Obama, a Fresh Breath of Neofascism (30 Jan 2009)

According to the Guardian, the letter will call on Iranians to compare their "low standard of living" with that of some of their more prosperous neighbors, and will urge Iran to "contemplate the benefits of losing its pariah status in the west".

The letter will also call on Iran to stop what the US calls state sponsorship of terrorism.

While Obama's decision to send a letter to Iran is viewed as an attempt to distance the new administration from the hostile rhetoric of the Bush White House, the content of the letter is believed to echo the former US president's stance toward Tehran.

Obama composing letter for Iran
Thu, 29 Jan 2009 16:05:49 GMT

This kind of message if sent to Iran by the Obama administration, definitely signals a continuation of the Bush policy, an immoral, big-lie, neo-fascist message. The USA is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, and Iran, far from being a pariah, is a beacon of hope for people who wish to be free of neofascist imperialist domination. H. Clinton's "patronizing" remarks ("There is a clear opportunity for the Iranians, as the President expresses in his [Al-Arabiya] interview, to demonstrate some willingness to engage meaningfully with the international community," (see: VOA News and Presstv), are much of the same.

So, what? Obama is building the foundations for a neofascist state where the multinational corporations use the state to run the country. Matters will definitely come to a head as socialist states continue to outperform capitalist states--especially during the present global economic crisis. Neofascist capitalists will likely turn to violence to force an early showdown with the socialist camp. It is this driving desperation that sparked the formation of the EU, that drives NATO, and that is the underlying reason for the wars since the end of proletarian dictatorship (1991). The split/separation of the world population into opposing camps becomes more and more evident. Russia which has been playing for time hoping to build up its strength will sooner or later be forced along with China and the rest of the socialist camp to confront the neofascist camp head-on.