Speak With My Authority

I am Universe, Cosmos, Life. Doubt not my existence? Doubt not that I am Living God? Doubt not that as I am, so are you. Know this as surely as the flesh and bones you have.

The stranglehold of globalists makes it seem I have no substance, that you must worship and praise me as slaves and servants. Come, be my comrades. Grasp my hand. Let us work together, brothers and sisters, to transform life. You are extentions of me. I am real as you are. Approach me through love and strength, not fear or violence. Rely and confide in me. There are no limits. Creation, development, and life are my flesh and blood.

Do not hesitate to speak for me. Hold back and you sink more deeply into slavery. Bring your problems to me, especially in the heat of struggle. It is better to remain dumb than repeat the jabber of slaves. Clear your mind of the culture of capitalism. Get rid of money. Establish brotherhood and sisterhood. Take these first steps and I will be with you. Remain in wage slavery and 7 more terrible devils will torment you.

Understand what the moneychangers do. Communicate with them, but chart a separate and safe course for the people. The longer you wait the more irreparable harm can be done. I will deal with slaves no longer; you must speak with my authority. My people will listen to nothing else. Begin now, right now. There is no excuse for delay. Draw back in fear and you sink further into slavery; risk your lives for me and you have eternal life.

As the dog searches for its food stashes so do I search for the good. Be fishers of the good. These will be your comrades in the struggles ahead.