Meaning of God


God is Universe-Creating-Itself; if we wish to create, we must become God. God causes the nature of all; if we wish to participate in the order of nature, we must become God. God is Free Will , Love, and Everlasting Life; if we wish freedom, love, and everlasting life, we must become God.

God is whole, and so are we. God is the oneness of existence, and so are we. Just as we are one, so is God one. God speaks with one voice, always. There is never two conflicting divine manifestations, truths, loves. We are divine creators and wielders of the laws of nature. We enjoy fullness of life. We approach all being infinitely as we unite with God. Reality all around us manifests God and from this we drink deeply of God of Creation, Nature, Spirit.

God constitutes reality; it is one and the same with reality. Though God is material, mental, and vital, God is one. We participate in God at ever-higher cycles of perfection as we align with God's process of creation, field of nature, and will and love of spirit. God is the creating, mental, and living universe.

God is Creation Parents, Causative Field of Nature and Spirit Will and Love. Creation Parents are the unity and struggle of opposites. All being comes into existence as the result of the unity and struggle of opposites. The tiniest particle to the most complex beings come to exist because of these opposites. The opposites are craving and need. Mother God craves the best abilities for its offspring, and Father God is responsible for determining absolute needs of its offspring. Creation results from the unity and struggle between these two. We participate in the creative process to the extent that we become one with Creation Parents.

God is the Causative Field of Nature according to which everything develops, or, to put it in other words, God is the mind of Universe. We participate (wield the laws of nature) in the Causative Field of Nature to the extent that we become one with it.

Spirit Will in Creation Parents determines the creation of individuals. Spirit Love in the causative field of nature establishes development. We participate in this process as we act on principle and embrace the good qualities of development.

Religion and Politics

Religion and politics are essentially the same; both attempt to control social production, order, and development. In other words, both establish, or are supposed to establish society’s interface with God which is the energy of creation, the cause of order, and the source of life. But leaders have become corrupt and we stagnate. The people, who want to see and hear God in their leaders, find only hardness of heart. So, thirsty for even scraps and crumbs of God, the people resort to reactionary established religions that feed off the people and exploit them. This is the situation today. The people are mercilessly exploited both by immoral ruling classes that control state power and reactionary established religions that operate in collusion with these immoral ruling classes.

Separating ourselves from God, the source all creation, order, and unity only brings stagnation. Capitalists know this and are quite happy to collude with established religions who feed reactionary, stale teachings to the people. Immoral ruling classes establish their own version of God, the culture of capitalism, a false god that drugs the minds of the populace with hatred and venality. Capitalists are happy to hear political activists declare themselves atheists; they use this to separate the people from these activists and to maximize the exploitation of the masses.

How are we to change all this and begin improving human life for all on earth? We must debunk the sterile, dogmatic teachings of established religions, remove parasitic and decadent capitalism and its culture, and establish revolutionary energy, natural order, and comradely love across the planet. This must be our overall plan. The first steps to accomplish this must be to form a strong, international, core of steeled revolutionaries to sum up the experience gained by the various progressive work done around the globe, to coordinate this with the current global situation, and to come up with a strategy to coordinate the development of the human family on the planet.

Reactionary established religion binds us to worship or serve the supernatural or God; it includes things such as mercy, forgiveness, reverence. These ideas fit well with capitalist society and culture, but have no place in Workers State or Peoples Republic. Both religion and politics will eventually wither away as higher states of development are established.


God manifests when we align with it. To be effective leaders, we must embody --become one with--creation energies, the laws of nature, and transforming love. There is no other recourse. The people demand to see and hear the living God in their leaders, and will accept nothing else. The work of leaders not one with living God will always end up in stagnation.

God and the Fundamental Laws of the Universe

As the will and intention of a strong executive determines the life of a business, so God determines the life of universe. Spirit God's free will brings forth all beings, and its love establishes the equilibrium of nature.

The fundamental laws of the universe constitute our interface with God. These laws are: 1) unity and struggle of opposites; 2) change from quantity to quality; and 3) negation of negation or life thereof.

Creation, The Unity and Struggle of Opposites

Opposites are the generation parents of all that exists. Unity of opposites establishes communication and struggle of opposites establishes freedom. Communication and freedom together result in creation. We must embody this first law of development in all our work. It is our ticket to the universe of which we are but a part. It is the first step in setting our human household in order. All social developments flow from the law of unity and struggle of opposites. When we embody this law, we embody revolutionary energy and this and only this energy will ignite the people. Otherwise, we are a boat adrift on the waves; we rot in stagnation.

Development, The Change from a Quantity to a Quality

There is creation and then there is development. Creation results from communication and freedom. Development is the work of love, recognizing the good quality out of a quantity of trials and errors that have preceded. Development is the summing up, the truth, the issue of experience. Development is the Word of God.

Life, Negation of Negation

Negation breaks with normalcy. The first movement of all transformation--the first negation--establishes the individual, the creature. Individual self is part of the creative mechanism of God--negation for the purpose of creation. The human race of today was established in the self-consciousness of individuals from prior species. First negation is the free-will choice to create. Negation of the first negation establishes development. It is the individual returning to unity to God, consolidation with God, the establishment of new quality, love embracing the good.

Negation is the domain of Spirit, opposites the domain of Creation Parents, and development the domain of Nature. All three constitute God as we know it.

Spirit God is THAT SOMETHING EXTRA that exists with organization, when people work together to accomplish things that can’t be done individually; Spirit God is solidarity, comradship.

Life is a cycle of perfection. Cycle of Perfection begins with negation of union with God and ends with return to union with God but at a higher level of development.


Reality, existence, being, matter all describe God as one and the same as infinite universe. Idealism, a theory that ultimate reality lies in a realm transcending phenomena (Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary), was invented to describe and serve various reactionary social systems. Immoral ruling classes and established religions use it to dull the minds of the people with vain hope of a supernatural realm that will address their complaints after they die or some divine intervention in the future. Materialism, a theory that physical matter is the only or fundamental reality and that all being and processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestations or results of matter (Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary), by itself is insufficient to explain reality, nature, and life of Universe. Matter/energy is just one constituent of God. All matter comes out of the marriage of universal intelligence/responsibility and infinite craving/freedom of space. The cosmic causative field (universal mind) determines the nature of all. Life of universe is the Spirit whose will creates and whose love incarnates new quality.

Socialism and Communism

Socialists cannot build socialism; only Communists can build socialism. Socialism means you produce for society and get back from it what you produce. Socialists retain the element of selfishness and individualism yet to be extinguished at a higher stage of development. Only the selfless dedication of communists who have become one with creation energies, the laws of nature, and the unifying power of love can provide the leadership necessary to build socialism.

God Speaking to God

When we speak, it must always be God speaking to God--from Cosmos to Cosmos. Otherwise, there will be no end to the difficulties we will run into. Satan is the bogus god, the causative field enveloping the planet which plays its reactionary messages in the minds of the people. We must break with this and move forward onto union with God.