Star Trek: Voyager - Non Sequitur Season 2 Episode 5

Harry is shifted into an alternate time line in which he does not go on the Voyager mission and is assisted in his struggle to get back to the right time line by a disreputable Tom Paris who blew his opportunity to go on the Voyager mission. This episode reminds one of the harsh, stark, impersonal, and neo-fascist nature of capitalism reminiscent of the Bush administration, a neat, tidy, and cold fascist life (something akin to the Logan's Run film). The warm friendship between the alternate and Voyager Paris and Harry Kim and a visiting alien cuts through all this. The production is as usual quite convincing. Voyager Star Trek is as a whole escapist; set in the depths of outer space, it distracts us from a collapsing capitalist system which daily exacts its "pound of flesh" from struggling workers.