Star Trek: Voyager - Bliss Season 5 Episode 14

Warm, human collaboration between Seven, the Doctor, Naomi, and an alien also trapped in a monster posing as a wormhole which first brainwashes then devours all that it can lure into its maw. Fischel has remarked that neo-fascism has the ability to "please its victims" and starfleet easily slips into this mold.

Neo-fascism has served up an Obama administration which manages to please its victims, including many "communists," who abandon principles to ingratiate themselves to this supposedly "kinder and gentler" fascism. Countries like Iran, Cuba, and North Korea experience this fascism daily. Not surprisingly, the "friends" of the U.S.A. like South Korea, Israel, Columbia are starkly fascist countries.

What are we talking about when we talk about fascism? The elements of fascism are: 1) absolute control of government by large multi-national corporations whose objective is world domination; 2) use of force to settle international disagreements along with the subjugating of international organizations such as the United Nations into a rubber-stamp agencies; 3) absolute control of media which lays down neo-fascist propaganda; 4) compromising of basic ethical principles of sovereignty, peaceful co-existence, free trade, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."