New World Manifesto

(Proposed for discussion in New World Community-March 2001)

Part 1: Universe


Greetings, brothers and sisters.

We are eternal energy, responsible for the bounds of creation. We are infinite matter, gateway to limitless expanse. Together we are creation parents in unity and struggle.

All creatures develop naturally from quantity to quality in orderly steps through us.

Our Spirit love galvanizes all to life.

We are the substance of all, the face of all, and the life of all. Look for us everywhere Brother and sister offspring, extravagant prodigal sons and daughters, share pleasure with us, before you set off again to build new worlds.

Creation Universe

Creation Parents

Creation Universe is DESIRE of matter (limitless freedom, and chaos) and WILL of energy (responsible awareness, stewardship, and control). DESIRE is eternal volition and nothingness of matter-matter's potential. WILL is eternal energy determining the bounds of all. Together in unity and struggle of opposites they are creation parents.


DESIRE and WILL are creation parents. DESIRE frees matter from constraints of primitive communion. It is fountain of potency. It is infinite freedom and potential. DESIRE is passion without which there is stagnation. Desire is MOTHER GOD.


WILL is energy, control. It is responsible for leaving primitive communion. WILL establishes need, determines forms and bounds. It is conscious awareness and intelligence. WILL is FATHER GOD.

Unity and Struggle of Opposites

Unity and struggle of DESIRE and WILL give birth to creation. Will without desire stagnates. Desire without will consumes itself. %Together like a well-married couple in unity and struggle all is created.


We are living pattern, resonance, field determining the development of all. There is no movement or change without us. We are the order of movement and change. We are in the beginning and in the end of creation. There is no creation without us for there is no motion or change without us. All creation has a nature according to which it develops-takes steps toward perfection-till it transforms in another creation. We are change from quantity to quality. We are the conservators of time. Truth is our template, our measure. We bring knowledge, the gift of perfection. Look for our Soul. We are WORD OF GOD.

Orderly Development

Nature is orderly development of all from quantity to quality. It takes quantity of time, quantity of steps, for there to be a change or development, new quality. All development takes place in a specific way (truth) according to Nature. All development is toward quality or perfection.


Specific Order Of Nature

Truth is specific order of nature, shinning pathway forward. Like a light in darkness, truth enables us to proceed with confidence. Truth is always revolutionary; it is the next step of development or change. It exposes illusion, stagnation, reaction. Like military strategy, it changes as people continue to build New World or Kingdom of God. Truth (quality) comes when experience(quantity) transforms into intuitive knowledge (quality). Truth is a step beyond conceptual or book knowledge. Truth comes as revelation. Truth is finding our soul.

Measure of Education

Truth is the measure of education. Send workers to industry to learn skills they need to build the New World. Send students of all ages to masters to learn truth and find their souls. Truth releases "terrible" power of the people which makes rulers tremble. When ordinary people get truth they begin to speak with authority. They begin to create wonderful new things beyond the control of the establishment.


Knowledge is truth become part of us, a principle of action in us. We become aligned with Nature, one with Nature. Knowledge is cosmic consciousness.


Soul is the Word of God become human and living here on earth among us (see John 1:14, NLT of The Holy Bible). Soul is becoming one with eternal morphic resonance of Universe. (Morphic comes from a Greek word meaning form. Nature enables us to develop form if we "tune into" or resonate with Its vibration, (see Rupert Sheldrake Online Soul is in eternal life. Person is the medium of soul, the face of God; soul expresses itself as person. Soul is what we are meant to be in eternal life.

Spirit Love

Spirit Love brings Universe to life. Without Spirit Love, there is no life. Without life there is no Universe. We are not Universe unless we are three-in-one: Creation, Nature, and Spirit. The beginning of Life is the negation of SELF; this allows us to take hold of Creation and Nature. Spirit Love transcends both attraction and mutual benefit exchange, which have a factor of SELF motivation. Spirit Love is selfless opening up to, becoming one with, assuming, putting on, creation and nature. Love makes three one. Love establishes universal community. There is no community life without Spirit Love. There is no life without community.

Part 2: New World Development

Cycles of Perfection

Beyond Animal Kingdom

The very long period of time in which sense perception flourished was a time of communion with Universe for animals-the kingdom of animals. Humans negate this primitive communion (animal sense perception) and turn onto the road of individual consciousness. This begins a new cycle, the God Cycle. Mother and Father communicate and struggle to create. Nature reveals steps of development. The Spirit Love brings life to all the new actors. These are the fundamental laws of Universe governing creation, development, and life in New World.

Individual Consciousness

Individual consciousness (usually referred to as self-consciousness) is the cycle above animal sense perception. Richard Bucke in his book Cosmic Consciousness compares the expelling of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Paradise (see Genesis Chapters 1-4, New Living Translation (NLT) of The Holy Bible) with the development of individual consciousness. Individual consciousness is a higher form of consciousness enabling us to identify things such as work, goodness, badness, pain and awareness of death. With only sense perception, animals are one with their environment, they blend in and become the face of environment; there are no individuals that can identify or be identified. It is like a drama that goes on by itself according to set rules. We cannot stop this drama to speak with any of the actors; they are unconscious of what they do-they are innocent. DESIRE for knowledge of good and evil (HIGHER CONSCIOUSNES) enable some animals to leave this `automatic drama' and begin a new cycle of development, a new cycle of perfection.

Current Cycle of Perfection

Individual consciousness is the direct result of the negation of eternal divine life of sense perception in animal kingdom, primitive communion with God. Individual consciousness is the negation of this kingdom, this communion. Individual consciousness made us aware of good and evil and of the necessary work ahead of us to bring us into a greater, higher communion, eternal life in the Kingdom of God. To return to eternal life, we learn the lessons of time/history and leave them behind; we negate or die to self or to individuality. This is what Jesus Christ meant when he said that to enter into the Kingdom of God we must be reborn (John 3:3, NLT of The Holy Bible). Teachers/leaders are spiritual masters who have attained eternal life. They bring communication, struggle, truth and love to empower the people and help them through the lessons of history/karma so they can achieve eternal life in the kingdom of God, communal life in Universe.

Individual and Cosmic Consciousness

Self-consciousness is better referred to as individual consciousness because its focal point is individual. In cosmic consciousness, on the other hand, we become the consciousness of cosmos. In individual consciousness we comprehend parts of the whole by means of concepts. In cosmic consciousness we become the whole by means of intuition, mental telecommunication, vision; we become the `eye' of God. The human species is in passage between these two developments. We call this passage cycle of perfection. We call the steps, taken during the cycle, stages of development. Social organization is the key to each stage of development: Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Globalism, Workers' State, People's Republic, Socialism, and Communism. God is New World we are coming to, and It is creation, nature, and communion.


Urgency of Salvation

Wages of Sin

"How terrible it will be for anyone who causes others to sin," (see Matthew 13:7, NLT of The Holy Bible). Whatever we say or do creates and reveals to others what we are about. Sin creates and broadcasts the culture of self/individualism, the culture of reaction and stagnation. But we create and broadcast God, New World Development. Sin leads to death and recycling, not eternal life. Salvation is New World Development; salvation is eternal life.

Falling by the Wayside

What of those who hear the word of God but don't understand it, or those who hear it with joy but because of problems and persecution leave it, or those who hear and accept the word of God but the cares of this life and the lure of wealth crowd it out? (see Matthew 13:18-22, NLT of The Holy Bible) What of those who do not thirst for God or who don't wish eternal life with all their hearts? What of those like Scrooge whose hearts become hardened and there is no love? So what if they go to Heaven or Hell when they die. So there is no Eternal Life for them. So what! What is the urgency of salvation? Why now?

Eternal Life

Eternal life is desire and energy, truth, and Spirit Love. Eternal life is communication, control, knowledge, and community life. Eternal life comes with Spirit Love which enables us to produce/create through communication and struggle with society according to our abilities; which enables us to follow the pathway of truth forward; which enables us to choose teachers/leaders that are filled with the Spirit Love. Eternal life is love, not hatred. Those filled with hatred are unable to recognize teachers/leaders filled with love. We keep desire for eternal life burning inside at all times. We confront the power structure to ensure good stewardship over the planet. We seek truth, and we find it. We stay awake and are prepared, because we do not know the day or hour of its return, (see story of 10 bridesmaids: Matthew 25:13, NLT of The Holy Bible). Attaining eternal life, salvation, is serious business and worth all the effort we can give it. It is why we are here on earth.

Heaven vs. Eternal life

If there is heaven, why worry about eternal life? What are Heaven and Eternal Life? Are they the same or are they different? Heaven is the morphic field we create for ourselves in this world that remains as morphic resonance after our body dies. Eternal life is linkage with God. Soul is the eye through which God sees us; it is our link with God. If we die to self, we become God's eye-we become one with God. Eternal life is Creation, Transformation, and Communion with Universe.

Culture of Self

Break with Old World

Salvation is God-Development. It is turning from our sins and becoming as humble as a little child, (see Matthew 18:3, NLT of The Holy Bible). It is separating ourselves from the old world, the world of individualism and private property relations. It is evolutionary, historical, and spiritual drama of universal proportions in which all biblical symbology of judgment day, heaven and hell, devils and angels, beasts and dragons have their analogs.

Morphic Resonance

Culture of Self is a physical presence, morphic resonance, the `Satan' or old self we must contend with. It is the heavy load of history, karmic lessons yet to be digested by the human race before it can move on to unity with God. It is the heaven or hell we create for ourselves. Culture of Self is concerned with the glamorous self, power, and possessions, the relations of private property. It hardens hearts of individuals and nations. It leaves individuals and establishments cold-hearted and unresponsive to the needs of peoples.


Individualism is part of negation in this cycle of perfection. Individual consciousness allows us to identify but not become one with all. Cosmic conscious, toward which we are moving in this cycle of perfection, makes us one with all. Individualism is where we come from, not where we are headed. Moving toward individualism results in either stagnation or reaction-self-centeredness. Moving toward individualism means seeking wealth, power, fame, not creative work, knowledge, and eternal life. It means turning in on self, turning backwards, not expressing our eternal soul. Individualism delivers us the kingdom of "this world" not the Kingdom of God (see John 18:36 in NLT of The Holy Bible). It is sin, abandoning the struggle for creation, inability to learn the lessons of truth, death to community life. It is polarized self, self gone haywire. We must always move away from individualism towards creation, order and community life.

Sin and the Devil

Sin is an unwillingness to communicate with society and to take responsibility for its well-being. Sin is hardness of heart, an unwillingness to learn the lessons of Nature. Sin is failed experiments we refuse to let go of. The devil is the culture of old self, a template Nature provides for recycling the weak who have left the pathway toward perfection. The devil is stagnation, reaction. The devil is the culture of consumption and death. You know followers of the devil by the mark on their foreheads: private property relations.

Devil Despair, Be Gone

Brothers and sisters, let us learn from our lessons and trials then leave them behind, like chippings off a sculpture. Let us put on knowledge that enables us to see and sculpt beautiful figures from stone. Love enables us to share with all the pleasures of beauty. Like prodigal scientists and learners, reckless in their search for truth, let us sell all we have to obtain it (see Matthew 13:44-46, NLT of The Holy Bible). Devil despair, which isolates us from creation, nature, and community, be gone.

Suffering and Pleasure

"God blesses those who are persecuted because they live for God, for the Kingdom of God is theirs," (Matthew 5:10, NLT of The Holy Bible). Creation of the New World requires the opposites; there is no pleasure without struggle. Pleasure is the feedback when we get when we are aligned with nature, when we put on God-Development. The opposite of pleasure is guilt which is hell. Pleasure is the sign we are on the right track. There is no divinity where there is no pleasure. There is no pleasure where there is no divinity.

God Development

Call to Salvation

Humans are called to divinity in this great cycle of perfection. In this cycle there can be only those who are recycled and those who work with the forces of creation; those who become failed experiments or those who follow the pathway of truth; those who are outcasts or those who live community life of Spirit Love. But the gateway to life is small, and the road narrow; only a few ever find it (see Matthew 7:13-14, NLT of The Holy Bible). Sinners remain trapped in history, the culture of individualism, in the vibrations of sin collectively referred to as Satan. They are consumed, recycled. Salvation is oneness with God Universe: creative, natural life in communion with Spirit.

God Cycle

Every cycle of perfection has stages of development, steps of progress issuing in transformation and a new cycle of perfection. We refer to the current cycle of perfection as God Cycle because the object of this cycle is union with God; we become God in this cycle of perfection. God is three in one: the forces of Creation, the soul of Nature, and community of Spirit. The New World is the community of souls who have God Development or who are acquiring it. To come into New World requires a physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. In this cycle, physical transformation means New World comes by way of a species change, a qualitative transformation of the human species. Mental transformation means we receive and transmit with a new, cosmic vibration. Spiritual transformation means we arrive at a higher level of community life.

Wedding Garment of Divinity

God is not some supernatural entity we should worship but a development the human race is coming to. Worship, praise, dogma, faith, hope, and charity and all the other trappings of established religion are now reactionary; they are associated with steps (Slavery/Patriarchy, Feudalism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Globalism) we leave behind. We cannot enter the wedding feast without a new wedding garment (see Matthew 22:1-14, NLT of The Holy Bible). Yes, we put on divinity, the New World Development. It is a great uplifting, a species change (see Richard Maurice Bucke, Cosmic Consciousness), to which "many are called but few are chosen," (see Matthew 22:1-14, NLT of The Holy Bible).

Love Service

God Development is communion of brothers and sisters creating according to their abilities and receiving what they need according to the laws of Nature. They perform this service with Spirit Love for theirs is Creation, Order, and, Eternal Life.

God Universe

The New World domain is God Universe. God means the development of universal awareness, natural transformation, and oneness with the Spirit. Universe means the regions/beings scientists have identified as existing including planet Earth and beyond. God-development connects us to a whole New World, Universe. It connects us by giving us the tools we need to deal with Universe (cosmic consciousness, mental telecommunication, love). With God-development our horizons expand to include Universe. The pathway toward New World is narrow. Few are chosen. But the formula or key to enter is simple. We must open our hearts to divine love. This frees the forces of creation and the transforming power of nature and brings us eternal life.


God Universe is where the human race is coming to; we need God-development to get there. God is force of creation, order of nature, feeling of divine love. Yet God is none of these because God is all three in one, just like we are all three in one. That we can contain these three means we have God-development. God is the life of Buddha, Jesus, and the life of Walt Whitman. It is the life of these and many more throughout Universe. It is open to us, ready for us, and shared with us in communion with Spirit Love. It is force of Creation, order of Nature, love of Spirit. It is the pathway through the stars revealed. It is solidarity with comrade matter and comrade energy, whose unity and struggle create our bodies. It is the vibration that connects us to the cosmos. It is the feeling of love that makes Universe our community.

We are the Living God

God Development is not one of the fundamental laws but all three together. God acts as one because God is Love. We who one are one with this Love also act as one. As we approach New World we approach oneness with God; we become fountains of divine creation, divine knowledge, and divine love. But we are never, just Creator, Nature, or Spirit; because of Love we always act as all of these together. There is never a question of who we are when we act. We are not Creator, Nature or Spirit; we are the living God.

Fundamental Laws of Universe

The fundamental laws of Universe are creation, nature, and life. To the best of human reckoning we know these laws as God or God-Development toward which we move in this cycle of perfection. Like a powerful executive influencing the life of an organization, so God Life is the Life of Universe. Like our bodies, though composed of trillions of cells are one, so is Universe one living God that includes us.

Humans are created in the image of God (see Genesis 1:27 NLT of The Holy Bible); our life reflects the fundamental laws of Universe. To know these laws is to become one with these laws, to become one with God. We are creators and universal knowledge in the communion of spirit.

The fundamental laws of Universe are 1) unity and struggle of opposites; 2) change from quantity to quality; and 3) negation of negation or life thereof.

First Law: Unity and Struggle of Opposites

The first law of Universe governs matter, energy, creation, struggle, communication, will, conscience, desire. The first law deals with the mechanics of creation, how Universe comes to exist by struggle and communication.

Matter and Energy

The opposites of creation are energy and matter. Energy is eternal, conscious will, intelligence that determines all. Matter is eternal desire and craving that comes out of chaos and nothingness.

DESIRE of Material World, WILL of Universal Consciousness

Humans are both DESIRE of material world WILL of universal consciousness. DESIRE is unbounded potential that comes out of infinite chaos and nothingness. WILL is infinite awareness of what we need. These two struggle and communicate in us and the result is creation in us, through us, and for us.

Desire and Conscience

Matter/Desire and Energy/Will represent fundamental opposites that control creation. On gut level, humans can immediately recognize these opposites as the things we want and our conscience which regulates this. Desire in us is the craving, passion within us that moves us to be all we can be. Conscience is responsibility within us that sets reasonable bounds, provides for our needs and the needs of those around us. Unity and struggle between desire and conscience like a well mated couple is the source of all we produce/create. In us, these constitute our link with the creative forces of Universe (Creation Universe). Both are essential. Without conscience we end up in exploitation, suffering, and waste; we end up locked in a culture of self. Without desire we end up stagnated. There is no creation without unity and struggle of these two. Desire frees us from the constraints of primitive community, releases potential. Conscience brings determination, common sense out of chaos and nothingness.

Communication and Struggle

Communication between opposites determines if the materials for creation can be obtained, if there is the potential for growth. Struggle of opposites determines boundaries, exposes strengths and weaknesses, tests mettle; in short, it enables us to gain control, to effect our will. Teachers/leaders locate the major contradictions they and their followers must deal with. Then they determine a way to create soul (New World) by establishing channels of communication between these opposites, and also by engaging in struggle between these two.

Second Law: Change from Quantity to Quality

Steps That Lead to Transformation

The second law of Universe is change from quantity to quality. Quantitative changes are steps of experience, trials we make till we achieve knowledge or qualitative change (knowledge becomes a part of us and we take on a new quality). With the second law we are looking for something that adds up to a transformation, a new quality, progress. A good example of this process is the increasing quantity of percepts in pre-human life-forms that led to the qualitative change into the concept. A concept is a qualitative change by means of a quantitative assemblage of percepts that constitute the bridge to the concept-a concept is a `formula' by which we abtract what is common to many percepts. (The same process is occurring now whereby quantitative assemblages of concepts transform into intuitive knowledge or truth; we know things because we are part of them.)


Nature is the morphic field of Universe that determines the form of all. Morphic fields contain the information needed to determine what form a thing will take, how it will grow. This information is the content of the field that determines the order required for order in the Universe. Nature is the living reservoir or field of knowledge. The more knowledge becomes part of us, the more we become one with Nature. This is the meaning of the phrase: "So the Word became human and lived here on earth among us," (see John 1:1-16, NLT of The Holy Bible). Truth is knowledge of the next step forward. When we are one with truth and knowledge, we maintain the order and equilibrium of Universe.


Truth is the pattern of nature that enables us to make the next step. Two things teachers/leaders must be aware of is that nature concerns change or motion and that the change yields a higher quality or, in other words, the change results in progress. Much of the stuff taught in schools is dead words. Truth is the living pattern of nature enabling us to make the next step of progress; it is the key to growth of soul.

Time and Lessons of History

Time and lessons of history constitute a period of learning, an adding up of experience. After the second negation when self/individualism is negated and we are transformed into a new quality of life, comrades welcome us into communion of eternal life. This is the great joy Jesus referred to when he spoke of finding the one lost sheep (see Matthew 18:12-14 NLT of The Holy Bible). Time and history pass away; the lives we lead before transformation will be forgotten like the a woman's pains of labor are forgotten "when her anguish gives place to joy because she has brought a new person into the world," (John 16:21 NLT of The Holy Bible).

Third Law: Negation of Negation or Life Thereof

The third law is negation of negation or life thereof. What is negation? If you are in the process of building a house, you cannot enjoy it. But once it's built you can enjoy its use. The First and Second laws are building and occupying the house. The Third law is the new life that comes with its use. As you are building and moving into the house you cannot enjoy it-you sacrifice or negate this pleasure for the purpose of creation and development. After the house is built you throw out this negation and enjoy the new life of living in the house. All life is based on this law. Children submit themselves to Parents until they develop. Then, when they are no longer children, they take away or negate submission, and relate to parents as adults on a new level of life or community. The Third Law says: Once Creation and Nature have finished, then comes the Spirit of communal life.

Negation of Negation

Eternal life is the negation of negation. The plant, which is the result of the death (negation) of a seed, itself puts out seeds before it dies (negation). This is an analogy of eternal life. Time/history transpire between two negations and constitute a cycle of perfection. Outside these negations is eternal life. Eternal life is in the beginning and in the end; time and history is in between. We go from eternal life unto eternal life by negation of negation.

Negation of SELF

Socialism is: you produce according to your talents, and you get back from society what you produce. Is socialiam the end of our struggles? No, but it is a step forward which humanity cannot skip. Actually there are several steps before we even get to socialism (Workers' State and Peoples' Republic). There are contradictions in all these stages of development as well as in the heart of socialism (you get what you produce). The ultimate contradiction in the cycle of perfection is SELF. Under socialism we would get back either in goods and services whatever we produce. This could be quite a lot if it was, for example, the blueprints for a strategic bridge to be used by millions of commuters. Under socialism those who are responsible for greater production in virtue of their education and training would be paid more than unskilled laborers. Although this is a step forward, the contradiction against nature (SELF) still remains.

SELF, Root of all Contradiction in this Cycle of Perfection

Self/Individualism always was and will remain the contradiction is at the heart of creation in this cycle of perfection till the coming of the second negation. Primitive community life of hunter/gatherer (the bridge to the development of the human species) grew stagnant and a new cycle, the God cycle began with SELF, the negation of primitive communion. Self will itself be negated at the end of this cycle of perfection returning us at a higher level of development to eternal life and communion with Universe. The experience and reality of union with Universe we call God or God-Development. All steps of progress we make in this cycle are in the direction of God. Self and its faculty self-consciousness (individual consciousness) are the main contradiction of this cycle. It will remain until the second negation when the Spirit of Love triumphs and Self is negated and there is eternal life, communion with Universe, again.

Spirit Universe

Humans by means of Spirit Love wield the forces of creation and the laws of Nature to establish life throughout Universe.

Divine Love

Divine love is the selflessness of Spirit which engenders community life. Real education requires this selflessness from parents, teachers, administrators, support personnel, legislators and all others involved in education. Divine love opens a way for eternal soul in students to express itself, to create what will be a joy forever What students need most is to see God. Teachers die to self so their students can see God.

Scientific Communism

Science of Development

Scientific Communism is the science of creation, development, and life. It is essentially the fundamental laws of the universe which are the basics of all education. The people need this science to build New World. It involves learning the mechanics of creation, the lessons of history, and the spirit of life. There is no room for illusion in the school of dialectical, historical materialism; it deals with realities only.


Matter and Energy

Dialectics is the branch of the fundamentals that deals with the forces of creation. There are two opposites that in their unity and struggle are responsible for all creation: matter and energy. Matter is eternal chaos, desire, freedom, nothingness. In a word matter is infinite potentiality. It is a force that is present in the tiniest particle and the most complex organisms. Matter is infinite craving for being. Energy is infinite control, order, bounds, responsibility. Energy is universal conscious will. Together these unite and struggle like well-married husband and wife and whether it is proton or electron in atoms or passion or conscience in humans, the issue is creation, a new substance, new development, invention.


Creation, the first fundamental law of the universe, is an integral part of our everyday lives. Desire is passion to be all we can be. It is a craving to become all, to see all, to experience all to the fullest extent. As humans, we all experience this force within. We see it in all animal life as the struggle to survive. We see it in minerals as an attractive/repulsive force that serves to express identity or to maintain their own identity with its unique properties. Desire/craving is a universal term that can be applied analogously to all levels of complexity of matter. It has always been and will always will be part of the creative process that lives this very moment in our desires, our infinite cravings that push us forward.


Will for humans is awareness, the force of conscience that establishes the bounds of decency. It is common sense. Like desire, will is a universal term that can be applied analogously to all forms of energy from atomic particles to the complex governance of choosing or rejecting done by human beings. Will is the needed vibration for new being that determines its essence.

Unity and Struggle

Creation is the Unity and Struggle of Opposites; desire communicates and struggles with will. This communication and struggle allows new being to come into existence. Communication gets us what we need; struggle establishes control. Harnessing these two potential "monsters" within us, not stifling them, we are able to create. The most marvelous thing that comes out of this is that we have a role to play in the creation of soul.


Development of society takes place in the `factory' of history (karmic lessons to be digested by humans) and leads by means of steps (quantity) towards the way forward (quality). Teachers supply students with the science of development, dialectical, historical materialism to enable them to discern the steps forward. Time is not part of the eternal life of Universe. That's what Jesus Christ meant when he said, that he was not of this world, the world of history. We suffer the lessons of history or experience to become one with truth, to be transformed, to find our soul, which is our link with God or eternal life.

Human Culture

Human culture cannot be ignored; it is a morphic field that will disturb us until we understand it. These are the lessons of history; that only knowledge can resolve. Knowledge is the only antidote to history. Understanding truth is the purview of scientific Communism, which is the science of dialectical, historical materialism.


Creation deals with matter and energy. Nature deals with laws. Spiritualism is that part of science that deals with life and feeling. All feeling is a movement away from self toward Creation and Nature.


Life is negation of negation. Life is leaving primitive communion, our old species and then returning to communion at a higher level or new species.


SELF is concern for ones own life or for survival. Self is the first negation.


Feeling is the second negation, the negation of self. Feeling is self's connection to the world outside. Feeling's highest level is love. All things have feelings, even minerals, planets, and stars. Universe could not be one if it were not for feeling. Feeling connects all. Tuning into this feeling is cosmic love.

Part 3: New World Society

New World is Kingdom of God, God Kingdom, God Development which humans are coming to (see Mark 4:11ff, New Living Translation (NLT) of The Holy Bible). The pathway to New World is via communication/struggle, knowledge, and love. Our destiny is to become New World creators, all-knowing souls, and a universal community of eternal life.

New World is peopled by a new species born out of the human race. New World is more and more a world of intuition, clairvoyance, truth, love and less and less a world of individual-consciousness, violence, and laws. New World is full of powerful creation, natural order, loving communion. It is the negation of the culture of self (slavery, feudalism, capitalism, imperialism, globalism). It is eternal cosmic-conscious life of truth and love. But to achieve this, we must first eliminate the culture of self, the satanic energy encircling our planet. We must learn the lessons of karma or history.

The People

The people are the builders of the New World. They are the masses of souls associated with this solar system yet to be redeemed, yet to be joined with brothers and sisters in God Universe. They are chosen to bear the fruit of eternal life.

Creation Formula

Who are The People Jesus referred to as his sheep and Marx and Lenin were so concerned about? THE PEOPLE are the power of society that moves us, the chosen ones. Opposed to the people are INDIVIDUALS. Communication and struggle between individuals and the people is responsible for all we create. Without the people, individuals go to extremes, beyond the bounds of need. Without individuals society stagnates. Out of the chaos and nothingness of freedom, individuals supply passion to pioneer new ways. The people supply energy, awareness, intelligence, all things needed. Individuals get from society what they need by communication. The people, who are the repository of morality and standard setters for society, struggle with individuals to maintain balance/equilibrium of society. Teachers/leaders become one with God. They become one in cosmic consciousness, knowledge, and love; they become the whole thing: individual and people, culture, and community. They speak God's word of with authority and begin to build the New World.

Other Half of Creation Process

The People represent half of the creation process. For individuals to create, they need the people to give them what they need (energy, resources, intelligent order). This is what Jesus meant when he said, "Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs, and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern," (Matthew 6:32-33, NLT of The Holy Bible). Society or the people represent FATHER GOD. Individuals represent MOTHER GOD. Communion of the people is Kingdom of God, New World. Confidence in the people brings salvation. Exploitation of the people leads to destruction. In the Spirit of love, we communicate and struggle with the people to build New World.

Common Sense, Comradeship, Majority

The people are a refuge of sanity, simplicity, and common sense; we must give their recommendations and petitions number one priority. The higher bond Jesus talked about ("Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother,"(Matthew 12:50, NLT of The Holy Bible)) is the bond of comradeship. This is the higher form of community life that comes with the Spirit Love. Finally society means the majority: no one forgotten (see Story of Lost Sheep, Luke 15:1-7, NLT of The Holy Bible) but it can also be as few as 2 or 3 (Matthew 18:19-20, NLT of The Holy Bible). The key is agreement and belonging. For the plutocrats, the wealthy minority, there is no agreement with or belonging to the people. Their hearts and thoughts are where their treasures lie, (see Matthew 6:21, NLT of The Holy Bible). Capitalism, Imperialism, and Globalism breed war, waste, disease, unemployment, disorder, and stagnation not democracy.

Go to People as Spirit Love

Only selfless Spirit Love activates creation and nature, and establishes community. Always go to the People as Spirit Love. Only Spirit Love wins the hearts of the people. Then and only then will we get back what we need from society.

Chosen People

The people of God are chosen from all eternity; the morphic field containing the form of their development existed when this solar system was conceived in love. Those destined to be given the earth are chosen (see Matthew 5:1-12, NLT of The Holy Bible). Evolution works in the same way; natural behavior brings quality of life. Chosen means that development comes out of freedom. They are the sincere people who choose to negate self, create soul, and develop. And we are never judged as wrong except we fail to heed experience. This is development and it is our free choice. This is the essence of what Jesus Christ meant when he said, "blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice," (see Luke11:28, NLT of The Holy Bible). Nature chooses or saves those who act in accordance with Its laws.


Revelation of Soul

Teachers/leaders by example and teaching reveal soul their own soul and help others to reveal theirs. Revealing soul is the first task of education and revealing soul is revealing New World. Teachers/leaders reveal their own soul before they help others to reveal theirs; "the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends,"(John 15:13, NLT of The Holy Bible). They show the people how to control the well-being of their environment. As tiny atoms communicate to get what they need and struggle to maintain identity so do teachers/leaders using communication know how to get for the people what they need. Look for them in the frontlines of struggle.

Speak the Word of God

Teachers/leaders speak the word of God from each according to their abilities. Teachers/Leaders reveal their unique connection with God universe. They speak truth, the word of God; they reveal their soul to the people.

Foretaste of Eternal Life

Teachers are progressive. They know that eternal life that gave birth to this solar system will yield eternal life in the end. We the people move toward transformation that yields eternal life. We experience a foretaste of eternal life in our leaders.

History and Patience

History is time necessary to go from one state of development to another. History is transitory; once eternal life is achieved, history is recycled like infancy, childhood, or adolescence is recycled. History is a period of growth and healing. Understanding this, teachers are patient and forgiving. They know steps (quantity) are necessary to attain development (quality). Teachers are great souls that light the pathway forward for the people and inspire them to move foreword. Teachers have drunk deeply from the collective experience of humankind. They guide students with patience and forgiveness to eternal life.


Teachers/leaders are the vanguard of the people, "the first of a great harvest of those who will be raised to life again," (1Corinthians 15:20, NLT of The Holy Bible). The life Paul is talking about is the Spirit love. Teachers/Leaders receive this spirit as did Jesus so they can lead the people (see Matthew 3:16, NLT of The Holy Bible). Teachers/leaders become Spirit Love which galvanizes the People to action and empowers them to express soul and follow the pathway toward the New World. Teachers/leaders are great communicators and warriors; they are God leading the people. They rejoice when new comrades redeemed from the culture of self into eternal life. They lead the way with higher consciousness, truth, and love. We join them as comrades, brothers and sisters to build New World.


All sincere people who want to build New World based on peaceful and just sharing of the planet's resources, who dare wield the forces of Creation and Nature in the interests of the people, who rejoice in community life of Spirit Love, all of you are welcome to our ranks.

Political Struggle

Private Property Relations

Need and Ability

"To each according to their need." When carpenters stop working, their calluses begin to go away. When they return to work, their calluses reappear. Nature supplies what we need--only what we need--and removes what we don't need or are not using. This is the proper context in which to understand private property. Nature says there is no property that is private; there is only what we need. If we own a mansion but have no need for it, then nature takes it from us. Private property is a contradiction against Nature; it is having more than what we need. But this is only half. The other half of the formula is: "From each according to their abilities." All of us create/produce according to our abilities. This naturally entitles us to what we need in order to be able to create/produce. Society protects this right. So nature says life is not about owning private property. It's about making sure you get what you need in order to create/produce. Who decides need; nature decides through society itself. Society democratically sets the bounds of decency and sanity.

Towards a Need-based Economy

Nature says: "To each according to their need." We need our body to move around, communicate, and do things. We shouldn't call it private property. What we produce is needed by the people. It should not be considered the private property of business owners, but should be distributed democratically to the people. The time has come for us to take this next step of development for our society: we must take control of the production process and produce only those things we need and distribute them democratically to the people. Social problems (stagnation, pollution, violence, disease) indicate that the time has come for this change. We must take responsiblity for running our society according to the laws of nature which says: "From each according to their abilities, to each according to their need." A society that has to hold on to private property is sick. To the extent you hold on to it, private property becomes your master. "You cannot serve both God and money," (Matthew 6:24, NLT of The Holy Bible). But God is merciful and allows us to come to It in stages of development if we cannot come immediately. This is what the communication and struggle with the people is all about. The next stage of development for USA is a Workers' State where the workers/producers take responsibility for the good stewardship of the things they produce. This is the next step away from private property.


Nature says we require only what we need, and common sense and sanity of the majority should determine need democratically. Bourgeoisie are property owners who who acquire beyond what they need. Wealth (what is owned but not used to create and produce things for the well-being of society) is a contradiction against nature. As a class of people, bourgeoisie are known as the wealthy; their interests and relations are determined primarily by private property. Their interests are not to supply needs of the people but to protect and increase their private property. We have reached a point of social and technological development where this contradiction must be dealt with. Workers, as good stewards of the planet, must take control control of the production and distribution of all goods and services and see to it that all have the opportunity to produce according to their abilities and receive according to their need.


Capitalists are business owners who purchase human labor at the cheapest price to produce what they call profit. For them human labor is an expense they deduct along with their own salaries, rent, depreciation on machinery, buildings, etc. When all the expenses have been deducted they end up with profit, interest or surplus value. This surplus value is capital. For bourgeoisie, capital is what they don't need--all their expenses have been deducted, including their own salaries if they worked to produce this capital. What is to be done with this surplus value? It must be returned to the people or the people must democratically determine its use, not the wealthy class. Doesn't our government do this for us? No. The government taxes our wages not what we produce; wages are only a fraction of what we produce. Real expropriation takes place in the workplace where all of what we produce passes into the hands of business owners and we are counted an expense. The surplus value of our production/creation is kept by the business owner or its use is determined by them.


Capital is surplus value produced by workers. Employers call it profit. Say in 1 business day workers produce $4,000 dollars worth of merchandise/services. Owners deduct their own salaries and expenses (including depreciation on building, land, and equipment) plus the salaries of the workers and end up with a surplus of $1,300 for the day. This is capital. Capital is the surplus value of goods/services taken from the total value of goods/services produced by workers just because of private ownership of the business. Workers/management/office people produced these surplus goods/services but the owners of the business alone get to keep them or determine how they will be used. This is giving business owners more than what they need which is a contradiction against Nature. This contradiction engenders communication and struggle. Workers need to survive so they communicate with owners, but because of the degradation which this wage slavery causes, they struggle to eliminate it.

Wage Slavery

Do workers have a choice? Can they go elsewhere and get the full amount of what they produce either in money/goods/services? No, at least not in the USA because owners have consolidated their system throughout the country. Practioners of chattel slavery tried to consolidate their system in this country but were stopped by Capitalists in the Civil War (1861-1865). This left us with the system known as capitalism or wage slavery: we must sell our labor power to capitalists or starve. Even the few who seem to escape this system must associate with the workers and owners at times and these relations are tainted by wage slavery. As there is no escape from consolidated chattel slavery, so there is no escape from consolidated wage slavery; it affects all our relationships. The surplus (what remains after all the expenses have been taken care of) belongs by natural law to the workers, to society. If the owners themselves work, then their salaries must also be deducted. If they don't work, then they have no right to any part of the goods/services produced. But as things stand, all of what workers produce is controlled by the capitalists; they literally control the national product of the country. Workers who produced this are just an expense for capitalists. They must bargain with capitalists for a part of what they produced. Those who work for unions have a slight edge in that they can bargain collectively for a share of production. But this does not affect the essence of the wage-slave system of capitalism. Capitalists exploit people in the workplace; workers get their wages but not what they produce. Capitalists (including landlords) calculate how much on average workers need to sustain themselves and pay them this in wages and keep the rest of what workers produce for their expenses and `profits.' In such a manner, they control all the wealth produced. This gives capitalists tremendous power not only over the business world but also over the state and culture.

Private Property

Underpinning this system, which has now developed into Imperialism and Globalism, is private property. The majority of the means of production (banks, corporations, factories, etc.) are the private property of the wealthy. People must come to the owners of businesses to sell their labor power and submit to the wage slave system if they want money to live. Capitalists use state power to protect this system of exploitation.


Capital then is that part of production that is left over after all costs have been met. Interest is capital used to make more capital. Both interest and capital say: I own the product of human labor because I own private property associated with this labor. Bankers or others provide loans and charge interest. Interest represents on average what goods/services will be produced using this loan. Again we have capitalists controlling what is produced by human labor in virtue of private property. Bankers and others who provide loans should be paid for their labor, but any surplus that accrues, after all facilitating expenses have been met, is surplus value and belongs by natural law to the people. Profit as well as interest are contradictions against nature. These are produced by workers and must be returned to the workers. We must communicate and struggle with the capitalists till we are able to wrest democratic control over surplus value (Workers' State).


The money system (which nowadays includes checking, credit cards, banking services, etc. as well as printed/minted money) has become a necessity to facilitate exchange. Money is an abstraction of goods/services produced by workers; it represents all goods/services produced. Like the "X" of algebra represents what we wish it to represent, so money represents goods/services, but only if all agree to this. Money works only if everybody respects it. If not, then money does not exist and we are left to bartering or trading. Money, since it became separate from precious metals, has (necessarily) more and more come under the control of owners. Printed/minted money can be produced by many people who could quickly buy up all surplus value. So whoever controls production and the disposal of capital must necessarily control the money system, especially as it stands now, separated from precious metals. Capitalists use state power to enforce their right to control the produce of human labor, culture, and the money system.

Capitalist State

Capitalist state is the instrument capitalists use to enforce control over the disposal of the national product. The capitalist state protects the private ownership of all businesses, the points at which all that workers produce passes into the control of the owners. The opposite of capitalist state is Workers' State, which is a natural development away from private-property-based relations toward need-based relations. The capitalist state exists to protect capitalists' control of national product and capitalists' disposal of surplus value produced by workers. Though it calls itself a democracy, the bourgeoisie alone controls national product and the disposal of capital. Real democracy is deciding how what we produce will be spent. Real democracy can only be democracy in the workplace. As it stands, we have the right elect the best fox to guard our chicken house. Capitalist democracy is like giving chattel slaves the right to elect those who will be their masters. Though capitalist democracy may fluctuate between benevolent dictatorship of the wealthy to ruthless fascism, its essence remains the same: protection of the right of the capitalist class to dispose of the products of human labor. All this from the worker's viewpoint is wage slavery. The only way to eliminate capitalism is to eliminate the ownership of what human beings produce. The only way to eliminate the ownership of what human beings produce is to take the next step of development.

Steps of Development

The capitalist system, which developed into imperialism and now globalism is nature's relentless changing from quantity to quality. On the one hand these stages of development have brought populations of the earth more and more together much quicker than if there had been no capitalism, imperialism, or globalism. But our unity and struggle with capitalists must continue if we are to create the New World. The major contradiction the people face now is private control over what has become social production. The side effects of this contradiction of nature are: war, torture, ruthless pillaging of the natural resources of other countries, stifling of creative energies, the dumming down of the people, profaning of culture, all this and more in their quest for profit. What does Nature have to say about this. Nature says that it must be so. If workers will not take responsibility for the good stewardship over what they produce, then this service must be delegated to others. Actually what has happened is that humans have reached a point of development/awareness where they don't need owners of private property to tell they what to do with what they produce. We must take responsibility for the good stewardship over what we produce. We must unite and struggle with the ruling class to create the next step of development, the Workers State.

Workers' State

The first absolute step away from capitalism is for workers to take control over what they produce (take control of the means of production-factories, banks, businesses) and set up a Worker's State. The biggest task of this stage is dismantling the machinery and culture of capitalism/imperialism/globalism; the worker's state revolutionizes not only the organization of society but also its culture (the way society thinks about itself). Setting up a Workers' State allows us to be good stewards over what we produce as well as to determine democratically how best to use the produce of human labor for the well-being of society. There must be a revolution in culture to free workers from mesmerizing commercials, game shows, gambling machines, drugs, etc. by means of which the wealthy ruling class has maintained its control. The Workers' State is a period of rehabilitation for many as humanity takes its first steps towards higher development of community life toward need-based not property-based relations. Because it is a period of rehabilitation, the heavy hand of state power will be in evidence everywhere to protect these new relations of production from those still possessed by the old-society ways. The biggest challenge will be planting the seeds of workers' democracy amid the ruins of the capitalist democracy. Our brothers and sisters around the planet who have already laid down their lives in this struggle will make this chore easier for us; we can learn from their experience. Though capitalist democracy is a step ahead of having a king rule over us, isn't it time we establish real democracy--democracy in the workplace?

State, Enforcer of Class Relations

Since the founding of the United States of America (USA), the right of private property has been ensured by the government. Unstated but included in this was the right to appropriate any interest or surplus value produced by human labor associated with use of ones private property. Our founding government provided not only for chattel slavery (ownership of human beings) but wage slavery (ownership of produce of human beings by paying their living expenses). This was brought along with the immigrants to America from the countries they came from. In the countries they came from, the state enforced the right to control the produce of human labor and dispose of its profit and interest. Thus our founding fathers brought with them two classes: wealthy owners who control the production of human labor and dispose of its surplus and the workers who work to make a living. General Washington could have gone on to establish a Worker's State at the end of the Revolutionary War (1775-1783), but after the revolution, George Washington went home and wealthy owners (the class of business owners otherwise known as the bourgeoisie) rejoiced. This action by Washington and his officers meant that business owners would continue to be able from the workplace to control the produce of human labor and expropriate its profit/interest. Besides their control over the government, they also made sure of their control of the money system (printing/minting and distribution) and the fashioners of culture.

Socialization of Workforce

The workforce has long since been socialized; workers make smaller and smaller parts of the finished product because of division of labor, machinery, and the advance of technology. Workers collaborate with brothers and sisters all over the world to meet their needs. To try to pay out surplus value in kind or even in cash would be practically impossible. You would have to track down all those who contributed to the final product which could literally take you to the ends of the earth. Because production has become socialized, so must distribution be socialized. Control over distribution must not remain in the hands of the wealthy few who own businesses. Control over the produce of human labor and the surplus value of human labor should be controlled by a democracy so that it is used for maximum benefit of society.

Who Controls the Wealth of the Country?

At the point of the workplace all goods/services produced are transferred into the hands of the owners of businesses who then determine how things will be divided up. The owners of businesses thus in effect determine how the total wealth of the country is used. All things produced are either kept by business owners or their use is determined by them. True the worker gets a share of it, but only what they can bargain for. The rest including profit goes to the owner of the business or are used at their discretion. Business owners use the state to enforce this setup which includes control over the money system and the makers of culture (media, entertainment, etc.) Well, you say, don't we elect the president? We do, or at least the Electoral College does. But real democracy is thwarted because the business owner class from the workplace controls the national product and disposes of the surplus value produced by workers (after all expenses have been taken care of). The only genuine democracy is democracy of the workplace. Bourgeois democracy is empty. It doesn't give workers the right to determine what will be done with what they have produced. Basically what it does is determine who will enforce this system on them.


Lesson of Private Property

Workers are under the karma or lesson of private property. Under capitalism, what you produce in goods and services is taken from you by whoever owns the business where you work. Owners pay you just enough to satisfy your needs and keep the rest. They control even what we might think to be our most creative work since they control access to the public by ownership of the major media and control of instrument of public force (government) as well. This system is called exploitation or wage slavery. Furthermore, what workers produce becomes a force against them (capital) and they must continually resubmit themselves to it or starve unless they themselves become capitalists and exploit workers or unless they eliminate wage slavery and take the next step forward: Workers' State.


We are undergoing a learning process. Private ownership of the means of production (factories, banks, places of business) leads to plutocracy, rule by wealthy owners of businesses over masses of wage slaves. Private ownership of the means of production has become a major roadblock of contradiction that we must remove to move forward. Wars, depressions, exploitation, pollution, ruthless pillaging of the national resources of third world countries, all this and more will continue until workers overthrow the capitalist system and take the next step forward (if they have not already done so) by establishing a Workers' State. The fundamentals of Universe demand creation and qualitative change, progress in the spirit of Love. If we stop, fail to take the next step then what little we have will be taken from us and given to those who are continue to use the fundamental laws of the universe (see Luke 19:11-27, NLT of The Holy Bible). We have become complacent wage slaves in this land of Capitalism, Imperialism, and now Globalism. Like Moses we must stand up and confront our slave masters and assume our role as responsible, productive, creative stewards of the planet. Workers of the world, let us arise from our complacency and torpor, leave the fleshpots of Egypt behind, and build the New World.

Road Ahead

The road ahead is towards the kingdom of God where each contributes according to their ability and receives back from society what they need, a society where work is transformed into creation, where all things are in balance with nature, and the spirit of brotherly and sisterly love prevails. The road ahead takes us away from private property relations, away from the culture of self, towards a culture of sharing, into the world of deeper community life, into a world of comradeship.

Only Truth Frees Us from OLD SELF

Today we face the karma-laden culture of OLD SELF-called history. It is a real force (morphic field) enveloping our planet that we must deal with; it will not go away by itself. Immoral ruling classes keep this culture filled with illusion and unreality to dull minds of people so they can exploit them. Only truth frees people from this condition. Truth is learned by taking steps of experience that lead to quality of life. Truth transforms us when knowledge becomes a part of us.

Religion and Immoral Ruling Classes


Religion is stagnation and reaction of the teaching of spiritual masters. God is Living God and we are part of It. Religionists hold on to teaching of their masters; they bury it, fearful of what the harsh master would do to them if it became lost (see Matthew 25:14-30, in the New Living Translation, (NLT) of The Holy Bible). Religionists are dogmatists who fail to make the next step in development. Though these do penance or whatever to mortify themselves, they never master the tools of creation and change or make the next step. Fear eventually squelches love in religionists; they are unable to embrace communion of Spirit. The reason why many religionists are such rabid haters of nascent communism is because the Spirit brings with it the forces of creation and transformation.

Forces of Reaction

Immoral ruling classes seek refuge in religion. Fear, dogmatism, and the cold letter of the law are hallmarks of immoral ruling classes. They cut themselves off from the creative forces of society and from the truth. They are reactionaries who turn back on the road of development. They along with the religionists are an abomination of abominations because they cause even the "little ones" to lose faith (see Matthew 18:1-6, NLT of The Holy Bible).

Alternative Road of Development

The kingdom of God is here. Those who continue in ways of private property relations and of individualism will split away from those who opt for communion of Spirit. Salvation lies in the fundamental laws of Universe (Creation, Nature, and Spirit). Salvation is with forces of Creation, order of Nature, communion of Spirit. Join us in building the New World, brothers and sisters. We do not force those who choose to continue in way of private property relations, but we will not permit them to damage the ecosystem, the home for all life on the planet. We work together with them to solve problems and help build sustainable economies while providing an alternative road of development for those who do not wish to choose the way of private property relations.

Capitalism Has Become Reactionary

Capitalism means buying and selling human labor at the lowest possible price and keeping what workers produce. In its heyday it was at best a step forward beyond the rule of kings and nobles of centuries old feudalism; it unchained workers from the land and nobility but left them at the mercy of landlords and business. It set up the infrastructure for a higher planet-wide communion of the people. But capitalism has become reactionary as did feudalism before it. It has moved on to Imperialism, and now globalism which though they have broken down the national barriers, they have led to the ever- tightening control of a wealthy ultra national ruling class over the people of the planet. These employ colonialism, neocolonialism, trade agreements, military force, etc. to ensure that what the people produce remains in the hands of owners of private property. This has been the cause of wars, pollution, waste, poverty, disease, and suffering around the world. Why do we need a landlord to own the place we live and take a sizable chunk out of our paychecks. Why do we let owners of Corporations and businesses determine what will be done with what we produce, with what we create? Would it not be more democratic if we the people took control of these things? Greater awareness, knowledge, and love among the population make our next step forward possible.

Ever-Deepening Communion of the People

Human life grows like plant here till it becomes eternal life of Universe. Human life is essentially an ever-deepening communion of the people, a recognizing and exchanging of each other's services with greater and greater love. This deepening communion is the golden thread in history that helps us find the next step forward. History is the story of social organization, ever-greater communion of the human species. Those that separate from the road ahead or turn back become creatures. Those that persevere, find their souls, stick to the road of truth, and share communion with the People in Spirit Love.

Communication with Universe


Coming Home

Contact with extra-terrestrials is a coming home experience. As animals we were once part of the communion of eternal life of Universe. In this cycle of perfection, however, we negated this communion and are struggling to attain a higher cosmic conscious union with God. Self is the negation of our community with Universe in this cycle of perfection. When we get around to negating self at the end of the cycle then we become one with the so-called extra-terrestrial once again just as we were one with the extra-terrestrial in the beginning. Only those who store up treasures here on earth have reason to fear the second coming (the negation of negation). For It will sweep out the profanity from God's temple and establish the Kingdom of God on the planet.

Forms of Contact

Mental Telecommunication

Mental Telecommunication with Extra-Terrestrials is becoming more and more of a frequent occurrence. Meditation is more and more frequent.

Physical/Public Appearances-Formal Contact

At some point in human development, we will establish formal contact with extra-terrestrial beings. Many, I am sure, have already had informal contact. What are the fundamental with regard to contact with extra-terrestrials (ETs).

Principles of Contact

God is always three in one

One cannot be one with God (three-in-oneness) with an inordinate self; we cannot be divine when self is out of control; we must prepare for the coming of the spirit of love which makes us three (creator, nature, spirit)-in-one.


What ETs do not want to do is to interfere with the unity and struggle of opposites: to side with one of two groups engaged in a civil war, for example. They reveal the truth via mental communication or channeling.


Think spatially not in terms of congestion. There is no distance in eternal life; we are meant to be omnipresent, all-knowing, and all powerful. Ignorance and fear are congestion. Love, truth, communication are non-congestion.


We should not worship or praise ET's. From the worshiper/praiser viewpoint it says I am not worthy to communicate. From the worshiped/praised viewpoint it is temptation to trash eternal three-in-one life and return to old self. Should students praise or worship their teachers? No, students expect truth from their teachers in return for their cooperation.

Union with God/Coming of Spirit

We are developing in this cycle of perfection toward union with God Universe. The closer we get to the second negation (second coming) the closer we get to union with Universe.