WASHINGTON, July 15 (Xinhua) U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday that Iran's recent crackdown on post-election protesters was "deplorable and unacceptable", warning that the U.S. patience to engage Iran is limited.

In extracts of a speech she plans to deliver to the Council on Foreign Relations, Clinton said that "We remain ready to engage with Iran, but the time for action is now."

Clinton said that the United States understands "the importance of trying to engage Iran and offering its leaders a clear choice: whether to join the international community as a responsible member or to continue down a path to further isolation.

However, the top U.S. diplomat noted that "Neither the president nor I have any illusions that direct dialogue with the Islamic Republic will guarantee success."

"The opportunity will not remain open indefinitely," she said.

Clinton warns time to engage Iran limited, www.chinaview.cn 2009-07-15 22:58:05, -- Editor: Yan

Do not write unless you write to someone; writing to no one is proceeding blindly. Address your writing to the one who knows most about the thing you write than any other person. Write that ultimatims are not dialog; they are bullying meant to to motivate the other by means of fear. It is certainly not diplomacy; it is inhuman. It is what can only be described at this moment as fascism or to be more specific neofascism which is fascism coming out of the mouth of a lawyer. The best way to see the world situation (July 2009) is see it divided into two grand camps: socialist camp and capitalist camp. The capitalist camp is dominated by that class that has reached a certain stage of development as is the case with the socialist camp. The capitalist camp is controlled by fascist capitalists, multi-national corporations whose objective is to stamp out people's democracies (those countries in which the majority population controls the state, the means of production, the major banks and power to print money), the electorial process, the armed forces. The work of people's republics are such things as to nationalize major industries, to update their constitutions to reflect majority opinion and benefit the majority population, to secure referendum power to control capitalist class manoevers. How best to deal with "Cinton's" ultimatum? Use threats as a wakeup call to counter whatever your enemy has to threaten you with. When you deal with fascists, first prepare to meet their threat with equal or overwhelming power as North Koreans and Russian Federationists have done. After this is taken care of, then can their be talks, etc; do not deal with fascists from a point of weakness or submission. First address any weaknesses you may have, then sit down with them as equals to discuss any concerns common to both of you. For example, if they threaten to prevent you from getting certain needed products, build them yourself or find someone willing to trade for them. If they threaten military might, match their military might. Do not sit down to bargain with fascists except as an equal/sovereign country interested to see what they have to offer for what you have to offer them.