Leadership (18 March 2009)
Star Trek: The Next Generation [TNG] - Peak Performance Season 2 Episode 21

Picard to Kolrami: "On my ship the leader of an away team has total control over the mission. If you want to judge leadership, why not start at the beginning."

There is no such thing as leadership. The irrational, the imbalanced seek leadership. Remember Fischel" 's dictum concerning genius: when there is balanced development, all are geniuses and when genius is suppressed then Nature stores it till it will out. Don"t look for leadership; doing so always leads to imbalance, irrationality. Picard's (and Riker's) great quality is that they recognize this and so are able to create community/family. No leaders means no leaders. Is this then anarchy? No, it is community/family life.