Building Socialism: the next evolutionary task

The next great step forward to establish the right of each nation to freely choose the socialist pathway of development if they so wish? Right now we have fascist imperialist nations suppressing and bombing weaker nations into following their version of politics. The wealthy class-also known as the bourgeoisie-control the process of production, the creative output of billions of workers. Socialism means the shifting of this control to the workers. Socialism is the next logical natural evolutionary step for humankind. It means democracy in the workplace where the majority decide on what will be produced, how and by whom it will be produced and how what is produced will be distributed. Capitalism-the exploitation of the working class by means of capital-is entering its last phase of development, fascist imperialism. Socialism for America, a new majority-rule United Nations, respect for the sovereignty and freedom of every nation must be our targets. We need a new vibrant class of people that can: 1) create an organization of truly free and sovereign nations; 2) understand the revolutionary theory required to solve pressing social and environmental problems; and 3) establish global democratic power for all the people of earth.