Obama Worse Than Bush (15 June 2009)

Say you have two little boys, one is a devil who has much experience in evil doing and another who is naive. They both find unexploded bombs in their village. The evil boy is experienced in these things backs off because he knows he can be crippled by touching it and setting it off. The naive boy picks it up immediately to take it to the village leader and in the process kills himself and several other innocent bystanders. Such is the difference between Obama the good boy and Bush the bad boy. Obama believes that he is leading a free, democratic, country basically run and controlled by the will of the people when in fact it is a neofascist state controlled by the bourgeoisie (the wealthy ruling class). Bush at least understands the score and knows what he can and cannot do.

Biden, and Hillary Clinton are Obama-ites with regard to North Korea. Both are picking up an unexploded bomb they've found in the village and are about to run with it to show it to the village leader. The effect is ultimately the same, it's just that people like Bush are professional fascists and get the same results but don't get the bomb blown up in their faces. Presstv: U.S. to enforce U.N. sanctions on DPRK: Biden