Write in the collective knowing that what is in nature is supported by others who do their own part so that all is balanced. Do not discount your ability to write; you are united with us and so share in our mind and are able to see much more than can an isolated individual.

There is a lack of morality among capitalists; they have killed many and "blood is on their hands." They cannot escape "damned spot" unless they "sell all they own, give it to the poor," which most of them are unwilling to do.

When at the end of a tether, make the next step. In order to learn something, engage with the people. This gives life. Waiting until nature forces you to act is unworthy of humans. Take charge to express your peculiar talents; "let your light shine."

Be careful. There is a lot to do. Take the right channel to get what you need. Here is an analogy: a child wants to get a bycycle so it takes the first bicycle it sees. The child is caught stealing and is told it will not receive a bicycle. But if the child's parents show the child that it can get a bicycle by saving its money and then purchasing one, then all is well; the child knows the correct channel that leads to getting what it wants. So when you want something, consider what channel leads to to getting it.