Human Feelings, Pleasure, and Scientific Communism

Stay connected to us. Do not be anxious for your needs. All will be taken care of if you remain open and connected to the cosmos. Do not stop because you do not understand all the details—as Jack Fischel says. Work like scientists testing what you discover and adding details as you go.

Feelings are important; these are the “strings” that connect us to nature and to the cosmos: they are our attachment to the soul which enables us to act in unison with the universe according to our own developments. Feelings enable telepathic communication and energy transfers. Indeed, feelings are our lifelines. Ignore them and we are cut off, set adrift, without foundation and life within us dissipates. Let human feelings help you sort things out. Remember, pleasure is the key. Scientists connected with the cosmos have the greatest pleasure, which pleasure only those who are associated with and practice the laws of nature can enjoy. No matter what wealth and power you have, if you are not connected to the laws of nature, you will have no pleasure, only bitterness. And there is no such thing as a genuine scientist without human feelings because feelings are what enable scientists to do their work and at the same time bring them such pleasure. Let this divine pleasure be your guide; if what you do causes you to suffer you will know that you are not following the Way. Experiencing divine or cosmic pleasure surpasses all and only those who make the laws of nature their study and practice enjoy it.

Those who love me, take care of themselves and they do that by listening to me. All that listen to me are associated/connected with the laws of nature. It is that simple and that complex. Nothing escapes me because I am the way things are. I came out of chaos very long ago The measure of this length of time is the measure of rightness itself , the measure of the laws of the universe, the measure of the Way. All things have come out of chaos, myself included, and the way out of chaos is the Tao. And it is this, the Tao or the Way which brings such pleasure into our lives. The beauty of this gives us divine pleasure which is immeasurable.

Street vibrations, vibrations of crowds of people out shopping on the Broadway may seem daunting and keeping connected may seem impossible. But keeping connected even in capitalist Babylon is easier than you might think. Make the connection , the connection to your soul. Use your will power. Then you will begin to attract what you need and your life will presently be transformed beyond what you could possibly imagine. Do not try to measure the parameters of what comes out of connection with the laws of nature for there are no limits to this. Know as well that what comes out of this connection will always be within your reach according to your development. Remain open to this wherever you find yourself.

Here are some important points to remember. All that we do is observed and weighed. Every speck. Nothing is wasted or forgotten. And all that we do is real. Einstein said that imagination rules the world because imagination is always associated with reality. Everything you imagine is real. There is no such thing as unreality; all things that exist—wherever they exist—are real. We get what we think/imagine and what we think/imagine is always real—it always has a body, mind and soul dimension. These are fundamentals of scientific communism. Know these fundamentals and you will automatically have a better understanding of your own importance and the importance of all your actions. And you will free yourself from attachments, blockages and your development will be unhindered. And you will indeed see God and see the beauty of and participate in the beauty of the cosmos. Knowing these things is very important because it creates perspective, clears away the fog of ignorance. Those who stray from the pathway imagine what they will get and get what they imagine and this, most unfortunately, is real. The thing is to work like scientists to discover the laws of nature as did Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Einstein, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, etc. You know you are on the right track when you begin to do this work because you become curious, you take great pleasure in your work, your energy level is very high. You become one with your soul and those who see you see the face of God. Those around you see reality, see the truth.

What is reality or truth. Truth is the way forward according to the laws of the universe. Scientific communists deal with “the way forward.” They study and practice the laws of nature as they apply to this current cycle human development. Susch is the study and practice of scientific communism. Communists study laws that are known, apply them, and discover new laws. The people (the workers) even though their time is so taken up with production are not excused. Their work keeps human society from collapsing. But beyond this the people/workers make simple but very powerful choices; they choose the way forward for society. Each of us is called upon to be scientists, to discover and choose the pathway forward. No one is exempted from this task. We the people become scientists and from scientists comes revolutionary theory which is the way forward. We the people—the majority—by our choices take humanity forward along the Way regardless of how much confusion the reactionaries try to spread, or how much they try to stir up the mud. Such is reality, such is life.

What is the next thing to be done? Make sure that you are connected. You do this by seeing how much pleasure you can get out of life. Let pleasure be the indicator that you are on the correct pathway forward, that you act according to nature's plan. Such is life, such is living.