May Your Kingdom Come Soon

We are spiraling upward toward communist society, a planetwide society of brothers and sisters where all love their neighbor as they love themselves. We began this current cycle of development many many years ago as animals who through instinct were one with God (the universe). We complete this cycle becoming one with God again, but on a much higher level. Through cosmic consciousness (which we are all coming to), we share the life, power, and vision of God. Cosmic conscious teachers have helped us along the way and will continue to do so till we all become cosmic conscious and live in communion as brothers and sisters in the "kingdom of God." This is the true meaning of communist society to which we aspire.

Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic consciousness is intuitive (versus logical or what we call thinking) knowledge of the truth. It is the awareness that we are one with the life, truth, and order of Universe. Cosmic consciousness makes us one with God, the universe. Cosmic conscious beings love the people. They reject money and its degradation. They lay down their lives for the people. They are one with Nature and open its storehouse to the people. They differ among each other as do the plants of the earth, yet we know them instantly. They are God-with-us.


Do your leaders see you and treat you as brothers and sisters, as family? If not, no matter how nice they seem on the outside, they are poisonous to your welfare. They are whitewashed sepulchers. They are weeds which will choke your garden. They will kill your children and despoil your land in the name of God and country. They are advocates of the happy, contented slave. They promote illusory religion, pie in the sky after you die; they never tell you that you can be one with God now. If Satan is our old self that must die, then these are all of Satan. They hang on to their riches, luxury, and vanity at the expense of the people. They are reactionary through and through. We must get them out of power.

Let God's Kingdom come

Look for those like Jesus who are genuinely concerned with the well-being of the majority of the people and who are not afraid to chase the money changers ‘out of the temple.’ Join with the cosmic consciousness. Plan. Organize. Struggle every day. Begin to live the life of Communism now and you will be sowing the seeds of Kingdom of God to come. 2June2000 Joseph D. Chafe, PO Box 3112, Anaheim, CA 92803-3112, USA