction (Asimov, Octavia Butler, are two of my favorites), and mystery (I like Agatha Christie's characters Miss Marple and Poirot, Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes). I find that you can usually tell if you're interested in a book by reading the first paragraph or so, though maybe not always. If you're completely at a loss, ask the librarian if there are any novels that come highly recommended and where you can find them. In the Central Library in Los Angeles, California, USA they have a long asile in the library devoted to such favorites, and there are multiple copies of almost all of them. Some libraries have videos and cassettes that you might enjoy.

If you don't have access to a library or don't like reading, try Librivox or Internet Archive. These two sources contain mostly old and/or classical items. If you like mystery, you might try The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

I enjoy Star Trek programs especially Star Trek Voyager. Most episodes can be accessed from Surfthechannel's TV "channel." Those you can't find there, can sometimes be found on Youtube.

If you like Old Time Radio (OTR) you might enjoy Randy's Old Time Radio website. If you find stuff you like you might invest a little and start downloading some items. I use FileZilla program to do the downloading. You'll find all the information you need on Randy's OTR site. I've enjoyed many Agatha Christie stories, and Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories from there. If you like psionics (parapsychological stuff) you might try some of Wyndem's stories The Kraken Wakes, Midwich Cuckoos (BBC), Chocky (Mid week Theater), Day of the Triffids-John Wyndem.

I hope some of this is helpful. If perhaps you have some ideas for me, you can reach me at