Immortality (STV, Imperfection, S07E02)

In Star Trek Voyager Imperfection (S07E02) Seven of Nine thinks she will die because of a malfunctioning cortical node. Seven consults B'Elana Torrez in reference to the "Barge of the Dead" wanting to know if she (B'Elana) really believes in an afterlife. Seven tells B'Elana that that when she was connected to the collective, all her experiences, all that she had accomplished--all that she was--was preserved in it if she should die. Now that she is severed from the collective she feels that all will be lost if she dies. B'Elana explains that the members of the crew will keep her in their memories. But how long will our associates keep us in their memories, how many generations; some find it difficult keeping their own memories in storage and try rather to forget or repress them. Immortality urges us to accomplish, to be progressive, to supply the people (the collective) with great art, discoveries, performances, creations of all kinds. Ultimately it is progress which we have contributed that yields immortality; everlasting life is a function of progress. Death can freeze usin time so that when we die we remain as we are, or we can achieve everlasting life before we die by means of accomplishing progress.

20 Dec 2008