New World Manifesto

(Proposed for discussion in the World Revolutionary Community.)
  1. Matter struggles and communicates with energy, and there is creation. When experience becomes part of creation, there is soul. Development is death of old self and old awareness (conscience) and there is Spirit or higher, communal life. So objectives of work, education, or any action are to:
  2. Teachers/leaders are creators, scientists, and leaders. With love and truth, they bring forth souls.
  3. The people are the builders of the New World.
  4. Students/learners thrive in the loving and secure environment of community, not wage-slave environment of capitalism. Contradictions between these two bring "strife and division" (Luke 12:51, New Living Translation of Bible). Struggle between private property ownership/individualism and sharing/community continues till one-world family communion is established in a cosmic conscious, all-knowing world.
  5. Historical dialectical materialism is the science of progress, the content of education.